I Dedicated the Dimension to the Country Chapter 1 part2

I Dedicated the Dimension to the Country Chapter 1 part2


Even though there was no light in the world, Su Han can still see the dark swallowing shape.

It opened a huge maw to digest the Earth.
“As the last life on Earth, I am a bit unwilling. But as I have come to this step, there is no room for choice.”

Su Han spread his hands.

A glorious light gradually enveloped the whole Earth and the Earth looked like a star on the verge of bursting.

The magma at the earth’s core burst forth due to the violent shaking. Then, the whole earth burst completely.

If there was anyone left in the solar system, they would think this is the most beautiful scenery. However, there was no onlookers left.

The swallowing shape was suddenly agitated, taking a few moments before returning to its original state.

The body of the swallowing shape swayed in anger.
Apparently, the swallowing shape had never been hurt but the food called Earth suddenly burst. For him, it was no less than than an insult.

But soon, the shape calmed down and moved its body, slowly and firmly toward the next planet, Mars.

All the stars of the entire solar system are its cuisine.

—–The first year of the Earth.

Spring, a day in April.

On a lawn, Su Han suddenly opened his eyes.

In front of him, a little girl who looked about 13 was making a face.

Seeing Su Han suddenly opened his eyes, Su Zhu, scared, jumped up, almost fell, held herself up with one step, and calmed down before coming closer, “Why are you sleeping on the lawn? Not afraid to catch cold? It's not summer yet, just spring."

“…you sound like my sister, always have time to talk about something.” Su Han subconsciously replied.

But in the next moment, his body froze and somewhat looked incredulously at Su Zhu in front of him.

His hand, subconsciously held Su’s cheek and rubbed it. His hands trembled slightly.

"God…I must be dreaming”
Su Zhu took a look and after returning to her senses, her eyes grew rounder and rounder.
“Su Han! What are you doing?!”

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