Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare

By Masaki Masamune

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Chapter 3

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Chapter 3

ummer. Eight years ago.

It was a bloody red dusk. In an unpopular residential area, the road reflects the heat from above.

Death have approached before the very eyes of Takeru.

That was a huge mass of iron.

It was a truck.

Before he noticed it, he was already on the verge of getting hit.

He didn’t have the time to be terrified.

In front of Takeru, the brakes have been stepped on.

The truck leaned forward and it’s side was seen.

It was the moment he thought he would’ve died but his back was dragged with strong force.

He can see the blue sky and was knocked into his back.

He saw someone getting out of the toppled truck, it was his grandfather—

Takeru thought he should help his grandfather.

His foot was caught on by the toppled truck.

The old man smiles. Takeru smiled because of his safety.

But behind that smile, there was shining red.

It was fire.

It seemed that the leaking gasoline ignited.

And the fire violently burst into flames.

As for Takeru, all of his muscles along his spine have gotten cold.

With the way things are going, his grandfather will–

Takeru remembers what his grandfather said long time ago. Then he ran immediately to their warehouse.

Takeru was stopped by his grandfather with a desperate voice.

His desperation convinced Takeru. He really thought that what his grandfather said was not a lie.

But somehow, he should get “that” from their warehouse. That was his hunch.

The warehouse was forcefully opened.

It was in the center of the pedestal.

It had no sheath. It was a katana wrapped by a white cloth.

Removing the white cloth, it had a black blade with a dragon pattern coiling around it.

After getting it, he immediately returned to where his grandfather is.

The katana which had a dragon pattern shone.

Black Out. (The world went dark)

The house and the truck. Before he noticed it, everything had vanished.

The only one there was Takeru together with the katana with a black dragon coiling around it.

He doesn’t know whether that was just a black space.

It’s just that, it looked pitch black in nothingness.

In his eyes, “something” moved.

The black dragon pattern that coils around the katana had moved.

The black dragon have crawled all the way into the katana.

He tried to throw the katana but it already had crawled it’s way to his hands.

The black dragon coiled around his arm. And it entered his arm smoothly. The hilt of the katana entered to the palm of his hand. As if there was no skin on Takeru, it sank to the deepest part of his body—-

And then, Takeru sprang up with a stiff voice.

“…….Damn. That dream again.”

Takeru grumbled upon waking up from his futon.

The pajamas brought by Sakuya from nowhere have become sweaty.

“That’s right. From today onwards, I’m admitted to the Academia….”


The day after the duel.

After the duel Takeru had yesterday, the chief director permitted the admittance of Takeru to enter the Academia.

The Academia is composed of students from both middle school and high school. Each year level of students are divided into ten classes.

Wherein Takeru takes the same department as Sakuya, the Lumen. The light waves were originally the skill the Yamatos proud of and thought of. However, almost all of the students of Yamato are gone, some things had changed. (TLN: 光波剣(Kouhaken) means Light Wave Sword and has the furigana Lumen as in Luminosity. 光波 means Light Waves. I’m quite confused myself if I should think up of something more relevant than just that.)

For example, Flames with their fire attribute and Zamilzani with their water attribute as their personalized special attributes. (TLN: 炎熱剣科 means Blazing Heat Sword Department if I’ve read it right and has the furigana Flame. 水雪剣科 means Water Snow Sword Department and has the furigana Zamilzani. Guys any suggestion for Zamilzani(ザミルザニイ)?)

However, in addition to the Light Waves of the Lumen Department, they also teach several of the Blazing Heat and Water Snow attributes. It’s a messed up department. (TLN: 炎熱 means Sweltering Heat hence I made it into Blazing Heat. 水雪 is Water and Snow and I can’t think of anything for it. Maybe Water + Snow = Melting Snow? xD)

And the department’s reigning top is Konozuka Sakuya and it seems that she’s hiding it.
—That’s what Takeru heard from the homeroom teacher in the staff room.

“T-then Kisaragi Takeru-san. Please come here. Hi-hiiii. P-p-please don’t come near meeee.”

Having teary eyes while saying those words was Takeru’s who seemed to be a homeroom teacher.

Now matter how you look at her, she’s so young that she still looks like a student. Because she’s wearing a suit, you can barely tell that she’s not a student. Her semi long, honey colored hair emphasizes her being young. She says with a tensed tone.

“A-a-a-a-anyway, let’s go to the classroom.”

With a nod, Takeru followed the small back of his teacher.

“Kisaragi-san. Let me tell you this beforehand if you still don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I-in my class, there’s a certain iron rules that you must always abide to.”

Is it a local rules within the classroom?

An existing rules that to be adhered to. Something that a student cannot disobey. Is that it?

“……………………….(*whisper* *whisper*)”

He had a hard time listening to her small voice.

That’s why Takeru approached the small back of his teacher and asked,

“Excuse me. I didn’t heard what you said. Once more please.”

“Hoheeeeee!? A-ahe, ahiiiiiii! That’s! That’s!”

His teacher turned towards her back. Upon seeing Takeru’s face in an instant, she let out a strange voice and flew backwards.

Then she rolled down on the corridor. She nailed her body down on the wall and groaned with an “Uwaaa”.


Takeru confusingly asked her and she slowly stood up and said.

“T-teacher have a serious case of anthropophobia! Please be a bit more careful….!” (TLN: Anthropohobia is the fear of stares)

Takeru became worried.—-Is my class going to be okay? Is what he thought.

Meanwhile, his teacher explains the local rule.

“N-never approach sensei within a 1 meter radius okay?”

“Uh…. okay…..”

“That’s rule number one. Rule number 2, don’t shout at sensei. It’s absurd to be angry at me. And then, the third rule. This one is very important. Don’t make eye contact while speaking with sensei.”


“Having said that, do not look between my eyebrows. Because if you did, I would definitely see your face. Please look at my feet when you’re talking with me since sensei is timid and a delicate human being. Please treat me just like a lovely, newly born rabbit-chan. In other words, sensei is a lovely, newly born rabbit-chan.”

“… that so?”

What a brazen human she is. Takeru had a very poor of distance with people and he didn’t thought about it until now.

Their steps halted when they reached the classroom. What was written on the plate in front of the classroom was Class 1-9.

Because Sakuya is also a first year, she might be in a different class.

After coming to this world, he spent all his time with Sakuya.

Sensei opened the door with her hand and it made some clattering noise.

It certainly is a classroom. It truly does have an atmosphere resembling the classroom Takeru knows of.

Blackboards, chairs and desks. Generally what describes a school.

There were several dozens of students inside that looked at Takeru. It’s a jumbled department must be because of varying races inside.

However, there’s no air of a single Japanese person inside.

