Demon King's Political Marriage

By Shao Xing ShiYi,绍兴十一

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 10

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 20 - Ye Sui Kong's Battle Prowess

*Di *Di *Di

As the alarm rang out, Wu Xing Yun immediately ran to the viewing deck and looked out. In front of the fleet are several meteorites that suddenly appeared and are charging towards the fleet in an extremely fast rate. At first, it just looks like dots, but in a blink of an eye, it was as big as a fist. As it gets nearer and nearer, the true form and sizes of the meteorites also became clearer. Some of the meteorites were much larger than Wu Xing Yun's spaceship, the others are as small as pebbles. Those meteorites were approaching his fleet at a lightning speed.

This time, he doesn't even need to ask. Wu Xing Yun already knows what just happened.

They have accidentally approached a meteorite belt.

Wu Xing Yun immediately gives a command: "All crew, prepare to engage!"

Navigating through galaxies, encountering the demon army, or approaching black holes are not their greatest enemy because they still can be avoided with a greater chance of surviving. What they are most afraid of are running into meteor belt with small scale meteorites.

Its speed is too fast and its densities are hard to determine. While navigating through space, these meteor belts are pin pointed in advance so that it can be avoided.

However, once they have entered the meteor belt, the consequences are hard to imagine. If their luck is good, the meteor belt they entered is sparse that even a rookie can easily pass through.

Surrounding the planets nearby are countless of meteor belts in all sizes, and with the complexity of each celestial body, the area has become as convoluted as the sea floor, unpredictable and difficult to approach.

Wu Xing Yun's flight route was precisely planned and calculated, the path chosen was safe from these meteor belts. But for some unknown reason, they still encountered it.

Fortunately, Wu Xing Yun came prepared for this travel. He had studied about this galaxy beforehand so that if they ran into this kind of situation, he'll know what actions to take.

Every crew members wears combat uniforms as durable as steel. This kind of combat uniform have the ability to provide oxygen and replenish the stamina of the wearer. It is also resistant to blistering hot and icy cold climates so no matter where they are in the galaxy, they can survive for a few months with this suit on.

Throughout the wedding processions journey, the moment they encountered the meteor belts was the proof of how perilous this travel is.

The wedding escorts formed a defensive formation. Even the demon army's war vessels that guided the procession was also engaging in battle. They fired countless lasers from their particle cannons as they incessantly roll up and down. They were taking down the meteorites ahead of them while protecting the main ship and clearing the path for it out of the meteor belt.

On the other hand, for Liu Meng who came to welcome Wu Xing Yun, and as a mutant who doesn't have any combat abilities, he only relies to his skill of using his jet pack. After encountering the meteor belt, he easily dodges the meteorites with his body much smaller than the spaceships. His posture was graceful and handsome and his long silver hair drifts in the air with every wake of his movements. He was like a nimble mermaid that glides through the plants in the sea bed.

But it's not the same for pilots of the battleships. The battleships they are piloting are enormous and even the smallest spaceships need to be piloted by two people. The spaceships cannot change their form at will either. In the midst of the thick cluster of meteorites, they are very awkward. In a distant view, these fleet of spaceships looks like a colony of ants crawling about while creating havoc. The worker ants were struggling to crawl through the meteorites while the soldier ants were going all out in risking their lives in breaking them. But no matter how relentless they are, in every wave that welcomes them, these colony of ants seems like they were about to be engulfed.

"Bang!" More and more meteorites sweep closer to them. And as it became more and more concentrated, the meteorites begin to hit the spaceships.

The barrier of the spaceships has already been activated earlier on so upon being hit by a meteorite, a blue light glows from the barrier. All the people inside were rattled whenever the spaceships was hit on either side.

The fleet started trying to change route away from the orbit but as they tried to leave, the people were astonished by the meteorites that seemed to move like a single organism. Whenever the fleet attempts to move away of the orbit, the meteor belt surprisingly seemed like it moves along with them like a gigantic dragon that twists and turns in the air, chasing them across the galaxy.

"Bang! Bang!" The sound of the spaceships being hit unceasingly resounded. The defensive battleships besides Wu Xing Yun exploded in white light at random, and as they exploded, the wedding escorts inside was catapulted out of the spaceship.

And as for the mutant Liu Meng, no one knows whether or not he was swept away by the waves of meteorites earlier on.

Wu Xing Yun's side was having difficulty with these ramming meteorites as well. He could feel his standing unsteady for the gravity system of the ship was damaged.

