Demon King's Political Marriage

By Shao Xing ShiYi,绍兴十一

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 4

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Chapter 3 – Training Before Marriage (End)

Wu Xing Yun seemed to understand but not at all: “He’s upset at me for taking his mission?”

Wen Nuo explained: “It was the congress who privately determined that decision, though later on, Ye Sui Kong demanded that it must be you and he didn’t want anyone else. Hah! So no, this dishonorable mission, who says that you snatched it?”

Wu Xing Yun pursed his lips and didn’t say anything else. Wen Nuo took him to his new residence, a penthouse with a living room, dining room and training room. It also has two separate bedrooms, a study, and a research office.

Wen Nuo took Wu Xing Yun to one of the bedroom, it was spacious and bright. The size of the bed tidied up neatly was five bunk beds combined, enough to fit ten sleeping people. Similar to the other apartments on the lower floors, Wu Xing Yun’s bed also had storage compartments, a bedside cabinet underneath the bed and a locker by the door of the bedroom.

Wu Xing Yun somewhat pleasantly surprised: “Company Commander, this place looked exactly the same as your place where I used to sleep over!”

Wen Nuo replied: “I have to stop spoiling you like before, we cannot sleep like that anymore. But there won’t be ten people staying with us, this apartment will only be for the two of us. So don’t call me Company Commander anymore, just call me Wen Ge.”

Wu Xing Yun was a bit tangled: “But the rules…..”

Wen Nuo said: “If you’re really set on the rules, I am you Lieutenant Commander! Call me Wen Ge.” While he was speaking, Wen Nuo was taking off his jacket. He tosses it in the coat hanger and changes into a set of casual clothes.

Now that there wasn’t any resistance in Wu Xing Yun’s mind, he said: “Wen Ge! When are we going to start the training?”

Wen Nuo thought about it, then replied: “You’re exhausted. How about you take a good night’s rest first, then we start tommorow?”

Wu Xing Yun shakes his head: “I’m not tired, I want to make more sufficient preparations.”

Wen Nuo was extremely dissatisfied, he ranted in his heart: Sufficiently prepare for getting married?

Yet he could not voice this dissatisfaction, he could only nod his head and say: “Ok, follow me to the study. I will look into informations regarding Ye Sui Kong and detail it to you.”

At Wen Nuo’s office, there’s a small holographic screen. He powered on the computer, typed in his password to access the confidential files, and takes out files related to Ye Sui Kong.

Almost two hundred automatic lights in the study dimmed, a holographic picture of a young man appeared in the open space of the center of the room.

That man gives the impression that he was 25 years old, his long black hair tied up at the back of his head flowing freely behind him. His entire body clothed in all black except for the scarlet cresent moon at the center of his chest. That man’s appearance was utterly grave and stern yet exceptionally perfect. His facial features seemed as if it was carved from a mold crafted from god’s own hands. His eyes as black as the night and bright like the stars, but his lips is curved into a grim and bloodthirsty smile, like the devil.

On the lower right of the man’s image, there are lists of words——Rank 1 War Criminal: Ye Sui Kong. Next lines were his height, weight, and various stats. Wen Nuo was about to start his lecture but when he raised his head, he saw Wu Xing Yun holding his own computer tablet and was busy typing something.

Wen Nuo asked: “Wu Xing Yun, what are you up to? If you’re tired, why don’t you go take a rest?”

Wu Xing Yun stood up at once and stand in attention, giving a courteous salute at Wen Nuo: “Reporting, I’m taking down notes!”

“You know who he is?”

“Of course! I’ve seen him before, and isn’t his name written below? Rank 1 War Criminal Ye Sui Kong.”

“What useful notes are you writing down?”

“Military……didn’t the military arranged a marriage between him and me? I….I’m currently writing down his detailed body stats so that…..umm……I-I can accomplish my mission better.” Wu Xing Yun honestly replied while feeling somewhat unconfident. He felt that his reply somehow seemed wrong, but he wasn’t sure at which part and he couldn’t come up with the answer. Therefore, in order not to get reprimanded by his previous superior, Wu Xing Yun laughed foolishly, exposing his white toothy grin.

