Kisei Kanojo Sana - Parasistence Sana Volume 1 Chapter 1 part1

Kisei Kanojo Sana - Parasistence Sana Volume 1 Chapter 1 part1

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Additional notes before the chapter post: The story sometimes switches from Karato telling the story to Karato’s inner monologue that is often in the present tense. This is intended and also exactly like that in the source material. Onii-chan (Big brother) is also not translated because is sounds stupid in English, nobody talks like that. Some of the sounds that the characters make will also not be translated, because there is no fitting equivalent. So enough of the blabbering here’s the first part.

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Chapter 1 part 1: Starring - Ordinary Dish

Chapter 1 part 1: Starring - Ordinary Dish

Light shined through the curtain on my face, the warmth spread on my whole body and indicated that it was already morning. Same as always I was feeling drowsy after waking up. This is how Karato Masukawa's ordinary high school life usually starts.


Piriririririririririririri. With this sound my consciousness was called back to reality from the other side.

"Mnn… guuu…"

I rolled myself deep into my blanket like trying to run away from the harsh reality. …Not really. I can't really open my eyes, so isn't it ok not to wake up forcefully today? To begin with, humans developed machines in order to take it easy as much as possible without having to work. If that machine disturbs your pleasant sleep, isn't that contrary to the original purpose of the technological development? With that reasoning and following the spirit of our agricultural ancestors, I ignored the ringing of my alarm clock, embraced myself and decided to go to sleep again. The alarm clock sounded like it would come constantly closer while hunting me down. That was strange. It seemed like the source of the ringing came closer and closer to my ear.

"Onii-chan!" (Unknown girl)

"N…" (Karato)

"Onii-chan, Onii-chan, Onii-chan!" (Unknown girl)

I was repeatedly called like that. The Google search engine in my head returned just one search result (probably). However I don't want to be such a search expert this early in the morning.

"Onii-chan, Onii-chan! Are you awake? Nee, Onii-chan!" (Unknown girl)

Furthermore I had the feeling that the sound of the alarm clock came closer to my ears again. But I who was the spiritual descendant of the farmer that didn't even fear the bad crop from the cold weather couldn't possibly fail once I decided to go to sleep the second time! I'm going to completely ignore it!

"Onii-chan! Get… aah, mou! Get… get u-woah!" (Unknown girl) [TN: Can't really translate this well, it's oki… oki… okiroiga!]

…What the hell is "get uwoah", that's what I thought in this moment. Buzzz! A bluish purple flash ran through my temples, I felt an intense pain and my ears were ringing.

"Kyaaah!" (Karato)

What was left was a ringing sound and metal poles that caused a pain like it would pierce right into my brain.

"Wha-wha-wha…" (Karato)

Fighting back my tears I screamed:

"What the hell is that Sakuraaaaaaa!!" (Karato)

Right after I opened my eyes I saw Sakura with an object that looked like a giant metallic magic hand, which made a daunting pose.

"That's a pantograph!" (Sakura) [TN: In English; this thing here -> ]

"I thought that if I started to provide 13 GW of electricity then you would return to the state of the past before you went to sleep!" (Sakura)

"I won't! You can't go 'Back to the Future' that easily!" (Karato)

Sakura just closed one eye, stuck out her tongue while smiling. [TN: Tehepero, like this:]

"Hehe. It seems like you're already wide awake. Good morning, Onii-chan!" (Sakura)

This young girl with auburn hair who was already hyperactive this early in the morning is called Masukawa Sakura. She calls me Onii-chan, but she's not my younger sister; if I had to state our relationship then she would be my cousin who lives right next to me and goes to the same high school, but a class lower than me. Well, she is in fact my cousin but in the end she has my spare key in case that something happens while I'm not at home, so there is no difference to a real younger sister.

"Aah, mornin'… I mean, why the hell are you in my room at this time?" (Karato)

"Well, uncle has gone to a research work abroad… so I have to wake up Onii-chan, right! Come on Onii-chan, change your clothes, change your clothes." (Sakura)

Like that Sakura presented my folded uniform. She perfectly knows where what is in this house without having to tell her.

"Haa, I get it… " (Karato)

I resigned myself and crawled out of my bed. Then I noticed that Sakura's eyes were staring at a particular part of me.

"Fuah…" (Sakura)

"…?" (Karato)

Slowly following that line of sight … there was the characteristic phenomenon of a youth in puberty; the lower half of my body got three times as big as it normally was.

"…Ah." (Karato)

Sakura who looked there was spacing out while opening and closing her mouth; suddenly blood sprayed out of her nose and from her neck upwards her head was dyed red.

