Demon King's Political Marriage

By Shao Xing ShiYi,绍兴十一

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 8

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The night before the wedding

Ouyang Liu said: “I think, the great demon king also agreed with my opinion, am I right?”

Ye Sui Kong still had that same smile: “Of course! I agree.”

Shi Fei was so angry he wanted to shoot Ouyang Liu in the spot. But when he touches his gun holster, only then did he remembered that he lent it to Wu Xing Yun.

Wu Xing Yun turned his head and looked at Shi Fei, waiting for him to relay a command.

However, Shi Fei didn’t say anything for quite a while, and instead, it was Wen Nuo who walked towards Wu Xing Yun and talked to him: “Wu Xing Yun, why did you stop?”

Wu Xing Yun stood straight and asked: “Reporting, Captain Ouyang Liu raised an objection against my decision. May I ask if I need to give him an explanation? Please give instruction, sir!”

Wen Nuo replied: “What do you think?”

Wu Xing Yun never had the chance to express his opinions on this sort of matters before so he said: “I will comply to the commander’s arrangement.”

Shi Fei’s face was burning in different shades of red out of anger to this person who just changes side. He ferociously glared at Ouyang Liu and said: “This is our internal affairs, Ye Sui Kong is an outsider that doesn’t have any authority in here! Captain, you know this best, after all, you are actively serving in the military.”

Ouyang Liu secretly glanced at Ye Sui Kong, and as he discovered that the man was still smiling at him, he said: “I refuse to accept the decision, I want to appeal. The candidate abuses his authority and you all are backing him up in this discrimination!”

Shi Fei shouted angrily: “Wu Xing Yun!”

Wu Xing Yun stood in attention: “Here!”

“Explain it to him, tell him, just what kind of trash he is!”

Wu Xing Yun answered ‘Yes sir!’ then turned to the left and marches towards Ouyang Liu to explain to him: “I…I don’t have any reason. The president just told me that I can choose whoever I want….I….I don’t like you.”

Ouyang Liu replied: “Why, why the hell do you not like me?”

Wu Xing Yun honestly answered: “It’s because, you don’t have the basic qualities, you are not competent enough for this mission.”

The soldiers present at the venue roared in laughter. How could Ouyang Liu expect that Wu Xing Yun would tell him ‘it’s because I don’t like you and you don’t have basic qualities’ as his reason, and without even holding back a little.

Ouyang Liu ruthlessly glared at Wu Xing Yun. After a short moment, he turned towards Shi Fei and asked: “Marshal, is this selection based on someone’s preferences? This kind of criteria, isn’t it against the Federal Union’s constitution?”

These past few days, Shi Fei’s stress was over the roof due to the discussion for the peace talk, he is about to snapped at any moment.

Yet even though his anger is at its boiling point, as a matter of fact——he became oddly calm.

Hence, for the first time ever, Shi Fei didn’t spat out curses, and he also didn’t grab Wen Nuo’s gun and attempt to fire it. Instead, he calmly raised his arm, reached inside his uniform pocket to take out his intercom, and then said: “Military Police, come over here. Please arrest Rank A Combat and Records Staff Officer Ouyang Liu and transfer him to the military tribunal. Today, he will be under trial for his actions.”

Ouyang Liu also heard Shi Fei’s voice clearly. He was stupefied by Shi Fei’s orders, he didn’t dare to believe it at all. This uncouth fellow dared to be like this to him.

Ouyang Liu looked at Ye Sui Kong once again. The other person was still smiling at him and even nodded.

The was no hesitation in his heart any more. He casts his cap aside and snorted. He said with his head held up high: “This unfair screening, I will not take part on it!”

After declaring that, he turned around and started walking out of the training area. Just as he was about to leave, he also noticed Ye Sui Kong stood up and going to leave as well.

Nevertheless, Wu Xing Yun still continued on with his selection for his marriage escorts.

Ouyang Liu keenly senses the pleasant countenance Ye Sui Kong had for him when the man exchanged few words with him. And in regards to his marriage partner, the great demon king never paid attention to Wu Xing Yun from start to finish.