Wen Nuo felt weak all over. He was thinking of scolding this soldier in front of him at first, yet when he saw this soldier’s dumb smiling expression, his heart completely melted. He could only drop the subject.

“You don’t need to take down notes. Wait for me to give you a copy. ” said Wen Nuo.

Wu Xing Yun put his computer tablet away and earnestly listened to the introduction.

“To know about Ye Sui Kong, you must understand his history. To know about his history, you must understand the human history as well as the Great Nirvana.” Wen Nuo slowly explained, “Xing Yun, do you still remember your studies about human kind and the Great Nirvana?”

Wu Xing Yun stood up at once: “Reporting, the human race’s place of origin is Earth. 5400 years ago, the first known humans that walked the earth are the Southern Apes, evolving into the modern Humans. Two thousand years ago, humans made the first breakthrough in science and technology. They were able to invent machines for space travel in the solar system as well as successfully settling on the Earth’s moon. But this first momentous event of the human kind, is when he also appeared.”

Wen Nuo walked towards Wu Xing Yun. He patted him in the shoulder and beckoned him to sit down.

Wu Xing Yun sat down and Wen Nuo moved his seat besides him. Amidst the darkness, he was looking at his soldier.

The soldier’s expression is earnest. His sitting posture perfectly straight, a slight gap between his legs, and his balled hands resting on his knees. It was a standard sitting position.

To see this person like this, so near to him yet is not permitted to touch him ever again, Wen Nuo’s heart squeezes painfully. He listens as Wu Xing Yun recited from memory about the ‘Great Nirvana’ that he learned during middle school.

“When the Great Nirvana occured, the humans at that time regarded it as the end of the world. According to the history, it started on February of Year 2014 AD. At first, the weather was abnormally hot. Next, thunderstorms appeared at night. Until one night, the living organisms on earth mutated, posing a grave threat to the existence of mankind. All the efforts of the military to combat it was fruitless. They decided to settle the problem with nuclear weapons.”

The utilization of nuclear weapons causes nuclear winter on Earth. Nevertheless, those mutated living things became even stronger to the point that humans could only concede and leave the Earth. On January 1 2015, the spaceships sets off to look for new settlement.

5000 Scientists, 5000 Elites, and 3000 Soldiers spent tremendous effort until finally, they found a suitable planet to settle in. In there, the mankind once again developed, multiplied, and rapidly improved the technology, leaving their tracks around the entire cosmos.

From the moment the humans departed and ventured the Milky Way in spaceships while the Earth is being plagued with disasters, the later generations called it the ‘Great Nirvana’.

“Wen Ge, why was it called the Great Nirvana?”

After reciting what he had been taught in his middle school, Wu Xing Yun asked the question that had been in his mind for a long time.

The teachers in middle school taught Wu Xing Yun that the ‘Great Nirvana’s’ entails the humans’ departure from Earth and their journey of looking for a new Earth. Still, Wu Xing Yun always believed that there is more into it than just that.

The words Wu Xing Yun says didn’t register into Wen Nuo’s ears at all. He was merely sitting besides him, staring somewhat fondly at Wu Xing Yun’s face and reminiscing the things the two of them used to do in the past. It was only when Wu Xing Yun repeated his question in a louder voice that Wen Nuo recovered his senses and answered: “Ah yes, it’s because of the series of catastrophe, which we considered the end of the world. However, it was actually the people that was left behind who called it——Nirvana. The Rebirth of Nirvana, turning one into an invincible existence. That is the reason Ye Sui Kong and his people called it the Great Nirvana. I’ll tell you the things you haven’t known next. One hundred years after the humans left the Earth, we recieved a message coming from the Earth. That day on the departure of the spacecrafts, the cabin space was very limited, not all of the people can get in. Therefore, only a fraction of the population on Earth managed to leave. The one left behind suffered through genetic reconstruction due to nuclear radiation, giving arise to mutation. Ye Sui Kong is an example of a mutated human. He gathered the remaining small group of surviving mutated people, formed a combat team, and started declaring war against us. For 2000 years, the war between us and him never stopped. Because of the mutation, their bodies are resilient and they never age, however, they cannot reproduce. When they die, their numbers lessened. While we may not be as strong and formidable as them, but our numbers continues to grow. And in the end, the battle is ours! Ye Sui Kong believed that our ancestors abandoned him, but in reality, he is already a mutant, he is not of the same kind as us anymore. He always hated us ordinary people. And this marriage he is proposing, is nothing but a scheme of his and those repulsive parliament!”

