Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare

By Masaki Masamune

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Chapter 2

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Ether Float

Everything is now here. Please do enjoy it.


One night have passed and yet, Takeru still have not settled down.

Staying in a stranger’s room, especially a girl’s room even if for a while. However, apart from that, he saw something mysterious yesterday, the feel of those inhuman weapons caught his interest.

And he saw a girl who use such weapon,   Sakuya.

Sakuya seems to be finished changing to her school uniform as he saw her from the upper half of the partitioning screen.

Moving her wrist, she tossed something.

“This is the Key Card for this room.”

“Is it fine to get such authority?”

The key to her room for example. He didn’t thought that she would hand it over frivolously.

“I am only lending it to you. Because afterwards, I will be going out for a while. Also Takeru, there’s the toilet if you want to use it. If you want a drink then getting yourself one is fine…”

He thought she was being cold.

“I will! I will! Thank you!”

To the flustered Takeru, Sakuya nods in satisfaction.

“That’s right, that’s right. It is best that you are an obedient person. And also, don’t let yourself get found out by others okay?”

Said Sakuya as she raised one of her hands.

“It helps me that you are being obedient. Well then, see you later.”

“Where are you going Sakuya?”

“Un. I’m going to school.”

When Takeru heard her, the yesterday’s memories once again resurfaced. That she’s going to that place where people with abilities  are gathers. For someone like him who has power within himself, going to that place may bring it out.

“….you said yesterday, that’s the place where you learn to use those swords right?”

“Yeah that’s right.”

Those harmless word of Sakuya fascinatingly echoed in his ears when he heard it.

Takeru firmly gripped his fists. His heart was pulsating, it was the first time in a long time.


Takeru who’s shaking earlier made Sakuya to become wary from the tone of his voice.

“What is it?”

“Let me go with you.”

Sakuya made a displeased face with an “Eh”.

“You know, I’m just really interested. That weapon’s incredible right? And also, those guys uses it too right? I want to see it.”

“What’s that? What are you, a kid? Hey, are you a kid?”

“I wanna see.”

“That’s a no. No way, no way. Absolutely not allowed.”

“Wait! Wait and listen to me!”

“Rejected. The plan’s for you not to be seen, so basically, staying on this room is the plan.

“, how long will you be gone?”

Sakuya answered while folding her arms together.

“You don’t get it don’t you? I don’t want you to be found until I graduated from Academia…”

“By the way, how long before graduation?”

“Right now I’m still a first year, so there’s 2 years and 10 months left—“

“That’s impossible!”

“I will be feeding you properly.”

“That’s not the problem here! You! You have shown me such incredible power, yet I’m going to live here being confined until I’m dead!”

“Everything’s fine. I’m not going to confine you. I’ll make sure to bring you outside from time to time,”

“NO WAY! I don’t have that kind of patience! I’ll follow you!”

“Rejected. Anyway, wherever I go, Takeru will wait for me obediently.”

Said Sakuya while wearing her shoes on the entrance.

Takeru also followed.

“I told you not to follow! You want us to be discovered!?”

“Please, I’m begging you!”

“I’m telling you not to!”

“It’s alright! I’m good at deceiving!”

“Liar! You’re definitely bad at lying don’t you!?”

“I’m telling you it’s alright.”

“Just where is that confidence coming from!?”

“Just have faith in me!”

“Idiot! I don’t trust that confidence of yours!”

“Please, I’m begging you…!”

Said Takeru who followed Sakuya who’s starting to get outside with quick haste.

Sakuya turned around pouting while talking to him in an irritated tone.

“Ah mou, I understand! I completely understand. Just promise me two things!”

“Yes, yes! Of course!”

“First, when I get to Academia, immediately go back to this room! Second, ah, let’s go back to the room.”

Said Sakuya as she dragged Takeru back to the room.

Sakuya took off her shoes when she entered, there, her panties can be seen from the closet.

There was a rustling sound when she was searching for something inside then, she thrown it to Takeru’s face.

Takeru received something that is colored blue, apparently it was a hat.

“Here’s the second promise. Wear that hat. Never ever let anyone see your hair okay? It’s a big casket so I think it’s alright but.”

With her sudden words, Takeru let out an “Heh?” in an idiotic tone.

“If it’s just to hide the hair, then isn’t it just pointless?”

“Still better than nothing. I don’t want the trespassing be exposed you know. The biggest trouble would be, if they will know that the trespasser is from the Yamato“


Takeru asked as he put the hat on.

“Wait a bit. There’s still a bit of your hair sticking out at the back.”

With Sakuya’s slender fingers, she slid Takeru’s hair inside the hat.

“Your black eyes and your black hair, one would definitely think that you’re from Yamato. The Yamato, before it was ruined. I’m the only person from Yamato who haven’t exceeded the age of 50 yet.”

“I guess that’s too much for a downfall…”

She cannot fit in an old society. It’s a checkmate no matter how one thinks.

“Though most of the country’s territory is taken away, we still have Shikoku left. Even here in Ether Float long time ago, Yamato owned 1/7 of it, that 1/7 is now the territory of another country.”

It’s more messed up than he thought.

“….And that territory became this room?”

“Yes. Well, enough with the stories about territories, it’s not that important right now… when the remainders of Yamato appeared, there’s no students from the country left.”

Though Takeru don’t want to get exposed there’s still something he didn’t understand. When there’s only one person to increase the people of a country on the verge of collapsing, that doesn’t change anything.

“I don’t understand…However, I do understand. That mine and Sakuya’s common sense are different.”

“Must be because your common sense came from another world, I don’t think I’m a dangerous person though.”

Said Sakuya as she opened the door.

As soon as Sakuya got out from that building, the girl from Yamato grumbled in displeasure.

“Ah mou…..I didn’t have the intention of bringing someone with me….”

“Thank you, thank you. I’m super-duper grateful.”

“….I don’t feel any sincerity from that.”

“Even if you say so, that building sure is huge. Then that single room of Sakuya, what is it.”

To Takeru who came out from the modern looking building looked at it. A 21 story building, a blue sky that surrounds the buildings.

“To chatter immediately….. good grief. That’s the institution where I’m studying, Diastole Academia. (TLN: デウスアトル any better english for this?) There are lot of unused classrooms in that building. That’s the luggage depository, a small part of it is used for classes.”

“Isn’t this school facility a house Sakuya? It’s really strange.”

“That’s right. The board chairperson lent it to us. He may be a weird one, but he’s not a bad guy.”

Sakuya’s self-confidence was weakening as her voice was slowly fading.

“So, where’s the school building?”

“That way, you go straight then go to the right. There’s another building on the back.”

Seeing it from this distance, where 5 buildings that stood up. Modern buildings with stylish visuals. And that’s just one school building.

To the road that leads to those buildings were international students that have various colors on their hairs, they were scattered as they walked.

“There are 3 more school buildings? I have thought about this yesterday but this place is really vast.”

“What do you mean by three? This area has only 3 buildings you know. Buildings for departments are not included yet.”


“From middle school to high school, there’s approximately 20 thousand students here.”

“20 thousand!? That’s on the scale of a town already. That is.”

“Yes. Every year, there’s 3 thousand students coming in. And then, they try to aim for the top of military power. They improve each other through competition. Here, inside the Academia.”

“… military power you mean.”

“Yes. That’s what the Academia wants. They trained students here so therefore there will be no more quarrels between countries. Even if it’s possible to win, there’s still the regret of lacking power.”

“Wow they sure do train them…...Still, with so much people having being trained here, it sure is nice.”

Takeru spat out words of admiration. He wished that he will be one of them. If he put it that way, wouldn’t it be fun?

Him looking the nearby surroundings, he notice one male high school student approaching near them. He walked straight to them.

