Genius Sword Immortal

By Feng Yin Zi Chen,枫吟紫辰

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 117

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 117

Chapter 117 -> A quiet departure

Chapter 117 -> A quiet departure

The bright light of flashlights gradually illuminated the entire underground secret room of the villa, there was dust all over the place, and the place was completely piled up with several crushed stones.

Although, ten soldiers of NSA searched everywhere over and over, but didn’t find anyone, not even a shadow.

“Didn’t you make sure that nobody could escape from here during this period?”

The facial expression of Lin Detian wasn’t appearing quite good, he wanted to hear the activity report of the basement’s entrance, hence he inquired that directly from the Captain.

(Lastvoice : I’ll use Captain in place of team leader from now onwards.)

“No, when we exploded open the entrance of this room, at that time, our three men were standing just outside the entrance, blocking the way, so it is impossible for anyone to escape.”

The Captain said that in a sinking voice, it seemed like he was a 35-36-year-old man, from head to toe, he was emitting the aura of being a very vigorous person with resolute temperament. And because of his this trait, he was popular with this name ‘Thunder’. He was the primary assistant of Lin Detian and had handled countless, excessively intractable and tricky affairs.

But today this matter had really completely puzzled his mind, a masked man, trapped in a perfectly favourable condition, how could he still so disappear?

Thunder was somewhat a dark skinned man, after reporting to Lin Detian, he again proceeded with his thorough and cautious inspection of the outside area of the semi-collapsed basement.

Very quickly, he searched through the corpse of Cai Shaohong which was still lying on the ground, and found a wrecked sophisticated remote control, which had a very complexed structure. However, various kinds of its sophisticated components had already been slivered and smashed by some kind of sharp weapon.

“These five strange people, could it be that these fellows have also been brought by that masked man?”

Thunder, while looking towards those five strange fellows, who had already been properly placed against the wall, tightly wrinkled his brows and thought for a while. By looking at the broken fragments of that sophisticated remote control, he gradually began to feel that things were not as simple as he thought it should be. Then he pondered for a while, and suddenly felt that the objective of this action was likely to be miscalculated by them.

While being completely indulged in his thought process, he shifted his gaze towards Lin Detian, who was still standing at the basement’s entrance at the moment, and thought that if at present, he would talk about this to his Chief, then most probably, the other party would turn a deaf ear.

“Report the Captain, still, we couldn’t find anyone!”

Soon, a team member quickly ran out of the secret room, and with overflowing enthusiasm, reported : “But we have found several fine iron password-locked boxes, and with our full strength we have dug them out from a heap of rocks and stones.”

“Got it.”

Thunder waved his hand, signalling the other party to continue, then he walked towards Lin Detian, and by lowering his voice, said: “Chief, we must ask Miss Xiao Qi about this matter, because what exactly had happened here, only she is the one who knows everything clearly ……”

“That girl, every time she sees blood, she becomes unconscious for several hours.”

There was still a very ugly looking expression stuck on Lin Detian’s face.

Right now, he was thinking about Lin Xiuwen, who was in the hospital now, and it had already been ascertained that because of some unknown causes, his intelligence had terribly deteriorated. In fact, his IQ dropped to the level of two-year-old baby, furthermore, the likelihood of his recovery was very low.

And as for Cai Shaohong, who was not only the most respected and famous boy of Yanjing University, but was also the beloved son of Pei Keang Group’s Chairman. However, at this crucial time, his body had already turned icy-cold and he was lying all dead on the floor of this room.

And most importantly, all these were the deeds of that masked man. In this circumstances, he could never let off that masked man.

“Some people come over here, and follow me.”

Since he had previously investigated, so he knew that Ye Feng and that masked man were somehow related. But the point was, he neither dug in further nor paid attention to this matter, because this thing wasn’t obstructing him in any way. But now, the masked man had actually started targeting Lin people, could he really endure this thing anymore now?

There was still a few hours left till Xiao Qi regain her senses, and he was an impatient kind of person, it was impossible for him to wait by then.

At this moment, he just wanted to quickly rush to Qingfeng park to look for Ye Feng, and then he would directly interrogate and torture him, to draw out something crucial, like who this masked man was and other related information.

“You guys, follow the Chief.”

Thunder waved his hands towards few soldiers, and immediately six soldiers moved forwards and marched to go along with Lin Detian.

Afterwards, Thunder himself, with the rest of his men, started processing on the scene: “These password-locked boxes, take them out, collect all the broken pieces of this sophisticated remote control, there are also some other strange fellows and they are also the same kind. Inform the forensic team for autopsy, Cai Shaohong’s status is appearing somewhat dubious ……”

Regarding the death of Cai Shaohong, if this case wasn’t handled properly, then it might lead to an international dispute!

