A Step into the Past

By Huang Yi

A Step into the Past Volume 4 Chapter 6

A Step into the Past Volume 4 Chapter 6

Book 4 Chap 6 – Tending to injuries at the Observatory

Xiang Shaolong had countless nightmares.

He dreamt that the time machine sent him back to the 21st century where he was charged with the major crime of messing up history. Suddenly Shu’er and Su’er came to look for him with blood flowing from the orifices on their faces, blaming him for not avenging their deaths. And then countless different faces appeared before him.

These include his parents, relatives, friends, Mei Canniang, Wu Tingfang, the King of Zhao, Zhao Mu etc, and cries kept ringing in his ears together with the wails of souls and ghosts!

In his haze he seems to know that he is pacing at death’s door.

No! I must continue living.

For others and for myself!

I cannot give up.

His body alternated between hot and cold, his soul seems to have left his body, as if there’s unbearable pain, but it feels totally numb as well.

He does not know how long he struggled at death’s door before he finally regained consciousness.

For a moment, he seems to have returned to the safe military hostel in the 21st century.

Cheers erupted next to his bed, Zhao Qian fell on the side of the bed, tears streaming down her face as she laughed and cried.

Before Xiang Shaolong can take a close look at Zhao Qian, he felt darkness surrounding him again and he fainted.

When he regained consciousness again, his mind and body seems to be much better.

Zhao Qian is so happy that she can only cry bitterly.

Xiang Shaolong wiped her tears with his hand weakly and asked feebly, “What is this place, how long was I unconscious.”

A familiar voice rang out from the door, “This is the highest level of my Heaven Viewing Pagoda, on the 5th level. Shaolong you were unconscious for 9 days, if it was someone else who was that seriously injured and lost that much blood, that person would have died long ago. But you’re not the average person, so you definitely won’t die. Obviously everything is planned by Heavens!”

Xiang Shaolong was momentarily stunned and saw a person walking towards the bed, and it turned out to be Zou Yan.

He never really liked this person and he cannot imagine why he would risk his own life to save him and asked in astonishment, “Why did Mister save me?”

Zhao Qian who was sitting by his bed replied, “You are really indebted to Mister Zou for saving your life. If not for his excellent healing skills and meticulous care…”

Zou Yan chortled and interrupted Zhao Qian’s words and said as he lowered his head to take a closer look at Xiang Shaolong, “The person who really saved you is Ji Yanran. I just happened to be around! This Heaven Viewing Pagoda is a place I use to study astrology, and also the tallest building in Daliang, I guarantee that no one will search their way here. Besides I am in no way related to you, so no one will suspect me.”

Xiang Shaolong’s mood turned for the better and he slowly regained the strength to speak. He puzzled, “Mister still have not replied my earlier question.”

Zou Yan smiled a little, “I’ll have to start from the beginning. 3 years ago, I found a new star in the state of Qi, moving towards Tian Chang, the area where the Zhao and Wei borders meet and I know that the new leader of this era has finally appeared. Therefore I came to Daliang to look for a new master.”

Xiang Shaolong was totally befuddled, “What is Tian Chang? Is there a state of Zhao and state of Wei there as well?”

Zou Yan said proudly, “Heavens and humans are related, everything that happens on earth happens because of Heaven’s decree. My study of the 5 elements is based on the 5 stars in Heaven, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and I deduce what will happen on earth based on Heaven’s decree. Tian Chang is how I separate the Heavens into different areas according to the layout of the states on earth. For example if a guest star happens to take over the main star of a certain area, then the ruler of that area will be in trouble.”

Xiang Shaolong is in no mood now to listen to such superstitious and outrageous theory so he asked, “So what has that got to do with me?”

Zou Yan looked at Zhao Qian, who was looking at him with her large pretty eyes, filled with idolization and he is all the more thrilled and started theorizing, “How can it not have anything to do with you? At the same time you arrived at Daliang, that new star happens to fly into the position of Daliang in Tian Chang, therefore I knew that the new saint has arrived. The first time I saw you, although I felt you have the aura of a dragon, I did not yet think of it until that night when you talked about the earth shattering theory about governing a country did I guess that you are the new saint. That night when you were attacked, I was convinced that I was right about you.”

After he spoke, he knelt down and kow-towed 3 times respectfully.

Xiang Shaolong was amused and quickly asked him to stand, saying “I can understand the front part, but why is it that you are even more convinced of your faith when I was attacked and injured?”