He’s a man with the fresh look of a westerner.

“Hello Sakuya, it seems that you’re not alone today. I wonder if I can together with you.”

Speaking to Sakuya with a smiling face, she only answered in a stony voice.

“Shut up. You’re in my way.”

She coldly shook his hands off.

“Oi Sakuya, wasn’t that a bit cru—“

Takeru tried to finish his words but got interrupted by another boy who came in.

He spoke to Sakuya with such cute voice that you can actually mistaken him for a girl.

“Sakuya-chan. This time, you’ll play with me. In the town at the center, there are shops with delicious sweets.”

“I like eating alone more.”

After that, he felt like he tasted a wild flavor.

“Say, how about abandoning Yamato and become my bride already? I’m sure it will go smoothly for both you and me. Please think consider a bit more.”


Bride he say…. what’s with this street proposal? That’s what Takeru though however, another batch of several men approaches.

“Leave that guy alone, just go out with me instead. Won’t you Princess of Yamato?”

“Silence your mouth.”

So blunt. Sakuya sent some harsh words and icy glares.

It seems that they are quite used to being rejected. For some reason, their frantic seems to be working. With such spectacle to see, Takeru’s mind was dazzled.

—But still, this fellow, for her to be so popular. Frankly, it’s abnormal.

Certainly, her looks are   good. She’s really cute, Takeru gives her that. However, for these people to worsen the current condition for crowding is going to far.

Until now, Takeru felt some slight discomfort seeing the appearances of these men the kept getting rejected.

What if these guys truly like her? Though Takeru thinks that he can’t feel sympathy to more suitors. Her suitors continued to woo her, but a smile is nowhere to be seen on Sakuya’s face.

Of course Sakuya doesn’t seem to hate it so there’s nothing to worry.

But as how Takeru saw it, it seems that she doesn’t have that much confidence. Because he had no experience in romance, he doesn’t have any slightest idea about it.

“–must be my imagination.”

“Takeru? Did you say something?”

“Nope. It’s nothing.”

Because Sakuya spoke to Takeru, the suitors sent some hateful glares towards him.

“Say Sakuya. I feel that this is a bed of nails?” (TLN: Bed of Nails = a situation that feels difficult/unpleasant)

“I think….so?”

To Sakuya’s words, Takeru took a deep breath. His ears heard the words of those people around him.

“Who’s that guy?”

“What’s with that look.”

“I’ve never seen such clothes, who is he?”

“Which country are you from? Trying to act good.”

“At last, to think that Princess of Yamato would go out with the man of her interest.”

“However, he’s not a great man.”

“I guess he will be abandoned soon.”

“Ah. Then it might be my turn then?”

Those voices, Sakuya might probably have heard it.

Sakuya pretending not to care about it was tightly squeezing her fist. She’s not feeling alright at all.

Her suitors that kept on speaking as if taunting Sakuya.

With that said, Takeru was angry.

Sakuya is not a bad person. Particularly, she never did anything wrong. Nevertheless, why something like that must be said.

“Oi you bas—“

Trying to end this subject, Takeru’s words were cut off by another man.

“Leave it at that you people. Excuse me Sakuya-kun.”

It’s a man with golden blonde hair. A slender long body with a sharp face. He wore some glasses emitting some intellect on him.

The boys that got reproached by the Golden Glasses put up reluctant faces.

However, they did not object him. They didn’t even spoke against him. although they have their faces full of frustration, they did not do any more actions.

Not only that, it seems that they understand the difference in status between them and the Golden Glasses.

With the stop of them saying bad things to Sakuya, Takeru spat out a relieved sigh.

“Besides, Sakuya is mine. I will not forgive anymore who lays a hand on her.”

Ah… he’s not——-. This guy is just the same as them.

“Now with that. Konozuka Sakuya-kun. Would you give me a little bit more time?”

Said by the Golden Glasses with a smile.

Sakuya went to Takeru’s side with the complete intention of ignoring him.

“Don’t bother.”

“Please don’t say such things. I will surely bring you happiness.”

Sakuya responded back.

“I told you that you don’t need to bother.”

“You and me. We will have a child and our own home. You don’t need to protect your country.”


“Say Sakuya-kun. What you’re doing is pointless. You should open your eyes that Yamato will disappear soon. If you’re with me, you’re going to have a bright future.”

Sakuya was irritated and cried in anger.

“Won’t you just leave me alone!?”

“Such an unreasonable child. You should know that everything’s not going for you, don’t you?”

The Golden Glasses extended his hand to Sakuya’s shoulder. Then Sakuya shriveled up with tears in her eyes.

With that, Takeru held his hand.

“Hey. Don’t you see that she dislikes it? Just give it a rest.”

Then Sakuya said “It’s nothing really” with a glum look.

The Golden Glasses only now notice Takeru that he held his hand.

The expression of someone who just noticed someone now,

“You. Are you perhaps, talking to me? Just what are you to Sakuya-kun?”

“I’m a victim of kidnapping. And currently developing the Stockholm Syndrome.”

The Golden Glasses frowned upon Takeru’s words.

“...huh? I fail to comprehend with your humor.”

He approached Takeru while shrugging his shoulders off.

“Hey. How did you win Sakuya-kun’s favor? Will you able to tell me?”

“Something like that, how would I know?”

Takeru said and the Golden Glasses hatefully glared at him.

Takeru was gripping his hand forcefully.

“Just how long are you gonna hold my hand? Or do you have that kind of hobby?”

“It’s not. Good grief. Aren’t you going to toss away my hand immediately? Or are you secretly enjoying it? Look at yourself, what’s with the face?”

Golden Glasses straightened himself and said to him.

“I am Alberto Blueforest. Don’t you know my name? I’m Neorika‘s 3rd rank and owner of a Tier 7 《False Sword》. With that Olivia followed by the former Ranada prince, Lennard next to them is me, Alberto.”

Even if he says that, Takeru did not understand. Who’re they? This Olivia and Lennard.


While Takeru’s looking for words to say, Alberto boastfully crossed his arms.

“Fufun. Was hearing my name a surprise to you? Can you not foolishly open that mouth  of yours like that? Your upbringing must be poor. You can’t even do a self introduction even.”

“It’s Takeru. Kisaragi Takeru.”

“Hmm. What an unusual name. Did you change your name so that the Yamato will like you? Plus hiding your hair is not good.”

As if he was laughing, Alberto twisted his mouth.

“Do you seriously think that I’ll believe that you’re one of the Yamatos? You should know that Yamato now only feeds upon the power of Sakuya.”

Losing to what Alberto said, Takeru shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, I think I should pull out for today. Sakuya-kun. When your burden with your country becomes unbearable, please rely on me. You’re always welcome to be my bride. And to you, you better not lay your hands on Sakuya-kun. That’s because, she’s mine.”

Said Alberto as he left. All the men that surrounded Sakuya, because they heard what Alberto said also backed off and left.

Seeing them left, Takeru ask with a whisper.

“….Say Sakuya. What the hell was that? Just now.”

“Didn’t I tell you. People of Yamato should be wary off since they bring trouble. I told you before, there was a great war.”

“Yeah. Does it have any relation to it?”

“The Great War where they used swords. A fight with the 《Regunare》 and 《False Swords》. I am a soldier of Yamato. With truly such terrifying power, we kept on winning. Those with the original swords have displayed their powers.”

“ see which one is stronger?”

“That’s right. Even if the other countries had more excellent soldiers. However, the power of Yamato’s soldiers was different from the others.”

“The hell you mean?”

“Those researchers have said. Those who have the blood and genes of those Yamato can truly bring out the 《Sword》‘s superior power. In other words, if one of the parents is from Yamato, their child will surpass others and become an excellent user of the 《Sword》. If both parents are from Yamato, it would be all the way more than that.”