Ouyang Liu stands by the entrance of the training area waiting, and when he finally saw Ye Sui Kong coming out, he immediately ran to him and said to the man: “Great demon king…..” While saying that, he displayed a pitiful look.

Ye Sui Kong knitted his brows: “What are you doing here?”

Ouyang Liu answered: “With that kind of commanding officers and marshal, the Federal Union’s army can’t even withstand a single blow. To be able to see you personally today, truly gives me great honor.”

Ye Sui Kong smiled, his temperament very gentle. There was not a trace of that blood-thirsty smile he always wore during the bloody battles.

Hence, Ouyang Liu took a step closer and said: “To tell you the truth, from where I was born, the great demon king is greatly admired. It’s a pity that the Ouyang family I was raised is not determined to offer asylum to you.”

Ye Sui Kong chuckled. He tilted his head and gave Ouyang Liu a look as he spoke: “Ouyang family? In 2000 years ago, are they that very influential, and very kind-hearted Ouyang family?”

Ouyang Liu asked: “Does the great demon king knows of my ancestry?”

The smile on Ye Sui Kong’s face became deeper, the center of his eyes got darker. He replied: “They are all very kind and upright people, the ancestors of your family. Speaking of, is vice president Ouyang also your…”

Ouyang Liu slightly hunched his shoulder: “my father.”

Ye Sui Kong’s interest was piqued. He pinched Ouyang Liu’s chin and lifts it. Ouyang Liu immediately seizes that opportunity to jump into Ye Sui Kong’s arms and spoke with faintly trembling voice: “Ever since I was a child, I always dreamed of the great demon king. Even now, that hasn’t changed for a bit….” While he was saying that, Ouyang Liu was inching his lips closer.

Ye Sui Kong slightly tilted his head to the side but that same lazy smile was still hanging on his lips: “Since it’s like that, I will have a talk with the Federal Union and have them let you join the marriage escorts.”

Ouyang Liu was somewhat disappointed. He thought that the other person will replace the marriage candidate. He didn’t expect that after lowering his dignity and offending Shi Fei, this is all he got as an exchange——a spot in the lineup of marriage escorts.

Ouyang Liu watched as Ye Sui Kong’s back got farther and farther. That slender and tall figure casted a long shadow on the ground as it basked in the light of the setting sun. It looked so solitary, and even more lonely.

As he stared at that man’s sillhouette, he felt that his admiration for Ye Sui Kong grew fonder. The feelings that had taken root from his childhood completely stirred up Ouyang Liu’s fantasy.

Even though he is only a part of the marriage procession, Ouyang Liu was determined, he will give it all he got.

After all, it was obvious that the great demon king wasn’t interested with his marriage partner Wu Xing Yun at all, and that person picked on him purely out of spite. On the contrary, Ouyang Liu felt that the great demon king talked to him a lot and smiled at him many times, a smile that wasn’t cruel nor bloodthirsty, but a smile that conveys that he had a great chance.

Ouyang Liu didn’t know how long he had remained standing there, but the Military Police soon came and apprehended him to take him back to the Federal Union’s home planet and put him in a trial as per request of Shi Fei.

Meanwhile, Wu Xing Yun finished choosing the people he will take to his marriage ceremony. Furthermore, he was introduced to his trainers and started his lessons for the marriage ceremony, basic knowledge, and etiquettes of being married.

Wu Xing Yun will still be staying with Wen Nuo so that he can properly prepare for married life for the next month.

Every morning, Wen Nuo and a lady biologist hands over some information to him regarding Ye Sui Kong as well as a few studying materials for marriage.

At the start, Wen Nuo was still up for the task. But as the lessons delved deeper and deeper into the details, he couldn’t handle it anymore and requested to step down from the appointment.

Consequently, Wu Xing Yun studied earth’s traditional chinese language (Ye Sui Kong’s native tongue), as well as health education in which a biologist gave lectures about it.

