Demon King's Political Marriage

By Shao Xing ShiYi,绍兴十一

Demon King's Political Marriage Chapter 1

Demon King's Political Marriage Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Soldier Marrying For Peace

Training Grounds Camp, Federal Union Home Planet, Milky Way.

Soldiers are being cooked under the blazing sun while commencing their harsh and intensive training in passing through the Laser Nets. Their military uniforms completely covered in mud, their transparent helmet drenched with sweat from the inside, and their hair soaking wet, yet they don’t slack even for a bit. All of them carried a machine gun with their posture standing straight. Their eyes staring at the Training Officer standing in front, listening with full attention on every command the Training Officer dictates.

The Training Officer of the squadron is a young Sergeant Major. A newly awarded second class medal was pinned on his breast pocket, reflecting the sun light as it shines down upon it. His age is in the twenty’s, his skin is tanned from frequent sun exposure, and the transparent helmet reveals his youthful face, though his expression is completely stern.

“Pass through the Laser Nets, privates in position!” The Sergeant Major ordered loudly.

The soldiers moved with discipline, they mounted the machine gun to the weapon container hanging in their back. They crouches, ready to charge at any time.

“Forward!” The Sergeant Major howled his order from the depths of his throat. The soldiers then darted like a bullet with their boosters on, dashing towards more than fifty meters of Laser Nets with complex structures.

The Laser Snare turned into a red colored lines, weaving together into a layer upon layer. It is the main obstacle the Federal Union faces in the battlefield. And so, this training is to train evading the Laser Nets so most of these soldiers may survive the battle longer.

As one of the soldier hits the Laser Nets, an alarm sound went off and his protective suit got disintegrated into dust. A white gas instantaneously diffuses from his protective suit, increasing the surrounding temperature to almost one hundred degrees centigrade. After the protection of the protective suit is used up, the soldier quickly collapses into the ground.

The Sergeant Major shouted loudly with a serious expression: “Medic!”

Two military nurses wearing white protective suit quickly ran over, taking that young soldier away in a stretcher.

The remaining soldiers continues forward. They crouches, crawl, and jump. They need to pass through the hundred meters Laser Nets within five seconds.

“Ack!” Another soldier went down, then got taken away.

As they reached the finish line, only few remaining soldiers are left. And in the end, not only barely ten soldiers had pass through the Laser Nets, but the five second mark was already over long ago.

The Sergeant Major’s complexion ashen: “Is this as fast as you all can get? A snail is even faster than you all are!”

The Sergeant Major’s words made the ‘survivors’ soldiers resentful, one of the private even opened his mouth to speak: “Captain? This drill is simply too excessive, I feel that no one could be capable to accomplish it!”

“Are you saying that because its peaceful right now? We will not go into war in the future?”

The Sergeant Major puts on a grave expression, and said with a slight reproaching tone: “Who says that a peace talk would mean true peace? War, will always be at hand at any given time! Take note everyone, and watch my movements!”

The Sergeant Major stood in the starting place carrying a heavy firearm. He then relayed the command to himself in a loud voice: “Pass through the Laser Nets, in positions!”

After relaying his own orders, the Sergeant Major efficiently mounted his heavy firearm to the weapon container in his back. He slightly crouches his legs and lean his body forward. His combat suit may looked slightly bigger for him, but it still gives the impression that his body frame is as agile and vigorous as of cheetah.

“Forward!” The Sergeant Major bellowed his own command then started sprinting at the next moment.

His built-in booster equipment lies at the tail wing of his suit, blue flames was igniting behind him. The Sergeant Major cuts through the wind like a shooting star, and in a blink of an eye, he passes through the layers of Laser Nets and into the finish line.

He was crouching, leaping, bending his waist, and crawling. His series of movements was as beautiful as dancing. The red lines of the Laser Nets incessantly changes. One moment the lines were parallel, the next it was weaved into a net, as if it wanted to cut off the Sergeant Major’s advances.

The blue flames from the Sergeant Major’s booster trails along his back in the wake of his movements. Once in a while, the blue flames swells in a big diameter bigger than the size of his combat uniform. Inside the one hundred meters area of the Laser Nets, he was shuttling to and fro, soaring, as if he had always been a Mew Gull flying above the sea during a raging storm, and slithering in the gaps between the Laser Nets like a serpent through the interlacing water plants in the bottom of the river. He was swift and precise.


