Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare

By Masaki Masamune

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Chapter 4

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Cherry Blossom Princess of the Dying Country

—-Good grief. Just what’s with Noel.

It would be nice if I didn’t come today…. is what Sakuya thought as she sighs inside the classroom.

To begin with, Takeru’s an idiot. Taking every chance he gets to get closer to her.

Once again, she let out a weary sigh.

Currently, it’s lunchtime since Noel, who came over to stay overnight.

Even if Takeru and I are separated at school, I should slowly calm down—– Though that was Sakuya thinking, she still ended up thinking about Takeru.

And when she noticed, she furrowed her eyebrows. Sakuya was then approached by the lone girl next to her.

It’s the girl from Goertz who’s her classmate. She was someone whom she rarely speaks with.

“Um, Konozuka-san. Here…”

So she said and handed down a white envelope. There was a fragment of affection in the envelope.

“Th-, this is the first time I’ve received a letter from a girl…”

Sakuya spoke with a perplexed tone making her waving her hands in panic.

“Yo-, you’re wrong. You’re someone trusted by Noel-san.”

“…. That’s rare of her.”

Said Sakuya as she receives it, the Goertz girl raises her hand.

“Well then, that’s it.”

Sakuya expressed her gratitude, the girl then turned back towards her seat, and Sakuya opens the envelope.

What’s written inside the letter was a business-like speech. What’s inside was a summon for Sakuya.

Sakuya frowned with a “Muu…”, and crammed the letter from the envelope inside her desk.

“…. Well, let’s go after school then.”

And then after school, Sakuya headed to the place she was called at.

The rendezvous point was written in the letter which was left inside her desk.

She goes out of Academia and immediately went to that place. A town of neutrality where it is not part of any country’s dominion.

After coming to that town, it is still continued to be a neutral area where meadows and forest still exist.

When Sakuya arrived, she looked out in the meadow. However, for something like picnic and hiking, isn’t the grass on this place have grown too much?

“So, what do you want? Calling me out to this place.”

Sakuya called out to the other party, Goertz’ manual girl, Noel.

Noel, whose twintails are swaying, spoke.

“I’m sorry for calling you out to this place.”

Sakuya was confused as she saw Noel bowing down where she can see her back.

“Now it reminds me, your 《False Sword》. Did you get a new one?”

On Noel’s back was her 《False Sword》 that she always carry which was destroyed by Takeru.

“This one is a substitute. Until that one is fixed, I am temporarily using this Rank 1 kid.”

Which reminded her that the current Noel was weaken considerably.

Sakuya who heard that emits out a little bit power from her body.

“Fuun. I thought that me being called out to this place was you inviting me out for a duel.”

“There’s no way it’s true. This talk of ours just in case, I don’t want any other person from any country to hear it.”

“Then how about Vento within the Academia? Shouldn’t Goertz’ police be good enough?”

Noel shook her head in refusal.

“That would be unfair. To speak with someone in equal terms, you should speak with that someone in a preferable place. Is what was written in the manual.”

“…… So you chose this place huh.”

Sakuya was amazed by Noel. She look around the meadows that stretches wide.

“This place isn’t bad. You can take a good look around, there’ll be no one coming nor recognize us. So you don’t have to worry about eavesdropping.”

“You could say that….. Well, fine then. So, what’s your business?”

Noel became silent for a bit, matching her line of sight with Sakuya.

“Konozuka Sakuya…. What do you think of him, Kisaragi Takeru that is.”

At that moment, Sakuya was at loss for words.

“Nothing really, I don’t feel compelled to answer that question. Though I don’t know why you asked that.”

Noel looked at Sakuya and quietly confirms her facial expression.

“Konozuka Sakuya. This would depend on you but, I think we can cooperate. That’s why, let me hear your what you want. However, that will only be it.”


“That’s right. A cooperation. It’s difficult for you to achieve it alone but with the two of us, it can be done. Depending on your answer, my country will cooperate with you. That would be for the best, is what the higher-ups have said. There shouldn’t be any disadvantages for the both of us.”

After Noel’s done with her speech, silence continues on.

“Now then, tell me what you wish for.”

Sakuya was at lost by her words.

For Sakuya, her wish doesn’t only limit to one.

She wants to raise a country where every person from Yamato could live on and be protected. It was necessary for her to the point where it can be already called as obsession.

However, at present time, her home country have already fell into a crisis. She can’t protect her people. That was her situation.

That’s why, her answer’s already decided.

Sakuya spoke without hesitation.

“I want to protect Yamato.”

“However, Konozuka Sakuya, that country has already been checkmated. It is already been a place where life won’t bloom anymore. The remains there is only nothing but ruins. However, do you still want to?”

Even if Noel said that, Sakuya, until now, never thought of anything other than that.

“Even if it’s like that. I am already in this position.”

“Then, please cooperate. Please hand over Kisaragi Takeru over to my country.”

Hearing those words of her, Sakuya’s heart had a huge leap. She gulps down then answers.

“….That’s not possible.”

“Why? If the event of the people of Yamato gone, Goertz can still support you people. Our countries can then create an alliance.”

Sakuya didn’t nod her head, Noel spoke after she spat out a sigh.

“I see. If you had a child with Kisaragi Takeru, Yamato will then prosper, is that it? That’s nothing but a sheer dream don’t you think so? Are you clinging to such delusion?”

Sakuya was questioned by Noel. The discomfort in her stomach boils up.

“You’re wrong! That’s not what I feel about that. Because, I will be together with those guys.”

Those people who brazenly approaches Sakuya. Those people who are hated by Sakuya. She doesn’t want to be desecrated by those guys. However, that was the only effective method.

《Regunare》 demonstrates it’s highest performance around the age of twelve to twenty years old or so they say. And then, their power steadily declines. That’s why, for Sakuya to protect Yamato, it was needed to do. But if it was someone who is a pure-blood from Yamato, the chance for her to protect her country goes up.


—-The one who summoned Takeru was me after all.

“He’s my responsibility.”

“You’re being in a contradictory position right now. But no matter how think about it, there’s no light(hope) in that road.”

“Even if it’s not right now, still, the possibility is not zero.”

“….I don’t understand.”

Noel seemed to be amazed by Sakuya.

“Even if you don’t, it’s not a problem.”

As a person of his own country, Takeru will not forsake it too.

“Are you perhaps done with the talk?”

“Yes. I was not instructed any further than that. I will further do anything more than that.”

She’s been asked by many questions but Sakuya gradually fixed her composure.

She can faintly feel the clogged up fog cleared up.

“Oh, I see.”

If you think about it, it was a very easy answer.

“I don’t want the people around me unhappy.”

It was dazzling momentarily.