With a sudden bang, he was knocked off balance and fell into the ground, giving him a feeling of disorientation. Wu Xing Yun held tightly on his gun. He knew that the gravity system of the spaceship had already broken down, the barrier had fallen apart, the outer part of the spaceship had been destroyed, and the bearing of the inner part had been constantly bombarded by the endless attack of the meteorites. In just ten seconds, the entire spaceship had been broken apart. He had to escape the crumbling spaceship at once for him to survive.

Wu Xing Yun surveyed the situation outside through the transparent panels at the side of the spaceship, hoping that in a while, he'll find the suitable opportunity to jump out.

But the moment he raised his head while he was observing the perimeter, what he saw was something he didn't expect to see.

Just in front of the spaceship was a man wearing black clothes and on his hand is a blade with a mysterious black hilt as he goes against the incoming meteorites.

That man had a long black hair, perfect features, and strong and powerful arms. He was no other than the commander of the demon army and Wu Xing Yun's other half in the marriage for peace, Ye Sui Kong.

At this moment, he was in close proximity to Ye Sui Kong he could clearly see him. Ye Sui Kong's expression was completely fierce and ruthless as he endlessly swings his blade. With every swings of his blade, it creates a slash of concentrated energy glowing with faint golden light. After the energy slash reaches its pinnacle speed as it travels, it causes a dazzling brightness as the particles collided with each other.

The blade glowing with golden light splits the meteorites again and again, causing its trajectory to change into other directions.

It was a cycle of Ye Sui Kong swinging his blade, splitting the meteorites, and making its trajectory change directions.

His movement speed was lightning fast yet every movement was accurate and efficient that not a single movement was wasted. Every time he cuts open a meteorite, he would seek another one in a flash. Every meteorite that was destroyed by him would all shift its fixed orbital path and fly into other directions.

The faster his movements became, the higher the count of meteorites that changes their trajectory. All the meteorites flew into the direction of his blade, and up to the last meteorite he hit, he didn't exert much strength. But he was still capable enough to change the flow of direction of the meteor belt on his own.

"So that's why the flow of the meteorites this time was out of ordinary, as if it has awareness to follow the fleet! It turns out it was someone's fault!" Wu Xing Yun was thinking like that but then he saw the roof of the spaceship splitting open. Left with just one second, he'll need to jump out and escape.

That one second is the most crucial second for him but instead of spending that to look for his escape route, he watches Ye Sui Kong slash at the meteorites with his blade.

Ye Sui Kong's expression was single-mindedly focused. His body adorning black skintight clothes, making him completely shrouded in the darkness of the abyss. Situated within the pitch black galaxy, unless very near, his existence wouldn't be visible. Ye Sui Kong's clothing didn't have any defensive functionality at all. Only his face and his hands was exposed, as if he completely blended into his surroundings. A lone man endlessly swinging his blade at his surroundings.

It was at that single moment, when Wu Xing Yun stared with rapt attention at Ye Sui Kong's dedicated expression, that he realized that Ye Sui Kong wasn't slashing at these meteorites at all to deliberately kill and injure the fleet, he was only training. He was only using the meteor belt as a means to enhance his skills and battle prowess, nothing more.

But what Wu Xing Yun didn't know is that, the nearby meteorites that are active all throughout the year near his base planet is the deciding factor that made Ye Sui Kong choose it as his residence. And with these endless stream of meteorites, Ye Sui Kong can hone his battle skills to its maximum potential.

According to Ye Sui Kong's estimation, the fleet of the wedding procession wouldn't arrive yet and the meteor belt would appear right on schedule.

Hence, he took advantage of the opportunity and started his Spartan training.

The raw power these meteorites possesses are tremendous. It would be difficult to withstand it even if one wears that steel combat armor, let alone the unarmored body of the mutant Ye Sui Kong? In the end, his body are still flesh and blood. Without wearing any protective armor, he will be gravely injured if he got hit by these meteorites.

This kind of environment where he could get seriously injured or possibly lose his life is what Ye Sui Kong looks for. He aspires to toughen up his willpower and battle strength with the danger this kind of environment provides. And besides, this training also increases his spiritual power.

Every time he trains in the meteor belt, his spiritual power is highly concentrated and nothing can ever distract his focus. The only thing he sees are the meteorites, nothing else enters his vision. And so, without him realizing while he was so focused on his battle training, Wu Xing Yun and wedding procession had already arrived. What he wasn't aware as well is that his training inadvertently destroyed the fleet.

Not until he felt someone staring at him.

It was like a sixth sense, a very baffling feeling, like the feeling he felt when he got shot.

Ye Sui Kong immediately turned his head around, and at that moment, he saw two battle ships explodes behind him that he didn't know when had arrived.

Those battle ships ejected several soldiers wearing combat uniforms.