To their glances, sensei was shaking her shoulder in fear.

“U-u-u-um. This is our new member in the class, Kisaragi Takeru-kun.”

Every classmates of him simultaneously opened they mouths:

”It really is that guy from yesterday!”
as they made a fuss.

Sensei, who’s next to Takeru jumped and let out a strange voice from sudden loudness with an “AhiiAaa!”. Hitting her forehead to the teacher’s desk, she rolled in pain and face the wall.

“Scary, scary. The students hates sensei…hii….gu-guh. S-so harsh. Monster students are scary. They’re Monstudents.”(TLN: She says モンスチュ here. Basically taking Mon from monster and Suchu(Stu) from student.)

No one seems to be worried of sensei. It must be usual case inside here.

And then, the reactions coming from the girls were considerably favorable.

“Yi-yippee! T-the Yamato guy is in our class. Lucky~”
“What, what?”
“You see, he’s from the superior lineage which is Yamato.”
“That’s just not it. He is pretty awesome himself.”
“Moreover, he’s quite cool.”

Though they were nice words, and Takeru saw,

The boys’ reaction were divided into three: Those who show a friendly reaction, those who doesn’t care in the slightest, and those who gives glares while clicking their tongue.

Takeru speaks upon seeing them.

“My name’s Kisaragi Takeru. Because of some circumstances, I’m quite ignorant of social etiquette of this place. However, I hope to get along with you all.”

He did a safe greeting but, a bigger reaction came back obviously.

“Takeru-kun, let’s get along well~!”
“Let’s get along well~”
“I-I have a lot to tell you. Dihihi~” (TLN: Dihihi = creepy laughter. Run Takeru! Your chastity is in danger.)

And all of the girls wave their hands.


Somehow, Takeru feels being drawn to some force.

“Then, the first period will start. Ah, everyone, please lower to your desks a bit more. So that sensei won’t see Takeru-kun! Anyone who fails to do so will have demerits.”

While saying those words, sensei stood before the blackboard.

“Originally, this time is supposed to be for class about Intermediary Heat Engineering. However, in order for us to proceed forward, let us review lightly on what we learned.”

Sensei began to write letters in the blackboard.

“First of all, this Academia studies techniques on how to use the 《Sword》. The world’s logic got rewritten by the 《Sword》 thought it’s not that omnipotent. Forcefully executing Logic just makes it inefficient. The known reason is the decreasing percentage of the declining Ether for activating weapons. Is there any questions? Yes Takeru-kun.” (TLN: 論理式 means Logic Equation and reads as Logic.)

“……How do I pinpoint this. Um in other words, to know the laws behind it’s nature as strong as possible, we must learn the law itself. Is that how it is?”

“That’s right. Seems your head’s not that bad just like how you look—–hii, d-d-d-don’t g-g-g-glare at me p-p-please. It’s a hindrance on class.”

It’s not really anthropophobia, but more of a persecution complex.

“No. I’m not glaring. Please continue.”

“Ahem. This department is for Fire and Water with some various Light physics studied on. Though vaguely, it’s not that good. Out of 100 potential people, with only 5 people being able to use it, 95 are just losses with ten people who can use a tenth of it’s power are already being defeated.”

“Excuse me but I don’t have a 《False Sword》 with me though….”

Sensei while looking away, opened her mouth.

“……please do your best.”

Nodding to Takeru, sensei drew a figure on the blackboard next.

“This Lumen Department together with Land, Water, Fire, Wind, Void, and Darkness have representatives for respected departments. Just like Sakuya-san with Light. Students who has 《False Sword》 with them has various attributes with. As to why they study them, for example, a 《False Sword》 of “Fire” attribute can do a miracle of invoking other attributes. But to that extent, it’s performance drops…. That’s right. That’s just how it is.” (TLN: 無 means Nothing/Zilch or being non-existent. But what does it represents on elements on fantasy stories? That’s right. It’s Void.)

A circle was then drawn on the blackboard. In the middle was, Void with the Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind on the sides.

“With this, the nearer it is, the higher the efficient power conversion. With a Fire 《False Sword》, then it would be Fire at 100%, Void at 75%, and Earth and Wind at 50%. It can’t use it’s opposite element which is Water. Speaking of opposite elements, both are attribute’s own weak points. Light and Darkness are quite special. I’m putting it out right now.”

Yes. Somehow he understand. He understands but he will never be able to understand it with all these information being dumped at him at once.

“Ah, and also, equations on creating magical creatures. They are too much complicated to perform. . And also—-”

Takeru whose consciousness is gradually thinning out but somehow he endures it.

“Oh? Takeru-kun. You’re closing your eyes in consideration for sensei right? Additional points for you.”


Recess time have come and the nearby girls from his seat approached him.

“Hey, that was amazing. Your duel yesterday. It was so cool when you won against that Noel from the Vento. Ah, my name’s Cosette by the way.” (TLN: 風魔剣科 means Demon Wind Sword Department as read as ヴィント(Vinto) but this is wind stuff so Vento fits right?)

With a hair color just like a squirrel, this small girl had a smile floated on her face while she placed her hands on Takeru’s desk.

This girl had a 《False Sword》 which is a slim sword attached to her waist.


Did Takeru do something cool? He doesn’t know. In this world, what does amount to be called as cool? He doesn’t know and it made him puzzled.

“Because, Noel-san. In Vento, she’s one of the top ten ranker you know. An elite person you know.”

“Is that really awesome?”

Takeru bewilderingly asked. Then, a curling girl forced her way in.

She had a curved 《False Sword》 that resembles a Saber attached to her waist.

“You’re truly amazing. If you want to know how amazing it is, then I, will tell you. I, am called Katja.”

To the Katja who has a gentle style, she saw Cosette pouting just like a small animal.

“Ahem. First of all, getting inside this Academia was already wonderful. The entire student body from middle school to high school numbers to twenty thousand. With an approximately three thousand students goes in every year.”

“Isn’t that comparatively, a lot?”

Katja swings her body. Her hair gently shakes.

“That’s not quite! In this world, every human aspires to be the person that can enter desuno. Those who take the aptitude test including children counts up to ninety million. Do you understand the meaning of this desu?”


“The passing rate is approximately thirty thousand desuwa. In other words, each student in the Academia is one in a thirty thousand desuno.”

Thirty thousand.

…..That’s, how much of an elite is that?

Whatever kind of exam it was, wherever university it was, isn’t just not that different from them? That kind of examination is just truly absurd.

Takeru spoke with words of honest praise.

“You guys truly are elites.”

The tiny Cosette nods.

“Of course we are. But you see, Noel-san is far more elite than a percent that was enrolled here. In other words, if we say it by approximation, umm.”

