Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy

By 徐徐图之

Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy Chapter 1

Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy Chapter 1


         The autumn wind picked up, and above the treetops, a few pieces of slightly yellowish leaves were reluctantly struggling. After all, they were falling down like a flying butterfly, fluttering , and they fell on the dark gold marble steps under the tree.

           It was too late to appreciate the poetic significance of the early autumn . In the next second, it was ruthlessly stepped upon by the black leather shoes.

          " The day after tomorrow the magazine will be published. The cover artist this time got involved in a marriage scandal derailing his popularity. He is now a personal residue  Why should I follow and be unlucky ?  Where can I find the picture for the theme in such a short amount of time to replace the cover ? " Fang Shiqing  used the soles to crush the fallen leaves, and angrily rushed to speak on the phone, " The editor-in-chief said that he couldn't find him, and asked someone to remake it, remake my ass ah , he thought that the stars who would shoot the photos, do not knock their schedules ? Is this an order for the take-away ? Can I knock the big ghost in two days ? Ah , Ah , I just want to hack that derailed scum !"

           Wang Qi , at the other end of the phone, listened until the fire was diffused, and only then said : " I ordered you to bring a take- away ?"

           Fang Shiqing was dumbfounded :" I am so angry , you actually joked with me , be careful I could kill you , Wang Qiqi.

          Wang Qi said : " What a joke, I am anxious to death when you are angry. Find someone to help you ask for the correct schedule of a star who would be available even during the emergency. What type of model do you need for this magazine cover ?"

          Fang Shiqing smiled , and said : " Forget it, I have already found someone to help and now I am waiting for them at the photo studio."

         Wang Qi helplessly said : " Then is it still so serious for you to be angry ?"

         Fan Shiqing : " Waiting is a little boring, seeking you to be spoiled."

         Wang Qi : " .... bye "

         Fang Shiqing saw a car parked on the street outside the studio door from his peripheral vision , and immediately said :" I can't talk, people are coming , I am rushing to work. Go home early at night , muah "

          Wang Qi said : " What ?"

         Putting the phone into his pocket, Fang Shiqing , he hurriedly walked forward and greeted them. He exaggeratedly rushed towards them and started making a fuss : " The emergency is like a fire and your kindness is thoughtful."

          The man came down from the car, face showed signs of make-up just removed, exhausted appearance , but he hurriedly waved : " These are trivial things, don't be so polite with me."

          Fang Shiqing naturally saw this and asked , " Did you just  finish recording a program overnight ? "

          " Well..." the man rubbed his eyes hard, slightly worried, " Are my eyes red and blood-shot ? Or, should I wear eye lenses for the shoot? It would be too late to edit the camera film later ."

          Fang Shiqing frowned. "It doesn't matter. I heard from your family that you went to work yesterday morning and recorded a program for twenty hours. Then rushed to help me like a busy body. Do you even sleep ? Anyway, my makeup artist has something to do .  We will have to wait until they can come back . You can sleep  here for a while. The studio is too messy."

         At this time, a young girl came down from the car, carrying a huge cosmetic case in her hand, and said with a smile: "Yuan Rui said that the makeup artist on your side may not be able to get there, and specifically asked me to help."

        Fang Shiqing said: "The troublesome beauty ran away... Yuan Rui is really my dear buddy, he is really thoughtful."

        The brother couldn’t help but yawn and said, "Then I am going to do my makeup, there are a few sets of clothes in the trunk, all of which are sponsored by the brand. I am afraid that you have no time to borrow clothes . So, can you see if you can use it?"

         Fang Shiqing’s knees were almost soft, and he was very moved. “This... I’m really surrounded by people who are thoughtful ... how many favors should I repay?”

        Yuan Rui, suddenly not sleepy, was afraid and said: "Not good, Wang Qi wants to kill me."

        Fang Shiqing: "Ha ha ha."

        After rushing for a few hours, they finally finished the photo. Fang Shiqing urged the late artist to come  before the publishing date of the magazine , that is, the day after tomorrow. Then he took off the big stone in his heart and went back and forth to find the make up artist . He  thought he could find the makeup artist in the dressing room. Yuan Rui, who was asleep in front of the mirror, still had a makeup remover in his hand.

        He took a shot of Yuan Rui and said: "Wake up and wake up, what about the makeup artist sister?"

        Yuan Rui sat up in confusion. "I told her to go back first. She is a makeup artist in the program group and she didn't go home last night."

         Fang Shiqing said: "Does your company not provide you with a personal assistant ? what about other people?"

         Yuan Rui continued to remove makeup and said: "Zheng Qiuyang does not like him. I will return it to the company now."