She remembers the shivering sensation of her muscles around her spine. This dread. The mixture of sense of danger and unpleasant feelings.

The idea of moving her body quickly appeared.

Sakuya kicking the meadow without hesitation, Noel pushes down her two hands.

As Noel falls down on her back, she shouted surprised.

“Wha-!? Wha-, what are you suddenly—”

The next moment, scorching flames passes through. She did not touch it but, it was hot enough to scorch her back.

In the rear of Sakuya, a violent explosion sound reverberates.

Sakuya, while pushing down Noel, looked around. The area where Noel stood earlier had a huge gouged out hole.

The other side was covered with thick black smoke.

“What’s with this. That couldn’t be instigated by….. that’s not it. Sorry.”

If the real target was Noel, then that wouldn’t be an attack from Goertz.

“Yes. That attack wouldn’t benefit Goertz at all.”

After the smoke have calmed down, there were two boys on the other side.

They were a little bit tall. They also had body in symmetry. One was a blonde who wore glasses. He, Alberto expresses a smile with his mouth that seemed to be arrogant.

And then, the other person he’s with was named David.

They were carrying their drawn out 《False Sword》 with their hands. That is, they’re in attack mode. When they fired from their swords, the air trembled. They felt that their vision have distorted slightly.

“…..Why are you here?”

Sakuya gave a glare to the two Neorika men.

Alberto threateningly spoke.

“That’s not good, Sakuya-kun. For you to leave that letter under your desk.”

Sakuya bit her lips.


Perhaps, someone from Neorika in her class leaked that information to him.

“For you to be a stalker, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

“Aren’t your sense of danger also insufficiently low? You are also here without a companion either.”

“…..Oh shut up. I do have one. A comrade that is.”

“Is that so? The other one’s nothing but an insect, isn’t she? However, he’s not here right now.”

Alberto shrugs his shoulders as he said so.

“With that opportunity, I was thinking of having an honest talk with you.”

Sakuya didn’t hid the unpleasant feelings she have and spat out.

“Then, you didn’t have to target Noel.”

“Well, she might interject with that mouth of hers. There might also be possibility for you to not agree with my invitation.”

“Didn’t I rejected you already for so many times?”

Alberto forgetting that he attacked first, donned a gentle smile.

“Well, won’t you listen to my story? You should already be mine. You should be happy by now. And then, hand the 《Regunare》 of Yamato to me. Surely, it would be better for you.”

“Huh? Don’t screw with me.”

“I’m not screwing with you. It will be fine. I swear that I’ll help the people of your country.”

“That invitation of yours, I’ve already rejected it.”

“Did that happen? If so, that’s right. I swear that Takeru-kun will never be able to use his hands.”

Hearing him say that, Sakuya’s lips closed as she grimaced.

“Are you hesitating? I understand that. You’ve seen it for a long time now. I thought of ways to make you mine. Perhaps you might be a responsible human. Though it is only a guess, you may be perhaps indebted to him. And it is quite big too.”

Sakuya bit her lips as Alberto continues to speak.

“There’s no way for you to be safe being together with that guy. ”

“……That might be true.”

“That’s why, I promise you. I will protect you. I will protect everything around you. However, you’ll only spend your time in my house. To eat, sleep, and to be happy, that’s what I only think for you to do. And then, you will be someone who will give birth to my children.”

Sakuya slowly breathe out.

An unpleasant chill swept across Sakuya’s cheeks.

“I don’t think that proposal of yours is not bad. However, I loathe you though I have a feeling that my body will just be fine.”


Alberto having a glad-looking expression, Sakuya boldly declares.

“However, I refuse. Didn’t I tell that I don’t like it? I can’t trust your human nature. You will fail. Even if you held me dear and protected me, it will turn into a drawback after you discarded me. If that’s the case, if you’ll protect this hand, it needs be hundred billion times better.”

Alberto said with disappointment.

“Is it so….? That’s pitiable.”

“….. Pitiable?”

“If you had agreed here, it would’ve been good for your future. You have already been decided earlier.”

“What are you saying?”

After being asked, Alberto replied back to her as if it was nothing.

“I told you already didn’t I? I’ll take you back forcibly. Let’s chop off your feet. Let’s chop off your arms. The only thing left will be you special features.”

Declaring such insane statement, Sakuya’s spine froze as if the whole water in her body froze.

“It can’t be help since you’re resisting right? If you only had agreed earlier, even if you only loved me despite just acting it.”

Alberto from his throat, had a dark smile.

“I might be able to defeat you here right now since you’re quite weakened. You’re out of shape for the past days right?”


“Well then, let’s try it, David. The you right now, can you defeat her?”

This huge man was being silent since a while ago and now his teeth can be seen from his smile.

“As expected of Alberto. You have my thanks for bringing me here. I want her mouth to spout it once pleading to stop.”

“I won’t say that. However, do you think you can get away?”

David, with his deep voice, replied “That’s right.” Gripping his unrefined 《False Sword》, he placed it in his thick shoulder.

“Konozuka Sakuya. Leave this place to me. As stated in the manual, the school’s discipline corps should suppress any uprisings.”

Sakuya shakes her head to the words of Noel.

“Wait. This problem is caused by me. Also, your 《False Sword》—”

Sakuya’s words were interrupted by Noel who had serious looks.

“Even if it’s like that, I will not overlook this. Konozuka Sakuya, you should shut up and watch.”

“Hey, hey. Are the two of you going to take me on? Aren’t the two of you weak right now? Aside the one from Vento, I want to try the best of the princess from Yamato.”

David smiles blithely. With that, Noel scornfully laughed.

“Ha. Are you an idiot? Do you think a 《False Sword》 can beat a 《Regunare》? Is your brain consist of nothing but muscles? However, I can’t stomach it—- for you to think that you’ll be able to defeat me.”

“Very nice. So it comes to difference between wisdom and abilities.”

To the giant who widened his smile, Noel coldly glares back.

“It seems that you don’t know our difference between our abilities, don’t you? That I am a ninth ranker of Vento. I won’t lose even if you’re a fourth ranker in Flame.”

“But, what you have is a rank 1 《False Sword》. Mine’s a rank 7 you know?”

“Whether be it rank 7 or rank 1, that doesn’t matter at all.”

After Noel said that, she sent side glances to Sakuya.

“—-Konozuka Sakuya. In one minute, I will end this guy in one minute.”

Noel unsheathes the huge 《False Sword》 that she carries in her back as she slides its blade on her palm.

Then, the 《False Sword》 shines with golden color.

As if it was screams of innumerable monsters, a sound that would pierce through the ears of the world.

“Sword Essence———Release——–!”

The 《False Sword》 released a fierce surging power thus rewriting the world.