When he said that, Wen Nuo can’t help himself from pounding his fist on the table.

After hearing the entire sequence of events of the conflict, Wu Xing Yun fell into deep thoughts. He raised his head and looked at the image of Ye Sui Kong projected at the center of the room. That man with a stature and appearance both extraordinarily perfect, in just one moment, every part of him turned into something that kills.

Wu Xing Yun clearly remembers, how many of his comrades had fallen to their deaths into this man’s hands. The generations before him as well as countless people, have died at the hands of him and his legions.

So many years had already gone by, will this hatred still continues on?

Just because of hatred, many innocent people will be caught in this carnage?

Wu Xing Yun stared at the picture for a while longer. At this image of that man, the corner of his lips was lifted into a cruel smile.

Wu Xing Yun said: “He really is rotten! Just because of his personal grudge at that time, he would continue to rage war for two thousand years. Does he even know how much more blood of the innocent people will be spilled. Company Commander, I…….I will not go on with the arrange marriage.”

Hearing what Wu Xing Yun said, Wen Nuo was dumbstrucked at first. He raised his head and looks at Wu Xing Yun, and at the same moment, Wu Xing Yun raised his head and looks back at him.

When their gaze collided, Wu Xing Yun’s eyes carries an expression of trust, dependence, as well as helplessness for feeling at loss. He was looking at Wen Nuo with puppy like eyes that has absolute confidence on relying at him, like he was asking his owner for help.

That kind of expression in his eyes made Wen Nuo’s heart suddenly thump fast. All of a sudden, he realize what this person means to him.

Wen Nuo filled his lungs in one breath, then he spoke softly but determined: “I heard a report that they established a new transmission point at the far edge of the Milky Way, they are attempting to access the nearby andromeda’s planet system. I can take you there, after that, we will go to that neighboring galaxy. We will look for a suitable planet to settle in where there is no longer a conflict. Xing Yun, just one word from you, I will take you away. Do you want to runaway with me?”

After those words left his mouth, Wen Nuo felt his heart lightened up all of a sudden. At this very moment, he finally understands why he was jittery, why he was upset, and why he was enraged at this extent. He finally understands, what he truly desires.

It was this person right in front of me, who was simple yet persevering, the foolish soldier I had raised. I will not allow him to be married off to another person.

Wu Xing Yun nodded, he replied: “I want to! I like to be together with you Wen Ge.”

At this moment, Wen Nuo stares at Wu Xing Yun’s lips that was almost within his reach. He felt his blood rushes as he was about to kiss him.

But then he heard Wu Xing Yun said: “It’s just that….aren’t we suppose to inform the higher ups first? To leave one’s post without explicit approval is not allowed by the army, we will be put to jail.”

The rapid pumping of the blood in Wen Nuo’s veins immediately dies down. He stared at Wu Xing Yun and said: “Did you really understand the meaning of the words I said just now?”

Wu Xing Yun pondered over the words Wen Nuo said just now for the second time, then finally came into a realization. He promptly shakes his head as fast as a rattle-drum and said: “No, I can’t be a deserter of the army! When I joined the army, my dad said that all the decisions the army have made will not be executed it if it has no importance to its interest. My father is a miner at a mining site. He would always tell me that if I don’t work hard, he will pilot the mining robot and snap my back. If I became a deserter, he will definitely use the mining robot’s fist and bash my skull!”