“One out of three million desuwa. Kisaragi Takeru-san. You are at least, defeated someone in standing in that kind of position. On the contrary! You even drove away that Olivia-san of the Blazing Star! In other words, this–”

Katja, just like earlier, continued to speak.

There, a girl who had a body with the charm an exotic skin of those who hailed from Lindia stole Katja’s speech.(TLN: 褐色 means Tanned Skin or Brown Color and read as Lindia. Seriously author. It feels like an indirect racism there.)

“Takeru might even possibly stand atop of all humanity! Though having said that, Anju desu~! Nice to meet cha~!” (TLN: Anju shortened よろしく to よろ so I just went with informal way saying the greeting.)

The Lindia girl named Anju walks closer while approaching. Attached to her back was a sword of an unusual type. In contrast to its short but somewhat thick blade, it was a sword that had a vertical grip. At the end of the huge blade had some brass knuckles attached to it or was it?

Certainly, it looked like a sword that definitely from India. Jamadhar was it? (TLN: Jamadhar A specially made katar with two blades that move like scissors to reveal a third blade from within. Think of IF from Hyperdimension Neptunia. She uses these as her own weapons.)

“Ah! Even though I want to say it myself!”

“The faster ones wins dayon. You’re being childish for being angry yon. That’s so typical of me. Even so, to 『win』 against that monster of an opponent, super-nice! Super cool! Like a trembling strong oni! You have the right to eat the curry on my country, Lindia!” (TLN: The Oni made me lost for a bit as the Oni here can be also read as Kisaragi which is the surname of Takeru)

“Lin…..dia….? Not India?”

“India? Where’s that? ….. Anyway, I would gladly make you eat it everyday if you and I do “that”! You know “that” mar—–”

“Wa-wa-, wa-, wait for a moment! P-p-please be wed to me…..!”

Suddenly being told by that, Takeru was agape in surprise.

The short girl who had a light brown hair whose cheeks are dyed red, lowered her eyes in embarrassment.

That girl spoke in low tone “I’m Ra-Ra-Rachel…”

So she adds. The 《False Sword》 in her waist was visible. I guess that can be called as Dual Swords?

Interrupting her speech was the Lindia Girl who raised her lips.

“That, I was supposed to be the one who say that. Good gried. Your butt’s curving outward.”

The short haired girl ignores the Lindia girl and continued to speak.

“A-ah. Me saying you to ma-marry me all of a sudden. Quite pre-pre-presumptous of me isn’t it….? I-if you’re fine with my body then–”

Takeru was perplexed on how he was unable to understand the meaning of this development. He knit his eyebrows.

“No, not just your body…..I think that it’s not good.”

“B-but….. Ranada was already absorbed by Neorika…. My household too, it has already fallen…. In order to revive it, umm, I want to bear a strong child….!”

Canada, no, Ranada girl named Rachel embraced her body with her small hands. Her cheeks were dyed red as if she’s about to faint.

“Ah! Takeru-san. No way. This person is taking advantage of you….. Ah, that kind of request is just….. I-is that your method to get into Yamato? Aah…. N-no way, no way I’ll allow it.”

Zubishi! And there, Anju energitically gave Rachel a chop.


“This pink brained wench! He’ll choose Lindia instead of Ranada of course! Curries are delicious!”

Anju grabbed one of his hands and said it. Katja gracefully trusted it aside.

“Leaving that aside, have a smell of Rushia, Takeru-san. It may be quite cold at times but, it is abundant in natural resources. It is quite peaceful too. It’ll never give Takeru-san any discomfort at all.”

“Similar to Russia…..I think? Probably. But, talking about marriage, is that really fine? I have never thought about that at all. I’m quite bothered being asked all of a sudden.”

“Even if you get yourself in an affair, I’m fine with it you know? As long as your first priority is just m——”

“Things like that is quite impolite towards Takeru-kun you know?”

Cosette says with her innocent voice.

“Everyone, your conditions are just too cruel. What really is important is, “love”. “Love”. That’s why, I wish for you to come with me to Ingrance ‘kay?”

“Is that the combined technique of England and France…!?”

“E-erm…. I don’t know about this England and France though. You see, in my country, our food delicacies aren’t that delicious but that’s not really the reason. However, I will do my best!”

Says Cosette as she softly smiled.

“…..No. Allow me to refuse.”

The chime for the next lesson rang. The girls from each country have returned to their own seats.

“Though the recess is there for student’s break, I did not feel any break at all…..”

With such feeling, his first day of school has passed.

And then, it was the time to leave the school.

Takeru rise up from his seat. The moment he was going to return home, Cosette who’s like a small animal rushes up to him.

“Takeru-kun, want to go home together? I’ll walk you ho—”

“Nope, I’ll go back home by myself.”

“I-I’m also on my way home so let’s go together.”

“Not fa~~~~ir! Me too!”

The students’ attitude towards Takeru after the duel completely became the opposite. Takeru felt a bit of headache and held his head. It wasn’t really that they sneered at Takeru particularly. However even so, their attitude is just too different.

—Why did it became like this?

Takeru went to the corridor from his classroom, a bunch of girls have followed afterwards.

Amongst them was the squirrel colored hair Cosette who talked to him earlier. She peeked at Takeru’s face and asked him.

“Takeru-kun, which dormitory are currently living? Or maybe you’re commuting through the central town? I wonder if you could “play” with me next time?” (TLN: Intentionally TLed it this way. Seeing the primary objective of the girls, you could easily guess what the sentence meant.)

“I’m sorry but, a person is not called a place.”

“Then, how about my villa then? I, have a villa within the territory of Rushia inside of Shinrei Fuyuu Academia.”

Katja locks the arms of Takeru while saying that.

He thought that if he unfastened his hand forcibly was bad manners but he can’t just let the situation go on.

She pushed her breast against him.

He felt it as if it was a soft warm feeling of a marshmallow being pushed on him.

Even if this was Takeru’s first time feeling it, he let out a trembling voice.

“O-oh… Even if you say that, allow me to refuse.”

“How about this then! If you come with me, I’ll serve some extra spicy meatballs!” (TLN: Again. Intentionally made the sentence this way.)

“……Allow me also to refuse on that.”

Rachel, while quietly holding towards the cuffs of Takeru, faintly smiles.

This child’s attitude is the most reserved one and makes you feel at ease.

“Th-then, will you come to my house? Within in my house, no-no-no one will see you….. I-is it no good…..?”

I can’t completely be at ease!


“eh… O-outside then…..? That’s, that’s just….. no way, no way….”

“Why did it reach to that!? Allow me also to refuse that!”

“Since it’s not good on outside. Y-you wish for something more high-leveled….? Yamato is amazing…. B-but…. I-if Takeru-san wishes for it, I would… A-ah…”

With such situation, they already left the school building.