Ye Sui Kong's initial impression was that it was an enemy ambush. He lifted his blade and coated it with concentrated energy glowing with faint glowing light. But then he saw a familiar figure got ejected from the battleship that exploded. His abnormally keen brainwaves registered a sense of recognition, it was that person who once shot him that time, and the one who will soon become his male wife, Wu Xing Yun.

Ye Sui Kong steps lightly into a small scale meteorite and uses it to propel himself and fly towards Wu Xing Yun because he saw a meteorite about to hit Wu Xing Yun in the head.

Ye Sui Kong didn't want the chance of peace treaty so difficult to obtain be gone and even more so for Wu Xing Yun he tried so hard to get to lose his life. Therefore, he brandished his blade and shot a shockwave towards that meteorite coming in Wu Xing Yun's way.

At that same moment, another man also came into Ye Sui Kong's way. He grabbed that man and landed on top of a comparatively large meteorite then he looks at Wu Xing Yun's direction.

The slash that cut the meteorite flying behind Wu Xing Yun's back into two, except for Ye Sui Kong, no one else knows and saw what happened. Even Wu Xing Yun didn't know about the fact that the slash just now just saved his life.

The after shockwave made Wu Xing Yun flipped around in the air several times until he finally found a stable footing on a sizeable meteorite. That meteorite wasn't too big but it was moving on the natural flow of the meteor belt.

That meteorite was also at least a meteor in diameter, enough to give Wu Xing Yun a cover from getting himself hit by meteorites moving in the opposite direction.

Wu Xing Yun decided to stay there for a moment to arm his gun, adjust himself to the circumstances, and activate his jetpack.

Just like the way he was trained so many times before, he gave an order to himself with a yell: "On position!"

Wu Xing Yun slightly bowed and squatted on top of the meteorite.

"Jump!" He commanded to himself. Bracing his position with his legs, using his jetpack as a propeller, and exploiting the different flows of the meteorites, he traveled back and forth and continued jumping until he escapes the orbit of the meteor belt and arrive at the safety of the empty space of the galaxy.

He stoops, twists and turn, squats, and jump, making a series of movements as perfect as a symphony. Despite heavy weight of his combat uniform, he was evading incomparably lithe, as if he was soaring above the sea in a raging storm.

Pew! With a shot of his laser gun, Wu Xing Yun successfully breaks the small meteorites he couldn't avoid. More and more small meteorites head on his way so Wu Xing Yun pulled his trigger faster and faster.

His movements were smooth, his expression serious, and his eyes were set on these remaining meteorites flying in fast speed. It was as if he was back on the battlefield.

He was seamlessly jumping and gliding over and over again, and after he went through the meteor belt and reached the safety of the outer space, he started to call out to his squad members and gather them up.

While Wu Xing Yun was busy looking for his comrades and remaining goods, Ye Sui Kong was staying still within the meteor belt.

His gaze was fixed on Wu Xing Yun's figure all that while. This soldier is an excellent combatant and extremely skillful, even his speed is surprisingly fast. Those are the thoughts that ran in Ye Sui Kong's mind as he watches Wu Xing Yun escapes the meteor belt. The moment he raised his head a while ago, he was thinking of pulling Wu Xing Yun to safety but he slowly relented.

This soldier doesn't need my help, and if that he doesn't need it, then there's no need for me to go and help.

Besides, doesn't this man besides me need my help more?

Ye Sui Kong slightly lowered his head and looks at the soldier he saved earlier on.

There is a pleasant surprise in that man's eyes as well as expression of disbelief but it quickly changes into a look of ecstasy.

"Great Demon King, you… you have saved me!" Ouyang Liu almost bursts out in excitement. There's no way that he'd expect that in this chaotic meteor belt, Ye Sui Kong would come for him and save only him.

That same lazy smile crept up on the corner of Ye Sui Kong's lips once again. He nodded at Ouyang Liu and swings his black blade to slash at the incoming meteorite. He grabbed Ouyang Liu and didn't pay attention at Wu Xing Yun any longer. He turned towards the direction he came from then fly towards his base planet.

Ye Sui Kong is clad in all black so no one sees him leave in the midst of the galaxy fading in darkness.

But in a short moment as he takes his leave, he looked back and gazed at Wu Xing Yun whose busy looking for his comrades.

Ye Sui Kong slightly frowned. He exceptionally dislikes people like Wu Xing Yun whose earnestly serious and persevering because the more his enemy is resilient, the more it will become troublesome for him.

The enemy may be so insignificant that he was as inferior as an ant to Ye Sui Kong's eyes and wasn't even worthy to have a fraction of Ye Sui Kong's attention.

But he felt excited for that moment this enemy finally fell into his hand. For the first time ever, he was actually looking forward for the night of their wedding.

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