Qing Ge [Rebirth]

By 戏楼蒹葭

Qing Ge [Rebirth] Chapter 2

Qing Ge [Rebirth] Chapter 2

Translator: Foreverhungry

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Qing Ge [Rebirth] - Chapter 2: If You Don’t Confess, How Can I Follow You? (你不表白我怎么跟你走?)

Just as Lin Qing Ge was lazing around on the hospital bed and staring at the ceiling in boredom, the door was opened.

Duan Yu Jing walked in in a casual navy blue suit. He had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, exquisite facial features and an angular jaw. When all of these were combined with his slightly solemn expression, he practically oozed pheromones. Lin Qing Ge was also stunned when he saw him.

Why was Jing-ge here so early? In his past life, didn’t he only arrive tomorrow?  According to his past life’s memories, he would invite death and run to find Liu Yang, only then would he meet the Duan Yu Jing who rushed here.


Lin Qing Ge looked at the man in front of him. In the past, despite the hardships and the pain, the aura felt from this man did not diminish in the slightest. He had the ability to safely walk out from every predicament he faced.

There were some people who were born like this, but there were also others who, even after giving them a whole company and making them the chairman, would always remain a small hoodlum. The person in mention was, of course, Liu Yang. Lin Qing Ge felt aggrieved. The one thing he couldn’t bear to part with the most was his money ah! Who was Liu Yang? Is it edible?

(T/N: not related but ‘is it edible’ is actually a running joke where if we talk about something we don’t like, the respond is always “can it be eaten?”)

“You are?” Lin Qing Ge thought about getting up, so he could at least give the opposite party a good impression. This seemed like their second time meeting. Although he had known for a long time that he was in Qing-ge’s heart. He just didn’t know if he would confess just like last time. If Duan Yu Jing did confess, should he hesitate for a while and appear somewhat proud? Or should he immediately agree, then quickly pack up and follow Jing-ge home?

It was a pity. As Lin Qing Ge was thinking of various confession scenarios, he forgot about his weak chicken-like body. Just as he wanted to sit up, he accidentally pulled on the needle on his hand. It hurt so much that he grimaced in pain, but as he moved again, he pulled on the injury on his face, and the pain got worse. The face that got slapped by the old geezer suddenly hurt again. Really embarrassing ah.

“Be careful,” Duan Yu Jing walked into the hospital ward and expected to see a dispirited youth. After all, he had been chased out of the house he had lived in for 18 years. Instead, when Qing Ge saw him, he had even smiled and wanted to get up, resulting in him pulling on his injuries in the end. As he watched, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Duan Yu Jing helped Qing Ge sit up, adjusted the pillow so he could lean on it, and poured a cup of water for him before he hesitated and asked, “Qing Ge, do you still remember me? I’m Duan Yu Jing. I promised your mother that I would take care of you, so come back with me.”

Qing Ge held onto the cup and blinked. What happened to the confession? Why was it different from how he remembered it?

“I cannot leave with a stranger,” Qing Ge replied justly, yet at the same time, it sounded a little unreasonable. If he did not receive Jing-ge’s confession today, he definitely would not go. Otherwise, how would he could he go to the next level ah. It would be unjustified!

Deep inside, Lin Qing Ge was a very traditional man. For example, he needed to confirm their relationship before they lived together (cohabitation!), and they must also mutually agree to be together for the rest of their lives before they could have s*x. (T/N: censored because author censored it, albeit in a more amusing way, but if it ever comes up I could uncensor it but imo it maintains the mc’s innocent image) In his past life, he didn’t even live with Liu Yang because Liu Yang never officially confessed. Speaking frankly, it was actually Lin Qing Ge who stuck himself onto the man. Now that he thought about it, he was more of Liu Yang’s ATM. Whenever he needed money, Liu Yang would just coax him a little and say some nice things. He was the idiot that believed those words. In fact, he not only believed it, he even handed over his family fortune.

Thinking about his rotten love life in the past, Lin Qing Ge’s nose turned sour and eyes red. He just wanted to have a proper relationship, a lover who was kind and caring. Liu Yang could not do it, so don’t provoke him.

Yet in Duan Yu Jing’s eyes, it looked as if Xiao Qing Ge felt wrong from listening to his few sentences and was about to cry. He was at a loss and found himself not knowing what to do. He, who had never comforted anyone before, took out a tissue and handed it to Qing Ge to wipe his tears. In a soft and warm voice, he spoke, “Qing Ge, don’t you remember me? I am Duan Yu Jing. In the past, Auntie brought you to see me. I like you, so please come home with me? I will take proper care of you in the future.”

In this moment, what went through Lin Qing Ge’s mind was that he confessed too quickly, like a hurricane. He hadn’t even decided whether to be more contemplative or to be more open yet Jing-ge has already said it?

Qing Ge sniffed, his eyes red, and said, “What did you say just now?”

Duan Yu Jing saw Qing Ge’s blank expression and laughed, his expression dyed with a hint of warmth. He moved to sit in front of Qing Ge, reaching out to grasp his shoulders and solemnly said, “ I said, I, Duan Yu Jing, like you, Lin Qing Ge, and want to take care of you for the rest of my life. Will you accept?”

Although his tone was calm, unhurried, and his expression serious. In truth, Duan Yu Jing was so nervous that he thought he was about to die. He didn’t know who Qing Ge suddenly came out of the closet to his family for, nor did he know whether there was already someone in Qing Ge’s heart. All he could do was stand by his side and watch over him, not letting suffer from any grievance.

