Runaway Loli Online

By 林月初

Runaway Loli Online Chapter 4

Runaway Loli Online Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Loli's first appearance

Opening her eyes once more, Liu Ye discovered herself standing in a small public square. Around the square, there were two circular layers of steps, and above the steps, there was an plaza surrounding the public square. At the direction she was facing, there was a pointed little wooden building across the plaza.

There was a mailbox in front of the wooden building, and above the box stood an owl. It was making cooing sounds as it was dozing off there. From time to time, there was even people who tried using bread to bait it, but it remained motionless.

“Give way, give way, thanks hehe.” A man carrying a large board on his back walked passed Liu Ye, but stopped when he saw her. As if he had discovered some new toy, the man shouted: “Hey, there was actually someone who chose to be born at 10?”

When Liu Ye heard him speaking, she lifted her head to take a look at him. This was a boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes. At first glance, he had a mischievous look, but oddly in his hands, there was a spatula in his left and a cleaver in his right.

“Where, where?” Many voices started sounding out all around, seemingly all rushing towards her. Feeling something wrong, Liu Ye immediately turned and ran.

Only, after turning her body, she discovered that the direction she faced had no roads, but instead there was an inclined slope. Along the slope there was only a very very large tree, and there were two small paths circling across the tree, leading further up the slope. The view beyond the tree was blocked, and nothing could be seen.

Liu Ye didn’t care regardless at the moment, following the small path and running up the slope. As she ran, she could not feel anybody chasing behind her. Suspiciously turning around, she took a look. The plaza at the bottom was filled with people, both male and female, and all of them were staring straight at her.

She hesitated for a while before stopping. What kind of situation was this? However, just when she stopped her steps, the people at the plaza shouted in unison: “Go on, keep on running.”

Liu Ye became speechless. There wasn’t anybody chasing her, why would she run? She wasn’t ill. The people at the plaza saw that she did not continue running, sighing out in unison: “Ai…… ”

A girl that had squeezed to the front clasped her hands together, both her eyes were emitting starlight: “If I knew 10-year-olds were so cute, I would’ve chosen 10. I had thought that 17-year-olds would have better looks in clothing, but now, it seems that lolis are king!”

A male beside her nodded his head: “True, true. The look of those little legs running is absolutely adorable, just like a little grasshopper.”

Black lines filled Liu Ye’s head. Originally, she was already not good at dealing with people, and the plaza filled with people made her even more uncomfortable. She originally did not want to stand out in the classroom, so she had picked 10 years old, though it would seem that she had picked wrongly.

Furthermore…… it would seem that 10-year-olds had weak physical strength. She was already feeling tired after running a few steps.

Breathing heavily, Liu Ye slowly walked up the slope, while many of the people from the plaza also followed along. After climbing up the slope, Liu Ye discovered that, behind the tree, there was a small wooden building further up the slope. It was different than the one at the plaza, as this one looked like a house that someone stayed in. There was also a horizontal pole meant for hanging clothes in front of the house, and there were two pairs of pants being dried.

There was also a dignified looking old man standing in front of the house, toying with a fat bird that was on the crooked tree outside the house. The fat bird was plump beyond belief. It was also blue in color, and there was a blue crooked feather on top of its head. All in all, it had a very odd appearance.

Liu Ye shockingly discovered that, on top of the old man’s head, there was actually a floating line of words, only that she couldn’t make sense of them. She didn’t understand why there were floating words, and adding on to the fact that it was her first time coming into contact with a game, she simply didn’t know that the old man was an NPC. The only thing she did know was, that she could ask the person for directions.

“Excuse me……” Liu Ye walked closer, standing a distance of a few steps away from the old man, respectfully asking: “Do you know how to go to the school?”


Sounds of refrained laughter suddenly sounded from her back. When Liu Ye turned around to look, she had nearly fell from being shocked. The slope was densely packed with people, and everyone was staring at her.

“Ai, it can’t be that this loli is really just 10 years old? Why would she ask the NPC such a strange question?”

“Who knows, maybe she is trying to increase intimacy.”

“It seems that only adults could play the game? How could it be possible for a 10-year-old? Maybe she is a newbie.”

“I’ve recorded it down and sent it to the forum. This should be our star’s first person to pick a 10-year-old, right?”

“Really? Ai, then I have to hurry and snatch a sofa. I’m guessing your thread will definitely become popular.”

If there is a first, then there will be a second. Everybody started showing vacant expressions as they visited the forum. However, Liu Ye didn’t know that. She didn’t even know about NPCs, so how would she know what a forum was?

She looked at the group of people vigilantly. Seeing that all of them suddenly had lifeless expressions, she took the chance to move away.

Seeing that their sights did not follow her, only then did Liu Ye confirm, they were collectively daydreaming. Taking this chance, she ran to the back of the house. Behind the house, there was also a small road. Moving forward on the road, she arrived at a small riverbank, and the road had split into two. To the left was another slope, while the right was a bridge.

Liu Ye turned behind to take a look, and fortunately, those people did not follow her. She hesitated for a moment before choosing bridge on the right. She would’ve been out of strength had she chose to go up the slope, so it was better to find a place to rest after crossing the bridge.

Once over the bridge, there was a large grassland, and it was also shaped in a slope. There was also a small road horizontal to the bridge. Liu Ye looked along the small road. Below the slope, she could faintly see the of a person, and also some animals. While above the slope, there was not a single person.

In order to avoid the crowd, Liu Ye still chose to go up the slope. If she knew better she would’ve just chosen to go up the slope just now. The slope was steeper than the previous one, and she was close to being out of breath.

However, she felt more relieved without the chasing crowd behind her. Seeing the river by the roadside, the verdant and lush trees, the soft meadow, all of them had turned her mood carefree.

She took a deep breath. It smells nice. The refreshing scent coupled with the smell of soil, was this the smell of plants? She looked as she walked, and unknowingly she had arrived at the end of the road.

There was a ranch at the end of the road. Although she had never seen a real ranch, it was advertised before in the game’s advertisement. She had heard that there were sheep raised here. Was is those little animals?

Liu Ye looked at the white little animals leisurely moving around, her heart turning fluffy. How could they be so cute! Their entire bodies were covered in wool, could they see where they were walking that way?

This place is really great, this game is really great! Liu Ye’s mood suddenly became a lot better. Although she had yet to find the school, this scenery was something people from the slums could never see. They could only look at the dull gray sky and the icy cold buildings.

Liu Ye’s playful heart exploded, suddenly running towards the sheep. Those little animal were surprisingly unafraid of her, as they silently continued nibbling on the grass.

Liu Ye crouched down, closing in to take a look at the sheep’s face, only then did she discover that the sheep’s face was not covered in wool. In fact, there were even curved horns growing on its head.

So cute, so cute! Liu Ye couldn’t help but squint her eyes, holding out her hand to pet the sheep’s head. Who would have imagined however that the sheep would become unhappy, as it raised its head and smashed it against her, leaving her in a dazed state.

“Ai!” Liu Ye unconsciously cried out. Above her head, a red colored number of ‘1’ appeared, though she could not see it herself.

Dusting herself as she climbed back up, she softly said to the sheep: “Sorry for interrupting.” Then she left the docile looking, yet bad tempered little animal.

After some time she had left, a loud laughter came from a tree by the ranch. There was actually a person there fishing by the riverside, only the tree blocked Liu Ye from noticing.

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