Douluo Dalu: Legend of the Divine Realm

By Tang Jia San Shao,唐家三少

Douluo Dalu: Legend of the Divine Realm Chapter 93

Douluo Dalu: Legend of the Divine Realm Chapter 93

The God of Damage said: “At the beginning, I refused predecessor Tang San's invitation because I was reluctant to leave my relatives and friends on the human world, and I didn’t think that the Divine Realm was a good place. So, I stayed in the human world and didn't inherit the position of the Asura God. But later, when I became older and my friends and relatives left me one by one, I began to feel panic. All human beings will be in dread of death, and I am no exception. I  also have this kind of thought when I became older. I try hard to cultivate myself and try to contact Predecessor Tang San again. However, although I have reached the limit of power in that world, I am still only a human, so it’s impossible for me to contact the gods. At this moment, the God of Damage, your disciple, discovered me. He contacted me, and after passing a series of tests, I finally entered the Divine Realm and inherited his god position, becoming the God of Damage.”

“After knowing that, Predecessor Tang San also talked to me. He regretted not to persist in persuading me at that time. How can I forget the kindness in those days? Just because the God of Damage was assigned to you, so I had to accept your assignment.”

At this time, it seemed that the God of Destruction had no more patience to listen to the God of Damage's remarks. He just said subconsciously, “His kindness at the beginning is the reason why you betrayed me? Could it be said that private favors are more important than major issues of principle?"

The God of Damage shook his head and said firmly: “No, I would not have betrayed you only because of Tang San's kindness. I knew the publicity of betrayal is bad. And, over the years, you have also been kind to me, so you are my benefactor as well. If not the last resort, how can I betray you? It's just that I can’t betray my heart.”

“My heart was full of struggles when I knew your plan. In the end, I chose to stand on your side and cooperate with you to capture Tang San, restricting him in the God Restricted Land. Later, Tang San told me the whole story, and I realized that I was wrong. God of Destruction, for this matter, you are really wrong. You should not have been so impulsive.”

The God of Destruction spoke with hatreds: “Do you believe him so much?”

Being silent for a while, the God of Damage said: “No, it's not only because I believe in Tang San, but it's my own judgment. I hope that the Divine Realm can be stable as well. Since it can be developed steadily, why must we take risks? I can feel your desire for power, but it is exactly the desire that makes you lose your reason so that you can’t see the truth. I have no choice but to stand on the side of Tang San. I don’t want to fight against you, but I also don't want the Divine Realm encounters disaster. If so, it will be a catastrophe for the whole Divine Realm!”

The God of Destruction's look changed in a faint mood, looking coldly at the God of Damage, he nodded and said, “Okay, you have a good job.”

The God of Damage sighed, shrugged his shoulders, and then stood behind the Sea God. Making the final choice, he would never regret it.

The God of Destruction turned his eyes to Tang San, the two Supreme Gods were looking at each other. The God of Destruction subconsciously clenched his fist. Was he really convinced? Of course not, especially when he suffered a crushing defeat under the premise that he held overwhelming superiority. It really hurt him that Tang San won in the battle of the weak overcame the strong.

What’s more, he never thought that what he was doing was wrong. God of Damage's betrayal has even hurt him to the limit.

“Tang San, you really a crafty person. I am not as good as you in this aspect. I will give it back to you.” said the God of Destruction who raised his hand and a ray of light shot toward Tang San. Tang San raised his hand and took it. It was exactly the Divine Realm's Center which he gave the God of Destruction at the beginning.

The Divine Realm's Center's return means that the final result of the battle was already doomed. After all, the God of Destruction was defeated by Tang San, who had planned in advance. Once again, all the gods present saw Tang San's powerful control force. Whether his strength or his wisdom, this God of the Sea, this Asura God was undoubtedly the best in the Divine Realm. Tang San also used his talent to prove to all the gods present that the two Kings had made the right choice.

Putting away the Divine Realm Center, Tang San waved his hand over his shoulder, then the God of Emotions and the God of Damage released the Deadly Sin Gods who were suppressed before.

Although it was obviously dangerous, Tang San believed that the God of Destruction who had admitted defeat still regarded his reputation as important, so he won't restart the war. At least he won't do that for the time being.

Tang San said with a low tone: “This time, it is only a fight for arrogance between me and the God of Destruction, it is not a war of the Divine Realm. Therefore, no matter which side or which god is involved, it will not be investigated by the Divine Realm's Committee. However, the God of Destruction and the Life Goddess, please together with me to re-compress the Divine Realm and restore it to the original size, in case of any eventuality.”

As soon as Tang San said that, although disappointed their hopes, the gods who followed the God of Destruction before breathed a sigh of relief. After all, expanding the Divine Realm has a positive effect on each of them, which would be an opportunity for promotion! On the brink that the expansion of the Divine Realm was about to be completed, Tang San wanted to end the expansion, which undoubtedly offended against their interests.

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