Upon reaching outside the school building, he caught glimpse of a black-haired girl by the road.

It was Sakuya.

It seemed that she was timidly waiting for someone while fidgeting both of her hands.

Sakuya saw Takeru, pleasantly smiled and immediately raised her hand—-


Upon seeing Takeru crowded by the girls of his class, Sakuya turned into an expressionless Noh Mask in an instant.

After that, she floated a chilly smile. It was the same smile as before yet why is it scary?

“—-ru. JUST what on earth are you DOING?”

“…..Sakuya. What happened? Your eyes are scary.”

“Nothing really. It’s the same as usual. Forget that, quite the situation you have. Every girl here serving you—— in addition, getting yourself entangled with women on two arms.”

“Takeru-san’s arm. It’s quite warm. I wonder if you’ll embrace me more?”

Sakuya saw the voluptuous chest of Katja. Giri. As her teeth sounded from gritting.

“Really! Just who is the HAREM KING!? YOU!”

“Ah, no. Please don’t shake me violently. I should say that I’m also troubled by this.”

“Your sloppy face says so otherwise!”

Sakuya’s lips bended into へ. Takeru tiredly breathe a sigh.

“Perhaps that was just my eyes seeing things….”

“I wonder if it really is so?”

At that time, Rachel gripped Takeru’s hand and muttered in a shaky tone. Takeru’s line of sight dropped down to her.

” Yo-your arm is unexpectedly, s-sturdy isn’t it…..? I-I’m sure down there also…… Ah… that’s really not good. Not good.”

Sakuya opened her eyes and yelled.

“H-how dirty! What are you saying all of a sudden!?”

“It’s not! You’re misunderstanding here! More importantly, wherever Sakuya goes, it’s not her problem.”

Sakuya quickly gulped and then the look in her eyes became sharp.

“A-a-as a man from Yamato, this is outrageous! So whatever Takeru will do, I, I, I will be worried of course.”

To the mumbling Sakuya, Katja spokes.

“Konozuka Sakuya-san. Being surrounded by men from different countries, doesn’t that mean you also have a harem? Not reflecting on your own misconduct, I don’t think you have the right to interrupt our conversation.”

“Mis-misconduct you say!? I, I have never done anything of the sort!”

“Fufu. Talk as much as you want but that’s just prove that you don’t understand a thing.”

“What’s with you! Release his hand this instant!”

Sakuya yells as her eyes becoming more wet.

Just like that, Sakuya remembered something. She hang her head down while her cheeks dyed red.

After that, her lips pouted. It was a little bit but Takeru saw her spiteful eyes.

“Umm, hu-hugging…… him, I-I was…….. Takeru’s……… first….. got….. that…..?”

What destructive power it had. That gesture directly pierced the heart of Takeru.

The other day, Noel’s attacks were precise and sharp leaving him no time to evade at all.


Surely he was summoned first. Maybe she was talking about that time.

His heart throbs. Takeru have no idea what he feels.

What…. is this…..?

No, I already know this feeling long time ago.

Yet, Why I still can’t comprehend the thought of what this is?

“That time, Takeru…… su-suddenly, forcibly you see……

I-it was embarrassing you see……”

“That, my bad…..”

“Even living together with a man. That was my first……”

With her speaking  「Kyaaaaaaa!」 screams rose.

“Living together!? You really do!? No way…! Eeh…. Eeeeh………!?”

“So Takeru-san and Sakuya-san was like that….. However, I don’t care about it.”

“I, I can dance belly dance! I won’t lose! It would give you extremely funfun!” (TLN: funfun is like a panting sound. And Anju please. Stop. Right this instant)

“……Mo-moreover, forcibly she said. What a savage lineage….. Ah not good, not good.”

To the girls who started talking as the pleased, Sakuya sent an abated glance.

“You guys will never be able to understand. However, nothing’s can be done. It’s truly wond——-makes me “sick”.”

Says Sakuya as she draws the red scabbard from her holder.


To the girls who saw it, they uniformly opened their eyes wide.

“To threaten us with a we-weapon, that’s far too cruel!”

“Right. As a person of noble lineage from Rushia, I cannot withdraw…..”

“My anti-war body’s fully trembling dayo!”

“Such long and hard thing—- wha-what are you making me think of! Aah! Not good”

Sakuya’s voice lowered.


A sword of force was shot out of the scabbard. The ground around the place Sakuya stood upon cracked.

The said crack extends radially.

All of Takeru’s female classmates stopped moving.

“I planned to go to an art museum. Woops. Forget that…”

“…..Ah. That’s right. I must now get in touch with my mother in my beloved motherland.”

“I-I’m gonna eat curry now!”

“M-me too. I want to get “pierced” by that long and hard scabbard……. no-not good! Not good!”

They said different kinds of stuff and gradually left running away.

“Takeru! You’re being lovestruck with them!”

“Nu-uh. Am not. I wasn’t.”

Sakuya’s cheeks swelled. She said in displeasure.

“…..I told you that I would protect but even so, you still feel so dissatisfied!”

“Nope, nope. Not true. I’m really grateful to you.”

“…….If you say so then.”

Says Sakuya as she turns away.

Her mouth, it seemed to be slightly loose.


When all of the female group have left, the male group came after.

They tried to woo her incorrigibly but Sakuya with a disheveled black hair cut their sword in two.

Takeru asked after seeing that state.

“…….Say Sakuya. Occasionally, do you feel nervous after being confessed?”

“There’s no way I could.”

What a flustered, immediate reply.

“Is that so?”

“I hate people who only see me for my lineage. I am the true nature of myself. Konozuka Sakuya.”

Sakuya replies while showing an angry expression.

“Is that so? But, even if little, did nobody ever see you apart from your linea—”

“Are you for real? That’s not even a reason. Nobody would ever approach a troublesome woman like aside from that.”

Sakuya had an eyes as if she heard something unbelievable.

But it seems that she’s serious about it. Honestly, appearance wise, Sakuya is a beautiful girl. Though he still doesn’t know everything about her. However, that itself could be a good thing. Even if its the case of her own lineage, she still seemed to be popular on her own.

“Ah, but, there’s one person who doesn’t see me that way—-”

“Is there now?”

Sakuya throws glances at Takeru but somehow, she seems to be pouting.

“Th-there’s none. I don’t know.”

There, a man comes along forcing his way again.

It’s the blonde wearing glasses guy from Neorika. It was Alberto.

“Hey, Sakuya-kun. What a fine day today. You are also lovely today.”

Alberto prods the bridge of his glasses lightly. Its lenses reflects the sunlight.

“Geh. Alberto…..”

Sakuya bluntly said while frowning.

“You don’t have to show such face.”