The Sergeant Major landed safely on the ground. The timer at the side displayed his time elapsed for crossing the Laser Nets: One second.

“Who says that passing through the one hundred meter Laser Nets cannot be accomplish in five seconds?” The Sergeant Major’s voice was utterly strict, his gaze sweep across the soldiers standing in front of him. All the soldiers lowered their head.

“It is not impossible, as long as you are willing to put serious effort! All the essential techniques had already been taught to you all. What you are lacking, is sweat from hard work!” The Sergeant Major admonished his subordinated without sounding a bit of rude.

“Sir, yes sir!” The soldiers replied with spirited and stout stance.

He slightly nodded in satisfaction, then shouted his command again: “Everyone, in formation!”

The soldiers went to their proper positions with haste. The medics who took the injured soldiers are already done tending to them so they too lined up to the formation.

“Pass through the Laser Nets, privates in positions!” The Sergeant Major’s voice was composed and stern.

The soldiers readied themselves at their marks.

Meanwhile, a Glider Jet can be seen flying from the horizon. The aircraft’s wings was silver, brandished with a crescent shape symbol within a blue circular pentagram, the symbol of the Milky Way’s Federal Union.

The person riding this aircraft, can only be of someone from the higher ups.

The Sergeant Major immediately halted his training and issued a command: “Attention! Salute!”

The soldiers went back to their formations and saluted facing the direction of the Glider Jet. The Glider Jet landed in front of the sergeant major. As the person disembark from his Glider Jet, he can be seen wearing his designated military uniform and his shoulder bearing his rank as the Lieutenant General.

Behind him is a Lieutenant Commander and a Civil Service Administrator.

The Lieutenant General gives the impression that he was in his thirties. His brows is wrinkled and his hair already turning white although he really doesn’t look old.

“Greetings General!” The soldiers paid respect to the Lieutenant General in unison.

The Lieutenant General’s mind was preoccupied with worry, he didn’t paid attention to the soldiers and greet back like he used to do, rather, he walked directly to the Sergeant Major wearing his combat suit.

The Lieutenant General stood in front of the Sergeant Major and measured him up. He then asked: “Are you the hero of the last month’s battle, Wu Xing Yun?”

“Yes sir!”

The Lieutenant General extended his hand and patted Wu Xing Yun’s shoulder. His voice was somewhat heavy and carrying a bit of dismayal: “Young man, follow me. You have a mission, a mission you must accomplish.”

After their talk, the Lieutenant General took him straight to the headquarters of the military base. Wu Xing Yun was following behind with two military officers walking on both his sides.

The party entered the headquarters and steps into an elevator taking them down to a conference room one kilometer deep in the underground. The space inside the conference room is enough to hold ten thousand people, it looks very spacious and empty.

The Lieutenant General finds himself a sit, then he beckoned at Wu Xing Yun standing at the side: “Sit down. On behalf of the Millitary Division, I have something to discuss with you.”

Something to discuss? Wu Xing Yun thought it was suspicious. He is merely a low ranking Sergeant Major. What is that business that could make the Lieutenant General personally come and speak with him?

Wu Xing Yun remained standing and saluted as a courtesy: “Please give instructions, General!”

The Lieutenant General waved his hands again, beckoning Wu Xing Yun to sit down and light the cigarette for him.

The Lieutenant General smoked his cigarettes and puffs out. Then he slowly spoke: “The higher ups decided to negotiate peace and the other party agreed with a condition, that you…be wedded to ‘that person’.”

“What?!” Wu Xing Yun stammered in shock. He stood up from the chair he was sitting.

Legends says that ‘that person’ is a demon, and is the number one enemy of the Federal Union of Milky Way. He doesn’t need to rely on aircraft, he can fly on the outer space on his own. There are rumors that ‘that person’ is a mutation from the human race, and rumors that says that ‘that person’ is a new alien species.

Yet no matter what they say, there is only one thing clear, ‘that person’ hates mankind. He is the leader of the Demon Clan Legion, the most formidable enemy of the Federal Union of Milky Way, and also its worst nightmare for so long. The drill for Passing through the Laser Nets, Landing Assault training, and the Anti-Matter Camouflage are all training dedicated to the resistance against ‘that person”.

For a long time now, their slogan has been ‘Defeat the demon king, protect the human race’.

