Runaway Loli Online

By 林月初

Runaway Loli Online Chapter 5

Runaway Loli Online Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Eating Bread Can Get You Fat ah

TL: Kourii

Liu Ye turned around in a circle and finally found a person also with letters floating above his head at a corner. He was wearing short sleeved shirt and shorts, with a wooden stick in his hands which he was using to beat and ranch the sheep, which then stirred and move under his restraints. 

        Liu Ye walked towards him and asked politely: "Excuse me, do you know how to go to school?"

That person turned his head over, revealing a bronze skinned youth. He saw Liu Ye and smiled: "Ye, Liu Ye, how come you came here? Have you gone to see the village chief yet?"

This was a mission reminder as every newbie must go and receive the newbie mission from the chief, so if one hasn't done that and went talk to other NPCs, they would remind them like this.

The chief was actually that old man who Liu Ye saw after going up the slope. At first, Liu Ye could have accidentally accepted the newbie mission but as soon as those people started following her, she panicked and ran away.

"I…I came to find the school." Liu Ye answered, embarrassed. She wasn't thinking of anything else but studying.

"School, is it? How nostalgic, I haven't gone in a long time. You continue to go straight through this small road and after you pass the black smith's shop and a few pieces of farmland, you’ll get there." The shepherd heard the key word school then quickly gave an answer.

Loew continent's virtual game's NPCs are made really human-like. As long as you bring up any particular keyword, if they can answer, then they'd carefully tell you, and vice versa if there is no such keyword programmed, they wouldn't be able to answer.

Fortunately, the keyword 'school' is one that every NPC in the newbie village knew, so the second NPC who Liu Ye talked to was luckily able to give her directions.

Liu Ye repeatedly thanked the shepherd and turned to run towards that small road, not long after that Liu Ye's stomach started growling.

Strange, you can even get hungry in a game? Only then did she remember that before she came to Loew continent, Nana gave her a book and a bread, but now she can't find them anywhere. Did she drop it somewhere?

Liu Ye panicked, could she have dropped it at the plaza?  Back then she was busy running and didn't pay attention to her hands. Just as she was getting anxious over her mistake, a crisp voice suddenly drifted over: "Are you alright?"

Liu Ye turned her head and found a 17 years old girl standing in the middle of the ranch with a dagger in her hand. What is she doing? Liu Ye stepped back a few steps. In the slums, if you see a person with a dagger, then you must get far away, this bit of common sense she still knows.

The girl seeing Liu Ye on guard and stepping back, her heart was hurt. She was avoided by a loli, she wants to go die! However, her face still gave a smile: "You look panicked, do you need any help?"

Liu Ye stared at her for a long time only then did she say coldly: "Don't you think before you talk to someone, you should put away your weapon first?"

Although it was said in a cold as icy attitude, but it came out as in a child-like voice as if it was from a child pretending to be a grown up, indeed really adorable.

The girl tried to bear it but her face still contorted, and then she  performed a pose of putting away her dagger. The dagger was then put back to the belt on her waist: "This is not a weapon, it's just a tool used to shave the sheep's fur, I bought it from the shepherd. Aren't you also here for the same side quest?"

Liu Ye was dazed, she doesn't even know who the shepherd is. How could she even do part time jobs in a game? "Doing side quest? Why?"

"Why?" the girl was stumped: "That, doing side quests can get money as a reward ah, although it can be a bit slow, but as combat missions require people with a good PHY, those with bad PHY like me can only do side quests to make money ah."  (PHY=physical fitness)

Liu Ye got more and more confused as she listened, what PHY, what combat mission, and why do you still to earn money in a game? "Is it not okay to not raise money?"

The girl laughed: "If you don't make money, then how do you buy clothes ah, what about weapons? If by chance you run into a situations that you must fight, and with no equipment, how can you protect yourself? Moreover, in the case that you are planning on playing as a life player, you'd still need a large amount of starting gold ah, if not how can you buy your tools?"  

Liu Ye listened the girl's explanation, her head got bigger: "Then everything needs money?"  

The girl then walked out of the farm, Liu Ye again stepped back two steps, making the girl's face grow sullen: "Do you really have to be like that? I'm not some man-eating monster, I just think that if you don't know anything else, perhaps I can simply explain it to you clearly, if not then your life in this newbie village would be very hard in the future."

Finished saying that, she walked towards an empty plot of land, nodding a few times towards it then a campfire suddenly popped out of the ground. She raised her hand towards Liu Ye: "Come, come and sit here, the campfire can restore your energy, you've been running around for so long, aren't you tired?"

Liu Ye hesitated a bit before slowly going over. The girl does seem kind with no intention of harming her, so she should try hearing her out for once.

Following the girl to sit near the campfire, Liu Ye quickly feel her body turn warm. Though it's still bright out, it didn't feel one bit hot, yet it just makes one feel very comfortable.

"Why were you in such panic? What's wrong?" the girl saw Liu Ye sitting down, only then did she ask.

Liu Ye told her about her having dropped the bread and book that Nana gave her, suddenly a burst of laughter sounded. Liu Ye angrily look towards her, her real personality is exposed already? So fast. Is this taking joy over other people's misfortune?

Seeing Liu Ye's angry look, the girl quickly held her mouth, only some time later did she say: "It's not that you lost it. It was automatically put into your inventory. Everyone has an inventory for keeping all the things that you receive. You can just silently chant inventory then you'll be able to see it."

Liu Ye listened to her and silently chanted inventory, then suddenly something big appeared before her, surprising Liu Ye.

Filled with small frames making up one big rectangle window, and on the two upmost frames were the book and bread that were given by Nana.

Only then did Liu Ye understood. So it wasn't that she was taking joy in her misfortune, she was laughing at her ignorance. Her face went red with a poof.

Seeing that, the girl quickly changed the topic: " Why are you trying to find the book and bread? Are you hungry?"

Liu Ye nodded and took out the bread from her inventory, just as she was going to eat it, the girl shouted: "That… eating bread can get you fat ah. You should just not eat bread. Although it can raise strength but without attribute, you can get fat. A lot of people regretted eating bread."

Can get fat? Liu Ye is speechless. What kind of situation is this? Since she was small, all she's has ever nutritional fluids,the first time she gets to eat bread, and people tell her she could get fat eating it? She has never gotten fat before! How could Liu Ye care so much about it? She opened her mouth and took a bite.

Smooth and soft in her mouth, the taste quickly spread inside her mouth. Just what is this?! How come it's so delicious? Liu Ye gobbled it up like a hungry tiger with her saliva almost leaking out.

Seeing that the girl's face was full of black lines. This is her first time seeing a girl not afraid of being fat, and with such a joyful face, making her speechless.Thinking till here, she checked her own strength which is already halfway turning black.She hurriedly took out a fruit from her inventory and ate. Although it could only restore until 80% energy,using that to shave sheep is enough.

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