I Dedicated the Dimension to the Country Chapter 1 part1

I Dedicated the Dimension to the Country Chapter 1 part1


Chapter 1: As if a dream (19-21)

The first year of darkness…

The earth is dry, the steel age is coming, and the earth is no longer prosperous as it was years ago. It seems ridiculous that when the grass is not born, there is no life.

Here, it seems as if all vitality has been extracted.

Above the empty land, there is a towering aircraft carrier, which is extremely spectacular. The surface is mottled with rust marks from the endless years.

Under the huge shadow of the airborne aircraft carrier, two figures stand quietly.

Su Han looks twenty or thirty years old but his eyes reveal unspeakable depths.

“Magician, are you really not leaving?” In front of him is a 13-year-old girl who, although extremely young, is dressed in a uniform. At this time, the girl is worried.

“No need! The aerospace aircraft carrier can carry 10,000 people and it has formed a perfect biosphere. Most importantly, the aerospace carrier itself has a spacecraft that can easy exit the solar system. Human civilization can continue, I am satisfied.” Su Han’s voice is very calm.

The 13-year-old girl opened her mouth but decided to respect Su Han's decision. By not saying anything, she gave Su Han face and was immediately taken away by the light of the aircraft carrier.

She already knows that Su Han is willing to guard the Earth’s civilization in the afterlife and be destroyed with it.

Although she was unwilling in her heart, she did not dare to violate the Su Han’s will.

Su Han looked up and calmly watched as the airborne aircraft carrier emitted a crystal clear brilliance. The light speed engine started, quickly breaking open the void and leaving for the distant galaxies.

“Hopefully…you can find a planet suitable for human life and let civilization flourish again. As for me…my fight for the Earth will end when it ends.”

Su Han sighed with relief.

“Next…just waiting for the real end of the world.”

Raising his head, he looks in the direction of the sun.

At this moment, the vast sun begins to change.

At the center of the solar system, next to the huge stars, there is a huge shape that seems to be swallowing everything up.

The horrible shape opened its maw and continually swallowed the sun. Under the greediness, the sun gradually grew dim.

In the end, it completely disappeared.
After the fall of the sun, the earth fell into a dark silence. The temperature dropped to below zero in a very short time.

Dressed in a single coat, Su Han did not say anything, he just looked at the direction of the sun quietly. Looking at the indescribably huge shape that swallowed the sun, crossing the starry sky at an extremely fast speed, one after another swallowing each planet.

Mercury, Venus… next, is the Earth.

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