Demon King's Political Marriage

By Shao Xing ShiYi,绍兴十一

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 6

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Screening

“I-I…..I just thought that…this would be a perfect chance to set up an ambush and kill him…..”

The muscle on Shi Fei’s face twitched. He smacked the table loudly and stood up. He walked to Wu Xing Yun’s chair and stood at his side, looking down on the trembling sergeant sitting in a straightened posture with faintly trembling hands on his knees.

Shi Fei leaned on the table in one of his hands. He said to Wu Xing Yun while leaning his body closer to him: “You have a very interesting suggestion! Then will you be the one who will set up an ambush against that man?”

Wu Xing Yun raised his head: “Eh….?”

Shi Fei smacked the back of Wu Xing Yun’s head: “What ‘Eh’? Ye’s Demon Army is just waiting in the front lines ready, it’s not a good plan to incite conflict again. Besides, Ye Sui Kong’s senses is sharp. Except for Spectre Lock Ops, there are no other units capable of approaching him within five hundred meters without getting noticed. His fighting strength is astronomical and when his body entered its super state, he can fire out energy as strong as the Gamma Rays! Do you even know what Gamma Rays are?!”

Wu Xing Yun nodded his head: “En, when a star collapses into a black hole, it emits violent rays that can lasts up to a thousand seconds. The energy of the explosion is so enormous, it can reach at least thousands light years in distance. And once it does, it can eliminate every kind of living species, its power surmounting to thousands of nuclear warheads exploding simultaneously.

After reciting what he learned in phyics at school, Wu Xing Yun apprehensively asked again: “Ye Sui Kong… not that strong, is he?”

Shi Fei pats Wu Xing Yun’s shoulder: “The school’s curriculum is still competent. The fact that Ye Sui Kong can fire such energy that can last for several seconds, is a proof why he is the strongest. His energy blast can also go as far as ten light years in distance. Its power is equivalent to the explosion of ten nuclear warheads.”

Wu Xing Yun was speechless. It became very clear to him. If the ambush failed, or there was a sudden mishap, the planet New Delta would be completely obliterated.

But its as if he suddenly remebered something, he asked completely worried: “But….but what if he is planning something against us, if we allowed him to walk in here, isn’t that like leading the wolf into the house(leave oneself open to attack)?”

Huo Bu Si’s face carried a trace of shame, the expression of the scientists were at loss, but the ministry of foreign affairs was beaming with smile as he talked to Wu Xing Yun: “Sergeant, there is no cause for worry. The Federal Union head of the state will leave in a moment and the relevant and important stuff will be taken away. In this planet, only those who need to meet Ye Sui Kong will be left behind just in case.”

Wu Xing Yun sighed in relief: “Take everyone away, that will be for the best.” He didn’t get the the meaning behind the Federal Union’s elites evacuating at a beat at the slightest—The meaning of I’d rather send you to death than bear the hardship myself.

When the woman scientist heard what the Minister of Foreign Affairs, she immediately flared up in anger as she is someone that stands for righteousness. She quickly realizes that the Federal Union’s cowardice in trying to curry the enemy’s favor by readily selling their own soldier and their planet’s military base.

Although Shi Fei already knew this decision early on, it still didn’t sit well with him. And when he hear Wu Xing Yun said ‘Take everyone away, that will be for the best” he felt a mix of anger and humiliation bubbled up in his heart. He breathes in and loudly declared on the people around him: “If you want to evacuate, then go and evacuate! I, Shi Fei, will not withdraw today!”

Huo Bu Si was just about to open his mouth to talk when Shi Fei pointed at Wu Xing Yun: “A Sergeant, who is not afraid to die, had the courage the stay behind and accomplish his mission and at the same time worries about the safety of his comrades. How can I call myself a Marshal, if I don’t have the same courage as him!”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs was still beaming with smile as he spoke: “Marshal Shi, don’t be emotional. You’re life is very valuable, if something bad happened….”

Shi Fei throws down his military cap and replied angrily: “Ye’s Demon Army is practically an unkillable adversary so we resort to politics, that I understand. But for my life to be deemed as valuable, are you telling me that the other people’s life are not? Are you telling me that the life of the soldier willing to stay behind in this planet is not as valuable? Ye Sui Kong will be coming to his enemy’s camp, alone. If we don’t even have the guts to remain and meet with him for a talk, we will truly lose face to him!”

After Shi Fei finished speaking, the entire hall went quiet. Some of them have the look of shame, some of them sorry, and some remained unaffected.

After a while, President Huo Bu Si spoke: “Since you are determined in your request, then we shall decide if you will recieve Ye Sui Kong too. We are a democracy that decides by votes, minority will comply to the majority. If the other’s agree for Shi Fei to remain, raise your hand!”

Huo Bu Si’s tone was firm. Shi Fei raises his hand.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs with all smiles, raises his hands with malicious intentions in mind.

Soon after, two more people raises their hands.

There are total of ten parliament members sitting around the table, but so far, only four of them agreed with Shi Fei to remain behind.

Huo Bu Si declared: “Minority complies to the majority, you will leave with us.”

Shi Fei was about to explode in anger, but at that exact moment, Wu Xing Yun also raises his hand, expressing his support Shi Fei’s request to stay.

Huo Bu Si said: “Sergeant, you are not qualified to cast a vote. This is the elites vote meeting.”

