Runaway Loli Online

By 林月初

Runaway Loli Online Chapter 3

Runaway Loli Online Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The girl that fell from the sky

So dark, where is this place? Leng Mo looked at her surroundings. When she opened her eyes once again, she found herself floating in a dark empty space. There was no light all around, and she could not see a thing.

She tried to straighten her body, but after a few tries she was still in the same floating condition. Hateful! What is actually going on? Why was it different from the advertisement?

At this moment, a cold mechanical voice sounded beside her ear: “Are you sure you want to enter Loew Continent’s game world?”

Leng Mo replied loudly: “Sure!”

The mechanical voice continued: “Please determine a name for your game character.”

Leng Mo couldn’t make heads of the situation. Didn’t everybody use their identity card to enter? Why did she still have to determine a name? However, she still answered loudly: “Leng Mo.”

The mechanical voice sounded again: “Very sorry, but the name has been taken. Please choose another name.”

Leng Mo thought about it: “Leng Ye.”

“Very sorry, but the name has been taken. Please choose another name.”

Leng Mo continued replying with a stream of names, but all of them were taken. She was already close to being driven mad. At another far corner of Sanggan star, there was also an administration employee of Ming Yu Corporation being driven mad.

(TL: The game company)

What’s the matter with this young lady? Didn’t she know that using names consisting of only two characters was a very hard task? There was still a line of people waiting to be administered. Just she alone had wasted nearly half an hour’s time.

“Liu Ye.” Finally, Leng Mo managed to grab an unoccupied name.

The mechanical voice sounded once again: “Congratulations, naming successful. Starting body scan now. Please enter the age you wish to be born at.”

Leng Mo became brow beaded with sweat. Why was there even a choice for age? “Can I choose anyhow?”

The mechanical voice replied: “From age 10 to age 17, please choose the age you wished to be born at.”

Leng Mo thought about it. Normally, an older age would provide a body with better qualities, but she had wanted to go to school. If her age was too old, wouldn’t it be funny when she sat in the classroom?

“Age 10!”

As she finished speaking, Leng Mo saw a white circle of light rising from her feet, up to her head. The white circle disappeared after sweeping around her once, and she had also switched from a floating state to a standing state.

She could finally stand again! Leng Mo loosened her breath. When she was thinking of what was coming next, a small figure appeared in front of her.

Who?! Leng Mo sized up the small figure. It was clearly a miniature figure of herself. Beside the small figure, there were also an additional three panels.

The mechanical voice reminded: “Please select the changes you wish to make. Click ‘Create’ if you do not wish to make changes.”

Leng Mo then discovered that below the three panels, there was a small button. She couldn’t recognize the words written on it, but it was definitely ‘Create’.

What were these three panels? Taking a glimpse, Leng Mo discovered that using the three panels, she could change her hairstyle, the color of her eyes, or the shape of her face. However, the range of changes was limited. Even if she did change, the similarity rate was around 80 percent.

After thinking about it, she decided not to make any changes. She was there to attend classes, what was the point of making herself look beautiful? She went ahead and clicked the ‘Create’ button.

There was a bright flash. All three panels disappeared altogether, and only the small figure remained standing on the ground. The mechanical voice rang again: “Congratulations on your created character. Gene scan complete. Please enjoy the game. We wish you a happy gaming.”

Just as this voice landed, Leng Mo felt herself floating towards the small figure. Just as she was about to crash into it, she shut her eyes tightly. When she opened them again, she discovered that she was in a different location.

It was a pure white space. The place Leng Mo stood on was on a tall circular platform. Aside from Leng Mo, there was nothing else up there. Leng Mo ran a circle around the platform, discovering that there was nothing below the platform as if it was just floating in midair.

When she was puzzled on how to get down, suddenly, a girl in black ceremonial robes fluttered down from the sky. She looked to be around 17-18. Silver hair tied into twin tails, deep blue eyes, creamy white skin. Her beautiful appearance seemed like it was an object that did not belong to this world

The girl floated down from the sky, landing in the middle of the platform. She revealed a smile towards Leng Mo, but she did not come over to her, nor did she speak to her.

Leng Mo watched the girl vigilantly, only slowly closing in on her after a long period of hesitation. When she was still four to five steps away from the girl, the girl suddenly opened her mouth: “Liu Ye… is it? So you were a girl.”

Speaking to this point, the girl smiled: “First time meeting, I’m called Nana. Coming here for the first time must be troubling? Do you have anything you wish to ask?”

Liu Ye? After some time, Leng Mo only recalled that it was her name within the game. “Nice to meet you, Nana. Where is this place? Is this Loew Continent?”

Nana smiled as she answered: “Don’t panic. This place still isn’t Loew Continent. This is the platform that connects Midros to Loew Continent. Every Midros connecting to Loew Continent for the first time would be guided by me.”

Leng Mo, no, it should be Liu Ye. Liu Ye asked again: “What is Midros?”

Nana faintly smiled, holding both her hands while saying: “An adventurer just like you. I am very grateful that all of you are willing to accept the invitation to Loew Continent, helping us vanquish the Demon Tribe.”

Liu Ye widened her eyes, a face filled with disbelief: “Adventurers all have to help you vanquish the Demon Tribe? But on the advertisement I saw, didn’t you already win?”

Nana revealed a pained expression on her face: “We had won, but for the peace of Loew Continent, the War Goddess stayed at the Demon Continent, sealing herself into stone in order to suppress all the pathways used by the Demons. All these years, the Demon Tribe could only appear in the underground cities of Loew Continent, but the seal had become unstable recently, hence His Majesty the King had sent invitations to every Midros. Didn’t you come because of the invitation?”

Liu Ye looked at Nana embarrassedly, asking in a small voice: “I only wanted to come here to study. Is this no good?”

Nana smiled a sweet smile: “If it is this kind of Midros, we are still very welcoming. The power of knowledge is far greater than the power of force. Hopefully, you can spread your knowledge to even more people in Loew Continent.|

Finished speaking, Nana remained motionless while smiling towards Liu Ye. It would seem that she would only answer the questions given by Liu Ye, and would not actively start a conversation herself.

Liu Ye had never played any games before, so she did not even know what an NPC was. She only felt that the girl was odd and that it was hard to interact with her. Couldn’t she speak a little more?

After thinking for some time, she asked: “When can I go to Loew Continent?”

When Nana heard so, she passed the bag by her waist to Leng Mo: “Are you ready? If you are ready, then I can send you to Loew Continent right away. This is an adventurer’s travel guide. There are some things you should pay attention to inside, so please read it properly. This bread is also a gift to you. Hopefully, you won’t starve just after arriving at Loew Continent.”

Liu Ye received them gratefully, nodding towards Nana: “I am ready, please send me there.”

Nana pursed her lips into a smile, raising her hands towards Liu Ye. Liu Ye felt herself slowly rising into the sky, the light becoming dazzling, closing her eyes once more as she could no longer take it.

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