Why, did the higher ups agreed with that devil to settle peace with marriage. Not only that, it’s me whose going to be married of!?

Wu Xing Yun felt that his inadequately intelligent brain short circuited. He stared dumbfounded at the Lieutenant General in front of him. This person is the Infantry Division’s general, his highest commanding officer Hong Jiang Jun, who already commanded thirty two victorious campaigns.

Hong Jiang Jun flick the ash off his cigarette and explained: “Soldier, I understand what your thinking. This is an important matter to me as well, and I made great effort to oppose it. After all, we are soldiers. Who wouldn’t want to obtain glory by prevailing over the enemy in the battlefield? But the congress had already handed down a resolution, the president of the Federal Union is negotiating with the enemy the concrete particulars of the arrange marriage as we speak. This matter is already out of our hands. You should…..make a sacrifice for the sake of the human kind! Just like those princesses getting married in humans’ old history. “

“Why does it have to be me?” Wu Xing Yun still cannot comprehend, why is there a need for marriage agreement, why was this order issued as a price for the attainment of peace for human kind, and why is he, a mere low ranking soldier, be picked to carry out this order?

Hong Jiang Jun shakes his head: “I don’t know, the other party demanded that it must be you. There’s a report about the battle last month. When you spearheaded the Specter Lock Ops, you landed a hit on ‘that person?”

Wu Xing Yun’s eyes turned gloomy. Last month, he picked the best of the best soldiers to become a part of the mankind’s elite division, Specter Lock Ops.

The Federal Union of the Milky Way dispatches a total of one hundred Specter Lock Ops, but the majority of them couldn’t even come close in finding the enemy’s camp before they got killed by them. Only he who successfuly concealed himself at the border of the enemy camp.

At that place, he saw ‘that person’ by chance.

Wu Xing Yun didn’t hesitate too much, he doesn’t even care if he revealed himself. He aimed the cross hair of his gun to ‘that person’ and pulled the trigger.

The battle resulted into a victory, and because of Wu Xing Yun’s outstanding performance in this campaign, he was confered with a second class medal.

Until the war ended, Wu Xing Yun was sure that he didn’t managed to kill ‘that person’, his attack only causes critical injury.

When the enemy commander was down, I thought that it was a strong upperhand for my army. However, both sides ultimately ended in a draw, and ‘that person’s’ troops still continued their plan of conquest. At last, the enemy’s side offered a peace talk to the legislation members of the Federal Union of Milky Way, where they all agreed one after another.

These information is headlined everywhere, so every soldier knows the progress of the negotiation for peace. But how could Wu Xing Yun expect this outcome of the peace talk——the big bosses marrying him off!

Hong Jiang Jun spoke again: “‘That person’s’ retaliation is quite extreme. I think, his proposal of peace talks and the arrange marriage are bluffs. He just wanted to capture you and get his revenge for wounding him. But no matter what I say, the parliament thinks helping that bastard will gonna be a great advantage.”

Wu Xing Yun’s head droop, Hong Jiang Jun also turned silent.

After a while, Hong Jiang Jun speaks: “Anyway, don’t think bad about it. The president is currently discussing the conditions. Once you got married, your life there probably shouldn’t have any problems. It’s just that……” Hong Jiang Jun words trailed, he didn’t know what else to say. He inhaled deeply, flickered the end of the cigarette, then throws it in the ground and steps on it with his black boots to extinguish its ember. Afterwards, he said solemnly: “Soldier, do you have confidence to complete this next mission? The arrange marriage with the demon, persevere with all your might, so that this fragile moment of peace can be preserved.”

Wu Xing Yun instinctively straightened his posture and saluted: “Determined to accomplish this mission!”

And yet, after those words left his mouth, his thoughts actually turned blank. For that man is the humanity’s enemy, the most feared demon, and the nightmare of the Federal Union of Milky Way!

Since ancient times, it was the princesses that gets send to be wedded off. He is just a simple soldier, but because this is a critical assignment to complete, he will welcome whatever fate throws at him. It truly——makes him sigh.

A short plug from the author of Demon King’s Political Marriage:

Title: 《魔瓶世界》《The World of the Magic Bottle》,A story narrated by a great demon trapped inside a magic bottle.

Demon King: “Fine, I can grant you three wishes.”

Uke/Shou: “My wish is, to get three more wishes!”

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