Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 1 part5

Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 1 part5

Not to mention that Xia Ran and the others saw it, the enemies in the ‘Pit’ were even more dumbfounded!

How did the originally strong ground suddenly collapse? !

And it's good that dead people’s horses were trapped in the pit!

Why wasn’t there anything when Bai Yao and the others passed? !

Could it be that there is still a third batch of people ambushing them or is it to save Bai Yao!

Thinking of this, the atmosphere of shouting and killing suddenly stopped!

There was a hint of suspicion in the air!

The enemy’s troops and horses, all the hairs on their whole body stood up, looked at them with a look of vigilance, and their eyes filled with a trace of fear!

And Xia Ran and others, thinking of the possibility, but also actively looking around, eyes filled with hope in their gods, that is the instinct for survival!

However, after watching and watching, in addition to the normal wind and grass, the sound of horses snorting and kicking, everything was normal!

After a moment of silence, the man who was thrown to the ground angrily hissed.

“It’s just a coincidence! What are you doing?! Hurry and kill him, kill Bai Yao!”

“Yes!” His troop shouted.

They once again climbed a horse, held a sabre, and shouted, fiercely rushing towards Bai Yao and the others!


Because there was no discovery of the ‘reinforcement’, Xia Ran and other guards were a little desperate, but they would not be stupid waiting for the enemy to kill them. When the other party started rushing towards them, several people spurred the horses and protected Bai Yao, desperately moving forward!

However, when they were a hundred meters away, they listened –

“Bang! Explosion!”

The violent noise caused the horse’s front hooves to rise, their uneasy neighs, almost made Xia Ran leave them!


Then, the ground trembled fiercely, giving a sense of landslide!


The screams of horror and the cries of the horses sounded from behind!

Waiting for Bai Yao and the others to calm down their horses, stop moving and look back…

Seeing the scene behind, he has always been calm and steady. In the face of this assassination, Bai Yao, who has never showed emotions on his face, also raised an eyebrow and was faintly surprised!

He saw a huge pit suddenly on the road in front of him. Its size was two feet wide. As for the depth, it could be seen.

And as for the enemy behind, half of them fell into the pit, and the remaining half, the more fortunate, because the distance was far away, were saved!

However, even so, their horses became too scared to move, even if the enemy is beaten, they can’t climb!
No matter how you look at them, they are going to be ruined!

“General, this is…” Seeing the scene in front of him, lieutenant Sun Qian was stunned, and couldn’t speak for a while!

Is it true that God is helping them? !
Otherwise, how can the enemies suddenly be in danger and they escape it!

“General, it must be because you are so good! So even the gods are helping us!”

“Yes! Right! Look, the enemy forces on the opposite side must be scared!”

“Ha ha ha! Lao Tzu thought that this time was going to be the end , I did not expect to actually encounter such a thing?! Heaven is not dead!”

The people behind Bai Yao said happily, when you say a word, because of emotional excitement, you can say anything!

Moreover, in their view, such a big pit is simply not something humans can do!

Therefore, they can’t explain it at all, and can only speculate !

“General, let’s go!” After the excitement, the lieutenant moved to urge Bai Yao.

After all, it is not safe, there may be enemy troops appearing again at any time!

Bai Yao did not pay attention to him, secretly mobilizing his internal force, and his deep eyes kept looking around!

In the end, his eyes stopped at a grass, looking deeply at it, and people could not understand what he was thinking!

Suddenly, he raised his spear, his right hand waved, and slammed toward the grass!


The pike was accidentally intercepted, and then a thin figure rolled in the grass and flashed out!

The long spear in Bai Yao's hand did not move any more, but he frowned and looked at the figure, but unexpectedly looked into a pair of clear eyes like water!

Those eyes were so clear, but they are so cold, there is no trace of love in it, and there was no trace of misery, so clear and thorough, pure and thorough, clean and thorough! [TN: so much thoroughs ?]

Just like the cold spring, it can wash your heart, but it is also cold and biting!

Such eyes, as long as you look at it, you will never forget it!

However, in the next moment, the owner of these eyes blinked and remained clear, but there was a trace of something else, like a mist, so that you could never see through!

Bai Yao's eyes flashed and he asked, "Who are you?!"

“Xia Xiaomei, the guard of the fire team, here to save you and big brother.” Xia Liang climbed up from the ground, her voice cold.

Some part of her was annoyed, but she did not pay attention to her tone.
She did not respect the general, and she did not even respect him, and there was no fanatic worship!

Such a woman is enough to let Bai Yao doubt that what she said is not true!

However, at this time, Xia Liang was thinking, such an appearance was not within her plan.

She had a more subtle plan that would make him shocked and make Bai Yao more impressed with her, so that she could stay with him!

However, she misjudged Bai Yao's keen insight, thinking that she was well hidden, but never thought of it and was discovered!

However, this is the end of the matter, Xia Liang can only accept it.

Xia Liang was comforted when she heard 9957 prompt saying “the task progress is 8% completed.”

This shows that she is close to Bai Yao's purpose and has succeeded!

Bai Yao eyes stared at her with deep eyes, with exploration, scrutiny, suspicion, and a hint of killing intent!

And Xia Liang also looked up at him, but did not dodge, and even felt his killing intent, there was no trace of discomfort, her face cold and calm.

“General, I am harmless to you! Moreover, I care about your life and happiness more than anyone else in this world.”

9957, “…”.

It turns out that host knows 'love words'!

Bai Yao, “…”.

His life, this can be understood!
However, his happiness?

Bai Yao's eyes flashed. This is the first time. Someone is in front of him and cares about his happiness!

What can be said, she is just a thin, long, barely watchable female guard.

However, when she said this, her eyes were incomparably clear, and her tone was earnest!

So clear, one can look into her heart. Knowing that she said this sentence, it is from the heart, without a trace of lie!

It seems that there is a fire burning into his heart, his heart seems to be warm!

“Little, little sis! Oh my God! What are you doing here?!”

Xia Ran's exclamation broke the invisible confrontation between the two people, and the originally stagnant airflow began to flow again between the two!



Hey guys, they meet finally. Thank you all for well wishes, still got a massive headache but am better. I’ll be good as new. I wonder how XL will fall in love with Bai Yao ?

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