Zou Yan explained, “On that afternoon that you were attacked, Miss Ji returned moodily to the little house by the lake and after my prolonged questions did she reveal that you refused to woo her. Therefore I told her: the new star in heaven is being forced aside by another star, and I’m afraid you will meet with danger that night. That’s why Miss Ji was able to save you in time and send you here. Tell me, Shaolong, if you’re not the new saint, how can things be such a coincidence?”

Xiang Shaolong was dumbfounded. 

A wave of fatigue swept over him and after he forced the medicine down, he fell into a deep sleep again.

When Xiang Shaolong woke up, he felt a lot better than the last time and was able to sit up and eat. Scars have begun to form over his 10 odd wounds, leaving only the wound under his armpit still in very much pain, but the other wounds were not affecting him.

Zou Yan has gone out, and there was only Zhao Qian in the highest level of this ancient observatory.

This pretty princess happily fed him the porridge cooked with precious and expensive herbs. 

Xiang Shaolong looked at her sympathetically, “Qian’er! You’ve lost weight.”

Zhao Qian replied gently, “Compared to the sacrifice you made for me, this is nothing. That night I saw how you were afraid that I would be injured and thus used your own body to block the sword blows from the thieves, my heart was utterly broken.” She continued worriedly, “Sister Yanran has not been here for 3 days, this is really worrying.”

Xiang Shaolong felt an injection of energy, “Does she visit me often?”

Zhao Qian nodded her head, “She was so concerned about you, and comes every time to help me clean and dress your wounds.”

Xiang Shaolong was stunned, “Doesn’t that mean that the both of you have seen every part of my body?”

Zhao Qian blushed and nodded her head, but her pretty eyes revealed her joy and her expression looked absolutely alluring.

Xiang Shaolong felt lust arising and said gently as he grabbed her hand, “I must have revenge and see our Princess’s whole body.”

Zhao Qian gently pulled her dainty hands away and continued feeding him the porridge, saying with a blush, “See if you want to!” 

A rush of love and sweetness welled up in Xiang Shaolong. To think that the beauty will allow this, how can he not feel grateful. He said with a smile, “Not only will I see, but I want to investigate with my hands as well, will Princess object?”

Zhao Qian blushed to her ears and stared at him, not daring to answer him but her expression shows her utter willingness.

Xiang Shaolong sighed happily.

Footsteps were heard from the stairs.

Both of them started getting nervous.

Ji Yanran’s sweet voice rung out, “No need to be afraid! It’s Yanran.”

Zhao Qian was overjoyed and went to welcome her.

In a short while the 2 ladies appeared shoulder to shoulder in front of Xiang Shaolong.

Ji Yanran lost weight as well but when she saw him her bright eyes shone immediately and her gaze intertwined with his.

Xiang Shaolong said, “Xiang Shaolong will never forget how Miss saved me.”

Ji Yanran sat on his bed without any embarrassment and first looked at his wounds before saying with a relieved sigh, “No need for such polite words. The rate of your recovery is astonishing. You don’t know how frightening you looked the other night with fresh blood all over your body, and you almost made me cry because of you.” She continued with a blush on her pretty face, “And it’s the first time Yanran cried over a man!”

Zhao Qian laughed, “You don’t know how good Sister Yanran was towards you!”

Xiang Shaolong felt a boldness overcome him and daringly grabbed Ji Yanran’s delicate hands and said gently, “It seems that not only have I passed, but I have taken a step further into your heart, right?”

Ji Yanran stared at him and said nonchalantly, “Sorry. You’re still at the passing stage.” Although she said that, she did not try to retract her hands at all.

Xiang Shaolong was filled with love as he replied with a smile, “I have a chance as long as I’ve passed, didn’t Miss Ji said that you will try your best to make it easier for me?”

Zhao Qian listened to their interesting exchange and can’t help but steal a laugh at the side.

After Ji Yanran stared at Zhao Qian, she told Xiang Shaolong, “I came all the way here with so much difficult and am even sitting next to you, isn’t it making it easier for you already?”

Xiang Shaolong was awakened by her words and returned to the cold and cruel reality, asking, “How is the situation outside?”

Ji Yanran said calmly, “Prince Xinling, Lord Longyang and Xiao Weimou are all trying their best to look for you and the defenses in the city has been increased numerous times. Even the areas outside the city and the river routes are filled with guards. I’m afraid you’ll have to turn into a bird before you can fly out.”

Xiang Shaolong asked with fear and concern, “What about the others?”

Zhao Qian sat closely next to Ji Yanran and said, “Don’t worry! Qian’er asked Sister Yanran long ago, they’ve all escaped safely, not a single person was captured.”

