The Basketball School's Captain Is Determined to Date Me Chapter 3

The Basketball School's Captain Is Determined to Date Me Chapter 3

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Ten minutes later, Zhuang Yi was sitting on top of the desk in his room and stared blankly at Xie Jun, who was sitting in front of the desk.

Zhuang Yi's mother walked in with two cups of freshly squeezed watermelon juice: “It's hot outside, you two must be thirsty from walking in the heat.”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi's mother: “Baby, Mom has to go back to the work. This afternoon, you will entertain Xie Jun. When mom comes back in the evening, I will prepare a big meal to celebrate the start of the semester!”

Zhuang Yi snapped back out of his stupor: “That's not good, Mom. If Xie Jun does not go back home, his family will be worried.”

Zhuang Yi's mother looked at Xie Jun, and Xie Jun calmly said: “My family will not be concerned.”

Zhuang Yi's mother was happy: “Then you have to eat before you go and try this aunt’s cooking!” Then he turned his head and kissed Zhuang Yi’s cheek quickly. “Be good YiYi. Mum will go now.”

I'm the end he was still kissed by his mom!

Zhuang Yi face-palmed: “How many times have I told you! Men and women should not touch each other casually!”

Zhuang Yi's mother ran in the high-heel “thump thump” and pretended not to hear what her son said: “It's getting late! Goodbye baby!”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi listened to the “squeaky” sound of the door being closed, and had to go out of the door, said “goodbye” to the air, and then closed the door.

He thought that Xie Jun saw his mother kiss him, he was a little embarrassed, turned his face and turned his face, and suddenly caught a tall figure leaning toward him.

Zhuang Yi screamed: “What are you doing! Scared me!”

Xie Jun stretched his arms and leaned on the door and asked him: “YiYi, is it your nickname?”

Zhuang Yi turned his head and didn’t look at his eyes: “Don’t you both call me that?”

Xie Jun's timbered voice was very low when talking towards his ears, making him shiver.

Xie Jun: “Turn you head.”

Zhuang Yi: “No, you step aside first.”

Xie Jun: “You really won't?”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi persisted for a couple more seconds, then turned his head back and asked him: “What are you going to say?”

He didn’t dare to look Xie Jun in the eyes.

Xie Jun's voice became very gentle: "You told your mother about me?"

Zhuang Yi: “…”

“Just one or two times.” Zhuang Yi stammered and refused to concede. He quickly regained facility of his brain, and suddenly had an idea, quickly diverting the topic: “Not going to do the homework together? We can go to the room to work on it.”

Xie Jun smiled and said: “Okay.”

Zhuang Yi relaxed and gets ready to go. Xie Jun puts down the hand holding the door, hooks his fingers gently on Zhuang Yi's chin, and kissed him on his cheek, exactly where Zhuang Yi's mother had kissed him earlier.

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi: “!”

Zhuang Yi: “!!!”

Xie Jun raised his eyebrows: “Collecting interest in advance, too much right?”

Zhuang Yi: “You, you are a rogue!”

Xie Jun licked his lips: "It's so sweet."

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi couldn’t stand it. His face was very flaming red and he ran to the bathroom to wash his face. Xie Jun followed, and saw the toiletries in the bathroom were placed on the washstand in a well-organized manner. Two towels were hung next to them. Down, there was a small hand towel.

Zhuang Yi reached for the hand towel and wiped his face. Xie Jun came over and teased him: “Your face is still very red, the cold water is useless.”Zhuang Yi swears: “I washed your saliva! The blushing is…” He was out of words, he turned his head and gazed at the sun outside, and said, “It’s too hot.” Then he pick led up his t-shirt and fanned twice, “Ah, it’s really hot!”

The stomach of Zhuang Yi was exposed.

Xie Jun's face sank and he said seriously: "Don't just lift your clothes outside." He thought about before when he saw him at the basketball court, and emphasized "especially when playing basketball."

Zhuang Yi deliberately said: “Why? I like to lift up my clothes.”

Xie Jun said coldly: “Because you have no muscles.”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi does not want to deal with him anymore!

Xie Jun asked: “Is this small towel a cleaning rag? Just now I saw that the desk had some dust, I will clean it.”

Zhuang Yi lowered his gaze and saw the said small towel he said, and instantly changed his face: “No, no! This is not a rag! Just wipe it with a napkin!”

Xie Jun: “So nervous? What is so special about this towel?”

Zhuang Yi calmly said: “No, I just don’t want you to dirty the clean towel.” Then the towel was folded meticulously, the four corners alignment perfectly.

However, as soon he turned around, he saw thatXie Jun was observing the towel thoughtfully, and he reacted.

“Don’t look, there is nothing to look at.” He pushed Xie Jun out, “Go take care of your own business.”

So the two of them sat at the desk and drank the watermelon juice, as they took out their summer homework to discuss.

The sound of the watermelon juice as it bottomed out, echoed throigh the room from both cups at the same time.

Zhuang Yi's mood suddenly improved when he heard this synchronized sound. He couldn’t help but laugh.

Xie Jun took out a paper towel and wiped his mouth.

Zhuang Yi took the paper towel from Xie Jun's hand and said, "Thank you," and then quickly wiped it off.

Xie Jun watched him wipe his mouth, then went out to throw away the paper towel. When he came back, he quietly went to the bathroom and accidentally kicked a small pot.

Xie Jun thought for a second, calmly said: “Is your little towel used to wash your butt?”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi was angered and went over to strangle Xie Jun’s neck and started to fall but Xie Jun held him to prevent him from falling down.

Then he comforted him: “It doesn’t matter, it is good for boys to like cleanliness. Although there are not many boys who wash their butts, you are not the same as others.”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Xie Jun continued to comfort: “washing your butt does not mean you're feminine, so don’t be shy.”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi exasperatingly said: “Don’t say butt again!” Then his foot slipped.

Xie Jun had already prevented him from falling before, so when he saw this, his hand encircled him and said: “Be careful of falling on your…” He originally wanted to say “butt,” but Zhuang Yi felt “butt” was too shameful, so under the gaze of Zhuang Yi’s fierce eyes, Xie Jun changed his words:
(TN:屁-股 is literally butt/a** and just now he changed it to 屁屁 whicy is baby-speak for butt)

The word is more cute so maybe he won't feel any shame?

Thus, Xie Jun was once again beaten by Zhuang Yi who was once again enraged.

Later on, Zhuang Yi was tired after beating him up, and Xie Jun helped him with a massage. Zhuang Yi suddenly became aware of an inexplicable feeling, but Xie Jun’s massage technique was very good and he was too comfortable. He was not careful and did not refuse him.

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