“So, is that a good thing or not?”

“It is. It is just normal. However, if it’s a case like this. It’s not. It’s no different from a Horse Race. I am just a tool to establish a stronger next generation. To their very eyes, they don’t see as a human. A young maiden from Yamato, there’s no other than me.”

Sakuya looked very sad when she said that which made Takeru unable to say anything.

“The strong creates a stronger one then it also creates another stronger one. The Blood of Yamato, it’s a very useful tool for that purpose.”

Sakuya ended the story with a wave of her hand.

“….So, do you want to hear more of it?”

Well, Takeru was left with some questions.

With that said, it doesn’t even matter if they are family or not, that should be what Sakuya is worried about.

“If there’s something you don’t understand tell me okay? I’ll listen.”

As it was shown from the story of Sakuya, Takeru is the only young man of Yamato for Sakuya. There may be some possibility with that idea.

He obediently followed Sakuya till they reach the road inside the Academia.

At that time, another girl have blocked their way.

“Konozuka Sakuya. Did you caused some trouble again?”

She looked like a fairy, a very beautiful girl. With her age just as the same as Takeru.

Her light brown hair have been tied into two. The hairstyle called Twintails. (TLN: ALL HAIL THE TWINTAILS~!!!)

Her emerald eyes is accompanied with strong will.

She’s a little bit shorter than Sakuya, but now that he thought about it, Sakuya is of quite the short stature. However, her breasts are quite rich. Sakuya can’t compare to her.

And on her back, is a huge sword that looks like a cross that she carries around.

“There’s no particular trouble at all. Please don’t take it on the wrong way.”

“You’re always like that—no, I shall give you the sermons later. And? What’s with this person? Who is he?”

Such stern voice. She glared at Sakuya, making her report.

She cutely clears her throat. Then turns to Takeru.

“Excuse me. For cases such as this, an adequate introduction must be held. A similar description exist in my Goertz National Defense Army Manual on the 6th Clause of Article 2.” (TLN: Goertz is like the Germany of this world.)

She suddenly took out a thick book from her bag and start to fluently flip around the pages.

“Like I though, it’s there.”

With a snap, she closes the book and returns it to her bag.

“Well to start again. I am the school’s Vice-Commander of Disciplinary Corps, Noel Lieven. I came from Goertz. Age 15 years and 8 months and my sword was born in the year of 68, October 12.(TLN: I’m confused about why she added the sword’s birthdate) I’m part of the discipline corps that maintains the public order of the Academia.”

This Noel girl that introduced herself, perfectly demonstrated a perfect bow.

“Now then. And, who might you be?”

Noel said while looking at the face of Takeru.

Before Takeru answered her question, Sakuya panicky intervened.

“W-what do you mean who? There are only students here you know?”

“Though his uniform seems to be not of those from the Academia?”

Sakuya was at lost for words. Takeru was seen tried to make an excuse.

“Well, that is, my Academia uniform got dirtied. It’s a different clo—“

Before he could finish speaking, Noel intervened.

“Let me tell you three reasons for that uniform.”

Noel started to count by folding her fingers.

“First. I don’t recognize you. This Academia has a good understanding about their students. 

Second. In spite of being a student of Academia, you don’t carry a 《False Sword》 with you.

Third. Konozuka Sakuya seemingly getting along well with a high school boy, surprisingly.”

Sakuya’s cheeks swelled, she gave a glare at the twintail girl.

“W-what do you mean getting along well!”

….She retorted back. That’s what Takeru thought.

“Are you sure with that? It seemed that you smiled not too long ago. Smile is a facial expression where the muscles move whenever feels something positive. It’s written in my personal manual book 『Smooth Smiling ☆ Communication』”

Just what’s with that book. Takeru grumbled in his mind.

“Y-you are mistaken!”

“Is it really? What the corners of my eyes have seen is that the corners of your mouth have raised a little. That’s the definition of a smile that I remember…… Well it doesn’t matter. What happened here doesn’t matter. Leaving that aside, that boy there.”

“I’m in a hurry. I’ll listen to what you’ll say later.”

“Rejected. Your answer to my question has a higher priority.”

“That’s unnecessary. Let’s do it later.”

“Trying to make excuse, are you? Quite the despicable man.”

“A-anyway! Is that manual something really that important?”

Noel have knitted her fine eyebrows, clenching her fist.

“Konozuka Sakuya. Why can’t you recognize the importance of the manual? The manual is, the crystallization of the mankind’s intellect. It is a learning compilation of past experience. Not wanting to repeat the same mistake and be more efficient, they were summarized in the form of the manual.”

Sakuya sneered at it.

“This is why you people from Goertz. You people are making too much fuss about trivial stuff. Those kind of trivial stuff doesn’t really matter. Can’t you people be a little bit flexible? I don’t even understand why you guys built a machine solely for the purpose for apple’s heart.” (TLN: Automatic apple peeler Sakuya. They’re quite…….. useful)

It can’t be seen from Noel’s appearance but she’s clenching her fist and gave Sakuya the glares.

“The Apfuel Kellner has nothing to do with this Konozuka Sakuya! I am quite displeased right now…… I feel very frustrated. However, the action that I’m going to do. Has nothing to do with my frustration is any way.” (TLN: リンゴの芯抜き器 means Apple’s Heart Removing Device and has this アプフエル・ケルナー for furigana. Any alternative for Apfuel Kellner that sounds more like German?)

Says Noel as she draws out that Great Sword off from her back. (TLN: 大剣 means “large sword” but has the furigana Great Sword.)

What a huge sword that is.

It was a weapon of destruction. Crush, break, and to kill with a slash. That is what kind of savage weapon it is.

“Wai-!? What are you doing!?”

“What, is it? You don’t understand my answer? Very well then. Let me tell you. I am requesting to prove your social status. Or could it be, you’re saying that you’re escaping? If you’re not suspicious, then what’s to be suspicious about?”

“T-the status of this boy here. He’s the Yamato’s top. I can guarantee you that.”

Sakuya started to sweat on the nape of her neck while Takeru spread his hand as if to protect her.

Not even one lie can pass through Noel, that’s why she motionlessly stared at Sakuya’s face.

“That, I cannot bring myself to believe. You, as a person from a cornered country cannot be trusted.”

The two have stubbornly scowled at each other.

With the present situation, the students noisily gathered. It wasn’t only composed of boys, now girls have joined and surrounded that three of them.

“It’s Noel again? She’s in a fight with the Yamato’s Representative again?”

“Who could be that boy? I have not seen him. Which country could he be from?”

“I don’t know…. His eyes are black but it’s kind of covered by the hat….”

Not minding what’s happening to their surroundings, Noel and Sakuya still continued to quarrel like geese praising one another. And now it’s already a battle of insult to one another.

Is it really fine to do this in the middle of the street? Takeru rack his brains and then, Noel turned around to Takeru.

“Well Sakuya-san. You’re an exception. With that said, you there boy. Hope your ready.”

Under Noel’s calmness was her ferocity. Her 《False Sword》 was then pointed to Takeru.

Not only that, he felt like she just sent him violent pressure to his body.

Takeru’s chest was loud. He then realized that he was strongly clenching his fist. He strongly gritted his molars.

Is this the feeling of dread and happiness? This must be the mixture of emotions. It was rampaging inside Takeru. It’s been a long time since he have felt it.

He was trembling. This may be the best one yet.

“Fine. Come. All I have to do is show my abilities right?”

The surrounding students have become more noisy.

“No, no, no. What kind of joke is that?”

“How would you fight without a 《False Sword》? What an unreasonable decision.”

“Either one of us will be remain.”

Understanding from what he said, was their overwhelming difference in war potential.

Ah, why, why? Why is this so fun?