"Puah!" (Sakura)

She breathed out loudly.

"Yahooooo! I discovered Onii-chan's raging cavernous bodyyyy!" (Sakura) [TN: You know, the part that swells up in the morning?]

"Uwaaaa! Calm downnnnn! Don't come hereeeee!" (Karato)

This is Sakura's bad habit. I named it "acute horniness syndrome". Since childhood she had been raised strictly by a rigorous father that unfortunately caused her to be excessively interested in sexual matters in the recent years instead. The rebellious thoughts were as strong as the strict repression, which caused some kind of backlash. The 1st year Sakura was behaving like a middle school boy who just awakened to his sexual desires; every time she smelled something sexually arousing her lust would awake and her speech and behaviour would run amok, this was the troublesome constitution that she had.


"A-at least the 'swelling part of your body' is telling it clearly what it wants." (Sakura)

"This isn't a pack of last year's teacher drama theme song CD that you can collect! C-calm down a bit you perverted brain-dead idiot!" (Karato) [TN: I honestly don't have a clue why Karato why he talks about some collectible drama theme song, maybe she's trying to pluck his magic rod? :P]



"That's totally wrong~! It's because I'm a virgin, that's why it's just an instinct~! Speaking of it, it's just a prank, nothing dirty!" (Sakura)

With the help of the pantograph that I snatched from her, I desperately tried to separate from a Beast-Mode Sakura whose cheeks were dyed red with carnal desire.

"Haa, haa." (Sakura)

"Fuu, fuu" (Karato)

"Understood. Let's do it this way: We will negotiate. I won't touch any part of Onii-chan's body for now." (Sakura)

"Un" (Karato)

"These stripped off underpants give them to me instead!" (Sakura)

"These negotiation conditions are too strange!" (Karato)

Our relationship as relatives was abnormal in many ways. It took several minutes afterwards to make Sakura calm down from her "acute horniness syndrome". Well, even if her strange switch is flipped after a certain time she will regain her reasoning.

"I'm sorry, I lost my composure." (Sakura)

"It's good that you understand that." (Karato)

"Well, Onii-chan, I already prepared breakfast so change your clothes and come down to eat, ok?" (Sakura)

"Ok, I'll do that… but, you know what, Sakura" (Karato)

"What?" (Sakura)

"No matter how much your symptom flared up, you know. What did you want to do with my worthless underpants? If you keep that in your room and you'll get a boyfriend in the future it will create a lot of misunderstandings." (Karato)

"Huh?" (Sakura)

Sakura made a dumbfounded face. Then she tried to correct herself in a panic and said:

"Ne, ne Onii-chan, you know what." (Sakura)

"What is it?" (Karato)

"I heard that you can marry your cousin in Japan." (Sakura)

"Hm." (Karato)

"W-well that's talking about somebody else right…w-when I come to wake you up in the morning… doesn't it make your heart pound when I wake you up like a wife would?" (Sakura)

"Rather than a wife it's more like a little sister. In the first place you also call me Onii-chan." (Karato)

"Fue?" (Sakura)

"And then there's another important thing to say. In reality no brother normally has a sexual desire for his little sister!" (Karato)

Certainly there some brave men who were facing against these morals with their courage. I'm sorry but I don't have this preference full of immoral feelings. After that Sakura's shoulders began to tremble.

"O…" (Sakura)

"O?" (Karato)

"Onii-chan, you idiooot! Chi-chick-chick-chicken virgin! Onii-chan you can go f*ck some vegetables!" (Sakura) [TN: Japanese people call someone who is always scared a chicken; and she really did say the f-word in English]

Sakura screamed while crying and ran out of the room with heavy steps.

"… why…?" (Karato)

I didn't even understand a little bit why I was abused this unreasonably since this morning.

* * *

TN: So here we have the donkan protagonist V1.0, everybody put your hands up for him, waaai! A sexually curious imouto is kind of different though. Let’s see how the story evolves, I’m gonna translate the story no matter how bad it gets though haha. Either do it properly or don’t even start! 1500+ words translated, that was roughly 3 MS Word pages and a good point to stop translating. How are your thoughts? Share them below. ?

Also I’m thinking of picking up once my time plan will allow it (probably after doing Kisei Kanojo Sana though), give it a read, it’s a really heart-warming story, definitely not like the title of the novel suggests (no ecchi or hentai story haha). If there are a lot of requests I’ll think about it, but for now I’ll concentrate on Sana first. Post your thoughts about this too. ?

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