Xiang Shaolong was relieved but once he thought about Prince Xinling, he can’t laugh. He’s lost the ‘Lu Gong’s Secret Manual’, so how can he possibly let him off?

Ji Yanran’s expression turned serious as she said, “These few days the Weis have been going door to door searching your whereabouts, and they will ultimately find their way here. For the moment they’re only keeping an eye on me and have not suspected Mister Zou yet. But as long as you remain in Daliang, you’re still in extreme danger.”

Zhao Qian said quietly, “Sister you’re so capable, you’ll surely have a way.”

Ji Yanran replied, “I’ve been constantly thinking of a plan, but security is so tight.” She remembered something and told Xiang Shaolong, “Those equipment you have on your waist were all very strange, even a knowledgeable man like Mister Zou has never seen it before, where did you get it from?”

Xiang Shaolong knows she’s referring to the hooks and clasps used for climbing and replied, “It’s my own design, made by the craftsmen of Zhao. As long as we can reach the city walls, I will have a way to climb over the walls with Qian’er.”

Ji Yanran was very surprised and after scrutinizing him for a moment, sighed lightly, “The more I am in contact with you, the more I realize how unfathomable you are. But with the current situation, it’s impossible for you to reach the city walls without being detected by those at the watchtowers. Even if you can leave the city, you cannot avoid the thousands of soldiers outside the city, so we still need to think of another way.” 

Zhao Qian went close to her ear and whispered, “Is Sister starting to like him more and more?”

Ji Yanran’s pretty face blushed. Sounds of bells ringing was suddenly heard in the room.

Before Xiang Shaolong can figure out what is happening, the expressions on the 2 ladies changed, “Enemies are approaching!”

Ji Yanran helped Xiang Shaolong up while Zhao Qian hurriedly gathered all the blankets that has traces of blood and everything else that is associated with Xiang Shaolong.

Xiang Shaolong asked in shock, “Where can we hide?”

Ji Yanran helped him to a huge wardrobe and opened the door, only to see it filled with clothes inside with no space to hide a person at all. She then extended her hand and pushed, the clothes rose up miraculously and revealed a secret compartment inside.

By now Zhao Qian has packed everything and even let the bed curtains loose before hurrying over to help Xiang Shaolong hide in the secret compartment. Ji Yanran pulled down the outer compartment holding the clothes and the wardrobe door closed automatically, how intricately done.

That space that was meant for hiding 1 person now has 3 people squeezed inside, so one can imagine how cramped it is. The 3 of them stuck to each other front to back, with Zhao Qian’s alluring body pressing tightly against his back while Ji Yanran was squeezed face to face with him.

He can clearly feel the marvelous curves of Ji Yanran’s body, especially when he’s only wearing a pair of shorts, and the exciting fragrance almost made him forget about the danger they’re now in.

Ji Yanran is a little taller than Zhao Qian, her pretty face happened to lean on his shoulder and she quietly whispered in his ear, “This is a place Mister Zou designed to save his own life, I did not expect we’d get to use it instead.”

Although the place is cramped, it’s not stuffy at all. Obviously it has marvelously designed ventilation.

Xiang Shaolong suddenly had a thought; no matter hoe respected people in this era is, but they all have a fear of not living past another day. That’s why Zou Yan has this secret compartment for hiding while Prince Xinling has his secret tunnel for escape.

Suddenly there were strange noises in the secret compartment.

Xiang Shaolong concentrated and realized it’s the rapid breathing of the 2 ladies. With the heaving of their bosoms, he can feel even more strongly the rubbing of their bodies against him. Luckily Xiang Shaolong’s body is still feeling weak so he did not have any natural male reaction, or else the situation would be even more embarrassing.

The 2 ladies’ bodies were becoming softer and weaker and Xiang Shaolong felt his lust arising and can’t help but reach one arm forward and the other backward and hug them tightly.

Ji Yanran is a little better but Zhao Qian moaned and her slender arms encircled him from the back and hugged his waist tightly, her whole body heated up.

Footsteps were heard, obviously someone was searching the place level by level until at least they reached this highest level.

Prince Xinling’s voice can be heard outside, “This is the first time I’ve seen Mister Zou’s observatory. Hey! What gadget is this?”

Zou Yan replied calmly, “This is an equipment used to measure the position of the stars in the sky, I am about to start making an exquisite and accurate map of the stars.”

Prince Xinling is obviously not interested in the tour and he commented as he pushed the door open, “Hai! I thought there’ll be something interesting in this room, it turns out only to be your bedroom.”