This made Thunder be utmost careful while dealing with his case.

Thunder and his remaining eight soldiers, they all were considered as the veterans in handling this kind of affair. Instantly, all of them started processings things in the basement, as directed by their Captain.

And Ye Feng, who was still hiding in this secret room all along, until now, finally he left this place quietly.

Just a few minutes ago, when the three soldiers of NSA firmly blocked this room and exploded its entrance, even though Ye Feng was in invisible form, but still he didn’t disturb anyone to escape from here. But now, since the opposite party was occupied in their own investigation, so he finally found the opportunity to escape.

Ye Feng could such quickly reach ten years Cultivation, it was indeed a coincidence. But if he hadn’t broadened his meridians, by his extreme measures and severe effort, then, even though he had this precious stone bead, but still he couldn’t use it, all he could do was staring at the stone bead miserably.

It was all about his luck accompanied by his commendable effort. But the crucial point was, from now onwards, it wouldn’t have been so easy for him to upgrade his Cultivation.

At present, for Ye Feng, the top priority was to find an appropriate place to hide, and then as soon as possible, he must bring into action his Soul Search Technique. With the help of this technique, he could easily sense anything within a radius of 360 degrees, kind of a full range radar, and when in this hundred meters scope, even the slightest sign of trouble would crop up, it couldn’t escape his sensation.

Even if someone would make himself invisible using this technique Invisibility, just like him, but still Ye Feng could easily sense his presence, by relying on this technique, Soul Search!

As a consequence, regardless of any kind of situation, its safety coefficient would become extremely high. For instance, like the previous time, when Zhao Yibei was shot dead by the sniper, such kind of incident could never happen again. Suddenly, the thought of this bright and lively boy, turned Ye Feng a bit worried, since he didn’t know that his technique of summoning the soul of the deceased, could really work here or not, he could succeed in summoning his soul out from the Black Jar of Souls or not.

However, even if he turned out successful in summoning him, he was still incapable of making his resurrection exactly the same, as he was before.

If this place was the World of the Immortals, then it would have been absolutely suitable to use this Immortal Technique ……

In the darkness of the night, Ye Feng carefully looked around, but he didn’t find that other masked man. Also, he didn’t know that what the identity of that man was, he lurked around Cai Shaohong for whole one year, but didn’t reveal his cloven hoof. So for now, Ye Feng should bear it patiently. But if in future, he would be able to use that masked man again, then he wouldn’t hesitate, since he knew how talented that man was.

Ye Feng shook his head, and decided not to think much, if they were predestined friends, then, eventually they could see each other again someday.

He immediately cast out Invisibility, and quietly left the Yanxi Villa District, until he went several kilometres away from this area. Then after, he deactivated Invisibility, suddenly making his personal stature become visible again.

Taking his present level of Cultivation, he had been able to maintain Invisibility perfectly, but couldn’t surpass even half an hour. Although he was loaded with the abundant amount of Zhenqi, after it was fully restored in his body, but he must save his Zhenqi, so as to use it at the essential time, moreover, his recovery was also too slow.

The blood hole on his right leg, was clearly visible under this moonlight. After a while, he had to display Heavenly Cure Technique, simultaneously had to calculate how much could be restored. Also when he was in Changbai Mountains, he had received several scars which were left by Heavenly Sword Palace’s Li Hua, this time, he could also erase them all.

Ten years Cultivation, it was really too big to bring about a variety of changes in the texture of his Cultivation!


But at this moment, on the other side, in that semi-collapsed villa, along with his eight soldiers, Thunder was still intensely engaged in searching through the entire place. His field of action was not only limited to the basement area, but had actually expanded to the whole villa, in order to gather any kind of related evidence. Soon, all of his men dispersed all over to search more attentively.

“Who is it?”

On the second floor of the villa, a camouflage clothing soldier suddenly was alarmed. He could see 360-degree view of his surrounding, through his sophisticated electronic eye shades, and at that moment, he saw a dark shadow suddenly flashed.

He acted decisively, by holding a gun he turned around, the blue light was shining on the precision barrel of his gun, by aiming it, he suddenly jumped in the room, all prepared to shoot the target on the spot, but he was too late.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Suddenly, a flying knife came towards him and hit him in his throat. It was thrown by that dark shadow very exquisitely. Once again, that shadow, threw few more knives, one after another very forcefully, directly aiming at his throat!

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