Wu Xing Yun actually haven’t had the slightest idea on same-sex marriage, but he could hear the delight on the lady biologist’s voice as she described eighty-eight different positions in bed. He started feeling dread as he continue to listen.

However, Wu Xing Yun is a courageous soldier. This fear, he will strive to overcome it. He listened attentively and jotted down the important pointers according to his instructor.

During every afternoon, Wu Xing Yun would join the soldiers participating in the marriage in all sorts of training. In the reports, the demon army’s base is located thousands of light years in distance from here. Even if they make use of the Federal Union’s warp technology, after landing from the nearest demon army territory, it will still take them one month of travel before they arrived. At that time frame, the escorts must protect Wu Xing Yun at all cost so its important to establish a good rapport with each other.

During the evening, Wu Xing Yun crams on the married life etiquettes. He also continued his training until it was time for him to sleep, though what’s left of it is barely enough.

The days pass by so fast, both sides had already cemented the conditions for the treaty. Wu Xing Yun will be Ye Sui Kong’s spouse and he is only allowed to be wedded to him. While Wu Xing Yun exists and as Ye Sui Kong’s spouse, he will be the representative to keep the peace on both sides in check.

Ye Sui Kong is not allowed to divorce his spouse without reason.

As per tradition, Wu Xing Yun must bring a generous amount of dowry along with him as well as a small team composing of ten people, battleships, aircraft weapons, several research materials, foods, seeds, and other things that Ye Sui Kong and his people doesn’t possessed.

This evening, was the night before the start of Wu Xing Yun’s marriage ceremony. Wu Xing Yun was lying on top of the bunk bed while Wen Nuo was sleeping below. Wu Xing Yun somehow couldn’t sleep, he was turning and tossing. He kept thinking of the impending marriage ceremony, and also worrying about the wedding night the biologist told him. His back was slightly profusing with cold sweat.

With his endless of turning and tossing, Wen Nuo couldn’t stand it anymore and said: “What’s wrong? You keep tossing about. If you’re not gonna sleep, at least don’t move too much and let others sleep.”

Wu Xing Yun curled up his waist and replied: “Can’t sleep.”

Wen Nuo gripped the pillow on his head. As he pictured Wu Xing Yun’s face, he don’t know why, but the sight of his face sets Wen Nuo’s belly on fire.

Wen Nuo said: “I cannot sleep as well. Let’s talk about it, what’s making you restless?”

Wu Xing Yun hugged his pillow then asked: “Can I come down?”

Wen Nu got up and leaned on the headboard. He gave way half of the space of the bed for Wu Xing Yun and said: “Sure, come down.”

Wu Xing Yun was wearing a baggy underpants. After climbing down, he also leaned on the headboard. He was hugging his pillow without saying anything, only staring vacantly at the outside.

He could see the starry sky outside through the window in this spot.

Planet New Delta doesn’t have a moon, the milky way wasn’t visible either, yet it has a scenery unlike others. He can see the wide expanse of a misty dark red nebula, it was like a dream and a fantasy.

Wen Nuo didn’t say anything, he just watches Wu Xing Yun quietly.

He knew, that after tonight, when the morning came, this soldier will leave the Federal Union Base, bringing with him his dowries and boarding that spaceship that will be gone forever. He might not see him ever again in this lifetime.

The two people sat quietly side by side, and after a moment had pass, Wu Xing Yun opened his mouth to talk: “I will be leaving tomorrow.”

Wen Nuo hummed ‘En’.

Wu Xing Yun said: “I hate to leave you guys, I hate to leave the Federal Union.”

Wen Nuo replied: “I really hate for you to leave too…Xing Yun, you…do you have someone you like?”

Wu Xing Yun vacantly shakes his head: “I don’t know. I like my father and mother and I like my comrades in arms, and yet, I cannot see them again anymore. Few days ago, they sent me letters. They got to know my circumstances but they’re just ordinary people, they are powerless against my situation….”

Once he said that, Wu Xing Yun’s voice gradually became depressed.