“I don’t even want to make this face. It’s because I met with someone I hate.”

“Hahahaha. Are you perhaps, hiding you embarrassment Sakuya-kun? I, who’s the third rank in Neorika, this is the first time I’ve heard you talk like that.”

Alberto held out his hand to Sakuya.

Sakuya pulled herself behind of Takeru’s back.

“You don’t have to run away from me that much, you know? Anyway, your body already belongs to me.”

Sakuya’s body shivered.

Takeru sighs and cuts his way in.

“Could you already stop that. This princess here already hates it.”

Alberto faces Takeru.

“—-That’s right. Takeru-kun was it? So you’re really someone Yamato, I’m quite surprised. Could it be that you’re thinking that just because you’re the second person existing, you can do something?”

He shrug down his shoulders, showing a faint smile that looked down upon others.

“However, don’t be carried away. I don’t know what trick you used but, I don’t accept that you won against that lady from Goertz, Noel. However, its not that easy to drive away that Olivia. Did I overlook something? I guess, was it just made in public that you defeated them? Such dirty actions, could you put an end to it already? You damn coward.”


“Woops. Are you threatening me? To tell you the truth Takeru-kun. You may be acting tough outside but actually, you’re quite shallow in the inside.”


This is a quarrel. He’s trying to pick a fight.

As he thought of that, Takeru became a little bit happy because back in his former world, nobody ever wants to pick a fight with Takeru.

A smile floats up in his face.

“Oi, you golden glasses. If you’re picking a fight, wanna go? Hey, you’re strong right?”

Alberto became vigilant and said.

“Hahha. Scary, scary. If a fight truly becomes inevitable, I wonder if you will just run away? Or maybe, could you also possibly drive me away?”

Alberto laughs scornfully.

“Then, let’s go David.” (TLN: Apparently, Alberto is now David… xD)

Everyone around went silent and made space while the two faces each other.

Sakuya ignores the people wooing for her alone. It seems that they are Alberto’s comrades. Possibly, Neorika’s people.

After they left, Sakuya talks to Takeru with a serious face.

“Takeru. Don’t fight with this guy……I’m serious. It’s no good.”


“Those are Flame’s 3rd and 4th ranker. Flame is their well versed subject. Even that fourth one, in other subjects, he has more or less the same strength from the representatives.”

So does the 4th ranker but it seems that the 3rd ranker and Alberto are way above him.

After being told such story, Takeru and Sakuya went back to the night-duty room.
Inside the room, Takeru sits down in the floor while Sakuya talks to him across the partitioning screen.

“—-Hey, Takeru. I’m sorry but, could you please lie down for a moment?”

Sakuya stood up. He can see the upper half of her body from it.

“Oh, it’s fine but why—-”

Sakuya withdraws her gaze. Hesitating to say it.

“Th-that’s…… Have some consideration!”

“Ah. Changing clothes huh. I understand.”

Takeru lays down besides the screen.


After he heard her hesitating voice, pasa, pasa, pasari. The sound of the clothes worn off enters his ears.

Within the silent room was just the sound of changing clothes. Somehow, Takeru doesn’t know why he feels tensed.

“Do-don’t get up okay!? Definitely not okay!?”

“……I understand.”

There, Takeru notices something.

Being reflected upon the windowpane, he can see Sakuya changing clothes.

“……This is!”

He can slightly see Sakuya changing clothes. His heart pained. She took off her outer garment. And then, her skirt drops down on top of the tatami.

Moreover, Pasa—
That pink colored clothes that looks like to be her brasserie. He definitely can see it.


“Ta-Takeru? Is there something wrong?”

“N-no. There’s nothing wrong.”

“….Is that so? Then that’s fine.”

To reply with such excited tone, Takeru wants to admonished himself. It was not really good. Purge your conscience. Must not look. Must not look. Must not look.

However, his eyes won’t peel down.——Incidentally, Sakuya’s chest was really small.

“……There’s no meaning at all to this.”

Just now, a voice put an end to it.

“………………what…….did you…….say?”


“Takeru, what did you just say now? I may be misunderstanding but, I don’t want to misunderstand but, I just want to confirm more or less.”

“What could it be I wonder. Sakuya. I don’t follow what you’re saying.”

“Just now, y-y-y-you just sa-sa-said with great ti-ti-timing. 『There’s no meaning at all to this』 you said, didn’t you?”

From the other side of the screen, he can her shaking voice.

“Did I say those things?”

“I heard you. I certainly heard it. Perhaps you did say it, perhaps you did not.”

“A-ah. I certainly did say that. Just like that. However, what I said doesn’t go with what you’re thinking. Please believe in me.”

Takeru lies down in the tatami with sweat falling down from his neck.



“It’s fine. Tell me.”

“No, but you see….. If I say it, Sakuya will be mad right?”

“Hmm. I won’t be angry whatever it is.”


Sakuya’s voice unnecessarily became cheerful.

“I see. As I thought, you were looking. Not only just that, you lost interest and said that it’s even worth it. You’re clearly mocking me. Heh—”

“A necessary explanation is needed I guess.”

“Of what…..? What do you mean by that? I won’t be mad so please do tell me.”

“…..Really? But Sakuya, you seemed to be mad and really scary.”

“That’s right. I’m serious.”

Said Sakuya as she step beside the partitioning screen.

Sakuya just finished changing clothes. Her breathing is still adorable. Wearing a short white top, her navel can still be seen. Under that is a white skirt with black line on it. (TLN: It’s the IJN!!! The Imperial Japanese Navel!!!)

That Sakuya was smiling. Smiles was cutely just like the idols from his former world.

Nevertheless, why?

Why does it feels so cold?

“Is it really so?”

Takeru asks while confirming. Without changing her smile, Sakuya nods.

“That’s right.”


“Hmm~? Did I hear it wrong~? There’s no way Takeru would say that right? Do it again, with a louder voice. Come on now, say it.”

—–I really feel this terrible urge of detest. No, nonono. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. That’s right. Sakuya said that she’ll never be angry. Isn’t it fine? I’m sure she’ll forgive me right away. Because she’s smiling this much. I’m sure that cold feeling earlier was just my imagination.

“B-brassha!” (TLN: He stuttered here. Poor, poor cherry boy.)

“Un. You were able to say it properly. Takeru, good boy. Good, good Takeru. What a good child.” (TLN: He’s completely her pet… xD)


“And such, a reward is to be given to Takeru.”


“Apparently, this is something important. Just now, I’ve been thinking of a posthumous Buddhist name for Takeru.”

“A posthumous Buddhist name!?”

“That’s right. What could it be, I wonder? A posthumous Buddhist name you know? After you die, your soul will roam around this present age you know?”

“……That knowledge is not needed today. Because I’m still alive.”