It didn’t exist but illusionary cog wheels that looked like holograph manifested.

“Climax from the very start desu. I won’t be going easy on you.”

Noel turns her 《False Sword》 that looked like a chunk of metal at David.

Bazun~ Albeit impossible, the laws of the world have been bent.

With such sound, David pursed his lips. His gigantic figure shook painfully.

“—–…. —–…”

“You’ll be having hard time breathing while battling desu. Soon, you’ll lose consciousness after running out of power so let me say this first, —Goodbye.”

Noel sharply kicks down the meadow, sprung herself with the speed of gale.

Noel swung down her huge 《False Sword》 down without a hitch.

Wind that cuts through sound. Next was metallic sounds.

David repelled it with his 《False Sword》 from down under.

With such force, Noel used it to sprung back in the air. David’s head was hit by her heel. Just how much power does that small heel of her has? David’s feet sunk down to the ground. Noel once again jumped from his reaction.


Not letting him get away, she gave pursuit. Noel kicks through the space with vigor whilst brandishing her 《False Sword》. A sword attack added with a roaring sound scattered as it tore upon the atmosphere.

“With strengthened the wind, to hold your footing…. It needs quite the skill…..”

From what Sakuya can see, David, who had large build was reduced down into a defensive fight.

Noel released attacks quicker than the wind without mercy many times.

“W-with this, I’ll win….!”

David was hit by her 《False Sword》 in his abdomen, blowing to the back. He rotates many times in the air then collided in the meadow. Za, zazaza—– As his large body came to a stop leaving a gouged hole in the meadow.

There, pressing him for his answer, Noel releases the wind blade she created.

The wind in the surrounding compressed to its utmost limits turning into a windstorm piercing the fallen giant. The earth blasted upwards from the explosion.

“…. Is this the rank 4 of Flame can do? It didn’t even took one minute.”

Noel exhales then pointed the tip of her 《False Sword》 to Alberto.

“You’re next in line. You should better give up.”

Alberto furrowed his eyebrows in a good way whilst closing his eyes in discomfort.

“Till when are you going to fool around, David?”

Hearing those words, David’s huge body slowly rose up. Albeit covered in dirt, there’s not one scratch on him.

David swung his 《False Sword》 with all his strength after getting up. Then, his 《False Sword》 radiated red hot light. Seeing that redness feels like scorching hot.

“My bad, my bad. That attack was so shabby so I just.”

“Don’t mess around too much. It makes it look like we’re running away.”

“I know, I know.”

Noel was injured with a wound. She painfully stared dumbfounded on David.

“No way. That couldn’t be….. It can’t be. After all, you aren’t suppose to be able to breathe…..

Why are you able to talk?”

“I broke it. You should suppose to know. Regla Elementum. Wind powers up the flame is the reason. That’s why I’m able to break through with brute force.

Regla Elementum is a theory of which originates from the four elements cradled back in the ancient west.

Wind burns on Fire. Fire dries the Earth. Earth cools the Water. Water dampens the Wind. A law of strengthening elements.

“Even if……! But still, there’s the difference between our abilities….!”

To Noel whose body stiffens, David laughed scornfully and declared.

“Yeah, there’s difference. So, what now? One minute already passed. That line was supposed to be yours. Kahahaha.”


“Well then, my turn next. If it’s one minute for you, then I’ll do it in one second.”

In the next moment, David already appeared before Noel. Sakuya barely saw his acceleration. Noel on the other hand, failed to react.

“I-, I’ll show you…..!”

David, with a dignified impression, threw his 《False Sword》 to Noel. Noel on the other hand, blocked it with her own 《False Sword》. But, her 《False Sword》 was deflected by the bigger one.

Not giving time to retrieve his 《False Sword》, David instead, pulled out another 《False Sword》.

Noel’s eyes opened wide.

And then, the 《False Sword》 in front of her, beat her up. Like a massive clump of steel, it was a violent attack.

Noel was blown off to the air and landed on her small back.

Don! It made a violent sound. Noel’s body strike the meadow.

As if it was an explosion. From that roaring sound, a crater was made in the hole on the ground.

Noel fell down at its center.

The difference in their abilities, it was so obvious, Sakuya did not expect that but it was there.

Receiving that attack from her opponent, Noel’s fallen body trembled .

“He, he destroyed my Ether Barrier in one hit….? No way…… why….. is this the difference in our abilities…..?”

Noel dizzily said as if she was talking in delirium.

“Now then, time for the finisher. Die.”

Towards Noel’s vacant eyes, David brandished his red hot 《False Sword》.

Certainly, she’ll feel the weight of that lump of steel if it is swung down at her.

“—–I won’t let that happen!”

Sakuya swiftly break through. Using her own body as a shield, Sakuya jump in front of Noel.

Sakuya’s shoulder was hit from the full blow of David’s attack. An unpleasant noise rang from her bone.

“Guh…… uu……”

Sakuya endured the pain. She held her red scabbard and resolutely strike at David.

David accepted it with his body. He gave a groan whilst standing. He braced his legs down in the meadows and was blown ten meters away.

Seeing their appearances, Noel opened her eyes wide upon seeing the two.

“Konozuka….. Sakuya…..? Wh-, why…..?”

“Noel, are you fine I wonder?”

“I’m…. Alright….. However, you’re…..!”

To the dizzy eyed Noel, Sakuya said nothing but one word.

“……I’m sorry.”

“Wh-, Why are you apologizing? I was supposed to be the one protecting you…. It was supposed to be me.”

Sakuya while looking at the tattered Noel, had a face of her biting her lips.

“I got you involved in this troublesome mess after all. And that’s, my responsibility.”

“…….. Wha-, what are you…. what are you saying?”

Sakuya stretches her hand out to Noel who dizzily talked.

“……Noel. Can you get up?”

Grasping the hand of Sakuya, Noel staggeringly stood up and then replied back.

“Please run.”

“However, currently, you’re power……”

“Yeah. These two small fries are just nothing.”

Says Sakuya as she smiled. Sakuya thought about it with a smile.

There’s no way that it would be an easy victory. However, I should buy time for Noel to escape!

“There’s no way it could be. It’s impossible to win……”

“Forget about it. I don’t have the time to chat here. Just call out for some please. —-Until then, I’ll hold them off back here.”

Sakuya forcefully donned a smile. She pointed the direction of the Academia with her chin.

“Oi, oi. You’re thinking of running huh? It’s not just me but Alberto’s here too you know?”

David laughed scornfully as he look down but Sakuya ignores it.

Sakuya’s beautifully lacquered scabbard in red rotated in her hand.

“—–Dance——Ouen Kekkai!”

It swirled for an instant. The world was colored by the sakuras.

The sakuras did a boisterous dance.

