Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare

By Masaki Masamune

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 2 Prologue

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 2 Prologue


“Umu….What should I do?”

In the town dyed red by the sinking sun, Kisaragi Takeru grumbled as he folded his arms.

Currently, his eyes had a bad look as it furrowed while he was looking around.

This modern street had a feeling of it being high class.

What were in line were what appears to be restaurants, bakeries, and even coffee shops neatly lined together.

As Takeru tread in the road made of tiles, he frowned.

He can’t remember this place at all.

But it was natural. He came here for the very first time. However, Takeru doesn’t know how to go back.

That was the situation he’s in.

“To the right? Left? Or straight ahead?”

Takeru pressed his chin with his hand in wonder. There were lot of students walking around casually.

A very normal scene of every after school—–.

But, there was one abnormal thing about it.

All of the students here possess a sword.

Takeru knows that they weren’t weapons used in modern times.

But, Takeru whom just came from another world just the other day, know that they are the strongest weapon here.

—-This is truly another world huh….

Takeru really thought about it much when he heard an audible small voice.

“Hey, hey. Isn’t that person’s…..”

“Black hair and black eyes. Yeah he’s that rumored Yamato guy who studies in our department.”

“Yeah, yeah! Look, he doesn’t even have a sword. His uniform’s different too.”

That was the conversation between the two western high school students.

Those girls ran up to Takeru.

He felt a bad premonition.

If he get caught by them, high chance that he’s going to be dragged on by them. Also, if Sakuya sees this, it will become troublesome.

After Takeru’s black hair and black eyes came into light as him being someone from Yamato, different number of students came talking to him. And that was the cause of Sakuya’s grumbling from time to time.

Why are there so many people so conscious of Takeru’s existence——- or so she says.

In this world, the people of Yamato can be considered as an endangered race.

However, they weren’t rare.

Takeru came to this world where 《Regunare》, superior weapons to the 《Replica》 which are naturally used by people as weapons.

Those people who inherit the blood of Yamato are people who are deemed to be as people whose existence are valued high.

“Um, excuse me—–”

Before the girl even finished his words, Takeru instantly interjected.

“You got the wrong person…”

Then, the girl went “E-eh?” with her eyes twinkling in bewilderment.

“I’m sorry but I’m in a hurry.”

He immediately stopped the conversation. Takeru started to briskly walked straight forward.

“For him to bluntly blurt it out like that…. Did I get the wrong one…..?”

Listening to her puzzled voice behind his back, Takeru quickly fled away from the area.

As expected. They’re not chasing after me right?

That’s what Takeru thought as he waited for a while.

—–At the next moment.

Don. There was a slight impact. He seemed to have knocked someone down.

Dosa, dosadosa. What came next was the sound of something rustling.

Seeing in front of him was a girl who landed down on her bottom. The saber in attached in her waist made a clanking sound.

What Takeru saw was her silver hair that extends to her back rustled. And a blue eyes with round pupils as if they were jewels.

Even though the current season is summer, she was wearing a muffler for some reason. The wind blows and she closed her eyes. Her muffler also swayed.

What’s under her muffler were luggage that scattered.

“Sorry. Are you alright?”

While saying those words, Takeru extends his hand to her but when their eyes met, she then avert her head. She placed her hand on the ground and stood up by herself.

She was a child of small stature.

Looking closely at her, she might even be a middle school student.

She then reaches out to her luggage that was scattered.

The pack which was stylishly wrapped was a handbag. Is there clothes? Is there anything stuffed in there?

Takeru helped picking things up. He then said.

“My bad. And then, sorry, I’ll be troubling you for a bit. Can you tell me the direction of Lumen in the Academia? I just became lost, you see.”

It would have been fine if he asked those girls earlier but they might ask lots of stuff from him. It was good that he avoided them.

Takeru was waiting for reaction from the girl before him. But she never spoke one word. She then started to walk.

The answer seems to be a no.

Looking at her small appearance, Takeru breathes out a sigh. He then began to walk the opposite direction of the girl.

“It was my bad knocking you down. Bye.”

Saying those words as he turn back, he heard a voice from his back.

“…….Aren’t you coming? That’s the opposite direction.”

The girl who hardly expressed her feelings turned around and looked at Takeru.

