Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare

By Masaki Masamune

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Epilogue

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Epilogue


The day after fighting Alberto.

Takeru was in a white sickroom.

A private room. On that clean bed was Sakuya.

Sakuya’s eyes were closed shut and won’t open.


Takeru, while looking at her, called out to her name.

His feelings were a mixture of both gratitude and sympathy towards this girl.

Because Sakuya summoned him. She saved him from the boredom of his world.

She demonstrated him that unusual powers. Showing him a place where he can enjoy.

However, because of that, she’s currently sleeping now.

Sakuya lost her power because of her being 『usually』 targeted resulting to her being fallen.

If Takeru was a little bit more faster, this shouldn’t have happened to Sakuya.

That in itself gave a painful feeling to his chest.

The doctor said, seven places have fracture in her body including her ribs and arms. There’s also internal organ damages. There were lot of places where she got injured. Sakuya’s body is so beaten up.

Did he save her? Or did he not?

Takeru pondered about it. At that time, he heard Sakuya groaning voice.

“U, uun……”

She opened her eyes slowly.


Takeru seeing Sakuya’s face, grips her hand.

“Argh…! Owowowow….. Wha-, what? Something happened?”

Seeing Sakuya woke up, Takeru shed tears.

“…….Thank god you woke up. Till now, you kept on sleeping.”

“U, un…..?”

Takeru having a grieving expression, Sakuya gradually became suspicious to it.

“Wa-, was it really that bad of me…….?”

“Ye-, yeah…….”

“E-, eeh? Re-, really?”

“My bad.”

“………Yeah. Can you tell me one thing?”

“Your whole body had seven fractures all around. Moreover, your internal organs are damaged. Also—-”

Recalling what the doctor have said, Takeru explained to Sakuya.

Sakuya looked doubtful.

“Eh? And then?”

“And then you, have serious illness!”

“…Ah, I see. Now I see. So that’s what huh. Takeru—– as an owner of a sword, I’m already okay you know?”


“Our self healing ability is increased right? That’s why, I’ll be fine a little bit of rest.”

“…… You serious?”

Saying that, Takeru breathes out a sigh.

Apparently, that was Sakuya’s daily life. Takeru think its just fine.

“Do you want to eat the apple?”

Takeru brings out a bag. They were the apples prepared by Noel.

The apples must be for the sick visit or so Takeru thought.

“Eh?! Takeru, you can peel apple?”

Sakuya had an unexpected reaction. Takeru pulled out the fruit and a knife from the cupboard in the sickroom.

He peeled the apple with the knife. He carefully peeled it with the other side of his hand.

At that moment, the apple exploded.

Takeru’s hands were covered by the apple’s juice. Seeing that, Sakuya smiled wryly.

“Well now. Hand it over. I’ll show you how.”

Sakuya received the apple and the knife from Takeru. She averted away her face as she peeled it and making Takeru speechless.

Even though, her cheeks were dyed red. She was dyed red up to her nape, she then spoke faintly.

“……….That, um, for saving me……………Thank you. I’m…. happy I guess?”

That appearance was somehow cute and made Takeru grin.

“Yeah. Me too. For taking care of me. Thank you.”

Un. Sakuya nodded as she looked younger smiling

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