Takeru naturally smiled.

At that moment, a refined voice of a man was heard.

“You people. What are you doing?”

Looking at him, he’s a shady hermit with a beard wearing an aloha shirt. While having a tough face, he’s quite the dandy one. Furthermore, his shadiness felt like was amplified.


Takeru’s exciting event was obstructed also, the tension he felt have faded out.

“And also you. Isn’t it quite the unusual uniform. Where did it come from?”

He walked closer to him while saying those words.

While Takeru was troubled on how to reply, the old man grumbled with a nod.

“Well. That’s not good.”

“Why not….”

“Well aside from that, are you quarreling? Are you fighting? From what age are you kids studying? Outrageous! Now keep doing it!”

“Which one is it!?”

Takeru unintentionally retorted.

Whether it’s outrageous or to keep doing it, doesn’t he have to be consistent on what he has to say?

“Do it more!”

“That power!”

The old man’s expression have become stiff.

“Which one is it? The young one’s obligation is to study and improve their selves. However, it’s not that I hate it in fact, I LOVE IT! I REALLY LOVE IT!”

The old man in aloha suddenly shouted. This old man, isn’t he a crazy one?

“Noel was it? This old man here seems to be suspicious. Shouldn’t we arrest him?”

If a middle-aged person would enter the school, the police would already been notified if it was Takeru’s former world. It was also a tough world where just walking down the street can get you reported.

Noel unexpectedly let out her expression.

“I don’t see any suspicious person. Though, he’s not a suspicious person. That person is the chief director of this Academia.”


The old man was called the chief director. He folded his arms and nodded several times.

After that, he grumbled with a sigh.

“Nowadays, when old men’s work piles up, they feel reluctant. Then they decide to stop working. Vacation they say.”

“No. I work.”

“You will sooner or later. Whatever you do, don’t give up old man.”

“…This one’s a no good.”

“Though well, I really just have free time. In the first place Noel-kun. Isn’t it childish to fight with a 《False Sword》 when your opponent is empty-handed?”

The chief director pointed to Noel with a snap.

“B-but the rules and the regu—”

“The rules doesn’t really matter.”

He eagerly moved his down hands left and right.

“Wha-!? That’s not a reason!”

“That’s why, let’s give him a 《False Sword》. Now isn’t that fun? I’m a supporting old man after all.”

“However chief director.”

The chief director’s lips have pouted. Whatever this old man does, it’s totally uncute.

“Fu~n. Noel-kun opposes. But it’s fine. Since it’s an order from the chief director. Because you’re the person who made the call.”

While saying that, the chief director pulled out a phone from the chest pocket of his aloha. Noel shook her head.

“Following the person above. Isn’t it in the manual? Though if the old man thinks of the manual. Which one could it be? Old man, I don’t understand.”

While saying those words, Noel’s center was caught. Even though Noel attracts attention, can she really grasp the character of the students in the five-digit numbers? Takeru renews his view of the chief director before his eyes.

“….. I don’t know. Very well.”

Noel reported while quite displeased.

“That’s good then. You.”

The chief director softly taps the shoulders of Takeru.

“Hey, old man. Do you think that I can win?”

To the chief director who heard those words, a smile appeared all the way to the edge of his mouth.

“That’s right, that’s right. If you win then it will be interesting. Very interesting.”

It may be quite unreasonable but there’s meaning to his words despite not being expressed.

“If that’s the case, then. Old man. If I win, what will you do?”

“I’ll grant one wish of yours?”

Takeru was annoyed a little bit.

Why? It’s because he said that he’ll grant one wish of his. Is he making fun of him? He may probably don’t understand his wish. But he thought it’s fine to speak about it.

The chief director approaches Takeru and whispered to his ear.

“I don’t know how you even entered this place however, I’ll maybe even overlook this trespassing of yours.”

The chief director smiled. But within his eyes, were a cold sensation.

“Ah. So you’re not really a student here. You’re making too much facial expressions.”

“…….So you tricked me?”

“Uh huh. The reason is that you’re wearing a different uniform and I only remember seventeen of them. However, it is also because of the face your making.”

“…..I see.”

“After I saw the face you made, I understand that you were serious to win against Noel-kun. It’s unbelievable right?”

The chief director looked at Takeru’s face, then his mouth opened.

“However, despite your intention to win, I don’t know whether you’ll win or not. I’m sure you’ll be defeated, this is what this old man thinks. That’s why when you win, it can’t be helped that I’ll give you something as a reward. Say it. What is your desire?”

Desire. Desire huh. What could it be? Takeru thought.

Something he really wants to do.

He overcame and overcame unreasonable circumstances.

Breaking each wall he goes against with.

He was not satisfied, there’s nothing in that world that made him desperate.

He wanted those kind of things.

Takeru remembers when he was thinking.

There might be something. That. That man in his front, something simple isn’t it?

Takeru glares with his eyes, slowly saying his desire.

“If, if I win will you— Will you let me enter to this Academia?”

The chief director was at loss for a second. Then he nod.

“Very well. Only if you win, right?”

“That’s what I want.”

“Though it might be impossible for this old man. Noel-kun. You’re a splendid superior?”

“Eh? She’s a superior?”

Takeru’s mouth just went to smile.

There was too many enjoyment so far.

“In this Academia, students are placed in ranks. The people around here are not your companions. However, if you think you can win, then this old man will be happy.”

“I’ve never actually thought of winning. –However, there’s only one thing I’m about to say. And that’s I’m really fired up.”

The surrounding students have leaked out laughter.

“Ha. What’s with that? That’s impossible.”
“Woah….He has my respect despite not knowing his place.”
“He’s unreasonably decided already.”

Those voices did not reach Takeru. Even if they reached his ears, he will only understood them as just noises.

“Then, to the 12th Training Area, I don’t know where you have come from but, I hope you’ve already prepared if you’re defeated. Promise this old man. A pinkie swear?”

The chief director presented his little finger.

Takeru did not answer. The chief director shrug his shoulders off where the bottom of his smile cannot be seen.

The chief director had led them to their destination, the 12th Training Area.

It’s center had a huge open area.

Under the blue sky, Takeru looked around the dazzling open area.

“It looks like an ancient arena. Just like a stadium.”

Among the meadow in the center, was a stone floor that looks like a square chessboard.

Must be the ring to fight on. The ring can be seen down by the surrounded stadium. Takeru together with the students have been seen to walked towards the inside the stadium.

Walking next to Takeru, Sakuya says with a nod.

“This place is often being used. This is where 《False Sword》 are determined which is superior. All country participates in this tournament war with brute force.”

“I see…”

While talking, the chief director turned his head around. While stroking his beard, he asks Takeru.

“You, you. What is your name?”

“Kisaragi Takeru.”

“Fuun. Heh. Hou…..Your name’s like those of Yamato huh. Must be from another country where you posses the blood of the Yamato. However, fighting a 《False Sword》 empty-handed is something I don’t know. You are really mysterious.”

The chief director interestingly look at Takeru’s face.

“Well, it’s fine now. Have you ever trained with a 《False Sword》? Or could it be that you carry a 《False Sword》 somewhere?”

“No. I don’t have one neither used one.”

“Heh. So you haven’t used one…….fuun.”

The chief director pondered for a bit while looking at Takeru.

“I see. Then, wait for a bit. A bit, a bit.”

The chief director raised his hand and a female instructor was summoned. He told her something and then, she left in a hurry.

After that, the instructor returned after a while. She approached Takeru. Handing him a scabbard.

“You use that 《False Sword》. It’s a Tier 1 though. Noel-kun uses a Tier 7 one. So I’m really sorry with the difference between the ability of those two. But if the user of it doesn’t train then isn’t just useless?”

