Demon King's Political Marriage

By Shao Xing ShiYi,绍兴十一

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 7

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Ye Sui Kong Appears

At this moment, Wu Xing Yun even felt kind of nervous. When he saw the spaceship inching closer every second, he touches the side of his waist where his gun holster usually at only to feel nothing, his gun weren’t there.

Shi Fei noticed Wu Xing Yun’s movement so he took his own gun out and handed it over to him while saying: “Soldier, you can touch this gun if you’re tense. But do not open fire as you please, can you do it?”

Wu Xing Yun looked back at Shi Fei grateful, then he stood in attention and saluted: “Understood!”

As he said that, he caught a glimpse of two people from outside the training area coming over to them.

The one walking in front leading the way is a person he knows well, it was Lieutenant Commander Wen Nuo. While the one walking behind him, is that person.

That man was wearing a plain casual shirt that was old-fashion yet elegant. His walking posture was also very willful, like he didn’t give a care that countless gun muzzles was aimed at him.

There’s a lazy smile hanging on his face, his appearance is exactly as depicted in his pictures. His eyes was so deep one cannot see the depth, like a boundless horizon of the sea that makes one get lost in it when gazing upon it.

His hands was wilfully stuff inside his pant’s pockets, this lazy and indifferent bearing was quite eye-catching compared to the serious atmosphere of his surroundings.

Wen Nuo’s walk was a standard military march as he lead that person towards the platform where the people in charge are. He saluted to Shi Fei and reported: “Reporting, demon army emissary Ye Sui Kong, have been brought in.”

Shi Fei nodded, signaling that Wen Nuo can withdraw. But Wen Nuo purposely acted like he didn’t get Shi Fei’s hint, he saluted to Shi Fei then proceeded to stand besides Wu Xing Yun.

While under the cover of his helmet, Wu Xing Yun’s gaze was locked onto the top enemy of the Federal Union without blinking, that man who is a nightmare to everyone, Ye Sui Kong. This is the first time he had seen the numer one enemy up close, the man who will also be his future husband.

Ye Sui Kong looked unfeeling like a tyrant that doesn’t give a damn, he didn’t even care enough to wear his set of black uniform. It made him looked like any other ordinary citizen. He gives the impression that he was 27-28 years old with fair skin, black eyes, and pure-blooded asian from earth.

In fact, he certainly is of chinese ethnicity living in earth two thousand years ago, yet he cannot live that simple life anymore.

No matter what his age though, its undeniable that he looked nothing but a 27-28 years old.

The corner of Ye Sui Kong’s lips was hooked up into a lazy smile. After seeing Shi Fei, he exchange conventional greetings with him with complete lack of interest, then he asked: “I am looking for my future wife. You guys, have you properly cleaned him up and made him look good?”

His voice was not loud but not too quiet either so the soldiers near him all heard what he said. This kind of attitude of Ye Sui Kong and his somewhat insulting words made them infuriated that some of the soldiers can’t help but blurt out: “Scoundrel! Go to hell!”

As those soldiers said that, they raised their own fireams and shoot towards Ye Sui Kong.

At that moment, Wu Xing Yun also raises the gun he was holding, but then he remembered Shi Fei’s prohibition on open firing so he put it away again.

However, the soldiers below got agitated, it was too late for Shi Fei to stop them. Those soldiers fired their gun and light beams was shot towards Ye Sui Kong who doesn’t have any protection.

Ye Sui Kong didn’t dodge, he didn’t even turn his head around. He just casually waved his hand and those light beams was deflected with a forcefield into different directions. Not everything was deflected below the platform, some of them dented the platform in various hole depth and sizes.

Ye Sui Kong then turned his head to the side and glances at those soldiers who recently fired at him, he was still carrying that same lazy smile on his face.

When those soldiers below was met with his gaze, they all suddenly let go of their weapons and their hands clutches around their own necks. They slowly floated mid-air, and though they struggled with all their body weight, everyone’s hand was still clutching on their own necks.

Wu Xing Yun’s heart races. Even though the information about Ye Sui Kong says that he is a very strong mutant, aside from his physical prowess, his telekinetic ability was also extremely powerful.

But this kind of levitating ability can only be brought forth by magnetic field generated from electric current. The entire Federal Union barely have a few people who have this ability and they needed to join force with three more that has the same telekinetic ability and a magnetic amplifier to make it work.

And yet with just a willful glance from Ye Sui Kong, he had accomplished it to this extent. This gives the impression that his power is much stronger than they thought. No wonder Shi Fei said: Do not shoot.

It seems that in close combats, no one is a match to him!

The soldiers on the vicinity stared stupefied at Ye Sui Kong. Even though they also raises their gun, but each one of them had coldsweat permeating on their backs. For a moment, the entire plaza turned abnormaly quiet, only those soldiers who raised the gun first was groaning and screaming loudly while floating midair.

Ye Sui Kong still had that lazy smile hanging in his lips, his voice was also quite languid: “So this is your whole-hearted peace talk you offered me for our first meeting? Since its like this, then the peace talk is no more. Let’s resume our fight!” As he said that, he slightly slanted his head and four soldiers fell heavily to the ground. Even though those soldiers are wearing their protective suits, they can still clearly hear the cracking sound of their backbones breaking.

After saying that, Ye Sui Kong proceeded to walk down the stage.

At that moment, Wu Xing Yun got mad and he shouted : “Stop right there!”

Shi Fei got furious no less than Wu Xing Yun and shouted those exact words as well at the same time as him.

Ye Sui Kong didn’t turn around as ordered, and he naturally didn’t stop walking as well. He said with a lazy voice: “I want to go somewhere else, it’s not like you can stop me.”