Zou Yan laughed, “My work can only be done at night, how can I not have a place to sleep.”

Prince Xinling said, “Why don’t I go to your star observatory first to explore!”

Footsteps traveled up towards the balcony at the top.

The 3 of them just heaved a sigh of relief.

There were footsteps coming in again and that person searched thoroughly, even pulling the wardrobe door open, not leaving anything unchecked at all.

Their hearts were almost at their throats and were secretly cursing Prince Xinling for being cunning to lure Zou Yan away so that his men can do a thorough search.

After some disturbances, Prince Xinling and Zouyan came down.

The 3 of them were a little relieved and once again felt the excitement of their bodies and limbs intertwined together.

Zhao Qian and Ji Yanran are both unmarried ladies and although they are very much interested in Xiang Shaolong, they still felt utterly embarrassed.

Zhao Qian is a little better as she’s used to being intimate with Xiang Shaolong; Ji Yanran has never had the experience of being squeezed in a man’s arm and her heart kept beating madly. In this quiet place how can this sound escape Xiang Shaolong’s ears and just based on this point is enough to thorough make her feel ashamed.

Whether deliberately or not, the 3 of them almost felt as if they have no wish to leave this safe space.

Xiang Shaolong’s lips leaned towards Ji Yanran’s ears as he said quietly, “Hey!”

Ji Yanran raised her pretty face in a daze and in the darkness she can feel Xiang Shaolong’s breath on her face. She felt utterly lost and forgot to speak.

Xiang Shaolong had wanted to ask her if they can go out now, but he suddenly felt her lips so close to his and thought to himself that what a better time to take advantage of her than this. So he kissed heavily on her soft and wet lips.

Ji Yanran’s dainty body trembled and she finally followed Zhao Qian’s example and extended her arms to hug him tightly while tilting her pretty face up, allowing this man to continue with his ungentlemanly bullying.

Footsteps were heard again.

Although she obviously knows that those on the outside cannot see what is inside, Ji Yanran still removed her lips away from Xiang Shaolong’s enticing mouth in fear.

Zou Yan’s low voice was heard from outside the wardrobe, “You can come out?”

Xiang Shaolong felt that something was not right. With Prince Xinling’s status, there’s no reason that Zou Yan will not send him off personally and if that is the case, he will not be back so soon.

Besides if everyone else is gone, with Zou Yan’s candid character, there’s no reason for him to lower his voice so much that he sounded a little hoarse.

Zhao Qian at this time is totally intoxicated under Xiang Shaolong’s strong manly embrace and will not be bothered with what is happening outside at all.

Although Ji Yanran’s senses is a little lost, but in her cloudy mind she seems to believe that it is Zou Yan who is calling from the outside and was about to reply when Xiang Shaolong’s lips sealed over hers again.

Ji Yanran secretly grumbled, thinking why is this person so lecherous that he’s even ignoring Zou Yan’s calls.

That person called out again twice.

Ji yanran slowly regained her senses and knew that something is not right and at the same time realized that Xiang Shaolong is not that lecherous after all.

The person outside cursed quietly, “Prince is really doing extra work. There’s obviously no one but he still wants me to go to every level and pretend to be Zou Yan can call out 3 times, hei!”

That person left after cursing.

The 3 of them all felt cold sweat down their bodies. Prince Xinling is really careful, and obviously he has many capable men under him. This person sounded really authentic in impersonating Zou Yan’s voice, just that his voice is a little lower and hoarse.

Ji Yanran has always prided herself on her intelligence and although her senses were dulled by Xiang Shaolong’s kisses, she still feel ashamed. At the same time she’s totally in awe of Xiang Shaolong’s intelligence and felt a love for him welling up from deep within her heart. She proactively kissed Xiang Shaolong back fiercely.

Xiang Shaolong’s hands explored the 2 women’s back and buttocks greedily and for a moment lust filled the secret compartment.

The earlier danger served only to fuel and excite their passion.

Just as it was about to get almost out of hand, footsteps were heard again, followed by the opening of the wardrobe door and the lifting of the front panel.

The 2 ladies were so embarrassed that they buried their heads in Xiang Shaolong’s neck.

Xiang Shaolong looked at Zou Yan with embarrassment as he said with a bitter smile, “It seems that I’m not some new saint at all, because I do not have the resistance of a saint at all.”

Zou Yan was almost at a loss for words as he chuckled, “I think your recovery is even faster than what I imagined a saint would take.”

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