After that, the chief director explained about the 《False Sword》. There were seven 《Regunare》 that sealed off god. And then, humanity mimicked the 《Regunare》 and created the artificial 《False Swords》.

“Well, a god gives birth to other god. Whatever it is, there’s just different myths. That kind of thing. That was the myth in the western lands, I wonder about Yamato? Though an explanation would be nice. Anyway, the way it is used—”

While Takeru was listening attentively, the chief director smiled and waved his hands.

“Do you possibly want to hear it from Sakuya-kun? This old man is way too poor at explaining things.”

Being passed over her, Sakuya brandished her red scabbard.

He then listens to what Sakuya said. The original 《Regunare》 had different appearances. Those replicas that are made have similar characteristics to them but differs in the details. And then, the blade part of the Yamato’s 《Regunare》 has already been lost. That blade was unable to be replicated. That’s why, Yamato’s 《False Swords》 are scabbard types.

“Say Sakuya. What should I do?”

“You will have a link with the 《False Sword》when you hold it in your hand. Right. Then a short prayer is done was it? You already have it, don’t you know how to do it?”

With that said, Takeru held the scabbard and closed his eyes.

There were something that talks inside his head. It was mysterious in a sense. The next thing he should do, is to envision it in his mind.

“That’s right. After that, the 《False Sword》 should become one with you. Then, your hand. Extend your hand. It is now part of you. You have now established the link.”

With that said, he recognizes that it was already part of himself.

He can sense that the 《False Sword》 is connected to his hand.

He can feel the 《False Sword》 in the blood the flows in his body until—

His heart have pounded wildly. He can feel that the 《False Sword》 was invading him.

It was a strange power. The power of the 《False Sword》 that flows to Takeru was recognized.

And when he remembered those, the scabbard cracked.


Crack, crack, crack. Crackle. The cracks have become bigger and spread further.

Then, a strong noise was heard.

The 《False Sword》 held by Takeru broke in the middle.

Sakuya who saw that shouted.

“Wha-what!? How in the!? Is this one a defective one!?”

Stroking his beard, the chief director muttered.

“I’m surprised. This is the first time. It should be impossible but whatever……It must really be a defective one. You. Could you possibly bring two no, three of them here?”

Listening to the words of the chief director, the female instructor who brought the 《False Sword》 replied “Y-yes.” in a hurry.

After a while, the female instructor returned with the scabbards.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Handing Takeru one of them, he can feel something that pours in his blood flow.

And then, it broke.

The second one broke. Then he hold the third one.

Everyone around them was focusing with their glances.

They felt uneasy. What will happen if he pour power to the third one.

However, the third 《False Sword》 sadly broke again.

Sakuya, Noel, the female instructor, the of the students, and the rest of the people there have ridiculously looked at Takeru.

Only the chief director had happy look in his eyes.

Sakuya having a hard expression said.


“This is quite impossible. Old man, I might have to forcibly have to fight.”

He heard the students in the stadium let out voices of despise in the wind.

“What power…..”
“Not using a 《False Sword》. It’s impossible.”
“If someone like him started to enter here in Academia….His qualifications are out of the question.”

Takeru asks Sakuya with a pale face.

“……Sakuya. Isn’t this, really bad?”

“Bad is not even a question…..Ten thousand people holes up and defending a castle then attacking with a wooden pole is bad. It’s like getting consecutively attacked by a thousand times.”

“That much?”

“Yeah. Apart from that, it will last for a long time. Absolutely impossible.”

No matter how much she’s aware of how hopeless the situation is, Sakuya speaks with a low voice. And with a look of regret. To Sakuya’s thin neck, sweat drops can be seen.

Then, Sakuya grumbled.

“…..Abstain now Takeru. You should give up.”

“No way in hell.”

With that said, Sakuya raised her voice.

“I told you to give up!”

Takeru lowers his voice, whispering to Sakuya.

“There’s no need to be worried about. It’s fine. It’s kinda hard for me to talk with you with the people here.”

Sakuya strongly clenched her fist and shouted.

“Isn’t that different!?”

Opening her mouth wide, she scowled at Takeru.

“That’s not it. I’m worried about your body! Don’t you understand idiot!?”

Says Sakuya as her face grimaced and lightly stomped the ground.


Takeru stared at her amazed.

This fellow is really a good person.

“Certainly, it would really be troublesome if someone found out about my summoning. But, but. Summoning Takeru was my responsibility. That’s why I’ll protect you. Whatever happens, if something ever happens I, I’ll—”

She had a tearful look. She only just met him so why would she go this far? Takeru failed to understand.

“Takeru. Give up. You’re definitely going to lose. If Noel hits you, not even a piece of your human flesh will remain. And also, Noel wields a Tier 7 《False Sword》.”

“That Tier 7 something. What is that?”

“Most humans even if they train, can only use up to Tier 5. Wielding Tier 7 are only used by high ranking people. Agile swords surpassing that of speed of sound and light. They already attacked the moment they vanished. Even though with that physical ability of yours—”

Starting from the first rank then reaching the seventh rank. Then his opponent is a strong one positioning at seventh rank. That was Noel.

Sakuya went closer. She heard Takeru’s reply with a low voice.

“Heh. Absolutely impossible. Absolutely can’t win. It’s definitely usesless, is that it?”

“That’s right. There’s no chance of winning.”

“Even if you say that, after all this time. That’s why—-”

“Takeru? Why are you smili—”

“That’s why, it can’t be helped that I’m enjoying it. I’m really sorry. I only caused you troubles. However, I’m really looking forward to this. But, I don’t want to trouble you much further. So be at ease and believe on me.”

“Tha-! That’s! I’m not really complaining!”

Takeru holds Sakuya’s hand above the stone stage. He felt a hard sensation with his feet.

He looked around from the above of the stone stage. He can see the faces of the students in the stage.

He thought it was wide.

The whole place was really wide furthermore, his chest feels like it’s being spread in this world. In his former world, he wasn’t able to appear on stages like this.though this is not his first time. This is a fight he can’t lose. He can hear the pounding of his heart.

Above the ring, Noel already stood there.

Noel’s emerald eyes stared in wonder.

“It’s quite surprising. You’re really fighting with your own flesh?”

“Ah. I accepted that as a challenge.”

Can’t you hear it? The students here in the stage already became noisy.

“…..Are you serious?”
“That guy will die.”
“Doesn’t he understand his own situation?”

Such words were said by them.

Noel in front asks without any hint of emotion.

“Are you expecting that I’ll go easy on you?”

“No way.”

“I see, I’m glad. Even if I went easy, it can’t be helped that I always end up killing. Between the power of you and me, the difference is endless. For example, you’re a piece of snow. Even if treated delicately, you’ll end up melting. You cannot be fixed. Do you understood that?”

“I understand what you think. However, whether if that’s the truth it’s incomprehensible right?”

“You’re heads seems to be a bit messed up. Excuse me. If you allow me to say without choosing my words, you’re going down. No, you’re not only just going down. More or less like that.

Takeru was silent. His chin was stimulated.

“People who cannot use 《Regunare》 much less a 《False Sword》 in the beginning cannot be a student. Those are school regulations. Also, you’re someone who should not be here. You’re nothing more than a human that should live in the world below. My Tier 7 sword 《Bolt Gang》 will win for me.”

“I see. I completely understand what you mean. Then I really wish to see if it’s true.”

“….Huh? I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Back in my former place, there are things that I cannot do. A boring power that can do anything. But I wasn’t able to be serious on using it. Since I wasn’t able to use it.”

He was certain that if he use it, he would immediately labeled as a monster.

“This Academia’s students, almost everyone. Must be a race of people who wins without even being serious. That should be natural to the twenty thousand people here in this upper world. You are a person with a very narrow view. Do you wanna know why?”