Wen Nuo sighed at the bottom of his heart. He knew it would be like this. Apparently, that line ‘I don’t want to go on with the arrange marriage’ was merely a simple complain.

At this moment, Wen Nuo also felt a bit glad that this guy in front of him is slow. Luckily, he didn’t truly understood the meaning behind my words——not to make him an army deserter, but for us to elope.

Wen Nuo is somewhat gloomy. He took out a cigarette from his pack, thinking of litting it up, but he heard Wu Xing Yun said: “The regulations in this lodging area does not allow smoking……”

When Wen Nuo glared at him, Wu Xing Yun corrected himself right away: ” But……. But if you really want to…….I will not report you. But you musn’t let that Ouyang Liu find out about it at all cost.”

Wu Xing Yun inhaled a mouthful then slowly puffs it out. Eventually, he felt a little better. His felt a slight headache and at the same time, he felt that he was the most unlucky man alive. He just realized his true feelings but he ended up forced to personally hand over his sweetheart into the arms of the enemy.

Admitting to this facts made him feel exhausted, he doesn’t feel like saying another word again today.

It was as if the slow Wu Xing Yun surprisingly read his mood. He assumed and said: “I’m sorry, I’m wrong…..”

Wen Nuo listlessly asked: “Where did you go wrong?”

Wu Xing Yun answered: “After hearing the biography of the mission’s target, even if I have come to loath him in my heart, I should not have thought about shirking my responsibility on the mission. Company Commander, rest assured, I will definitely overcome the hesitations in my heart. I will study hard to learn the next courses and will not complain again.”

Wen Nuo felt all the strength throughout his body drained completely. He tried to hold himself back from grabbing Wu Xing Yun and rub his head till his hair turned into a bird’s nest. He could only replied depressingly: “Doesn’t matter anymore. Go back and take a rest, I want to be alone to cool my head for a bit.”

Wu Xing Yun could see that Wen Nuo was in a bad mood. After he saluted in courtesy, he turned around and walked towards the door. But then, he suddenly recalled something so he turned his head around and said: “Don’t always smoke all the time, it’s not good for your health. And if another person catches you, you’ll get punished with running five kilometers. If by unluckier chance that it was Ouyang Liu who finds it out, he’ll report us……”

Wen Nuo waved his hand in dismissal: “It’s alright. Because of your connections to Ye Sui Kong, the Federal Union places you in the top priority to protect….No one could look for you and give you trouble, not even Ouyang Liu.”

Wu Xing Yun exclaimed ‘Oh’, then he steps outside. After he cleaned himself up, he went back to his bedroom. He laid on the bed on his stomach like he use to do when sleeping and quickly fell asleep.

Before he sinks into his dreams, Wen Nuo’s words ‘Because of your connections to Ye Sui Kong, you are now standing high up above. No one will dare to provoke you, not even Ouyang Liu’ keep playing in his mind.

“To go as far as to rely on the enemy’s protection, is truly a disgrace for a soldier!”

Wu Xing Yun silently thought to himself: Even if the other person’s looks is not bad, I really don’t want to get married…..If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have shot and injured him. But it’s a must……in accordance of the marksmanship training, to aim and shoot him dead. There really is an old saying for this——If one does not exert oneself in youth, one will end up getting married.

Bonbon TN: The original idiom was, ‘Laziness in youth spells regret in old age(少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲)’, but Wu Xing Yun made his own version x’D

Bonbon wanted to say:

Let’s all light a candle for our fallen gong candidate… He just suffered a critical blow more deadly than what our ML sustain before he even attempt to make a move because of WXY’s sad performance in romance department.

But beware, ML is not safe from the same fate as Wen Nuo ? No one is safe from our slow MC haha! Be prepared for more frustration overload.

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