Recently, My Sister Got Interested in the Gröbner Basis

By グレブナー基底大好きbot

Recently, My Sister Got Interested in the Gröbner Basis Chapter 1

Recently, My Sister Got Interested in the Gröbner Basis Chapter 1

Grobner Basis & Little Sister - 1



"Ahhh, you stupid brother! Ssss..."

This red-faced angry schoolgirl making a sound like a boiling kettle is my little sister Kanna Honjou.

"How can you be so insensitive?!"

She attacks my side with both hands.

While trying to hold her off with my right hand, I try to figure out the reason for this situation.

"This time, I definitely won't forgive you!"


That was an hour ago.

"My 4th year of college, close to graduation!"
Having actually finished the classes I needed to graduate, that pretense was my ticket to freedom, and I, Keisuke Honjou, was using it to...peacefully stay in my room in my parents' house.

The only noteworthy thing I did was research some specialized mathematics, which...wasn't that different from what I'd done at my university, but having free time and no schedule does make things feel different.

I was looking at a math book, mumbling "Hmm, yes..." and just as I got to the proof of the theorem there was a knock at my door.


My room wasn't really big enough for another person to stay in.

[Maybe it's my mother coming to ask me to watch the house while she goes shopping.]

The door didn't open.


"Are for a bit?"

The face looking at me through the cracked door was not a mother in her 40s, but a girl in a school uniform the color of caffe latte.

"Hm? What's up?"

"No, it's nothing in particular...are you busy now...?"

To my sister who was acting unusually reserved, I replied, "Not really."

"In that case..."

Her face looked a little depressed, through the crack in the doorway. Her long hair shook a little bit, hitting her shoulder.

"...for now, how about you come in?"

She actually did. Since it was the only place to sit, she sat down on the bed next to my desk.

I turned my chair towards her and sighed.

"So, what did you need me for?"

"Well, it's not really anything important..."

"What is it, then?"

She looked down from my face and blushed a little bit.

"...there was, something I wanted to ask..."

"To ask me?"


[This embarrassed little sister, who won't look her brother in the eyes, wants to ask me...what...?]

Her hands are tightly holding her skirt in her lap.

I waited a while for her to speak, but reaching the limit of my patience I turned back towards my math book.

As I rotated my chair, I heard: "Well, um...!"

I was surprised at how loud she spoke.

"Big bro...!"

As she stared at me, I had a sinking feeling.

" you know about the Grobner basis?"




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