“It’s alright. Because you’ll die right here. Because Takeru towards me, 『No breast (laugh)』 or 『So small (laugh)』 saying that to me. I guess you have to die physically.”

“I never did say those things!? The main point is not the physical kaa———!?”

With Sakuya’s fist! She swings!

“Just stay put for a moment!”

Takeru evades her attacks at the last moment. An angry wind have passed through Takeru’s forehead.

“That’s dangerous!”

“Shut up!”

“Wa-wait a moment!”


A short time after that.

“Mou… have you learn your lesson?”

Takeru, who was lying down rolls up and sat then said to Sakuya.



“Hmm. I won’t say it again.”

Takeru exhaustively replied. He doesn’t have the composure.

Because of Sakuya’s attack, he can’t decide.

No, because of Sakuya’s attack, sense was beaten back to him.

The reason is that Sakuya’s thighs are glued stuck to Takeru.

Because she changed her clothes to something light, since then, he can feel her warmth.

——-Calm down, calm down me. This is just her skin. That’s right. It is just her skin….!

“Takeru? What’s wrong?”

Sakuya who sits on top of Takeru tries to look at his face.

“Ca-can’t you at least move a bit, Sakuya-san?”


“Why, you ask?”

“Say, why do I have to?”

“I can’t say it.”

“……….. Well, fine then. You seemed to be reflecting on it so I’ll reconsider your wish.”

Sakuya leaves the top of Takeru and squatted while saying that.

Every time she asks a question, Takeru always puts up his guard.

“…..Well, um. The Yamato of Takeru’s world. I want to know your culture.”

To the faltering but serious words of Sakuya, Takeru casually replies.

“A beautiful, peaceful country. The most safest country in the world though the livelihood there is quite something.”

So he says. Sakuya stared in wonder and looked up in the air as if imagining it.

“Heeeeeeh…..That’s amazing. How nice……”

“Though we’re defeated in one war.”

“Eh? Yo-you guys have been defeated?”

Sakuya hangs out at emphatically and listened.

“Yeah but, we immediately rose back afterwards. Then, we became the second most powerful country in terms of economics…………….Even my grandfather also said it was great.”

Sakuya lets out a breath then spoke.

“It must be a very fantastic place. Maybe there, I want to live to that place……. Hey, the one your wearing right now is uniform right? It does look like one. Does your world’s fashion have uniforms too? Hey, which one is it? Hey.”

The eyes of Sakuya sparkled and grabbed Takeru’s arms.

After seeing this girl, Takeru felt like teasing her a bit. The corners of his mouth raised.

“Yeah, it does look like that. That’s right. The most mainstream fashion after the restoration is —————————————— cat-eared maids!!”

Takeru thought that it was popular at some point so he might not that mistaken.

“……Fue? Cat-eared…. maid?”

Sakuya had the look of being curious. Takeru explains what he have been remembered.

About the so called maid uniform being worn.

Putting on the knee-socks.

The cat ears on the head and the nya~.

Sakuya’s eyes opened wide upon hearing that. Her jaws dropped and her face was dyed in red.

“What’s with that!? How impure! That country is definitely weird after that restoration!” (TLN: We’re with you Sakuya… xD)

Takeru reined Sakuya in with a sharp glance. And then, he opened his mouth when thought of an idea.

“Sakuya. The power of time makes people truly serious. Don’t you understand that?”

“Eh, eh….?”

“When people’s heart are appeased, 150%…… No, can display 200% of their ability. That beautiful Cat-eared Maid can heal all young and old men and women. They give inspiration. It makes us persevere to our love and happiness. You got that?”

“………….That, Cat-eared Maid………? Is that, really amazing?”

To the puzzled and curious Sakuya, a maid’s uniform definitely suits her. Then what would happen when she dresses up as one?

Even right now, her reaction might be that of an angry one. However, if she’s asked with his heart, but if she puts on the cat ears, she might, “A-are you an idiot? Th-there’s no way I can do that!” as a refusal.

Perhaps if she’s asked to say “Nya~”, she might get angry while her cheeks are dyed red then “…….Nya………..Nya…………………Nyan~” feels kinda like that.

After him imagining that, Takeru opens his eyes widely from the impact. Amazing. Japan so amazing.

This is probably a mental attack. Even if a child and soldier mingle up together, there’s no way it would come true. That’s pretty much what he thought.
Takeru while thinking about this sort of things, Sakuya stared in silence. And then——-

“Takeru? Hey Takeru? Are thinking of weird things?”

“Nope, I’m not thinking about anything.”

Sakuya knits her brows and glares at Takeru’s face. After that, she spoke while standing alone.

“If so, then that’s good. —–Hey, won’t you like some tea?”


Sakuya places a foldable table in the middle of the room that she took out from the closet.

She also took out a pack of tea bags from the refrigerator and placed in the table. And then,


Somehow, she had a loose face that would drool at any moment taking out small paper wraps out from the bag.

Within the paper wraps was taken out.

“What’s… with that?”

“Fufufu. Something truly nice. Ehehe”

So she replies with a loosened face placing the small paper wraps above the table.

“Fufu. Fufu~n ♪”

She seemed not stopping her humming.

“Finally, I’ve got my hands on it. Because Yamato’s territory are almost gone, most shops are gone too. Moreover, since the remaining downtown is not Neorika’s territory yet that I was able to manage to buy it. It’s really super rare one.”

Her excitement can’t be hid with her hands as she open the small paper packets. Inside of it, there was a paper box.

After opening the paper box, what comes out from the inside is a pink little wagashi. (TLN: Wagashi is…. did you guys watch/read Dagashi Gashi? If you did, you should already what it is by now)

That was a pink colored mochi with sakura leaves wrapping it.

There was two of it.

“This, this is it! This is what I mean! Sakura Mochi that I love so much!”

Sakuya was in a festive mood.

She had a lovely smile on her loose face.

From her perfect frozen smile from some time ago, this one is definitely prettier.

—-So she can also make this face.

Seeing her looking like that makes his chest feels warm.

And then, Sakuya takes one of the mochi.

Mu~! What a worried look.

She stayed still as she looked down.


“What’s wrong?”

“Nng……. Uu……. But…….”

“Is there you’re worried about?”

Mustering up her courage, Sakuya lifts up her face and said.

“I-, I’ll give you this…..”

Sakuya sticks out the sakura mochi in her hand.

Looking as if not wanting to see her sakura mochi accepted, pfft.

Sakuya turned her face away.

Takeru smiles wryly.

“If you love it so much then Sakuya can eat it. You can’t get this easily right?”

“……I-, I said that you can have it.”

“Don’t worry about me. You’ve already took care of me so much already that I want to thank you.”



