Demon King's Political Marriage

By Shao Xing ShiYi,绍兴十一

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 3

Demon King's Political Marriage Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Training Before Marriage (Continuation)

The two of them walked to the end of the wide corridor and arrived at a lounge.

The space inside the lounge span four soccer fields and in the center is an enormous station operated by Artificial Intelligence. Surrounding the station on four sides are four warp Tunnels that leads to each terminals in the Home Planet.

As Wen Nuo stood in front of the central computer, a virtual person appeared. A holographic female military officer with a short red hair and short skirt saluted to the both of them: “Please present your rank identification.”

Wen Nuo extended his hand forward to the female military officer. A blue light was emitted from the eyes of the virtual staff and scanned the identification code imprinted on his palm. A synthesized electronic sound promptly rings out in one beat.

“Beep, Rank A Staff Officer Lieutenant Commander Wen Nuo, identity confirmed.”

Wu Xing Yun was still digesting the matters about his marriage partner so he wasn’t giving a response. Wen Nuo grab his hand and presented it to the virtual staff to get scanned.

“Beep, Special Forces Division, Specter Ops, Sergeant Wu Xing Yun, identity confirmed.”

“Where is my spaceship parked?” Wen Nuo asked.

A portal was momentarily opened. But before the virtual staff speaks again, Wen Nuo pulled Wu Xing Yun’s hand and crosses to the other side.

Not for long after they passed through, a small spaceship appeared in front of them.

Wu Xing Yun stared at the small spaceship in slight awe, then Wen Nuo patted him: “Get on.”


Two men entered the spaceship.

It’s stated as a small ship when in fact, the interior is quite spacious. The pilot’s cabin is approximately 20 square meters with a control panel that has all sorts of buttons and a completely see-through arched ceiling. When Wu Xing Yun looks up, he can see how fast they are going through the ceiling. The entire space craft is operated with an auto pilot system. It can hold up to fifty people, but as of now, the only people in it is Wen Nuo and Wu Xing Yun.

“Company Commander, where is our destination?” Wu Xing Yun asked.

Wen Nuo was sitting at the pilot’s seat and was operating the spaceship, and while he’s at it, he tosses a diagram of the spaceship’s route to Wu Xing Yun and said: “The red dot on the picture.”

Wu Xing Yun replied: “Isn’t this too near in the frontlines? Far from here is appropriate, why must the training be conducted here?”

Wen Nuo wasn’t sure how should he explain. The reason Wu Xing Yun is being transferred near the frontlines was because it will make his marriage arrangements easier to execute. But because that is the very reason, Wen Nuo doesn’t want to answer.

Wu Xing Yun mull over it on his own for a while until he finally understands: “I know! To allow me to carry out my mission better!”

The small spaceship rapidly ascended out of the Federal Union’s Home Planet and flies into the vast expanse of the universe. Wu Xing Yun stood by the observation window, watching the gorgeous starry sky that makes people feel desolation in their heart.

Once the spaceship’s route has been established, Wen Nuo turned his head around and saw Wu Xing Yun standing at the observation window and staring at the scenery.

On that guy’s back is his infantry pack. On his shoulder is his automatic rifle. His legs sticking together and his military standing posture perfectly straight. Even when he’s just viewing the scenery, he still maintains the orderly look of a military soldier.

Wen Nuo waved towards Wu Xing Yun: “Come here and take a seat. We will be arriving soon in no time.”

Wu Xing Yun promptly takes off his infantry pack and puts it in the storage compartment, then he unloaded the plasma clip from his weapon and puts it in his clip holder.

His movement was extraordinarily fast, he went through the stringent drill at one glance. After doing all that, he sat next to Wen Nuo and fastened his seat belt.

gigantic circular hollowed spaceship appeared in front. The hollow space in the center of the spaceship was generating a
spinning light, floating without foundation as if it was appearing from thin air.