“You want to guide me?”

The girl hesitantly nodded from his question. Takeru then followed her small back.

Takeru then run next towards the girl.

“I’m sorry. You really saved me. That seems to be heavy. Let me help then.”

“It’s not a problem. This amount of heaviness is nothing for a student.”

—–Well. That’s true—– Is what Takeru thought as he walked besides the girl.

After that, the girl brought Takeru to the place of Lumen.

The muffler girl then said “……..See you then.” as she faced the sinking sun walking away.


The Lumen Department is located within the university campus.

After Takeru separates from that girl, he entered one of the buildings among the Lumen Department.

He then rode the elevator to the seventeenth floor and arrived on a certain room.

That place was the night-duty room prepared in there.

But at the present time, it is currently the only territory Yamato has within the Academia of Ether Float.

That’s right. In this Academia, every other nations had their own wide territory but Yamato only has this sole single room.

Though saying that, it is only a loaned place.

In other words, the nation called Yamato is currently in a desperate pinch.

Takeru uses the Key Card lended by Sakuya to him and opened the lock.

“I’ve returned.”

Saying it while opening the door, it was a narrow six tatami room.

Within the room was the Yamato’s, who’s country currently dying, princess with a half bent body.

She was Sakuya.

—–And then, why’s she half naked?

Sakuya can be seen wearing on her short pants.

She had beautiful black hair. With that, her obsidian black eyes opened wide.

She had white cheeks and a fairly shaped chin. Whereunder, she has a decent milky-white chest. As Takeru remembers, it should have been a bit bigger.


Sakuya who went “Aaaaaah…” had her white cheeks dyed red.

Big tear blots formed in her eyes.

“Ta, Ta-Ta-, Takeru, you…..! Didn’t I tell you to ring the chime…..?!”

“My…. my bad.”

Sakuya howled as she glared at Takeru.

“Whe-, Wh-wh-wh-when are you going to stop looking?! Takeru! Lo-, lo-lo-lo-lo-look that way! A-, a-a-a-a-are you doing this on pur-, pur-pur-purpose?!”

After being told, Takeru turned away.

“I get it. Forgive me.”

“Fo-, forgive….? Forgive you you said? Why are you being haughty?! That’s not how you apologize! Can you please shut the door down?!”

“O-, oh.”

After being told, Takeru closed the door and waited for a while.

Afterwards, the door was open from within. Sakuya muttered with a pouty voice: “It’s fine now.”.

“I get it. Just don’t be angry.”

“I’m not angry.”

Sakuya donned a pouting face with a “muu~”.


“My bad.”

“…. Is that really what you think?”


“If that’s really what you think, you understand you’re apologizing for something right?”

Surely that was sure to be apologized about. Well, that is there’s two.

“Firstly, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to see Sakuya changing clothes.”

“Hmm. So, how many times have you seen me? You’re not doing this on purpose aren’t you? Other than this time, weren’t there also other times? How many times have you done it, I wonder. Spill it out.”

Sakuya said so as she glared at Takeru who is standing in front of the room.

“Yeah, not really like that. You don’t need to know, I think.”

“….What’s with that? If you’re going to say something, finish it till the end.”

Takeru was extremely hesitant. His sweat drips down. For now, if he speak at this moment, it would probably result into something not good. Nevertheless, why she has implying that he needs to apologize tacitly? It was indescribable for him to show on his mouth.

Having said that, Takeru can’t think of anything to end this current situation.

Resolving himself, he answered.

“Since the ‘Was hitting me necessary?’ part. I’m sorry. Surely, thinking about size can be important but, were my eyes that strange at that time? Or, did Sakuya’s chest get bigger in short time? I do not know. However—-”

To the speaking Takeru who kept prattling on and on, Sakuya screamed.

“This idiotic Takeru–!!!”

Sakuya immediately grabbed the nearby red scabbard. A scabbard with no blade sheathed on it.

It’s name is, 《Ryuutou Usebeni Zakura》.

It is one of the strongest sword in this world. The 《Regunare》. The said blade that reside in it was said to be lost long time ago. However, despite losing the blade it has, it is still holding a vast amount of power.

With the Ether Sakuya emits, the atmosphere trembles in terror.