There was no tree for the sakura yet, petals of sakura fluttered down.

The power that rewrites the reasoning of this very world, the 《Regunare》 It doesn’t follow any common sense since it is the common sense. They create from nothing and makes creation into nothing. They distorts the law.

The person that holds it can its power to ReWrite the world.

However, Sakuya is already exhausted in using it. Her bold move of using it made her bit her lips.

The sweat from Sakuya’s body is already falling down like waterfall. Her breathing already became rough.

“Hurry up and go already, you damn idiot!”

Sakuya pushed away the back of Noel.

To the pushed Noel, she ran away.

“I’m not letting you go!”

David holds out one hand and chases after her. The petals dried upon touching his hand.

“When you touch those petals, it will burn.”

The petals that dropped to the hand of David already turned white then burned.

“Uooooooooo!?! Fo-, for me to– They burn if I touch them?!”

David panickly extinguished the flame on his arm. His eyes opened wide in surprise.

However, Ouen Kekkai didn’t end there. With an overwhelming temperature, the sakuras danced and burned his Ether Barrier. With that, Sakuya pierced the two Flames with her gaze.

“I absolutely won’t let you chase after her.”

Sakuya’s body will collapse any time soon but, she commanded her body to stand up in her two legs.

“Flame is just not the one that specializes in heat. Yamato’s 《Regunare》 have the attribute of light. I won’t lose in flames if it just in power.”

While Alberto scowled at Sakuya, he spoke in a vexed tone.

“Tch. David. Switch to defense. Let’s just wait for a while.”

As Alberto said so, he defended himself from the sakura with his 《False Sword》.

“But man, that Goertz girl is running away you see?”

“Chasing after her is already impossible. Although she might be wounded, she’s still a Vento. Even though they’re not that powerful, their feet is still fast.”

Alberto said to David whom had a dissatisfied face.

“But we can’t just leave any evidence alone. We could make that Sakuya was attacked by the Goertz. We could insist on that. —-However, we’ll still be doubted I guess.”

“Such thing, will that be alright?”

“Well, my family back in the country will do something about it.”

The falling sakuras gradually decreased.

When most of the petals disappeared, Sakuya felt the power leaving her body as she knelt down.

“Let’s bring her back to Neorika’s territory. Only an idiot would  try to invade our country.”

And then, all of the sakuras completely disappeared. The only remains was the scorched meadow.

Alberto calmly approaches the fallen down Sakuya.

Sakuya tightly grasped her red scabbard. Her face moved and glared at Alberto.

“Now then, Sakuya-kun. It’s my win. Please hand over your scabbard.”

Alberto started to snatch the red scabbard with all of his strength.

“W-, who…….Is that a question?”

“…..Say, Can’t you be honest already? I hate trouble you know?”

Alberto while saying that, trampled down Sakuya’s shoulder.


“Like I said, could you stop wasting my time?”

She was kicked. Sakuya’s body grumblingly rolled over the ground.

Still, she didn’t release the red scabbard.

“I….. absolutely….. won’t hand…. it over…..”

Alberto drew near and stepped on Sakuya’s arm for how many times over.


Sakuya stopped her rising voice. For many, many, many, many, many times. While being stepped on, her arm bended on a weird direction.

“You won’t still release it even if I break you? ……. well it’s fine. You already don’t have the power to fight. As this goes on, I’ll just take you back. David, I don’t want to get dirty from touching this one. Ah yeah right. I don’t care if you break her hands or feet, just don’t injure her abdomen. It would be a problem if she becomes unusable.”

Alberto said so while directing his gaze to David.

“I get it, Alberto.”

Sakuya’s eyes faintly sees anything as she is being carried by the giant.

—–While Noel managed to run away, her faintly voice didn’t come out in her words.


Noel Lieven ran.

She suppressed the pain screaming in her body as she kicked the ground.

“Konozuka…… Sakuya…..”

Her emotions stirred upon declaring her name.

As to why that girl have saved her, Noel doesn’t understand it.

She didn’t have to stand on the same footing as Noel does.

Those kind of things were never been written in the manual of Noel.

Sakuya’s feelings nor Noel’s current feelings, they were never be in the manual.

Inside her head is a mess. She can’t think of anything about it.

“Konozuka….. Sakuya….”

That in itself confused Noel. Till now, she only lived having followed what was stated in the manual.

As Noel ran, she pulled out her phone to either report to Goertz or the Academia’s school discipline corps.

But she understood one thing and that’s she will not make it in time.

That’s what.

She doesn’t understand anything anymore. Noel walked slowly forward.

Sakuya is already taken to Neorika’s territory. Of all possibility, that would be the most possible scenario.

If Goertz would go to another country’s territory to get Sakuya, that would take a bit of a long time. She knows that just by thinking it would do nothing. She must take action immediately.

Then, how should she do it?

It’s helpless. There’s no one she can trust to. Even in the manual, there’s nothing.

Noel only have to wait for further instructions. And what happens after that, she can’t help it but leave it that way. That was not Noel’s responsibility. Not her responsibility. There’s nothing she can do. It’s not her…… problem.

——That should have been it.

The frustration that burns in her chest remained.

It’s not possible to save Sakuya alone by herself. Having said that, there’s nothing she can do.

However, Noel knows one thing, she doesn’t know the reason for this painful feeling she has as the old winds in her rampage in anger.

Noel didn’t pay attention to where she was going. She only walked on with empty eyes on her.

Before she knew it, she already arrived at the Academia where Sakuya’s department is located.

She wiped the flowing blood on her head and she also changed her tattered clothes.

Therefore, naturally, the students of the Academia find it odd.

But even so, Noel didn’t pay it attention. Her composure wasn’t there.

Is Konozuka Sakuya safe? Wrong. It’s not her problem. Sakuya. Sakuya. Why Sakuya?

Right there, she heard a voice.


After she turned around, she found Takeru.

“Noel? It’s you Noel right? What’s with you and that appearance…..?”

It’s Takeru. Few days ago, Noel was defeated by this black haired, black eyed man. Then, she rushed over to him.

Noel’s extends her hand that is covered by dirt to Takeru.

“…….Help me.”

She shouldn’t have any reason for saying those words.

“Please….. help me….”

She then become aware of what she said. But even so, she didn’t have to ask for help.

He’s someone from another country. Moreover, he’s her opponent she dueled with. He doesn’t have any reason to help her.

That was it was supposed to be but Takeru unhesitatingly nodded.

“I see. I don’t know what happened but Sakuya didn’t returned to her room—-”

“Wrong! It wasn’t me. Sakuya was….. Sakuya was…. Please save….. Sakuya….”

While saying those words, Noel notices the wetting of the corner of her eyes.