As Wen Nuo listen to Wu Xing Yun’s dejected tone, he can’t help but hug his pillow and lean up on the same shoulder level with Wu Xing Yun.

The bed was a little narrow at first so Wen Nuo stretched his arms behind his head. Wu Xing Yun was sitting besides him while hugging his pillow.

The two of them didn’t say anything to each other. Wu Xing Yun was besides himself with worry and Wen Nuo was sunk in his own thoughts.

The next moment, Wen Nuo extended his arms and slipped it behind Wu Xing Yun’s slumped back, waiting for him to lean back and use his shoulder as his support.

The two of them stayed in that position for a while when all of a sudden, Wu Xing Yun’s head turned towards him and said: “From what I learned, our birthplace is planet earth. I really want to go there and have a look.”

Wen Nuo said: “En. That planet is under Ye Sui Kong’s domain, you….once you got married to him…maybe he will take you there, and maybe, he will also fall in love with you.”

Wu Xing Yun seriously thought about it, then he shook his head and replied: “Not gonna happen, I’m not dumb. It’s clear that it’s not just me that he wants from the Federal Union, he also wants to get our technology and researches… He doesn’t like me for a bit, let alone fall for me. He just wants to exact his revenge on me for that incident.”

Wen Nuo sighed in agreement. He turned his head to the side and looks at the silhouette of Wu Xing Yun’s side profile vague in the cover of the dark. His eyes were incomparably bright, yet deep within those eyes, is shrouded with sense of loss and confusion for the future.

This expression of Wu Xing Yun made Wen Nuo’s heart squeeze all of a sudden. He felt his heart started to beat faster and faster.

Wen Nuo said: “Did you know? A marriage without love, will be very horrible. However, you are a good soldier….perhaps an excellent soldier, there’s a possibility that he’ll fall for you.”

“But there’s no chance that he’ll ever fall in love with me….” Wu Xing Yun said without any hesitation, the he continued: “He had killed so many of us, spilling the blood of our comrades and predecessors, he is our enemy. I only feel deep hatred for him. I can choose to forgive and pardon, but I can never be in love with him…Sigh, the lady biologist’s lessons explained to me of those frightful things that could happen…It honestly scared me a little.”

Wen Nuo reaches out to pat Wu Xing Yun in the back, but he couldn’t do anything more. He can only offer his arms as a support to Wu Xing Yun’s seemingly fragile frame.

Wen Nuo said: “That lady biologist is just scaring you with her words, don’t mind her.”

Wu Xing Yun raised his head and looked back at Wen Nuo. After a while, he asked: “Is it really not something to be afraid of?”

Wen Nuo nodded his head. The next moment, he suddenly felt an urge to pull this person in his arms, soothes him gently, and tell him that the wedding night is a beautiful and romantic thing.

The feelings in Wen Nuo’s heart grew limitless, he even felt a dry heat somehow spreads all over his body. His throat turned a bit parched as he spoke: “Okay, I…I’ll send you away in peace. But don’t you worry, someday, I will take you back safe and sound.”

Wu Xing Yun smiled. This was the first time he felt that his commanding officer is like a big brother who showed care and support to him in any possible way. He was taken aback by the other person’s gentle side.

Wen Nuo felt that his mind was blown away. He thought that this smile of Wu Xing Yun is as dazzling as million stars. It was so dazzling, it stopped his brain from processing any thoughts.

Wen Nuo slightly leaned closer, the darkness made him thought of kissing Wu Xing Yun’s lips.

Wu Xing Yun felt somewhat blank, but even more baffled. He thought that within his Company Commander’s arms, there’s an unprecedented warmth that makes him feel at ease. It felt like he was back in his mother’s embrace during his childhood.

Only until when a kiss was planted on his lips.

Wu Xing Yun’s head turned dumb, his mind turned blank he wasn’t reacting on Wen Nuo’s action.

He forces himself to pull away from that incomparably warm embrace, the temperature on his face rising up. He looked at Wen Nuo and Wen Nuo gazes back at him.

