Kisei Kanojo Sana - Parasistence Sana Volume 1 Chapter 1 part2

Kisei Kanojo Sana - Parasistence Sana Volume 1 Chapter 1 part2

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Report 1

Report 1

Translator: Kahzel

Translator: Kahzel

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Editor: Kahzel

Chapter 1 part 2

Chapter 1 part 2

After I changed my clothes and went downstairs, Sakura was already sitting there composedly and dangled her feet on a chair.

"Eh? Compared to before when you went to wake me up, you're pretty relaxed now." (Karato)

"There was surprisingly more time than I thought" (Sakura)

I sat down at the dining table facing Sakura. My breakfast that Sakura made consisted of a sunny-side-up fried egg, warm rice, miso soup and milk.

By the way my other family member, my old man was on a business trip to South America since yesterday. As a researcher my old man is a famous biology professor who published many innovative essays and research papers in the scientific society. Well, was this a common side effect or should I say negative effect? Frankly speaking as such a person my father was the kind of person who obviously placed more importance on his work than on his family.

That's why even my mother ran away and thus since I was a child sometimes the female researcher who worked with Sakura's father would substitute as both an older sister and a mother for the both of us. And this is my everyday life until now. Like that I was leisurely eating breakfast with Sakura, talking about silly things and preparing for school, if you looked at the situation you would know that it was just a classic morning like any other.

"Let's eat." (Karato)

"Just help yourself." (Sakura)

By the way it would be quite nice if there was less stuff on the dining table, at least that's what I thought at that moment. The uncaring old man who couldn't separate work and private life always scattered his beakers, flasks and research devices on the dining table, so to have stuff besides tableware here was not an uncommon sight.

(How could anyone mix up work with your personal life…?)

I complained in my head. This is the depression of someone who has a researcher as their parent.

Well, the power to adapt to everything is terrifying, before we were aware of it Sakura and I became used to the chaotic sight of the large number of research devices next to a sunny-side-up fried egg breakfast on the dining table; we were good as long as we had the minimum space available. This is how our attitude ended up, but…

"Nee, Onii-chan, are the fried eggs delicious?" (Sakura)

"N." (Karato) [TN: Very short and impolite way to say yes.]

"…" (Sakura)

"N?" (Karato)

"I wanted to have a bigger response than just that…" (Sakura)

Sakura said while she was fidgeting around and poked the egg yolk of her fried egg.

"Well, I think that the food that I'm eating every day is delicious." (Karato)

"But… yes… I don't have any rivals, I think… For example! This miso soup! The way how I made the soup stock's flavour, what do you think about it, Onii-chan!" (Sakura)

As a member of the cooking club at school Sakura had a tendency to excessively psych herself up when cooking was involved.

"Uhmm, n… i-it's bonito soup stock?" (Karato) [TN: This is a bonito fish: and you make soup stock/broth from this fish]

"I know, but! It's different from the instant one, you know, the instant one! I boiled it like I would boil the enemy of my parents to extract the flavour! The bonito! Even if Nakajima was the one to invite me, this body would not be able to play baseball anymore just for you!" (Sakura) [TN: I don't really get why she would make the baseball reference here in this context, but Nakajima is a Japanese baseball shortstop:]

"That bonito is really different… But now that mention it, the taste is really deeper than usual. You tried really hard, Sakura." (Karato)

"Hehe!" (Sakura)

Like this Sakura proudly puffed out her moderate chest.

"Well, it's amazing. You're able to make food this good." (Karato)

Then Sakura shyly looked at me and asked:

"O-onii-chan, if you like to then I wouldn't mind making it for you every day, you know?" (Sakura)

"Yes, the person who can drink this miso soup every day must be a lucky person, I guess." (Karato)

"Mwuho! Here comes the chance to be a bride candidate!" (Sakura) [TN: mwuho - choking sound]

Suddenly Sakura stood up abruptly from her chair that it fell over.

She faced the frying pan and prayed for something.