How own actions. Her own emotions. None of them make sense to her.

“…..Did something happen?”

“Konozuka Sakuya was abducted.”

Takeru grimaced in an instant. His eyes opened wide.

“The one who did it was Neorika’s Alberto Blueforest.”

“That…… that guy huh….”

“David Redfield was with him too.”


“He’s a muscular man with a crew cut. David was…. really strong…. He was too strong for me to handle.”

Noel grinded her teeth.

“And then, Alberto’s several times stronger than David. That’s right. Just like I said.”


“Perhaps, even you won’t win against them…..”

Noel paused in her words then continued.

“Konozuka Sakuya, remained behind and told me to run away after getting defeated by David. Honestly, I don’t understand what I’m going through right now.”

“I see.”

Her emotions bursted out. Her voice was heard. That aggravated Noel.

For the sake of Takeru and Sakuya, Noel asked a proposition.

Noel’s emotions swirled strongly. Takeru or even Noel herself want to save Sakuya without the manual.

That’s what the reason behind her frustration.

This may perhaps the first time Noel did this. She shouted in a loud voice.

“‘I see’ you say? Is that only it?! You’re always together with Konozuka Sakuya yet you only give such cold answer….?!”

Noel saw Takeru’s face. She gasped.

“Noel. What kind of trivial reasoning is that?”

What was written in Takeru’s face was different kind of emotions.

Perhaps what’s in front of Noel was something she haven’t seen yet. Noel thought of it like that.

“That’s why Noel. Where’s Sakuya?”

“Probably, Sakuya’s in Neorika’s territory by now. Possibly in Blueforest house’s second home. It was built along the place of Aoi Mori.”

Noel clenches her fist. She can only do this much. Her powerlessness hurt her.

“However, you can’t go there. If you go to their country’s territory, you’re just going to antagonize their whole country.”

“So, what of it? Sakuya’s in there.”

Takeru breathes out then continued.

“Well, I’m fine with that.”

In front of Noel was someone whose actions she can’t comprehend.

Sakuya’s speech and manner of conduct already made her that angry. However, Neorika picking a fight with provocation is already a bad move. Though currently, they are the ones that boast the biggest power and influence in the Academia.

Besides Alberto, their country have numbers of strong people. Besides their guards, they are also quite skillful from the words of others. Entering it would never be a safe method.

Even after listening to all of that, will he still go to that place? If that’s the case, somehow it makes me feel jealous. Jealous? No way. Such thing doesn’t exist in the manual.

“……….Then, tell me more about that place.”

Noel finished explaining yet still can’t get grasp of his feelings. Takeru only pretended not to look at her.

“Well then, I’m going.”

“……I don’t……..understand.”

Takeru steps forward and ran away. His back became small then vanished.

Takeru is gone. He went to that place alone. Noel hugged tightly her own body.

“………….Sakuya, even Kisaragi Takeru and then myself, I…. I don’t know what’s going on……”

Noel got reminded of Sakuya.

That girl. Is she safe I wonder? If that’s the case, I want you to return safely.

Or so she wish.


Sakuya illuminated by setting sun, laying atop of someone’s lawn.

There was a European styled building next to her. The place Sakuya roll over was the outdoor garden.

Alberto and his company sat on the nearby seat. He spoke about something.

She wanted to scowl at them but her body is not listening to her.


She have thought about this many times in her head.

Sakuya wanted to save. She wanted to protect. The people, family, country, and the people that have something to do with her even herself.

That was the obvious thing.

But there was only one person that Sakuya wanted to do it.

Sakuya wanted to see him. She wanted to save that stranger.

But Sakuya didn’t have the power to save that stranger.

——Then, who will be the one who’ll save me?

There was no answer to her question.

A question she didn’t want an answer.

She didn’t even want a guess to that question.

She 『didn’t』 want to know who.  She didn’t 『want』 to be saved by anyone.

Can’t she even look back? Was her efforts on yesterday was just in vain?


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

That’s not it.

Long time ago, Sakuya remembers her decision.

『Saving me is not necessary. The situation for me to ask help doesn’t even exist in the first place. Because I’m terrible. Definitely terrible. I don’t want to be saved.』

Supposedly if she wanted to be saved, Sakuya had no one that would go great lengths to do it.

That’s why she thought of herself as special. Or so she thought.

She kept of training every single day in order to get stronger to protect her own country.

However, will its end be here?

She’s already in this helpless situation. She’s already been beaten so much. She can’t already see her chance to win.

No. Even then—– She herself can’t do anything now.


She herself isn’t shaken anymore and clasped her right hand hard. She put more strength in her right hand.

—–I. There’s nothing I can do.

What she saw with her own eyes was Alberto who spoke.

“Say Sakuya-kun. How about you already give up?”

Sakuya was in silence.

“You know, you’re already giving me headache here. You should understand your own circumstances. Trying your very best for your own country, does that really make you feel good? However you see, that really doesn’t mean anything.”

“…………Shut up.”

“You can’t even save your own self.”

While saying that, Alberto leaned over and gripped Sakuya’s lower jaw.

“First of all, just think about this hard. You know that I can save you. You understand that right?”

Says Alberto as he slides his hand down to her throat.

“….Till death I’ll refuse. For a trash like yo—–”

Alberto’s hand gripped hard on Sakuya’s throat.

“—-Ngh… guh…”

“Say Sakuya-kun. Why are you so being disobedient? Now what should I do to make you obey? I’ve been doing this for you.”

Alberto said so in frustration while tossing Sakuya’s head down to the meadow.

“I would chop off your limbs but you’re my bride. Seeing you without them would just make you look bad. You’re going to conceive our superior child and that’s the reason that would make you my legal wife. You understand?”

“…..Such tomfoolery words. Do you even understand it yourself?”

Alberto fixes his glasses with his hand.

“Ah, I see. I understand. I finally understand. For you to be like that, I finally know why.”

“…….You now know why?”

“That’s right. Should I get rid of all things important to you? Your country. Your scabbard. If you lost everything, I’m sure you’ll submit yourself to me.”


Alberto tramples down Sakuya’s body.

“Do you want to be saved? Do you want it to stop? Then plead to me. Cry and yield yourself to me.”

Sakuya squeezed out the words from her throat.

“I will….. Not. I don’t wish to be saved…….. There’s no one that’ll save me……… I won’t recognize………. such act. That’s………. unnecessary……. to me.”

“Don’t put on airs. You’re being a sore loser. Ungracefully ask me to help……..I’m tired of this. I’m done trying to persuade you. You are going to spend the rest of your life with me.”

Doga! He kicked Sakuya’s chest sending her body off away.

Sakuya shut her eyes off as she hug her body tightly as she anticipate the pain on landing to the ground.