“I’m the one who summoned you that’s why it’s my responsibility. That’s why, that’s why…… That’s why I’ll protect you. I will absolutely protect you.”

“No, no. I don’t want to be protected by a girl, I can handle myself just fi—-”

Sakuya tearily turned her face away and said,

“But, you don’t even have any acquaintances here. And that’s my fault. That’s why, you see….. let’s eat together.”

So Sakuya says and shoved the sakura mochi into my hand. (TLN: That’s what the line really said, it went first person all of a sudden)

“Thank you.”

“……Yeah. I swear with this sakura mochi in this place that I will protect you.”

She declares her vow with the sakura mochi in this six tatami room. Though it looks foolish for someone of her character. However, Sakuya’s expression right now is not something like a foolish person spouting words.

Sakuya’s face, declaring her words with that serious look, her voice with strength behind it, she declares her vow.

“Sakuya’s… sense of responsibility is strong isn’t it?”

“….Because this is not something that can be done easily.”

After that, Sakuya smiles wryly momentarily.

“Well then, shall we eat?”


Sakuya and I then took a bite from the mochi.

The mochi is tenderly soft. And then, its tender sweetness melts in our mouths.

And that sakura mochi, I haven’t eaten anything that delicious until now.

“Mmhm~! So delicious~”

Tasting its deliciousness, Sakuya puts her hand in her cheeks. (TLN: Think of Kurimu and her Usagi Mochi)

“Grandmother once said. If you eat with someone, it will taste more delicious. Seems like it’s true. —–Because, it’s more delicious that usual.” (TLN: Oh gawd, Tendou!!! Kyaaah~)

Sakuya says so in a lively voice.

“That’s…. what my grandfather also said.”

“Oh…. is that so. The same is it.”

While with each other, the chime suddenly echoed in the room.

“……Someone’s coming here. How rare.”

A sudden visitor. Sakuya said so that in some way, dubious.

Sakuya showed signs of being dubious, the chime once again, rang.

“Is it really unusual for someone to not come here?”

“I don’t have friends.” (TLN: You’ll fit in the Neighbor’s Club. Zena FTW!!!)


They’re conversing casually. The chime rang even more.

From the first time, the second time, even the third time, came in complete equal intervals.

The regular sound of the chime.

“Well then, I’ll take a look for a moment.”

“O-, okay”

Takeru walked to the nearby entrance and  then, opened the door.


“Good evening. From Vento. Hailing from Goertz, school’s discipline corps vice-commander, Noel Lieven.”

There was a brown-haired twintail fairy right there.

No uniform, just plain clothes. She had a long sleeved grey parka on top of her pleated skirt. The zippers of her parka was closed shut until the top.

Thud. With that, Takeru closes the door.

The twintail fairy disappeared.

“……..Was that a hallucination?”

“No. I also saw it. Just now, certainly it was—–”

Then, once more. Pin, po~n. The chime continued ringing.

“…..Now what? More like, what’s that girl doing here?”

“Who knows….. What should we do……”

While worrying, the chime rang again in the same interval.

Takeru felt dizzy standing alone there.

“Somehow, I’m really scared. As if I’m in a horror stuff.”

“Well, it’s just Noel. She’s a fanatic of the rules. Besides, she’s already known in the department.”

They conversed casually while the chime rang.

“She’s not settling down. Should I really come out?”

Takeru got confirmation from Sakuya and opened the door.

“Good evening. From Vento. Hailing from Goertz, school’s discipline corps vice-commander, Noel Lieven.”

“I already heard the same thing earlier.”

“Is that so. However, you closed the door once. Perhaps via closing the door, may have influence on us. Once 『separated』, there’ll be a change in our current state. That’s why, I thought of introducing myself once again upon our reunion.”

“……More like, you, what are you doing here?”

“Fufu. Don’t underestimate the intelligence network of our Goertz. This degree of investigation is nothing.”

“So, manual girl, do you have some business?”

“This time, the manual handed to me by my country, Goertz is being revised.”

“The manual handed to you, an order? If that’s the case then me and Sakuya have nothing to do it with.”

Noel exaggeratedly shook her head.

“No. It’s all related to you. The only male present in Yamato. That’s you.”

After she said that, she sent Takeru a sharp glance.

“……….Me, you say?”

“I, Noel Lieven to Kisaragi Takeru. In sickness and in health—-“(TLN: HOLY F***?! A JEWISH SHOTGUN WEDDING?!)

“WAIT A MOMENT! THAT’S NOT FUNNY! I’m sure I heard those familiar words somewhere—-”

“In happiness and in sorrow, in richness and in poorness, this is love. This is to comfort, this is to save. As long as there’s life, to devote my devotion, I swear.”

“Isn’t that from a wedding ceremony?! That’s really a weird order!!”

“Noel Lieven in now at home and have become Kisaragi Noel.”

“I refuse.”

“….Is that so. That would trouble me. However, your answer is just your assumption.”

While they’re conversing, Sakuya from the back stood up.

“Hey, Takeru. When are you two gonna be finish?”

“Nah, somehow, I don’t understand this.”

“If it’s just like that, send her away. Mou, truly, this is the worst.”

Sakuya muttered in a bad mood.

“Right now, I have no business with you Konozuka Sakuya. I am merely following my Foascho. That’s why, I refuse to go back.” (TLN: 優先順位(フオーアツーク) is what was written in the book. 優先順位 means “Order of Precedence”. I’m sure the furigana フオーアツーク is a German word but I don’t know the equivalent one so…… help?)

Sakuya turned her gaze to Takeru and spoke.

“So you mean you want to take the blood of the Yamato back to your country? Takeru being a person from Yamato have leaked out so now, people like you are showing up. Even in the class, do you know how it feels?”

“Ah, if it’s something like that…..”

“Without knowing the enemy myself, to marry just like that, I hate it. You guys don’t even think of Takeru that much.”

Sakuya endures it while her voice is trembling in anger. And then, Noel refused.

“There’s a misunderstanding in your speech, Konozuka Sakuya. I decide on what I like and dislike. With that said, I do not hate Kisaragi Takeru. I am interested in him.”

“…..What’s with that?”

“He saved me from the attack of that Olivia of the Blazing Star. Kisaragi Takeru is a good person.”

“Mu…….Takeru! It’s bad to listen to her!”

“Aah…. That’s right. I’m sorry Noel. It’s not possible for me to mar—–”

Noel showed a serious look interrupting Takeru on his  words.

“Please listen. Kisaragi Takeru, after confirming that you’re a person from Yamato, my motherland, Goertz have so many big-shots assembled.”

Noel said it straight to Takeru with her two emerald eyes.