"Thank you very much, God of Teflon!" (Sakura)

"Who the hell is the god of Teflon…" (Karato)

"The God of Teflon, you can also call him with his official name God of Polytetraflouroethylene, you know!" (Sakura)

"What's with this big amount of useless knowledge!" (Karato)

Is that the effect of the cooking club? The cooking club sure is incredible…

"Well… but everyday is as expected… well. It would be bothersome and I would feel bad for you, Sakura." (Karato)

"Did I rejoice too fast!?" (Sakura)

"Hahaha" (Karato)

I couldn't get tired of watching how Sakura's face changed expressions constantly. To have a happy little sister was a great thing. If it were not for the strange craving towards her older brother, that would be.

"Fuu… even so today we have a lot of time even though we are taking it leisurely, ne~. It's almost as if the time has stopped some time ago~." (Sakura)

Sakura continued the conversation as her increased tension began to calm down. However the sight of the clock in front of me was…

"Eh, Sakura, did you look up the time at that clock over there? This piece of junk disguising as a clock that stopped working since yesterday?" (Karato)

"Fue?" (Sakura)

"Sakura, can you switch on the TV to look for a moment?" (Karato)

"Un." (Sakura)

Sakura reached out her hand to get the remote control and gently pressed the switch; there was the morning news program on the screen.

"Eh?" (Sakura)

The standard morning news program. Next to the headline in the left-upper corner the numbers that displayed the time indicated that it was "7:48". By the way, the time when my best friend Jouji and I would always meet to go to school together was 8 o'clock. To reach that place no matter how fast you run, it would take at least 10 minutes.


This string of characters appeared on the middle of a scroll similar to the victory announcement in a beat-'em-up game in my mind.

"Kyaaah!" (Sakura)

Sakura made a horror manga like facial expression and screamed loudly.

"W-w-w-w-we'll be late!" (Sakura)

"Aah~, can't be helped, today we'll be late. Well, it's not the first time and Jouji probably went ahead too." (Karato)

"That's only if I'm not here!! That's no good! Onii-chan hurry up and eat!" (Sakura)

"There's still so much left, that's impossible…" (Karato)

"Eat it in 2 seconds!" (Sakura)

"Mfwah!" (Karato)

Suddenly a large amount of things that had been on the table were pushed into my mouth and a big variety of flavours were mixed inside.

"Mgh! Mggh!" (Karato)

"Chew! Eat! Swallow it! Yes! Yes! Yes, yes!" (Sakura) [TN: That sounds so wrong, I know. But oh well, I won't change the authors way of writing as a translator, so let's just keep it like that. ? ]

I desperately tried to swallow everything down and with tears in my eyes I stared at Sakura in protest.

"Here, some water!" (Sakura)

"Mggah…" (Karato)

The protest that was on the tip of my tongue was drowned with tap water.

"Bwahh! What was that?! It smelled like fish!" (Karato)

"Something sashimi-like that was over there!" (Sakura)

Looking at where she pointed there was a now empty petri dish.

"No matter how you look at it that was not sashimi! That was a research sample! A research sample! Furthermore I ate it raw! No, wait a minute, let me get a thorough check-up first!" (Karato)

"We have no time to dwell on the past! Come now, Onii-chan, let's go!" (Sakura)

"Uwahh!" (Karato)

Then I was immediately dragged along as she pulled at my shoulder bag like a constrained prisoner who was dragged along with a rope and like this I was forced outside of my house.

"I'll be going now!" (Sakura)

"I-I-I'll be going now!" (Karato)

Facing the house without anybody we bid farewell to nobody in particular.

Still, that fish-like thing that I ate before… Was it really safe? I tumbled along next to Sakura while we were running past many buildings …

"Uu…" (Karato)

Thinking about that my abdomen began to feel like it would squeeze together from anxiety. [TN: Don't know how to translate this jumbled Japanese sentence with the perfectly matching figure of speech, I hope you get the meaning…]


TN: This is quite a good part to stop, as there’s no cliffhanger. ? As always post your thoughts, comments and everything else below in the comment section. If you find some mistakes or more fitting expressions, don’t hesitate to post them below. 1450+ words translated! Thanks for reading!

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