Kisei Kanojo Sana - Parasistence Sana prologue

Kisei Kanojo Sana - Parasistence Sana prologue

So here’s the first translated “chapter” from Kisei Kanojo Sana – Parasistence Sana.

-pachi, pachi, pachi-

I hope you like the story and my translation. As I already said on my home page and on the side bar, my translation pace will probably be 1 chapter part every 1~2 weeks, depending on how much I have to do in RL with university, job and interpersonal relationships. ^.^ The chapter parts will be roughly 3 MS Word pages, so probably about the same size as this prologue. This novel has 5 Volumes and is already completed, every volume has 3 chapters and a prologue and epilogue in addition to that. Special thanks to Ai for helping me with the translation on some harder parts of the story, a round of applause for her -pachi, pachi, pachi-. If you find some spelling mistakes or other mistakes don’t hesitate to comment below. I would also be happy if you could add the series to your reading list on and rate it there. Big thanks!

TL: Kahzel

TL-Checker: Ai



Danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger.

These words were repeating over and over in my head. My brain was overloaded and I couldn't think clearly. My heart was beating wildly and an unpleasant stream of sweat poured out of my whole body. Why? This was the reason:

A string-like object crawled on the floor in front of my eyes. That is probably a living thing, I think. No is this an object? I couldn't muster up any courage. With my back against the wall and cowering on the floor I looked down at that thing.

"… What is the hell is that?" (Karato)

I retorted like a French soccer commentator as I recovered my senses. Of course there was no one who answered my question. To be honest I really wanted to flee from this place.

Since breakfast I had an unendurable stomach ache, so I went to my room and turned off the lights to take a rest. It was a pain like my stomach would burst at any time. Then it really broke open.


There was a sound like when you pulled out a plug. At the same time a white long string jumped out of my belly like a kite that you lost your grip on.

"RWAAAAAAAA!" (Karato)

I screamed while being paralyzed in surprise. At this point it was already strange enough to be covered on the famous TV show "Discovery of the World's Mysteries". [TN: Thanks for the help with this sentence, Ai. J] Now I was looking at my abdomen where the string came out. The skin under the tattered T-Shirt was as white as usual. Precisely because it was the same as usual I couldn't understand it. Some time ago this string came out of this stomach, right? Why isn't a drop of blood coming out? I mean from what part of my body did this being jump out of my belly in the first place? Still perplexed, I stared at the object that wiggled like a thread with an own will.

"Haha…" (Karato)

I laughed at myself while feeling terribly dizzy. …Really what's with this comedy like situation? Think again with some common-sense. This situation is not real. - Right. It's surely just a nightmare or a joke. Then I had to confirm this. What? For sure I had to. Whether the woman in front of me is a product of my fantasy or not is also an interesting question. … Eh? A girl?

Instead of the string-like object from just a while ago there was a girl about the same age as me on the floor over there. I saw some delicate limbs and a small back, the face couldn't be seen as she was lying face-down. The faintly glittering silver hair formed two conspicuously long twintails. And above all; this girl was as you would say nude – naked – in birthday suit.

"Ha-, haha" (Karato)

…I will check the details of this situation from here on. Well, uhm, this girl without a thread of cloth, should I touch her? Me? But unless I'd do something I wouldn't gain new information about this situation.

"… Here I go!" (Karato)

Then I made up my mind and approached her slowly. At that moment.

"Re…" (Unknown girl)

I had the feeling that I heard a small voice.

"Re…?" (Karato)

"REVIIIIIIIIIVED!" (Unknown girl)

"W-wha!?" (Karato)

That body suddenly woke up and sent me flying.

"Wha-wha-wha!" (Karato)

Like that I crashed against the wall and landed on my backside again. My heart beat like a drum. The girl who sent me flying suddenly turned around and looked at me. She was neither running away nor was she hiding; rather her uncovered naked body was clearly visible.

"…Eh?" (Karato)

In front of my eyes two soft swellings were bouncing up and down. Aaah, these are probably boob-

"Boooob-!" (Karato)

I averted my eyes in panic. Boobs. These two hills were things that a normal male high school student had no hope of seeing them no matter how much he tried; you could say a Shangri-La (paradise) that you could never reach. But even though I'm thankful for seeing these treasures in this bittersweet and heart pounding situation, I'm a bit troubled to see them during these horror film like circumstances.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry … I'm sorry…" (Karato)

While I was apologising like reciting a Buddhist prayer, I tried to escape by crawling backwards from the intruding girl that appeared out of nowhere.

"Nu? Where are you going~?" (Unknown girl)

I heard a carefree voice behind my back while I was frantically trying to get away. But I couldn't afford to answer the question. Either way I had to get away from this room first. Then I'd run downstairs and call for somebody to help me. - Wait, who should I call for help? For now the police!? Somehow I barely managed to reach my door.

"Ah…" (Unknown girl)

A voice that seemed like it had discovered something. In addition to that I heard some footsteps that rushed over towards this place.

"Oi, you there~!  There are the stairs~! That's daaaangerous!" (Unknown girl) [TN: fyi, the girl addresses Karato with "omae" and speaks informally]

"Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" (Karato)

My legs were grabbed violently and the stairs in front of my eyes steadily moved farther away.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" (Karato)

Then I was dragged to the middle of the room again. The skin on my whole body was scraped off by the friction.

"I-I-Hiiiiii-!" (Karato)

That's when I turned my head and looked up at the person who grabbed my legs.

-The moonlight shined in.

At that moment I looked closely at her face for the first time.

"- Ah!" (Karato)

I held my breath unintentionally. An extraordinary beauty [TN: bishoujo] was standing over there. The small body had an elegant looking face like a detailed ice sculpture that one could only describe as beautiful and awe inspiring.

sana naked prologue

sana naked prologue

Just like that the girl came closer while looking at me with her sapphire blue eyes.

"You're the new host, right?" (Unknown girl)

Eh? W-What did she say right now? Host-sama? And I mean I really can't look straight at her while she's totally naked. I covered my eyes in a hurry, looking through the gaps of my fingers at her body, I asked her a question.

"Y-y-you! What's with your body!" (Karato) [TN: Also addresses her with omae and also speaks informally]

"Me? Well I'm…" (Unknown girl)

The girl breathed in slowly, put her hand on her chest and vigorously announced her name.

"The world crossing, stomach traversing! Jumping out from your belly, the parasite that protects its host!" (Unknown girl)

"… Ha?" (Karato)

This introduction sounded like a riddle…

"From the Sea of Japan, this is the tapeworm Parasistence Sana!" (Sana)

What's with this Power Ranger like introduction? Although I retorted like that, I couldn't get used to the repeated nonsense and a lot of question marks appeared in my head. I mean what's that? Wouldn't you be shocked, too? Because I was still standing there not reacting to anything, the girl puffed her cheeks dissatisfied and said:

"N? What's wrong mine own host? [TN: Speaks kind of old Japanese; I tried to imitate this with Shakespearean English] Your face looks like you have constipation. I saw your insides, there isn't any bad food that you might have eaten today though?" (Sana)

"W-w-wait, what are you… why's your body here…" (Karato)

"Either way just listen to your own body and you will understand it?" (Sana)

And the girl still continued throwing about shocking words.

"From today I'm going to live as a parasite in your belly! Have my regards!" (Sana)

While saying so she proudly puffed out her chest with a smile.

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