I Have Reincarnated into「Welcome to the ○○ Town!」Townsperson A, But the Last Dungeon Was Right Around the Corner short story

I Have Reincarnated into「Welcome to the ○○ Town!」Townsperson A, But the Last Dungeon Was Right Around the Corner short story

By Takanami Ichiran

When I reincarnated, god told me, 'I'll grant three of your wishes'.

The first thing I asked for was to be reborn into the game I had loved since I was a child, 'Dragoon Quester'.

After that, 'High communication abilities' and 'A job showing people around town'.

While I was at it, I could've asked for cheat abilities or a harem, you might think, but if I asked for something beyond my own abilities, I'm sure I'd only face troubles down the line.

I'd always been bad at interacting with people, and to someone like me who had games as his only friends, as long as I could fix my inadequate socialization skills and find a job where I could use the knowledge I gained from the game, I had nothing more to ask for.

And just as I wanted, I was reincarnated as Villager A.

My appearance didn't go as far as particularly handsome, but I grew to be a young man who gave off a favorable impression.

My communication ineptitude was largely caused by a complex over my appearance, so there was no doubt this would reduce the problem.

… Well, that much was fine.

I think god did plenty in granting my wishes.


But you know…

This town of Hellhummit is the one right in front of the last dungeon, isn't it!?

It's the so called last town the hero's party stops at!

So when it really came down to it, it was only natural, but…

… We don't get any travelers!

"Hah… I'm bored…"

For yet another day, I waited at the town's entrance for some traveler to come by.

"Yo, we appreciate your service!"

The old man from the weapon shop called over.

"A new weapon came in, but do you want to try equippin' it?"

"Yeah, sure, why not."

I lightly held up the sword the old man handed over.

At the same time, I tried looking at my status.


Name: Villager A
Occupation: Town Guide
Level: 17
Max HP: 874
Max MP: 730
Strength: 185
Resilience: 141
Agility: 163
Magical Might: 225
Luck: 17

E: Sword of the End
Body: Villager Clothing
Shield: None
Helm: None

Attack: 755
Defense: 141


"The hell!?"

What's with this sword of the end!?
It's got 570 whole attack!

They didn't have a weapon like this back when I was playing the game.

It does seem this world has a bit of arrangement from the game one.

"I thought I'd use it to draw 'n customers. If ye'r up to it, why don't you try testin' it out?"

Even if you want to attract customers, just what sort of person is going to buy this thing?

With its current price of 850,000 Gold, you could easily erect three cozy houses.

"Well 'n, I'm countin' on you! Every'un's grateful for the work you do!"

Gahaha, he let a grand laugh fly as the weapon shop old man went on his way.

By the way, his status was something like this.


Name: Emile
Occupation: Weapon Shop Old Man
Level: 45
Max HP: 999
Max MP: 0
Strength: 255
Resilience: 255
Agility: 30
Magical Might: 0
Luck: 150

E: None
Body: Villager Clothing
Shield: None
Helm: None

Attack: 255
Defense: 260


He was such a muscle head it was even refreshing.

As you can see, the folks of this town, each and every one of them have abnormally high stats.

At first, I thought it was a bug, but when you think about it, this is the town right before the last dungeon. There are powerful monsters loitering all over the place.

To continue maintaining our daily lives in such an environment, even if we're just normal villagers, we'd need to have stats at least this high, or it'd be out of the question.

What's more, as the Villager A who stands at the entrance of the village, I have a role as the first line of defense against the monster attacks.
Perhaps for that sake, I had been afforded a high status value, even within the village.

I suddenly sensed a presence around the village entrance.

"Hey, human. Today's the day I make a bloodbath of you!"

The one who appeared was a Succubus Lord.

Pale white skin, and hair the color of honey.
The Succubus Lords that were characterized by their highly revealing attire were said to deceive adventurers with their charm and suck their vitality and lifeblood.
Possessing top-level strength among the Succubus-class monsters, this girl would periodically attack the town.

"Oy, what's with that sword?"

"Hmm? Ah, I just borrowed it from the old man at the weapon shop."

I tried swinging the sword of the end.
Glimmering, it drew a line of light through the air.

"Ah, I'm no good with those, it's probably my weak element. Could you be a dear and change to your usual copper sword?"

"Are you an idiot? Why do I have to answer to a monster's demands?"

"I mean, you're way too strong."

The Succubus pouted and complained.

While I defeated all the monsters that came to assault the village, when it came to humanoid monsters, I couldn't help but hesitate to land the final blow.

Perhaps because I'd let her off time and again, lately, this succubus has been acting exceedingly buddy-buddy with me.

… Right, this is my daily life.

Waiting for travelers that had no way of coming, dealing with monsters I never called for.

Well, sure enough, just as I asked for, my communication skills rose.
At this point, I can even greet everyone in town normally.

I was able to find employment as a guide in the world of Dragon Quester, the game I loved from my childhood.

But you know…!

"Hmhmm, foolish human, let the battle commence! … And wait, calling you 'human' all the time is somewhat inconvenient. That's how it is, so i-isn't it about time you told me your name alrea–"

"——  This is definitely wrong——!!!"