She heard a voice. She didn’t felt the impact to the ground.

She had felt a gentle sensation from being caught.

From her blurred vision, she saw the source of the voice.

It was Takeru. Takeru was there and firmly caught Sakuya in her back.

Sakuya’s face seemed to loosen up. However, it didn’t loosened up.

Because I already decided that I didn’t need help.

Because if I did, I’ll just get them involved.

That’s why, I’ll never seek help from anyone.

Takeru breathes out a breath mixed of relief and anger.

He doesn’t know if he got here in time or not.

Sakuya already had many blood here and there in her body.

Sakuya called out to Takeru in her hoarse voice.

“………Idiot……Why did you come? I didn’t even need it.”

“You. Are you really seriously telling me that?”

“…..I am, obviously. Takeru. You won’t make it just by you alone…..Go back.”

Sakuya spat those words out.

From a separated place, Alberto fixes his glasses and said.

“You should already understand the current situation Sakuya-kun is in. Now then, with that said, hand her over and I will overlook this. I currently don’t have any interest in you right now. That’s why, I hope you’ll agree with my persuasion Sakuya-kun.”

Takeru ignores his words and asked Sakuya.

“Say, Sakuya.”

“Just go back already.”

Sakuya said so while averting her eyes away from him.

“He’ll overlook it if you just go away now….. Takeru, you wanted to enter school, did you not? No one could just enter the school through illogical methods you know? I. Even if I’m not, I’ll be able to manage someho—–”

As Sakuya continued to speak, Takeru cut her speech in the middle.

“Don’t joke with me. Stop with that farce already.”

To the words of Sakuya, Takeru strongly disagreed to it.

She must be thinking that he’s unrelated to her. That may be honorable at some point. Surely it must be honorable. There’s no mistake that’s it is honorable. However——

“My grandpa already said the same thing. My grandpa, in my place…. I hated it.”

“It’s nothing really. There’s nothing Takeru have to worry for. I didn’t need to be saved.”

Sakuya had the same look as his grandfather long time ago.

Inside his stomach, it was so hot as if a metal is being boiled and melted then poured down.

Takeru said angrily.

“Don’t fucking screw with me. I would save you of course. I don’t have to think about it. I will have to even if we’re unrelated. Even if I am going to be defeated here in this situation, I don’t have to think about it. So don’t you dare fucking screw with me.”

The girl of Yamato was shut silent. She can’t say anything.


Takeru recalled his frustration in the past. He plead to her with his earnest feelings.

He wants her to say 『Save me』 from the depths of her heart.

In the past, in order to save his grandfather, Takeru picks up his katana.

That katana demonstrated its supernatural powers and ran wildly. Before he knew it, his grandfather is already saved. And then, for some reason unknown, that katana already was absorbed by Takeru.

And then, the person name Takeru was lost.

With that, his grandfather may have regretted that till his death.

He apologized for so many times.

In every case, Takeru was very sad about it.

Even so, it’s wrong.—–That shouldn’t be.

Even so, those words weren’t enough to save him.

It’s possible that his grandfather didn’t need any help.

However, even so, Takeru didn’t want his grandfather to die.

Because he saved him, he didn’t want his grandfather to have regrets.

At that time, Takeru forcefully helped.

—–That’s why I failed.

“I’ve never thought of you as trouble. Not even once. In top of that. On top of that. Did you even think that I’m unnecessary?”

Sakuya said while tears formed in her wide opened eyes.

“………No…… You’re not….. necessary.”

“Why?! Why are you being so stubborn…..?!”

Sakuya gritted her hair trap in her teeth.

After that, like some kind of child wailing, she spoke.

“I don’t have any choice…..! Do I have any reasons to rely on anyone…..?! I don’t have anyone that I can rely on…….”

Sakuya’s words become more and more silent.

“You could….. never….. understand….. that…..”

Takeru replied while supporting Sakuya’s back.

“Then, tell me.”

Sakuya didn’t move one bit.

“—–Save me. Just one phrase. If it’s you, that would just be enough.”

Sakuya was speechless.

Takeru silently waits for Sakuya’s words.

She withhold feelings as if she was praying. Sakuya says the words he expected.


Hearing the sound of the fallen red scabbard on the ground was her small voice.

It was so poor that it won’t reach anyone’s ears. It was muttered in a weak, frail voice.

However, that voice, it certainly reached Takeru’s ears.

“That’s it.”

Whatever territory it was is just nothing.

Sakuya who heard it, lost the strength in her body and lost her consciousness.

Takeru felt something warm have filled up in his chest.

In other words, his heart is filled heartwarming thoughts.

Takeru gently lay down Sakuya in the meadow.

He walk towards Alberto and his company.

While looking at it, the blond glasses Alberto who had a cramped face said.

“I don’t understand this. I’ve been arguing with her yet she still returns back to you…. Yet why she refuses to ask me help and asks you for help instead….?! You can’t even be of help to her….! Besides, you don’t make any sense….! Kisaragi Takeru! Are you going to antagonize my whole country by yourself?! You understand that you’re being an idiot right now, don’t you?!”

Takeru replied while glaring at Alberto.


Takeru recalls the words of his grandfather.

——If someone frivolously asks for help, all you need to do is lend a hand. However, what if, even if they don’t want it, don’t leave them be even if you make an enemy of them.—

Alberto laughs scornfully.

“Hah…. Your grandfather’s orders? Must be a moldy world you grew up then.”

To Alberto, Takeru said in a low voice.

“Shut the fuck up. Who let you talk without permission?”

“Well, it’s fine. If I crush you right now, Sakuya-kun will become obedient. So with that, I express my gratitude.”

“Can you really win by just talking? Sorry, but I don’t really have the time to mess with you.”

“You are certainly an unknown factor. You could possibly be not an enemy and just with Sakuya-kun and you two are together by coincidence. I thought of you as just a small risk. In addition, if we were inside the Academia, school’s discipline corps should have already come in small groups.”

“Is that so.”

“Now, come and get him, David.”

Receiving his words, the giant with a crew cut who was sitting in a narrow chair stood up.

But even so, his big overwhelming frame gives a frightening feeling.

“Yo. You must be boasting for defeating Noel aren’t you? But, I did too beat her down. In one second.”

There, David waved and pointed his 《False Sword》. A 《False Sword》 that looked like a brilliant iron.

The delayed roaring sound of the wind goes through the ear of Takeru. His hair shook strongly.

“I see. I don’t remember boasting about it though.”

“And in terms of power, I exceeded Alberto already. Well. Don’t die easily okay? Fuun~!”

On David’s words, he rushed after kicking the ground. The kicked ground had a big explosion. Such approaching force from him as if huge mountains would get gouged out from the earth.