Smaller spaceships enters in to its center and quickly disappears, departing from the timeless cosmos.

This transmission channel is design to lessen the time of space travel. It can shorten the time spent traveling hundreds of light years in distance in just half an hour. Every terminals it leads to are carefully chosen, because in each transmission it does, it consumes a tremendous amount of energy. So far, the Federal Union of Milky Way have covered its reach to almost half of the galaxy, with a total of 223 transmission points.

As for the other half of the Milky Way, they don’t want to cover it. Rather, they cannot enter it at all for it was Ye Sui Kong’s territory.

The small space ship traveled into the channel for about half an hour until the other end of the transmission channel appeared.

Bright light flashes in front of Wu Xing Yun’s eyes, then he saw a group of huge planets in the distance as well as enormous battleships and smaller scale airships that comes and go.

The newly developed fighter jets are also in the battlefield and are patrolling the area.

The spaceship traveled for another three days until they finally reached the end of their journey——the supply base of the Federal Union’s frontline——Planet New Delta.

The New Delta already shows a promising ripe ventures ready to be explored. It was exceptionally fit for human habitation and a huge part of the planet doesn’t have any trace of being touched. Amidst the thick woods, is the strategic location of the military’s training and supply base.

It is also the stop over of the enormous battleships to replenish their supplies, supplement their energy source, and transport their injured or sick people to get treatment.

Furthermore, the Frontline Command Division is also situated at the heart of this planet.

As if tailored for human race, the planet New Delta consists of four seasons and its moderate level of humid air perfectly suitable for human occupation. Compared to the other planets Wu Xing Yun had been before, this one is matchless.

Wu Xing Yun and Wen Nuo’s spaceship landed on an empty military landing space. After the two of them completed the standard procedures, they headed to Wu Xing Yun’s new residence—— A living quarter for Rank A Staff Officers.

On their way, they ran into several senior officers of Wu Xing Yun, every one of them have higher rank than him. In this place, there are no common ranked soldier except for him.

Wu Xing Yun saluted at every senior officials he run into. This was the first time he discovered that his arms could turn sore from just saluting.

The building of the dormitory was unsurprisingly average, only the surroundings seemed extraordinary with all kinds of trees, plants, and flowers around it. The building had a total of five floors, with only two inhabitants per floor. The resources alloted for war preparations in the planet New Delta is still quite scarce so this place can be regarded as a luxurious area.

When the two of them was about to go upstairs in the dormitory, a Captain ranked officer went out. Wu Xing Yun immediately stood in attention and gave his salute: “Greetings Senior Officer!”

The Captain had a lit cigarette in his mouth, his uniform jacket wide open, and three of the buttons in the shirt he was wearing inside is undone, partially exposing his upper chest.

That Captain paces back and forth in front of Wu Xing Yun, looking up and down at him as if he was measuring him up. He puffs a ring of smoke at Wu Xing Yun’s face and said: “Where did this rookie come from? Is he your partner Wen Nuo? I’m just reminding you, it’s not allowed to bring men to fuck here in the camp.”

Wen Nuo’s face sunk all of a sudden, he gave that commander an annoyed look. He had yet to open his mouth when Wu Xing Yun suddenly stood in attention and reported back with a unfazed gaze: “Reporting, I am a Special Military Division, Specter Ops, Sergeant Wu Xing Yun. Under the command given by General Hong, I am here to carry out my mission. Me and the Company Commander are not violating any regulations.”

The Captain gave Wu Xing Yun a knowing look and said: “So it’s you who is getting married off to that demon Ye! I always thought that it would be someone drop dead gorgeous, but its actually just a dark-skinned idiotic kid. Boy, don’t act willful with me. You must have fucked a lot before, then later on you started selling yourself for a living….”