It took him a while before Wen Nuo said: “Xing Yun, I like you, no….I love you….”

This was the first time Wu Xing Yun ever received a confession from someone so he was at loss on what to do. He was speechless for a long while but he abruptly stood in attention and saluted: “Reporting, this…this is a violation of discipline! I…I cannot accept.”

As he said that, his four limbs clamored in panic as he climbed up the bunker. He rigidly pulled up the blanket up to his head, not daring to even take a breath.

He sensed Wen Nuo pulled on his blanket so he pulled it back up with all his strength. The two of them started a game of tug of war until Wu Xing Yun outlasted Wen Nuo’s endurance. Wen Nuo sighed heavily and said: “Sorry…you…don’t take it to heart, I won’t mention it again later.” After saying that, Wen Nuo turned around and walked out of the room. Feeling tense, Wu Xing Yun only took a breath once he heard the door closes. That sigh of Wen Nuo was like he was crumbling into pieces, there was also a faint smell of tobacco.

Wu Xing Yun then peeked out his head out of the covers. He was muddle-headed and somewhat absentminded for quite a while. He felt awkward as he strokes his lips. What has just happened now occupied his thoughts more than the wedding night with the demon king Ye Sui Kong.

The next day, when Wu Xing Yun got up, his squad of guards are already ready and waiting outside. Those people followed him riding in several carapace cars and they headed towards Federal Union base.

Wu Xing Yun felt out of sorts when he didn’t catch a glimpse of Wen Nuo’s shadow.

It seems that with what happened last night, Wen Nuo didn’t want to be a part of the marriage procession anymore. Anyway…after the other person kissed him last night, Wu Xing Yun also believed that it would be even more awkward if he joined the line up.

The carapace cars traveled for about half an hour then they arrived at the Federal Union base. Everyone went into the screening area at that time.

The screening area have now become a temporary wedding venue. Every area is decorated with white balloons and flowers. Wu Xing Yun’s suit was ironed till there’s not a single crease, he was standing in front of his wedding procession.

One hundred people, in perfect and orderly square like formation.

The head of the federation and other high-ranking officials was situated at the platform. Wu Xing Yun saw those people he met the last time but there’s also other people present he haven’t seen before.

President Huo Bu Si gave his speech, then the Vice President Ouyang Feng. After Ouyang Feng uttered insignificant rubbish nonsense, he said to Wu Xing Yun: “After a discussion with the demon army, we decided to send one more person in the marriage escorts. Liu, come forward! You’ll be in charge of the wedding procession.”

Ouyang Liu was already standing by in the audience since earlier. He stood in attention and saluted ‘Yes sir!’ then conspicuously ran towards the front of the escorts and stood besides Wu Xing Yun.

All the soldiers present were dumbfounded but the officials in the platform had an indifferent expression as if they already knew about it.

After getting to his position, Ouyang Liu raised his brow at Wu Xing Yun at a provoking manner then whispered: “In your dreams, boy! The great demon king is not interested at you at all! He’s just using you, not even taking you seriously!”

Wu Xing Yun stepped forward from the formation then he saluted at the officials situated at the platform and asked: “President, I have a question!”

Huo Bu Si who had gray hair and kind expression replied: “What is your question, state it.”

Wu Xing Yun said: “The president had been always telling me before, that no matter what my request, the Federal Union will find a way to fulfill it, right?”

Huo Bu Si answered: “Yes, I have asked you to think about it carefully. This pledge of is always in effect and it is not only my promise to you, but of the entire Federal Union.”

After Huo Bu Si said that, he turned his head towards the officials behind him and glanced at them, those people all nodded back at him.

Huo Bu Si continued: “Whatever is your request, just state it and we’ll find a way.”

Wu Xing Yun stood in attention again then he enunciated clearly: “I believe that Captain Ouyang Liu doesn’t pass the standard criteria for the marriage escorts. For this wedding escort squad, no one should be incapable! I do not agree with the decision to have him join the marriage escorts. My request, is for him to be taken out of the squad.”

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