Hearing Takeru, Noel seems to have made a mistake. Can she win using fifty percent of her power against this unknown man? Even though Takeru wasn’t able to pull out 0.1% of his power.

“That’s nice. I want you to tell me.”

A smile appeared in Takeru while Sakuya cheers on his back.

“Takeru! Don’t stop! That’s why–Don’t die! Definitely! A-also without injuries!………………And then……..and then, if possible, win.”

“In other words, I should win without any injuries? That’s quite the demand Sakuya have.”

Noel looks with cold eyes.

“Do you understand your current situation? Such reckless remark. You’re only babbling childish delusions now.”

“If that’s the case, let’s test which delusion is trying?”

“Without a 《False Sword》, you think you’ll win? That doesn’t exist in the manual. You’re a pitiful man.”

Right there,

“Hey. It will end in an instant!”
“That’s right! Put up a fight!”
“Everyone cannot wait for more than one second, start already?”
“Less than a second or not, let’s bet. Bet. Let’s bet on who will win.”
“Then, I’ll bet less than one second”
“Me too! Me too!”

The students in the stadium already started to talk irresponsibly.

Takeru slowly steps towards the stone stage.

There’s a lovely girl with twintails in his front. However, it is clearly evident that she has power despite her appearance.

“Then let’s start. How about we start with the old coin toss? Is that fine?”

Carrying that huge 《False Sword》, Noel proposes.

“I understand.”

Noel pulls out a coin from the pocket of her uniform, tossing it with her thumb.

On the back of Takeru, Sakuya cheers on him under the stage.

“Takeru! Do your best!”

In the blue sky, a silver coin flies high and spinning.

Few seconds left before it falls. They were anxiously waiting for those few seconds. The moment it falls, they’ll start.

Would I be defeated in a blink of an eye? That was what Takeru thought. Despite him feeling excited, he was still cautious.

If he lose this duel, he would regret that Sakuya will take responsibility.

Perhaps, those last words Sakuya said to push Takeru’s back 『Don’t worry about me.』 must be her will.

That’s why, he must not be defeated.


It was the sound of the coin that fell down. Noel have leaped forward.

The coin bounces. It was a faster sound for the second time and Noel have already approached Takeru before his eye’s.

Too fast. That never happened to him back in Japan.

Takeru stepped back to evade. He felt the presence of the tip of her sword.

The wind created by her sword was late. Takeru’s hair strongly shook.

Noel’s eyes opened wide.

“…..I’m surprised. Could it be, you avoided it?”

Taking a deep breath, she look at Takeru’s face.

She was truly marveled with her thought.

“To be able to evade without a 《False Sword》. Even by chance, that’s impossible. However, that may be the only extent you can boast.—but.”

There was no second chance. She says as Noel assaults Takeru.

However, Takeru still evaded it.

“Wha-! N-no way. Are you kidding me?”

While she cursed in surprised, Noel continued to attack with her 《False Sword》.

From top, to bottom, to the right, and to the left, she continued to attack.

But, not even one of them hit.

Even though she was attacking from all direction like a violent storm.

The students unanimously shouted.

“H-hey! What’s with that!?”
“Why is he able to avoid them….”
“His opponent wields a 《False Sword》 you know! And a Tier 7 on top of that! I can’t believe it!”

They were facing one another. But apart from that, the most unbelievable thought they have is that Noel 《False Sword》 continues to attack.

“What is this!? It’s an unbelievable experience!

This is so impossible….!”

At Takeru’s back was Sakuya’s voice. Whether it was desperate, it was nothing but a cheerful voice.

“That’s right! Go!”

Takeru showed his hand and replied 「Oh!」 with composure.

“Kuh! Was it really a chance this entire time….!? No. It can’t be. Even if I still continue, this is inevitable….!”

Noel’s swordsmanship became a little bit dull because of her surprise. It was taken advantage of.

Within a blink, Takeru reaches Noel’s bosoms. Noel expression was of that shocked.


Takeru fired his palm and was thrust to Noel’s abdomen.

However, before it got reach Noel- There was the sensation of soft and flabbiness. A mysterious sensation enveloped Takeru’s hand.

——What is this!?

Noel screamed as she jumped back.

“Wha-!? Ba, bare-handedly!? I, I don’t understand! Just now! There was a high amount of Ether!”

“Hey, what was that? There was a strange sensation there.”

“Moreover, this guy doesn’t realize the Ether Barrier either!”

“What’s with that Ether Barrier thingy….”

“Book of 《False Swords》. It’s written in chapter 1, page 23 on the tenth line.—Though telling you is better. To use a 《False Sword》, Ether is necessary. With it, we can control the 《False Swords》. It’s the power that distorts the reasoning in this world.”


“And then, 《Regunare》 or even with a 《False Sword》, you use Ether as a barrier to prevent enemy’s attacks. That is, the Ether Barrier.”

“……I see. So can you always feel the expansion of the barrier?”

“Being cornered like this by an amateur…..Just like that…..!”

Voices can be heard from the students in the stadium.

“Is that man just a merely immigrant of Yamato!?”
“That guy really just fought empty-handed…..Are we watching a dream here?”
“I-I’m sure Noel-san is just going easy on him….”

Sakuya doing side glances made her mouth do a smile. And she shouts.

“That’s right. That’s right! I don’t understand but Takeru you’re so cool! Get her!”

Was that a voice of response? Noel stares at Takeru.

“Well then, let me show you the true power of the 《False Sword》…..!”

Noel shouts and suddenly, winds have appeared.

Her twintails danced in a violent manner.

“Did you know? These rampaging winds of hell were called old wind? These winds have truly existed for a very long time….”

Takeru’s eyes partly closed due to the strong wind.

Her sword didn’t shake as if the winds obey the will of Noel.

The winds have twine around obstructing the movement of Takeru. Together with it was a violent stab attack by Noel.

“…..Is she manipulating the winds?”

The winds are obstructing the movement of Takeru, it rages against the flow of nature.

“Have you not noticed? There are respective attributes in the 《Regunares》. And then, those imitations called 《False Sword》 have inherited it!”

Her attacks can still be evaded. However, the stone floor changes it’s shape with the aftereffect of Noel’s slash.

“Therefore, this 《False Sword》’s attribute is wind! With this wind, lie down to the ground!”

Noel have sliced down from the above. Her 《False Sword》 have violently crushed  the stone floor. Little bits of the broken stone floor flew up.

Takeru have seen a fragment of it.


It was a moment of chance.

Her 《False Sword》 was already approaching when opened his eyes.

One centimeter before his eyes.


Identical with the speed of the sword, Takeru fell down.

He looked up and evaded it then rolled backwards.

“Th-, that was a close one….”

“Are you really a human!?”

“Pretty much so. I’m only a little bit light-footed and a little bit stronger.”

“A little bit!? You’re already exceeded the upper limits and you call it 『Just a little bit』 !?”

“Uh, even if you say that….”

“You are completely! Completely unbelievable!”

After she shouted, Noel’s twintails fluttered along the old winds. She then silently said.

“Really….Can’t you be a bit more serious on this?”

Her mouth, it smiled.

If you believe the words of Noel, there’s still some hidden gem on it.

Takeru who listened to her heard the gritting of teeth.

What’s with that?

What’s with this?

This is just nothing but excitement.

He can’t suppress the throbbing of his heart. The blood in his body is boiling.

While Takeru was being blown by the raging old winds, he patiently waited.

While in contrast to Takeru’s, the stadium jeered.

“Noel! Do something about that man with a cap already!”

“Him not using 《False Sword》 is already an eyesore.”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

Sakuya then says to the people at the stadium.

“Fuun. I don’t want to admit. Though Takeru suddenly appeared, he’s really strong!”