Before the Captain is done talking, Wen Nuo grabbed him by the collar. Wen Nuo’s complexion ashen, his fist clenching tightly. His eyes looked as if it was spouting fire, his voice extremely furious: “Ouyang Liu, it doesn’t matter that you usually taunt me. This person is my soldier! If you dare to dishonor him, I will teach you a lesson!”

Ouyang Liu laughed out loud without a care and said: “Bring it on! Just one punch, and you will surely piss your pants and run back to being a Company Commander! Come on! I’ll beat you down fast.”

Wen Nuo’s eyes burned with rage, his face flushing red. Wu Xing Yun tried to calm him down: “Company Commander, there’s a rule in the army that prohibits brawl. If you do this, you will be demoted.”

Ouyang Liu scoffs at Wu Xing Yun and laughs: “Boy, you sure study your code of conduct!”

Wu Xing Yun continued to calm things down: “Company Commander, Senior Officer Ouyang Liu is a rank below you. You can just punish him, no need to fight him. Company Commander, don’t get into fist fight…….”

Wen Nuo ignored Ouyang Liu and snorted. Thanks to the advice of Wu Xing Yun from intervening in the quarrel, he declared: “Captain Ouyang Liu, I am punishing you with running twenty kilometers armed around the field, one thousand push ups, one thousand chin ups, one thousand sit ups, then report to me once you are done!”

Ouyang Liu didn’t take Wen Nuo seriously at all and said: “I didn’t do anything wrong, why are you punishing me?”

Wen Nuo clenched his teeth tightly, he casted an angry look at Ouyang Liu. This guy has a powerful supporter backing him up so he is absolutely unrestrained. He likes being eccentric but now he’s getting worse. Now that Wen Nuo’s mind was blinded by anger, he’d rather risked getting demoted so he can defend Wu Xing Yun.

Before he even have the chance to throw his clenched fist, he heard Wu Xing Yun calmly charges Ouyang Liu with an earnest yet persuasive argument: “Senior Officer, you do not uphold the military discipline for appearances, which is no good. Furthermore, smoking here in the military camp is strictly forbidden and you will be sanction for doing so….”

Wen Nuo pulled Wu Xing Yun behind him and glared coldly at Ouyang Liu, his voice strict: “Not only those, you don’t wear your lapel badge when you go out, your aim during the battle is incoherent, you disrespected your senior officer, you bully a newly transferred soldier, and you slandered the tallest order of the galaxy’s president. No matter who it is, they would all kick you out of this place!”

Ouyang Liu wasn’t expecting at all, that the usually well-mannered Wen Nuo would have a sudden outburst for a low ranking soldier. He glances at Wen Nuo and saw his face ashen, his cap fallen down, and his smart and handsome face possesses an untolerating seriousness.

“Captain, still not carrying out the order? Should I call for a Disciplinary Officer to come?” Wen Nuo snorted, then takes out his communication device and started calling a Disciplinary Officer.

Ouyang Liu ferociously glared at Wu Xing Yun. It was against his feelings to stand in attention but he faces Wen Nuo and saluted: “Understood, Senior Officer! Captain Ouyang Liu will execute the order.”

After speaking, he went back to his room and took his infantry pack and gun then put on his combat suit. Wen Nuo then demanded for him to surrender his communication device: “Hand over your electronics communication device, don’t want you getting distracted!”

The eccentric Ouyang Liu replied ‘understood’, then he started jogging towards the dormitory’s drill ground.

Wen Nuo only then did turned his head and stroke Wu Xing Yun’s head, his voice had once again restored its usual gentleness: “Don’t pay attention to him, some people’s mouth are just rotten. If he dared look for you and cause trouble, just tell me.”

Wu Xing Yun was somewhat caught in his thoughts, he replied: “This is the first time I have met him, why does he hate me?”

Wen Nuo didn’t speak for a long while. He took Wu Xing Yun’s infantry pack and the two of them went upstairs. Only then did he say: “Because, when Ye Sui Kong started raising the proposal for the arrange marriage, the candidate for the marriage was him.”

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