“Hexa, who controls thirty percent of world’s economy. Physiologa, who can see through everything with a glance of your face. Gotz Hand, who has the hands of the gods that can cure any sickness. Vissen Schaphila, the top elites whose ground-breaking intelligence advanced Goertz’ science in ten years. The head of it have already retired from the political world. Meister Hacker, have already broke through the firewall network of Neorika’s Octagon. Hert, blowing away hundred enemies in one blow from the great war. Verzaka, who had thousand predictions. Even the Boss of the underworld society decided to appear. All of them are assembled.” (TLN:  経済学者 is written as Economist and read as Hexa[へクサー].  心理学者 means Psychologist and read as Physiologa [プシユヒローガ]. 医者 means Doctor and read as Gotz Hands[ゴッツハンド]). 科学者集団 means Scientist Group and read as Vissen Schaphila. I know it’s not Germanish so if you could help, that would be really helpful.  超絶技術者 means as Superior Engineer and read as Meister Hacker(マイスタア・ハカー) and then 国防総省 means U.S. Defense Ministry/The Pentagon and read as Octagon. 大英雄 means Great Hero and reads Hert. 首魁 means Ringleader and read as Boss. Seriously, that looks like the gathering of the fools.)


He listened to that. Quite the gathering of members. Each one of them who has their own field of expertise, collaborated, this group might even be able to achieve any exaggerated wish.

“Those genius, talented individuals from each field are the tops. Last night, every one of them gathered in one place. No matter how busy they were, no matter what plans they had, they all canceled it and have gathered together in the country of Goertz. If that place got bombed, Goertz would undoubtedly fall into the Great Depression. They are the most important VIPs——”

“Ah…… So, what in the world are you saying?”

Takeru was vigilant when Noel saw his face. Even Sakuya held her red scabbard, ready to attack.

“They, until a minute ago from last night, without even a wink of sleep, held their conference. The wisdom and experience that they’ve lived until now have concentrated on one thing.”

Thinking about the serious expression Noel had, Takeru and Sakuya are overwhelmed.

“Please look, Kisaragi Takeru.”


Noel with a “Nng…” have resolved herself. She put her hand on the zipper of her parka.

“Takeru! Be careful! Under her clothes must be some kind of weapon prepared!”

The fingertip of Noel trembles a little bit.

And then, jijijijijiijijiji! Half of the zipper was dropped.

“Wha-, what do you……?!”

Right there, was a fair white skin. From the center, a pair of hills were swelling up left and right.

Thi-, this is…..!

Noel’s face reddened while raising it.

“This, this is, Naked Parka…..”

“N-, no! Takeru, don’t look! Those swelli-…. they must be some kind of bad weapon!” (TLN: Yes. Boobs are bad weapon yet still effective and deadly)

Even Sakuya who tried to intervene had her face reddened up like her.

“What’s with you, Noel?! What are you planning?!”

“……..This is… the essence of the knowledge of my Goertz….”

“Then why are you blushing?! Don’t you even feel ashamed doing that?!”

“………. I do sure feel ashamed. But my heart doesn’t feel ashamed. But right now, I’m really embarassed. However….., It’s already been stated in the manual.”

Noel closed her eyes and said while blushing.

“This is, Goertz’ Surefire way to Love Ceremony…..!” (TLN: this line might sound confusing but it means that it’s the surefire way to love making.)

“Su-, surefire way to love you say….?!”

“Earlier, all of the members have succumbed to exhaustion just to come up with this, THIS I MEAN….!”


“No-, now Kisaragi Takeru. It’s time to prepare myself to become Kisaragi Noel, okay?”

Noel had a tensed expression. ji, jiji…..

The zippers are being opened little by little.

Her tender-looking stomach seems to be hollowed a little. A portion of her navel can be seen. (TLN: IGN!!! THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE GERMAN NAVEL IS HERE!!!)

“No! Nononono! That’s a no!”

Sakuya pushes herself in between Takeru and Noel while nervously raising her hands.

“Konozuka Sakuya, Please do not intervene. Currently, you don’t have relation to this.”

“I do! I’m related to this!”

“Are you two married couple? If that’s the case, then your intervention is justified.”

Sakuya’s face turned red. Her words become impossible because she slurred.

“Co-. couple?! Lo-, lovers?! You’re wr-wr-wr-wr-wr-wrong! That’s not how it is……!”

“If that’s how it is then shut your mouth.”

“But, but! If you’re just order by your own country then that means you really don’t love him….”

“It’s not stated in the manual about your intervention. It may be unpleasant for you but, only Takeru has the right to refuse.”

“That’s why I said that I refuse.”

“Even if you do, I will not give up.”


“By the way, to begin with, it’s for the benefit for your country Konozuka Sakuya….. For sure, isn’t that the first and foremost worry of yours?”

“Wha-, what do you mean…..?”

“To preserve the pure blood of Yamato.”

Being told by Noel, Sakuya groaned.

“See, aren’t I right?”

“Tha-, that’s not it! I don’t think that way at all!”

“Are you sure? Then why the two of you are living together?”

“It’s a reason that can’t be helped! Besides, ignoring my partner’s will on it, there’s no way that can be forgiven!”

Sakuya looking confused, Takeru opened his mouth.

“Calm down, Sakuya. Let me tell her that I refuse. I should’ve paid attention. I’m sorry. Thanks.”

Sakuya was red up to her nape then withdraw her gaze from Takeru.

“……..Y-, yeah. I, I don’t mind….”

“So that’s it. I’m sorry, Noel. Allow me to refuse. If that’s the only busine—-”

“I’m not done yet.”

Sakuya glares at Noel.

“I, Noel Lieven, will live on this place starting today.”

“Huh?! What do you mean by that?!”

“Don’t you understand?”

Noel tilts up her head, Sakuya flares up.

“This is my room though?!”

“Yes. Konozuka Sakuya’s room. But before it, this is also the Diastole Academia’s board of directors property.”

“Ho-, however….! I have borrowed this place….”

“Yes. It was then shoved to my country. Then, the chief director helped.”

Sakuya frowned. Her words pressingly continued.

“『Yeah, you might have lost but you did your best Noel-kun. There’s a little reward for you. That would be interesting for me too.』 so he says. I will start living here one day.”

“…….That chief director….. How could he say that.”

“With that said, please take care of me.”

“…..I, I can’t accept this!”

“However, the decisions already been made. Here’s the official papers.”

While Noel saying that, she handed out several sheets of paper to Sakuya.

“Hu-, gunyu…..!” was Sakuya’s expression after receiving the documents.

“With that said, allow me intrude myself.”

Noel bowed precisely at an angle just like a model.

After looking at the document for a while, Sakuya hang her head after losing strength. She had a voice of giving up.

“……….Yeah. There’s nothing I can do.”

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