The soldiers on the public square immediately assumed positions, each of them to their battle stances. They readied themselves, waiting for Shi Fei to give his order. Even at the expense of their death, they will not let Ye Sui Kong leave.

At this moment, one man walked out amidst the formation of the soldiers.

That man’s appearance was fair and graceful. And when he walks, he deliberately swing his hips slightly. That man, was Ouyang Liu.

Ouyang Liu stood in front of Ye Sui Kong and kneels down. His appearance submissive as he spoke: “Great demon king, please do not leave. These people are insensitive, offending someone great. Even death cannot wipe out their crime. The Federal Union does have sincere intentions to negotiate peace so please do stay longer. If you are now dissatisfied with the candidate for the marriage, just one word from you sir, we will choose another right away!”

Shi Fei witnessed this scum of a subordinate kneeling at the enemy’s feet to curry favor and was shocked, his face immediately became ashen. He snorted a humph and said to Wu Xing Yun: “What a disgrace! Look at this act of treason for the sake of his own means!”

Wu Xing Yun didn’t say anything, he only stood straight besides Shi Fei, though his hands remained tightly holding onto his gun.

Ye Sui Kong lowered his head and casts a glance at the man before him. This man chose quite an ingenious angle. His purposely revealed his fair and slender neck, his eyes carrying a longing and admiration as he looked at Ye Sui Kong with shimmering eyes as if it wishes to convey his hidden desire.

Ye Sui Kong’s lips still wore that lazy and willful smile as he spoke: “Is that so? I really am very disappointed with this arrange marriage and the people that are here today. However, your sincerity have pleases me on the contrary. Since you said so, I shall give you face and stay to have a look around. What is your name?”

Ouyang Liu’s eyes immediately shines in pleasant surprise. He bowed his head to Ye Sui Kong to reveal his elegant and fair neck to the other person. With a humble expression but slightly grieving tone, he replied : “I am Ouyang Liu, have the great demon king already forgotten? We have exchanged word before, you even praised that my native accent is very authentic.”

Ye Sui Kong hummed ‘oh’, then said: “I don’t quite remember.” As he said that, he went back to the platform and looked for a vacant chair, then he sat in silence and without a care.

Shi Fei breaths in deep in one stretch. From the scene he saw just now, his chest was already threatening to blow up in rage. Not only Ye Sui Kong deeply humiliated his people, there was even a soldier who stepped forward and gave him even more humiliation. This truly made him lose face to his ancestors. He turned to Wen Nuo and waved his hand, hinting to the Lieutenant Commander who had quite the attitude to go and accomodate Ye Sui Kong.

Wen Nuo looked deep into Wu Xing Yun’s eyes, then he turned to Ye Sui Kong and walked over to him. He didn’t accomodate Ye Sui Kong at all, rather, he just stood besides him and said with an inaudible but resolute voice: “There will be a day that you will pay for this humiliation you gave to the Federal Union. I will return the favor!”

Ye Sui Kong was still smiling indifferently.

Shi Fei then turn to Wu Xing Yun and said: “No need to pay attention to him, we shall continue with our matters at hand! Start choosing people!”

Wu Xing Yun then asked: “In that case, can I request to see their battle capability?”

Shi Fei shakes his head: “We cannot expose their strength. Just rely on your preferences to make a decision! That Ouyang Liu is just a wallflower but there is no one else like that in this army!”

Wu Xing Yun marches forward, then he shouted his command: “Attention!”

Even though the soldiers loathed Ye Sui Kong, but when they all heard the command, they stood in attention at once.

“At ease!” Wu Xing Yun then started pointing at some soldiers. Except to those joining the training, the rest of them left.

The people he chose were the people who had left impression on him from the firing practice he observed when they’re just about to go up the platform.

He first chose two quite skillful snipers, then he chose a few close-combat melee veterans. He also chose several officials with high civilian posts, then after interviewing them, he chose one biology scientist and one weapons researcher.

While he was walking, sometimes he would stop and quietly ask a few short questions. And the moment they got pick, they would step out and salute at Shi Fei.

When Wu Xing Yun passes by Ouyang Liu, he didn’t asked any questions, he directly skipped him. He then asked a few inquires at the civil official next to Ouyang Liu, and when the person passes his standards with a grade of A, he also chose him.

Ever since Ouyang Liu went back to his roster and before Wu Xing Yun started picking, Wu Xing Yun was paying close attention to the marshal’s and the staff officer’s explanations on the guidelines for the selection.

When Wu Xing Yun walked near to him, it was only then did he saw through the transparent glass of his light brown helmet and determined that it was actually Wu Xing Yun!

He was under the impression, that he was definitely be chosen because of his display to Ye Sui Kong ealier. When Wu Xing Yun was choosing people, he didn’t even looked at him as he walked past him. If not for him convincing the demon king to stay, another war will surely start once again. Ouyang Liu knows his own outstanding merits, but how dare that Wu Xing Yun refuse to acknowledge those. He didn’t even ask him any simple questions, he just went directly to the next one.

This made Ouyang Liu very furious because Wu Xing Yun publicly offended him. As Wu Xing Yun walked further and further away, without even turning his head to look back, Ouyang Liu lost his temper. He loudly stomped his feet forward and shouted: “Reporting!”

Shi Fei really loathed this officer who bended his knees towards the enemy, so he impatiently frowned and said: “What nonsense are you shouting for again?!”

Ouyang Liu answered: “This selections is not fair, I request for the best to be selected!” After saying that, he noticed that Ye Sui Kong’s gaze landed on him so his confidence soared higher. While staring back at Ye Sui Kong, he said: “I think, the great demon king also agrees with my opinion, am I right?”

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