“Mm,” Qing Ge lowered his head and answered in a small voice. In his mind, he was raising a small red flag, running around in circles and cheering.

“Don’t worry, you won’t-” Duan Yu Jing saw that he had become silent and thought that he was moving too fast. Just when he was about to change his mind and give Qing Ge time to slowly consider, what did he hear? He tried asking again, “Qing Ge, are you really willing? Even if you are not, I will still take care of you so you don’t have to force yourself.”

“Will you give me grief?” Qing Ge raised his head and asked.

“I won’t. I will definitely make you happy,” Duan Yu Jing replied seriously.

“Will you force me into doing things I don’t like doing?”

“I won’t, you can do whatever you want to do. I will earn money to raise you,” Duan Yu Jing smiled.

“My body isn’t that good, you really won’t avoid me?” Qing Ge spoke. This weak chicken-like body of his was an obstinate injury. Who would want a lover who takes medicine non-stop? Even if they were family, they would still find it troublesome.

“I won’t. I have a friend who’s a doctor. His skills are also rather good. I’ll let him adjust your diet, so you will definitely get better,” Duan Yu Jing explained.

“Then, then isn’t that all good? It’s not like I have a place to go to anyway,” Qing Ge minced his words, screaming wildly internally. Jing-ge, you can just pack me up and bring me with you, you don’t need to talk so much. I wouldn’t mind it even if you forcefully throw me around for a bit ah.

Duan Yu Jing internally gave a sigh in relief. It’s good as long as he was willing. It doesn’t matter if there was no love now. In the future, he would use his actions to prove it to him and make him fall in love.

“Does it still hurt?” Duan Yu Jing reached out to caress Qing Ge’s face and scrutinized the slap mark that hadn’t gone away. His eyes showed the pain that was plaguing his heart.

Qing Ge’s skin was too soft, thus the bright red slap mark that was still there was extremely eye-catching. The heat he felt from the mark made him a little uneasy. His heart felt like there was a young deer who ran in, and when Jing-ge touched his face, that young deer was almost going to jump out.

This was unfair. Although his past self had been taken in by Liu Yang’s caring facade, but, but! After living a lifetime, he was still a pitiful little virgin!

“It’s alright now, the doctor has already administered the medicine,” Qing Ge softly replied, trying his best to restrain himself from doing anything impulsive. He warned himself not to fall down, cannot fall down!

“Then should we go back today, or do you want to wait for a few more days? Do you still want to go back to the Lin house to pack your things?” Duan Yu Jing saw Qing Ge’s blank expression and felt like laughing. How has he still not changed after all these years? When they met eight years ago, he also had this blank expression. Following behind Auntie’s side, he was a little shy, yet also innocently cute. He was completely unguarded towards everyone and said whatever was in his heart. Sometimes, after causing trouble, he would still look at you confused and ignorant, caught up in his little twisted logic

“No need to go back, all my things are here,” Qing Ge pointed at the two lonely cases of luggage in the corner.

“Then let’s ask the doctor later if you can be discharged. If he gives permission, then let’s leave today, okay?” The corner of Duan Yu Hing’s lips perked up into a smooth curve, as he tried his best to pay attention to the mood of his young lover.

“Can you promise me one thing?” Qing Ge tilted his head and asked, his fingers unconsciously wringing a blanket corner

“What is it? Tell me,” Duan Yu Jing patiently asked in return, his eyes looking seriously at him.

“This time, after leaving with you, I will be following after you. You are not allowed to bully me, not allowed to wrong me and also not allowed to have an affair with anyone else, okay? Otherwise, don’t bring me back with you,” Qing Ge mustered his courage and spoke. Speaking till the end, his expression also turned dark. Despite knowing that Jing-ge was true to him, he still wanted a verbal oath. Only an oath would make him feel safe

If Qing Ge’s mother Xia Yi was still here, she would probably sigh. Every one of their family members treated love very seriously. The Xia family, they did not love at all, but if they did, they would treat their lover wholeheartedly, not turning back even if they bumped into the south wall. [1] Sadly, that family that was loyal to love could not avoid declining. Xia Yi had also loved the wrong person, that woman had only just managed to leave her only child one route of retreat.

“Okay, I won’t bully you Qing Ge,” Duan Yu Jing swore an oath as he looked into Qing Ge’s eyes.

Listening to those words, only then did Qing Ge truly laugh. His pair of cat eyes shone. His pupils were so clear one could see the bottom, making him seem very charming, yet they made people who saw them want to shout profanities.

Duan Yu Jing sighed softly. His Qing Ge was too clean. His cleanliness, was not that he did not know those who measured people’s worth in their hearts, always trying to outwit one another. It was that even though he understood all these, he still retained his large sincerity and kindness. He even retained a heart as pure and innocent as a newborn’s.

“Jing-ge, I want to eat a peach. You didn’t come, so there wasn’t anyone to peel it for me,” Qing Ge pointed at the honey peach on the shelf and lightly smiled. He was cheering in his heart. Jing-ge not only confessed to him, he even swore an oath. In the future, he can become Jing-ge’s partner righteously.

So they say, there will always be people who focus on weird things. After selling himself, the one who was still cheering was Qing Ge. Thankfully, the one he sold it to was normal.

“Can your body take this? I will go ask the doctor over to check. If he says it’s fine then I’ll peel it for you okay?” Duan Yu Jing coaxed. Watching Qing Ge beaming in joy, he could also tell that he was in a good mood, so he did not want to ruin it.

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