Within this annoying surroundings, Takeru stared at the existence in front of him.

The pressure he gets from Noel increased explosively.


The twintails girl held her sword horizontally. Sliding her hand to the back of the blade. It’s blade then covered by a color. It was yellow. Just like gold. The surrounding atmosphere has trembled. Noel’s body seems to have bended.

“Sword Essence——Release——!”

From within the 《False Sword》, a violently, strange noise echoed as if it was cracking the world.

There was translucent cogwheels can be seen surrounding Noel. Several cogwheels are intertwined with one another.


——————Gichi, gichi

Gigi, gichi gichi, Gi gichi gichi gichi gichi,

Gichi gi gichi gichi gichi gichi gi gichi gichi gichi gi gichi gichi gichi gi gichi gichi gichi

———Creak———. It made noises when it moved….

A truly unbelievable scene have unfolded.

“This is, the sealed power of the gods. This 《Sword》 that distorts the reasoning in this world. Till now, I’ve never done this.”

Noel kicks on the stone floor and sprung herself. Just with the impact of her kick left a spiderweb crack on the stone floor.

Truly ridiculous. Truly impossible. Her words matches the current phenomenon.

Takeru jumped back evading Noel’s killer attack and made some distance.

However, it didn’t end there.


He wasn’t able to breath.

That wasn’t a metaphor but it was the truth. Takeru’s breathing have come to a stop.

As if his mouth is being covered by a rubber.

“Having a hard time breathing, don’t you?”

Says Noel as she swings her sword.

His evasive capabilities has been halved.

“——! ——————!”

He wasn’t also able to speak.

“Even if you don’t know what’s up, let me tell you. The current condition is because of my wind…..Allowing me to manipulate the atmosphere itself.”


He’s getting suffocated.

“Even with your nose and mouth, I stopped the flow of wind to it.”


“I can control this vast amount of wind. Still, that alone can kill a person. Humans are, once their breathing have stopped, their fingers will twitch.”

Noel shows a smile which convinced her that she won.

“Now, please give up. I don’t want to kill. Or perhaps, do you want your death here to be dealt as just accident. Though we want to avoid accidents as much as we want to.”

He was unable to breath. He can’t feel his insides.

“If you want to give up, now’s the time to say it.”

“——Mmm (How could I say that)!? Mmngm(You damn idiot)!”

“….. It was a joke. If you want to give up, please raise both of your open hands up.”

His breathing became more painful because he shouted earlier.

Needing oxygen, his body strongly and violently pulsated.

“So you’re not giving up after all?”

Noel coldly declares. She raises her 《False Sword》 up high.

“Then, how about this?”

His feet won’t move.


He can’t even move one step.

“The air around your feet have been compressed. This way, you’ll be unable to move.”

To his back was a flustered scream. It was Sakuya’s.

“Takeru! Give up! It’s impossible for you to breath. Any more of this and you’———”

However, he didn’t answer. Takeru stares straight at Noel.

“You’re still not giving up? You have some courage. My school’s discipline corps. I think everyone of them also possess that will. However, as far as I know, that courage of yours is just your recklessness.”

Says Noel nodding while having thought of something.

“Let me then send to the other world. That’s what I can only offer to you.”

Noel raised her sword and the wind have coiled around it.

“Be reduced to dust—-! Schneiden El Vento!” (TLN: 風劫風斬 is I’ve read it right, Old Wind Air Decapitation and has the furigana シュナイヂン・へレヴィント. Any better suggestion for the furigana?)

With a swing of her 《False Sword》 that turned into a very long wind, the atmosphere was cut.

It went straight directly down to Takeru.

Is it going to hit directly? Takeru doesn’t know. Can Sakuya or the students can withstand it if he was scattered into pieces of meat?

He felt that his blood become hotter. He was feeling extremely excited since a long time ago.

Takeru had a feeling. He held out one of his arm.

He took a grip on that large dropping blade. Even with one hand, the impact was still huge.


Takeru’s ears have heard her dumbfounded voice.

“Sakuya’s sword was definitely faster.”

“No way! Why!? Why can you grip it!? Why can you talk!? Why are your feet able to move!?”

“I just noticed that I can move?”

Noel’s voice of her groaning can be heard being mix with the wind.

“Did he just he managed to invade my domain? For my enemy to do it—-. Even with such high amount of Ether, that’s impossible! I still haven’t….. lose!”

“No. It’s the end.”


Noel’s 《False Sword》 have completely broken.

Takeru broke it bare-handed.

“You were certainly fast. But, your sword was flashing allowing my eyes to chase after it. It also allowed my hand to catch it.”

“N-no way. Just like that—-”


With that, Noel have fallen to her butt.

You might say that he was happier than what he thought of.

—-But. However.

Is this only it?

Deep down on Takeru, that was what he thought.

The match have ended. Everyone became silent. Was it unbelievable that Noel got defeated? Or was it unbelievable that Takeru won? Either one was confusing. Still, silence came.

But that silence was broke with Sakuya cheerfully raising both of her hands.

“I don’t really understand but you did great Takeru!”

Takeru raised his hand in response to Sakuya.

There, before anyone in the stadium have realized, the chief director declared with a penetrating voice.

“Kisaragi Takeru. Your admission has been recognized!”

Takeru tightly clenched his fist upon hearing it.

“You’re really awesome. You really are. Old man you really surprised me. However, there seems to be another visitor here. Is a final push really necessary?”

The chief director frowned upon hearing Takeru’s words.

Clap, clap, clap. The sound of clapping echoed.

But only the sound of applause of one person can be heard.

The students spectating had an unbelievable face while watching. The one who clapped was a blond beauty.

The girl was standing on the edge of the stadium.

Since she was wearing a uniform, she must be a student.

All of the surrounding stares have gathered upon on the only girl. She was quite an extraordinary existence.

Blond hair blue eyes. Rather than cute, she has more beauty in her facial features.

A uniform where her bust is about to burst. And also, it can be seen that her uniform was forced up. Quite the sensual butt and it’s lasciviously covered by a micro miniskirt rather than a miniskirt with thighs that can dazzle one’s eyes.

“Pulling out your strongest Sword Essence. I’ve seen some good stuff.”

Un, un. The girl nods alone.

“My common sense that a 《False Sword》 was defeated bare-handedly cannot believe it. VERY WONDERFUL desu.”

She stretched her hands with praise. And the only button in her blouse had popped off.

They were certainly huge breasts.

“Oh. It’s big. That’s good.”

“What are you saying so suddenly?”

“Ah, I have forced it too much! Aah, it’s been a long time since I’ve been forced by an unknown person desu.”

Ahahahahaha. She then smiled in a cheerful manner.

And her smiling didn’t stop. It continued.

“Noel. You’re only so-so in power. But, I’m quite the foolish one. Unlike Len, Albert also does not possess a 《Regunare》.”


He realized the one she called Len. The one next to her, the male student standing next to her. He had silver hair extending to his shoulders. A man with a steel look. Ignoring being noticed by him, he had a well-featured face. Long arms and legs. He also has a slender body but you can feel his power.

Any person would indicate him as a handsome man. Possibly, his name is written in the dictionary under the word handsome man. A peerless handsome man.

Before Takeru could notice, the man called Len have made a light bow.

Then, the dumbfounded Noel snaps back then talked.

“T-those two are. Those two are!”

“What is it now?”

“Those two are the Academia’s strongest. Neorika’s representatives. They are owners of 《Regunare》.”

“So they are not called America but Neorika?”

With that question, Noel have frowned.

“….What do you mean by America? That’s the first time I’ve heard it.”

“Really? Am I wrong? ….But, it’s not just seven huh. One country has two of them?”

