If It's an Old Dragon, It Can Be Beaten With Bare Hands, but Isn't This Common Sense? (Astonished) Chapter 1

If It's an Old Dragon, It Can Be Beaten With Bare Hands, but Isn't This Common Sense? (Astonished) Chapter 1

Translator: flowingcloud    Editor: Nikki Spores

Translator:flowingcloudEditor:Nikki Spores


Today as well, Phil's lively voice echoed greatly.
In order to hunt wyverns, Phil was running around the mountain.

Phil's alias was Little Flying Dragon; his grandfather said strictly speaking he is not a flying dragon, but Phil didn't understand difficult things.

However, many wyverns live on this mountain, and their innards are filled with richnourishment.

If those innards are eaten, there and then illnesses, etc. are healed. When Phil was very young, his grandfather would make him eat them.

He felt it was very bitter and unappetising, but this time was Grandfather's turn to eat the innards.

Since Phil confirmed there were wyverns flying in the sky, he waited for the moment to catch the wyvern on the treetop.

He waited nearly an hour, but it didn't quite go down.
When in doubt, Phil remembered the words of his grandfather.

"Listen up, Phil. The alias for wyverns is little flying dragon. That name and appearance is classified as a dragon flying in the sky, but in reality, it is not. Wyverns are not dragons but a variety of skink lizards."

According to Grandfather's research, as a consequence for not having limbs, it seems like wyverns must continuously fly in the air, breeding wherever in the sky or also giving birth to children in the sky.

As for the matter under concern, no, Phil doesn't know the meaning of the word "breeding", but even so, he understood the meaning of "continuously flying in the sky."

Which means even if he is waiting for the wyvern here, it will never rest its wings on the treetop.

"That's annoying," He folded his arms.

He thought he could catch it when it was resting it wings on every tree, but it seems like he coudln't rely on that trick.
Then, let's use <> magic.
He remembered the figure of his grandfather chanting floating magic in the old days and catching birds in the sky.

"Aah, but I'm not very good at floating magic."

Phil's greatest strong point is attack magic, but he was not very good with detailed magic. It felt like right now, he was going to float away to space if he used Floating.

If that's the case, could he only continue looking up at the sky?
It was inefficient, but there was the tactic where he could fire magic from here and shoot it down. Howeve…

"No no, such delicate control can't be done with my magic."

That was right. It might not be possible to defeat it with magic, but they were this apart. He didn't have the confidence to accurately hit it. If it was radiation magic, it might hit, but it might turn the wyvern into cinders.

Phil didn't want the wyvern to be whole roasted, but effective innards.
He wanted to put an end to it in its original form and wanted to extract the innards as fresh as possible.

"If that's the case, as expected, there's only that."

He murmured [Botsuri].
Grandfather said it was dangerous, so it was hopeless. But oh well, there's no choice but to do it.
Fortunately, his grandfather was sick, so he was sleepingand probably won't get angry.
Phil, who thought that, put <> magic on both his legs.

This magic is different from floating magic and only jumps high. However when Phil uses it, he doesn'tt know how to adjust his power and would likely fly beyond the stars, so it was designated as a prohibited magic.

"Good grief, I was looked down on too much."

A kind of sigh leaked out. His grandfather's foresight was too keen.

Phil's jumping power, which had flying magic applied to it, was literally in a different league, and he flew across the sky.

"Ack, crap. Wait, the wyvern is far below."

The wyvern couldn't be caught like this. Phil sighed, but he immediately looked at surrounding view.

That spot, which was above the clouds, was a superb view that couldn't be easily surpassed.
He looked down below before his eyes.

The mountains where Phil and Grandfather lived. The bottom was the plains, and beyond that was a town.

"Lots of humans live there right?"

Humans were bipedal walking people who had a similar form to Grandfather and Phil.
Unlike a monkey, it seems like they speak human language.
I'd like to see it one day. He thought such things, but his curiosity stopped at that point.
Phil had something he had to do.
That was to have Grandfather eat the innards of a wyvern.

Phil reached the pinnacle of his jump strength. Before long, he was captured by gravity and began to fall, but the wyvern was just happened to be at the falling spot.

The moment he fell to the same height as the wyvern, Phil started to windup his right hand

"Wyvern-san, sorry. I'm going to hit you hard right now and kill you, but I'll properly eat all of you."

He remembered his grandfather's words. The words that said it was okay to kill living beings only when eating and defending himself.

The wyvern's innards are beneficial, and Phil will receive that delicious meat. If Grandfather recovered, he'll also treat grandfather to it. If that is done, there will be no problems.

Phil, who thought that, swung his fist downwards.
The fist swung down at that moment of speed.

The sound, buon, was delayed. (TL Note: buon = sfx for whoosh)

The wyvern was lost for words at the excessive speed sight.

In the first place, it probably did not think that it would receive a surprise attack in the sky like this. The wyvern literally started in wonder.

Phil's fist sunk into that wyvern.


The wyvern's skull was crushed alongside that sound.
Due to that one blow, it fainted in a moment. No, annihilated.

Perhaps, the dragon may even not be self-aware that it was hit. Phil's fist was that fast.

The wyvern, who received Phil's fist directly, was blown around several hundred meters from where it was flying before.
The wyvern that had been hurled far away become a dot.

Phil and the wyvern's fight ended like this. The wyvern's companions in the vicinity were lost for a moment whether or not to take revenge for their companion, but they were probably scared of the difference between that power and themselves.

They dispersed at full speed.

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