Wu Xing Yun replied: “I believe that Marshal is right. We as a soldier, should not be afraid of death, suffering, nor weariness. If he run away today, then he is an army deserter, forever will be looked down upon. I support him in staying behind! Anyway…. If Ye Sui Kong is truly sincere about the peace talk, he will not create chaos….We will not ambush him, he….for sure he must be coming here for a proper discussion.

Shi Fei clasps Wu Xing Yun’s shoulder, indicating that what he said is good.

Now there are total of eleven people that votes. Five people agreed to let Shi Fei stay, but there’s still six people who disagreed. Both sides debated it further.

Huo Bu Si said asked: “You really want to remain? If it happened that Ye Sui Kong finds out about your identity, it will be detrimental for you…”

Shi Fei answered: “If such misfortune happened, just find another marshal to replace me! Aren’t you people always saying that I am impulsive in my job, that I am not suitable to be the Interstellar Marshal?”

Huo Bu Si nodded, then he slowly stood up from his seat and said: “Well then, I will now temporarily relieve Shi Fei as Interstellar Marshal and appoint him as the Defense Secretary and Minister of Foreign Affairs. For remaining here in the planet New Delta, he will be in charge for every affairs here in this planet. That includes welcoming Ye Sui Kong and training Wu Xing Yun until —— Wu Xing Yun’s marriage commences without a hitch and the both parties successfully signed the treaty.”

A passage way slowly opened on the other side of the hall that leads to the underground airport parking.

Except for Shi Fei, the rest of them went through that passage and left.

Shi Fei picks up the cap in the ground he thew earlier. He patted Wu Xing Yun’s shoulder and said: “Soldier, follow me. Next thing to do is for you to pick your guards. It doesn’t matter who you like, or who you choose, I will fully support you!”

Wu Xing Yun saluted then the two of them walk with one leading and the other follows behind. Shi Fei puts on his hat then they left the hall.

The countless people walking about on the aisles, is now already down to a few.

Most of the scientists, goverment elites, and high ranking army officials have already left. The only people remaining are a few low ranking soldiers and people who are not aware of the circumstances.

Shi Fei and Wu Xing Yun walked into an elevator. The elevator traveled upward and soon reaches the ground floor. Shi Fei then lead Wu Xing Yun to the venue of the screening.

The training area was located at the empty space on the left side of the building. The lot was about four thousand square meters. It’s original purpose was to be used for temporary assembly point so there is a raised platform for the people in charge on an otherwise flat surroundings.

Currently, the plaza was enclosed in steel wires at all four courners. No ordinary citizens is allowed to enter except for those who will be screened. Thousands of soldiers were firing guns upon observation, the sound of laser guns splatter everywhere inside the square.

Shi Fei and Wu Xing Yun both equipped their combat suit and wear their helmets, so that they won’t met with sudden accidents.

The two of them walked through the entrance towards the plaza and directly went towards that raised platform. Those soldiers all recognized Shi Fei military rank and combat suit, and when they saw that it was the Interstellar Marshal in person, their enthusiasm rises up. They stood in attention all at once and saluted: “Greetings Marshal!”

Shi Fei faces those soldiers and nodded. Wu Xing Yun was walking besides Shi Fei with his gaze straight ahead. The two of them walked up to the platform.

After they sat down, the officer in charge of handling the screening ran to them and reported to Shi Fei: “Marshal, the screening is now on going. Requesting for the Marshal to choose.”

Shi Fei nodded: “Stop. Fall in line.”

The soldiers obeyed the command and stood in rows of straight lines. Shi Fei turned his head towards Wu Xing Yun asked: “It’s up to you, whose your pick?”

Wu Xing Yun asked quietly: “Am I really, allowed to select whoever I like?”

But his words were cut too short when a black jet was seen coming closer from the horizon.

That jet had a logo of a seemingly big bird. It flew very fast that soon, from being a small dot in the sky, about to arrived in front of them in a blink of an eye.

When the Federal Union’s defense system discerned it and reported, an elegant female electronic voice spoke: “Ye Demon Army’s envoy vehicle, Flashing Thunder Fighter Jet, landing in the planet. Requesting for the foreign affairs staff to make preparations.”

Shi Fei said a few words to the person in charge, and then that person in charge quickly ran off to prepare for the landing and guide the fighter aircraft to an airport parking.

Just now, all the soldiers heard the female voice prompt. Most of them believed that it was only a common emmisary of the demon army, but a small percentage of them are well informed and already knew that the person is not just any emmissary, but the leader of the demon army himself, known as the Demon King Ye Sui Kong.

Ouyang Liu is one of those people that knows. At this moment, his gaze is fixed on that incoming spaceship. In his thoughts: If it’s the Demon King who came here to observe the screening, he will certainly recognize me and he will surely change his decision!

With such thought in his mind, Ouyang Liu shifted his gaze towards the people in the platform. He recognized the Interstellar Marshal, but he couldn’t recognize Wu Xing Yun whose head completely covered with his helmet.

Ouyang Liu silently thought: As long as I can leave a good impression on the great demon king, the Interstellar Marshal cannot do anything to hinder me into becoming a marriage candidate again.

When the thought of the marriage come into his mind, Ouyang Liu thought of that idiotic and nothing special to look at Wu Xing Yun. He secretly spits in contempt and thought to himself: “With only that level of looks and brain, to become Ye Sui Kong’s sole spouse, is only his delusion!

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