Because I suddenly raised my voice, the Succubus toppled over, her white undergarments coming into full view.

"W-what's wrong, human? Is something troubling you? If it's something sexual, I don't mind hearing you out, you know? That being the case, I'm still inexperienced, but–"

"Wrong! Why. Am. I. Standing right in front of the last boss's castle!? I'm definitely thankful, but this isn't town guide, I'm just the bloody gatekeeper! I've yet to get a single normal customer!"

"C-calm down, if you're feeling ill, I'll pull back for today, so…"

"Shut it! Especially you, lately you've been coming day after day after day, don't you ever get tired of it!?"

"I-it's not like I'm here because I want to see you or anything!"

"So you're a tsundere! And wait, if you want to bring humanity to ruin so badly, then just go and invade the first castle where the hero is already! There's nothing but slimes and goblins around that castle! No matter how you look at it, this is plain unfair! Our village's got to deal with Meteora Dragons and Giga Mosquitos, nothing but monsters whose names alone spell danger!"

I never asked for any cheat abilities.
I just wanted to live in peace as the likable older brother at the entrance to ______ village.

As I grew half-teary, the succubus pat me on the head.

"Um, well, it looks like I was in the wrong. I'll try to come less often, so…"

"… No, then I'd feel lonely."

"I see you're a splendid tsundere yourself!"

This is all that god who reincarnated me's fault.
While I'd like to make a claim and ask for a redo, ever since he had me reborn, that god hasn't once shown himself.

"Then do you want me to keep you company?"

Fidgeting, the succubus spoke.

"E-even if I say keep you company, I don't mean anything perverted! Don't misunderstand!"

"Like I would, fool."

As thanks for letting her off with her life every day, the Succubus said she would play the part of a traveler.

"See, if it's just appearance, I'm quite human-ish, so couldn't I at least serve as a practice partner?"

"Hmm, I see."

"E-even if I say practice, I don't mean anything perverted! Don't misunderstand!"

"We're already done with that."

"What's this, you mean to say you don't need any practice!? With that docile face or yours, you're already abundant in experience. Very well, if you'll gently take the lead, I won't mind giving you my first–"

"We're talking about guiding you around town, right?"

Anyways, a little past noon the next day, I was waiting around the town entrance for the Succubus who asked, 'Since we're at it, tell me what type of clothing you prefer,' in strangely high tensions.

While it was different from what I imagined, my wish was finally being granted.

(Welcome to the town of Hellhummit!)
(Welcome to the town of Hellhummit!)

I practiced again and again in my head.
Yep, perfect. Come at me however you like.

In festive spirit, I used the sword of the end to clean up the monsters who attacked in a flock, looking at a hand mirror as I tidied my hair.

The first impression of the town came from the traveler's first impression of me.
What sort of hero would think to rest their wings in a town with some unruly Villager A?

It's a heavy responsibility.

"… Alright!"

It was in that moment of enthusiasm that I felt a tug on my clothes.


Turning to that reserved voice, I found a splendid lady standing before my eyes.

A white one-piece dress and straw hat, while wearing attire unsuited to the area before the last dungeon, her chest area exposed a fascinating bulge largely distanced from her innocent air.

"So… here I am."

When I thought some cheat ability had manifested my ideal woman, I finally realized it was the succubus.

".. Ah, yeah, it suits you."

"T-that's not how it's supposed to go, your lines, your lines!"

The succubus turned bright red as she averted her eyes.

… Lines?
Ah, right. She's right.
I forgot the all-important lines.

"Oh, I just got here myself."

"Is this a date!? Are we meeting up for a date!?"

On the succubus' sharp retort, her ample chest swayed.

"God! Have you forgotten your own role?"

Ah, no, that's not the case, but…"

It's like that off-feeling you get when you spot a classmate you've only ever seen in their uniform outside.
It's definitely not that I fell at first sight or anything like that. Definitely.

Ok, okay, we're good.
I'm just a nameless Villager A.
There's only one thing I'm supposed to do.

"W-welcome! You've come to the town of Hellharm–!?"

I bit my tongue.

I seriously bit my tongue.

After practicing so much.

After the succubus went out of her way to assist me.

"Erk… hic… so I'm no good after all! Even if I reincarnated, even if my appearance changed, my communication ineptitude is the same as ever!"

"Hey, hey, you don't have to worry about it. No one's perfect the first time through… try it again, okay? Let's do our best together. See, do your best. You can do it!"

The succubus pat my head and consoled me.
From this angle, her chest buried up two thirds of my vision.

"Umm, then I'm going to circle around and come back."

A little while later, I spotted the succubus walking up from a little ways away.

… Hah, she really is a good kid.

She's kinda being mindful of me, and she's super cute, and her breasts are super-sized and…

… Whoops, if I think of anything unnecessary, I'll fail again.

I concentrated my mind, and as she walked all the way up to the entrance of the town, I gave a bright and energetic yell.

"Welcome to the town of Hellhummit! Please marry me!"

"E… eeh!? Ah, sure… if you'll have me!"

I gave a confession alongside my greeting and even got the okay.

Are we really alright like this?

It wasn't long before a small house with a red roof was erected near the entrance to the town of Hellhummit.

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