          Fang Shiqing was speechless : "When you have finished your work and go home, you have to do the laundry and do the housework. You will even change the diaper for Master Zheng. He doesn't do anything, and still has the face to be shameless."

            Yuan Rui was somewhat shy. "He said that the assistant was too handsome."

          Fang Shiqing: "..." Unbelievable ,  was written all over his  face.

           He raised his chin and asked: "The reality show you are doing now is coming to an end, right? Can you take a break for a while? Qiuyang planned  for a long time and wants to travel with you."

          Yuan Rui said: "I want to go too, but the company gave me an idol drama where I play the male number two."

           Fang Shiqing smiled and said: "That is a good thing, second male lead is also a very absorbing role."

           Yuan Rui melancholy said: "Well, I can not act,  I used to play the soy sauce(1) . After I read the lines everyone was thrown off balance,  the company recommended a crash course in acting, and so when the reality show is over , I have to go to the class. "

        Fang Shiqing patted him and said: "You belittle yourself all day long. When you recorded the program, you said that you will not be funny. Now you say that you cannot act. You are all red. If you really can't do anything, then is the audience blind ah ?"

        Yuan Rui finished removing his makeup and said with sincerity: "Really, I just rely on my face."

         Fang Shiqing: "..."

        Yuan Rui stood up and looked down at his long legs and added a sentence: "There are also these legs."

        His job was  modelling. At the age of 19, he participated in the supermodel competition. The top 12 entered the finals. He was the thirteenth. After staying abroad for a few years, he had gone through a few big shows through the rest of the game, but he had never been able to enter the front line of the industry. Later, he was getting older. After passing the golden age of the model, he had to return to China to find another way out.

        Luck was not bad. When he came back, he signed up for a brokerage company. However, the domestic fashion industry was sluggish. He could only get some flat model work. He occasionally played a soy sauce in a non-golden soap opera. The resources of the company were not good, but they want to hold their own artists, but still they were powerless.

      Mr. Yuan Rui was  busy in this environment for more than a year. He was suddenly struck by the pie fallen from the sky. A real-life show threw an olive branch(2) to him. He was beaten up and doing other work at that time.Yet, Rui seemed like a fish in the reality show, because of his nature,  which was more and more real, he won the love of a large number of viewers. From the 18th line, he jumped into the third line, not to mention the big leap, but it was also a big explosion overnight.

      "I have suddenly become red (popular) like this, if I don't improve myself, I will be eliminated sooner or later." Yuan Rui said, "Now the audience is blinded by my appearance. They haven't seen that I am just a piece of trash, they will come to see . Then I will be slammed and fall."
         Fang Shiqing , who could not help but look at him, said:. "Did not see it ah, so you actually have a sense of crisis."

        Yuan Rui finished the basic skin care and took a photo in front of the mirror. He was embarrassed as he said : "It is Zheng Qiuyang. He said that I am not suitable for this business. I think he is quite right."

        Fang Shiqing was speechless : "What is suitable for you ? If you do well, it is suitable. If you don't do well, it is not suitable. I don't think he is suitable for dry jewelry design. Don't listen to him. He is jealous of  handsome guys in the entertainment industry. He is afraid that you will be seduce by others."

        Yuan Rui ,surprised for a moment,was instantly overjoyed and said: " Really ? Did he tell you that ah ?"

         Fang Shiqing: "...Why are you happy ?"

         Yuan Rui excitedly said: "He likes me so much, of course I am happy."

        Fang Shiqing rolled his eyes, "He was a good straight man, bent for you. When he came out of the closet to his mother, she was  so angry to the point she was hospitalized. You are still afraid he does not like you?"

        Yuan Rui sat down beside him and sighed heavily, saying: "Actually... that..."

        Fang Shiqing said: "Say it quickly ."

        Yuan Rui said a little embarrassed: "I'll ask you... Do you think he is bent? I always think he still likes women."

        Fang Shiqing hesitated: "What happened? Did you find him with a woman?"

        Yuan Rui shook his head and said: "Well, no, that is , that, that, hey , forget it."

         Only listening to half of the gossip made Fang Shiqing angry , " You are tease me stopping half way ! Tell me what's wrong !!!"

         Yuan Rui squirmed and twisted a little, and whispered: "At that time, he is always licking and rubbing my chest."

(1) Minding our own business/ being a minor character
(2) Threw an olive branch - gave an opportunity

T/N : A new one. Even though I have two projects. And a real life lmao. Anyway it really looked interesting so I picked it up.But if anyone has already stockpiled a couple of chapters feel free to contact me, I can hand over this project . Since there was no POTF update this week, lets just enjoy this sweetness . Peace V 

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