The giant swung downward his red glowing 《False Sword》 with all his strength.

It’s power seemingly surpassed that of a bazooka. If someone gets hit by that attack, they instantly turn into mincemeat. Any living beings on earth getting hit by that would never survive.

But that,

Takeru did nothing but extend his right hand and gripped it hard.

“Hoo… You manage to catch it. However, do you think you can contest me in terms of power? Those who oppose me always ends up in the short end of the stick. ——Oooooo!!!”

David’s muscles explosively expanded. The pressure in his body increases.

Blood vessels started to pop up in his forehead and his teeth making gnashing noise.

His power overwhelmingly strengthened just like a while a go. A power that can crush any iron so easily.

Still, Takeru didn’t nudge one bit.

“Fine then. I wasn’t being serious for some time now. Let me show you my real and serious power.”

David’s eyes become bloodshot. More of his blood vessels popped up. The ground had big cracks.

Even so, Takeru didn’t collapse.

“Ngh……! Ngu……..!”


The Yamato boy just said casually.

“Why….. aren’t you budging…..?!”

“……This level of power. It’s not making me have any fun at all. Sakuya’s food is hundred times better.”

Takeru pushed the gripped blade without any change in his position.

The 《False Sword》 hit David’s face directly at a terrific speed. From that extraordinary power, sent David directly behind without going on an arc. He crashed into the Western-style villa and crushed the European-style table and chairs. Even so, David didn’t stop. Crushing its walls, the villa disappeared.

Alberto whose glasses drooping down, blankly stared at the event happened.

“O, oi….. David? Are you still messing around?”

However, there was no reaction. The villa was turned into a miserable pile of debris.

“….I, I see. Takeru-kun. So you are really strong. E-, ehem. You knocked down David without a 《False Sword》. Are you really human? A God? A Demon? Or a monster?” 

Alberto, wiping his sweat muttered.

“Well, it’s fine. Takeru-kun. For my words telling you that you are a unfair and coward, I apologize.”

Alberto regained his composure are taking his words back. Takeru then became more wary.

Alberto shoot out his 《False Sword》.

“Takeru-kun, a fair and square duel, I challenge you!”

Alberto leaped towards Takeru. He approached him with speed that surpasses sound.

However, when he was near Takeru, he was kicked down towards the direction of sunrise.

Alberto’s kick on the ground bursted and scattered the earth making their vision hazy for a moment.

“—Do you think I would say that?”

Alberto stood close near Sakuya.

And then, he pointed his 《False Sword》 to her ankle.

“If you thought of fighting, then you are foolish. Truly a foolish one. Move one step and Sakuya-kun will end up in a pathetic state.”


Alberto’s lips shaped into crescent moon, donning a composed smile.

“She really had a beautiful shape you see but it’s regrettable. She’s going to lose her leg and won’t be able to walk. Now isn’t that pitiable?”

Takeru’s anger became as clear as white in his head.

“Why would go this bad deed so far?”

“You speak of bad deed so which one? Is that even a thing?”

Says Alberto as he steps on Sakuya’s arm.

“Bastaaard…..! Was your proposal to her was just a joke?!”

“Is marriage proposal that really serious for you? For me, I don’t have any single piece of love for her.”

Alberto, holding his 《False Sword》, flame appeared on his hand.

“——-Sword Essence Release.”

The scenery around became warped. It was a holographs of a sea of magma. Same with Noel. He was reminded by that power. The power of God. The power that can ReWrite.

Alberto donned a broad grin.

“Don’t avoid this. If you do, you know what’ll happen. —-If you understand, then DIE!”

Redder than blood. The red flame in his 《False Sword》 gushing out was swung downward.

It shoot out overwhelming raging flames. Firing pressure, his field of vision lowered down.

The world was dyed red and goes on.

Scorching flames that melts everything that exists in this very world wrapped Takeru’s body.

“Guh…… ugh……”

“……I see. So you won’t burn out huh? You must have deployed your ether barrier. Well, whoever you are, doesn’t matter. You are going to die here.”

Alberto, while trampling on Sakuya, boorishly pointed his 《False Sword》 on her eyes.

“Well then, let me show you. My trump card……

Come out! Gryphon!”

Red lines scattered on the ground. It formed into a circle then made complicated geometrical patterns on the ground.

As if it was a magic circle.

As its center was dyed bright red.

Red flames brightly burns then exploded.

In the center was a fantasy creature with an eagle for it’s head and lion for it’s body—— a gryphon. It’s whole body is covered by red flames. Because to its heat, the surrounding must be affected by the heat haze. For this abhorrent of a guy to be able to control such monster of imagination gives despicable feeling.

What kind of power “that” possesses? Takeru muttered while shuddering.

“Isn’t that now of a summoning magic……..?”

“Before I crush you, Gryphon-kun.”

To Alberto’s voice, the gryphon’s wings expanded furiously with burning flames. It flew above Takeru. It’s gigantic figure made of flame performed a stomp.


It was so hot that it burnt his body. He was forcibly being suppressed.

Takeru, while being crushed down, gnashed his teeth.

What he know is his stamina is being shaved off fast.

It must be the ether barrier but it seems that it won’t last that long enough.

“I….. have to…… Sakuya…..!”

Alberto approaches as he is convinced of his victory.

And then, he looked down on Takeru’s face.

“Why are you going to such lengths? Are you related to Sakuya-kun from the past perhaps?”

“We don’t. We’re not, alright.”


“That girl is worrying me you see. Save me, she said. You understand? I just suddenly popped out of nowhere yet she prefers me than you.”

“Is that… only it?”

“That could be it.”

“But you’re going to part with your life soon. You are foolish for saving others.”

“I still have a favor to return so. My grandpa once said.”

His whole body was burnt. Yet he’s able to move. Why?

Because he doesn’t want to lose. Not a single one of it.

“Well. There’s nothing I can do now can I?”

“That’s why, before I die, I’ll beat him and save Sakuya! Am I right, grandpa?!”

He strongly thought. He’ll absolutely save her.

In respond to his feelings, something black within Takeru wriggled.

A huge amount of energy flowed to his body.

Something filled his body. He should be able to do something by now.

The gryphon which was a lump of flames, he gripped it’s leg with his hand. He felt the hotness of it’s flame legs yet he still gripped it.

Mekya—– Something had collapsed.

The gryphon let out a shriek of anguish. At that moment, Takeru’s hand extended and the ground was gouged out. He pulled out his body then jumped out.

And then, from the flames covering him up, it turned into unknown black power. With all his strength, he strike.

The gryphon of flames exploded. Violent flames scattered. What was left were some sparks then it vanished.

“Hu-, HUH…..?!”