Sakuya made a pre-emptive jump. He can see her black hair flowing from her back.

With extreme speed granted by the red scabbard, Takeru immediately faced his forehead down.



Takeru breaths out thrusting his hands towards where the red scabbard swings to.

A splendid sword catch.

Both left and right hand of Takeru caught the red scabbard. The wind pressure from both hands and scabbard hit the wall, creating an unpleasant noise. Shock waves passes through the corridor behind Takeru.

“That was dangerous.”

Takeru exhales.

Sakuya gnashed her teeth. She forcibly tried to strike with the red scabbard.

With a grinding sound, the two presses on with each other.

Sakuya releases her clutch on the red scabbard and grasps Takeru.

“Idiot! Idiot! Takeru, you idiot! Why won’t you strike back! Idiot!”

Whilst her saying that, Takeru’s chest kept getting hit by Sakuya’s fist repeatedly.

While looking at her, Takeru awkwardly spoke.

“….. My bad.”

Being told by that, Sakuya pouts her lips.

“Geez. You’re really hopeless Takeru……. Ne-, next time be careful to what you might see okay?”

No matter what, speaking with Sakuya barefooted in front of the room was in itself embarrassing.

“……I get it. For the time being, it’s already fine so get inside.”

Sakuya then says with a pouty cheeks.

“No way. I’m not listening to what Takeru says.”

“……… Huh?”

For a moment there, Takeru blinked in surprise as he did not understand what she said.

Sakuya had a sulking face repeating what she said last time.

“No way. You’re not getting in.”

To Takeru, he had no idea what Sakuya’s plotting at all.

“Wait a moment, what do you mean by that Sakuya?”

“Because Takeru won’t listen to a thing I say. You were also reluctantly replied to me. You saw me. I don’t want to hear anything you want to say.”

— not a thing?

Being suddenly told of estrange words, Takeru doubts if he mistakenly heard it.


Just what this means? Has the heat melted his brains?

“What do you mean by that? Sakuya, you’re acting like a child here.”

“A-, a child you say?”

“Yeah. Rather than a child, more like a baby.”

Hearing that, Sakuya was abashed. She then trembles.

And then, her face was flushed red.

“Sakuya, what kind of joke is this?”

“Nyo-, nyothing at nyall….. It’s, it’s just a joke.”

Sakuya, while biting at her own words, spoke.


Taking out her hands, Sakuya faces away and spoke again in a mysterious manner.

“It’s because I relied on you once already, I thought it would be fine but it wasn’t!!! It wasn’t at all!!!”

“Is your brain okay?”

“I-I-I-I-It’s fine already! Forget about it!!!”

Dosu dosu. Sakuya entered inside the room while making a noise.

Her fluttering black hair turned back to Takeru.

“Ah, that’s right—-”

Muttering with that kind of face, it was the usual Sakuya.

She wasn’t sulking and her scabbard was not there too, it was the usual serious Sakuya.

“Takeru, Tomorrow’s the preliminaries for the Velm Ramina.”

Being told so, Takeru nodded.

“Yeah. I heard it in the Academia. Velm Ramina, a kind of tournament where everyone participates in to decide who’s going to be the top 1.”

Just thinking about fighting makes Takeru’s blood boiling.

Rather than this world, his former world just hold him back.

Together with other people, this world’s highest summit, the Academia.

Moreover, a tournament to determine the one to be at the top.

Just thinking about it gives him the excitement.

His lips naturally carve into a smile.

“Say Sakuya. Could it be that it’s a harsh one?”

“Yes. Totally. People who surpasses humanity are gathered here in Academia after all. Moreover so, they fight battles where humanity wouldn’t definitely survive. These people seriously fights with each other.”

After pausing for a bit, Sakuya continues.

“And then, they gain fame and riches as much as they want. It’s a serious path everyone wants to step on, that is Elysion.  The one who reaches the top becomes their country’s leader though it’s difficult.” (TLN: Elysion is written as 神の領域 or The Domain of God)

“Really nice. I’m gonna enjoy that.”

“If it’s Takeru, I believe that you’ll be alright. I’m already a seed since I have a 《Regunare》, so I don’t have to be in the preliminaries but good luck okay? I’m expecting a lot from you.”

Saying that, Sakuya smiled.

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