Alberto can’t believed what he saw.

“My gryphon-kun…. in one hit…..?!”

“Oh shut up already…..”

“Stop! If you do something to me, Sakuya-kun will…..!”

Alberto leaped towards Sakuya. He held his 《False Sword》 in his right hand.

Don’t fuck with me. Stop it. Don’t force my hand anymore……..!

Like a melted thick iron in his stomach, it was filled with anger.

In Takeru’s hand, that “katana” appeared.

It was the katana he inherited from his grandfather.

It’s blade had some kind of black power. A katana that had a black dragon coiled around it.

He brandished it and———-ZAN!

“Hii….. higyaaaaaaaa!”

The ether barrier that protected Alberto was cut in an instant and reached his body.

The 《False Sword》 held by Alberto flew away and danced in the air.

His blond hair was disheveled and he disgracefully land on the ground.

With his lost right arm, his left arm pointed to Takeru and he shouted.

“It’s a lie. A lie! There’s no way it could be! You….. you can’t even use a 《False Sword》! Isn’t that right?!”

He shouted as he was already in the brink of tears.

“Must be a trick! Unfair! How unfair! That doesn’t make sense….! There’s no way my…. my 《False Sword》 would ever….. lose….!”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“You coward! COWAAAAARD—”

“Would you shut the fuck up already…..!”

Takeru clenched his hardened left fist.

Even now, Alberto still continued to scream with all his strength.

At that moment, Takeru’s felt coldness along his spine. He jumped back.

The ground Takeru stood earlier exploded.

Alberto was protected then carried by men that wore blue uniform.

No. Not just that.

The number of these men wearing blue uniform amount up to several dozen. They were enclosing to Takeru. He remembered that these were the guys that chased after Sakuya earlier. There were also young ones in them amounting to almost thirty. All of them had the 《False Sword》 of Neorika. They could possibly be his colleagues.

He saw someone he remembers too. It was the man who chased after Sakuya summoned him.

“I heard that some suspicious sword entered turns out that it’s you bastard again?!”

“….Yo. Long time no see.”

Takeru answered with his hand.

“Bastard. Do you understand your current situation? Giving out greetings…..!”

“Man it’s just greeting. My grandpa always do that.”

“Are you making fun of me?! Bastard. Not only you infiltrated Neorika, you also injured it’s citizen! I’ll have to make you talk!”

The man lets out an angry voice overwhelming Takeru.

On a separate place, Alberto suddenly spoke.

“Ah… Ahahahaha! Now it’s over Kisaragi Takeru! You now made enemies of Neorika! Your enemy is the whole nation! It’s the end for you!”

Putting a tone on such airs, Alberto smiled.

He understand. Infiltrating other country, beating it’s citizen. And above all that, he’s going to fight against these guys from some organization. There’s no turning back now. However.

“Fine then.”


To the popeyed Alberto, Takeru widely smiled.

“Fine then. Let’s make the whole country my enemy. Then, Sakuya will be saved.”

“It’s impossible. It’s totally impossible! Ahahaha! One against a country? There’s no way it can be!!”

Takeru said nothing.

“Just when I fought Noel before, she also said that it was impossible. But, I know something will happen.”

“You! Are you?! Are you making fun of me?! Get him! Kill him! Rip him to shreds!”

Alberto shouted in a frenzy.

The blue uniformed guys from Neorika assaulted Takeru with this long 《False Sword》.

They move with such high skill, surrounding around Takeru.

Each one of them were powerful. Their movement also strengthens their team. Even for a professional wrestler, it would be difficult for them to win three against one. Even more so that their opponent is an ordinary person.

Right now, these elite trained soldiers confronts Takeru.

One who holds a sword in the front attacked.

In a few seconds, the one who’s in his front already stab to his back.


He was too slow.

The blue uniformed man who wield his sword in his front was warded off by his katana and crashed. That blue uniformed man sank down to the ground in one second.

With that said, two people from his back rush attacked with their 《False Sword》 striking with one hand but then screamed.

Were those screams fake? Someone alone approached from his blind spot. A kick was shot with him turning around.

With that, it’s four.

As if those single blows from a theatrical combat from a historical play.

Alberto had a surprised face.

“Get him! Geeet hiiim! There’s twenty of you! You guys don’t have to hesitate! My father’s someone important remember that!”

The blue uniformed men was somehow puzzled by the words of Alberto but still, they attacked.

Those blue uniformed men that attacked, Takeru knocked them down.

“What’s…… with you…. Wha-, what are you, you bastaaard?! Even I can’t do this…..! Stop it! Stooop iiiit! If you won’t stop, my country won’t stay silent mind you!”

The blue uniformed men distanced their selves in caution.

Takeru remembers that Sakuya and Noel had an attack that fires from the edge of the sword.

A flash of dark dyed blackness appeared on the tip of his sword. It was as if it swallows the light from the surrounding forcefully drawing his enemies close.

The blue uniformed guys grouped together in bracing for a direct hit. Every trees were smashed. Blowing all of them away.

Alberto had been dyed by the color of despair.

“No way…. This should…. be a lie…..!”

The remaining blue uniformed men didn’t approached him.

Takeru kicks the ground.

“Wha—?! Whe-, where is he…….?!”

Takeru appeared behind the blue uniformed man who shouted. He strike the nape of his neck with his hand.

He repeated this for a number of times.

“Why…. That’s so…. For me…. to experience this…. I don’t want this anymore…..”

The last one of the blue uniformed men have fallen.

Alberto, whose cracked glasses blotted by his own tears sinks down on the ground.

Takeru clenches his fist hard.

“Save me!!! Mama!!! Papa!!! Big bro——–hegego!”

He was strike down to the ground. His glasses was squashed. Alberto bounced back from being hit down to the ground. The ground exploded creating a crater hollowing down.

Within that crater was Neorika’s white eyed blond. His body was twitching. There was no longer any consciousness left from him.

While looking down on Alberto, Takeru sighed.

“Did it end?”

The only man there left standing on his own two feet was none other than Takeru. What’s left was heaps corpses all around.

Takeru runs to the fallen Sakuya. He crouches down.

“Sakuya…….I’m sorry for being slow. I’m going to take to you to a doctor at once so please endure it for a little.”

Says Takeru as he closes his eyes with a smile while combing Sakuya’s hair in her face.

Sakuya’s eyelids twitched. Her eyes opened wide from disbelief.



“U, un….. You really saved me right….?”

“It’s fine already. Don’t exhaust yourself.”

“I’m sorry….. Truth to be told, it was impossible for me to protect it…..”

“Like I said, don’t overdo it. You’re gonna make me worried.”

Sakuya’s eyelids that was close from the beginning, shut down once again.

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