“————Last year. Neorika have absorbed Ranada. At that time, their 《Regunare》 got snatched and now, Neorika currently has two 《Regunare》.”

“……Is it so?”

“And that woman in both name and reality, is Academia’s strongest.—-Olivia of the Blazing Star. She’s the owner of the 《Regunare》, Enjiken Laevateinn. (TLN: Enjiken is literally Engine + Ken(Sword) combined and also the reading of the kanji 焰獅剣 which means Blazing Lion Blade) The silver-haired man is Lennard.”

“Blazing Star….?”

“The reason why she’s called the Blazing Sta—”

“Hup. Noel-san. That’s prohibited desu. Well, I don’t know how strong you are to take down the incomplete Noel-san. —That’s why.”

She showed a smile that could fascinate the whole world and said.

“Let’s try it for a bit.”


Takeru certainly felt dread from her.

It’s been a long time since he have felt it.

Noel’s yell reached his ears.

“R-run away! Everyone in here! Everyone run away! You’re going to get invo—”

Olivia showed a smile pulling out her Great Sword 《Regunare》. A black griffon seal was carve on the blade on the sword.

Olivia dazzlingly carried her sword.

“Meteor Strike.” (TLN: 焔隕石招来 means Flame Meteorite Summon and read as Meteor Strike)

That was… a star.

A meteorite wrapped in bright flames. It fell from the blue sky.

Breaking through the blue sky, it burns with radiance.


He saw that the blond woman glared at Sakuya.

Sakuya might probably be fine. She could evade with her physical abilities.

While the one near him, Noel can’t get up on her own feet.

He already can’t feel any pressure exerted by Noel earlier.

Must be because he broke her 《False Sword》.


Takeru ran with all his might, grabbing Noel and jumped with power.

A roar that could split one’s ears. But only the mind is shaken by the sound.

It exploded into tiny fragments hitting the body of many.

The floating land shook up and down.

He lift up his face and the place Takeru was on earlier had a large crater left on it. The land got violently gouged out.

“……What power.”

He shivered.

Noel was shaking in despair as she have felt it for the first time.

“….Oh? You managed to avoid it. Good, good. The next one will be more difficult, here I go. —–Comet.” (TLN: 流星群 means Meteor Shower and read as Comet)

After that, the surrounding atmosphere of Olivia were many small lumps of flame have appeared.

That certainly was not a mistake. They were born out of space.

Olivia lightly pointed her sword as if she is giving it directions. And then, her Comet have rained down to Takeru.

“Idi-! If you do that, the surrounding people will—”

“Weeding out weak people is natural desu. Power is justice. With that, I am justice desu. The only one will die are evil. I’M JUSTICE!”

Laughing loudly with her confusing logic, Olivia continued to fire her small burning meteorites.

Takeru might have evaded but his the people around him didn’t. If those things hit him directly, he wouldn’t be able to live.

Such disastrous thought appeared on Takeru.

But, in the next moment, another Sword Essence was generated. After a little bit of time passed since the violent meteorite fell.

“……Cherry blossoms?”

They were pink petals. He felt a strong pressure from Sakuya. She obviously just have met Takeru not a long while ago.

Sakuya danced in the middle of the cherry blossoms.

The world was covered by a pink whirlpool.

It was a pink whirlpool and acted as shields protecting each one of the students present.

Those rampaging meteorites were caught by those petals.

What a fantastic scene have unfolded.

“Mm, kuh, haa—-”

Sakuya who was under of the stadium grasping her red scabbard was breathing roughly.

Not only that, what she did was quite terrifying and tiring. Sweat have fallen down on her face. She painfully closed on of her eyes.


“I-it’s fine! Right here, I’ll do something about it….!”

“Sorry…..I’m going to stop her!”

Takeru kicked the ground towards Olivia.

“I’m not letting have your way!”

There are two or more meteorites still left on Olivia, they were fire on Takeru.


Being obstructed by her meteorites, Takeru was unable to get close.

“Fufu. Konozuka Sakuya. Your 《Regunare》 isn’t half bad.”

“Fuun….! The strongest type of 《Regunare》 is Yamato’s katana! And this scabbard is not that fragile! You can see it with this barrier right?”

“I know. But, it’s not doing well right?”

“Shut up!”

“Is that so? Then, do you think you can stop this?”

Olivia raises her 《Regunare》 to the heavens. And on it’s tip, a red flame appeared. The flame swallowed the atmosphere scattering it’s violent hot flames everywhere.

“No… Way… This is–”

Sakuya had difficulty letting out her voice.

“Well then, let’s make this enjoyable. And you also.”

Olivia watches Takeru and smiled.

She’s not going to shoot it here yet. There’s no way she’s not gonna think about that.

Takeru spats out sigh of relief but Olivia coldly says.

“How is it Konozuka Sakuya? Can you completely endure it? It’s just right behind you. Let’s see if you can avoid death desu.”

Takeru tried to speak.


Just right exactly when Takeru and Sakuya had noticed, Olivia had the comet lead to somewhere. Whether that was just coincidence is they don’t know. However, the current situation have become very bad.

Their breathing stopped for a moment.

Not giving a slow response, Olivia brandished her sword up high and swung her sword at the wall at the speed of sound.

“Crush them—- Meteor Flame.” (TLN: 條塊射出 means Cluster Beams of Light and read as Meteor Flame)

Matching to her downward swing, the mass of burning flame comes closing.

What Olivia fired had sense of oppression and sent jolts to their bodies.

How big was that lump of flames? It was so big that it filled their entire field of vision. It was impossible to dodge it. If he manage to avoid it, Sakuya will be hit.

Her life was in danger. In front of him was huge enemy. Takeru’s heart was beating so loudly.

It’s possible.

I think it’s possible.

He didn’t have basis on it.


To his hand, a sword appeared.

He didn’t know when did it appeared.

He didn’t just saw it for a moment. However, he knew. This sword was the sword that his grandfather values so much. Takeru holds the sword. The blade on the katana has a carved seal of a black dragon.

Takeru swung the katana with power.

There was no resistance. He completely swung the katana.

In an instant, he saw the back of the center of the lump of flames.

He can see a narrow view. It gradually spread out—–ZAN! (TLN: 斬 means beheading/decapitation. I can’t think of anything so I just left it like that)

The lump of flames was beautifully sliced in half.

Exactly cutting it into two.

With that blow from the katana, it disappeared just like a haze.

Was there really a katana there? Was it just an illusion? He doesn’t know at this moment.

A fragment of the flame struck the forehead of Takeru.

And the casket that Sakuya lent him burned.

The wind blows and the casket dropped.

And Olivia gossiped upon seeing the hair of Takeru.

“Ah. I see. So that’s it. You’re not a fake but a genuine person from Yamato……Fu, fufu, fufufufufufu. Ah~ I’m so happy.”

Olivia strongly grips her 《Regunare》.

Takeru also gives Olivia a strong glare.

“It’s time for you people to restrain yourselves.”

It was a refreshing voice of a man.

The guy earlier next to Olivia, Len have called out to her and have stood upon Takeru’s way.


“Please stop going any further. The princess of Yamato have already collapsed. If you go any further more, she might die. And also, there’ll be no more chance for you.”

Haa. Olivia breath out a sigh.

“That’s right. I went too far. Just like what you said Len. You there boy from Yamato race. Are you fine?”

Puffing out her voluptuous white chest, she points her 《Regunare》 to Takeru.

“I’ve been waiting 《Velm Ramina》.—-Also, I’m sorry for making Konozuka Sakuya lose her consciousness. Though being weakened, I think she has grown up a bit.————BYE.” (TLN: 神剣刀争 if I read it right, means Divine Sword of Competition. I don’t know and it’s read as ベルム・ラミナ any better suggestion?)

“Velm Ramina?”

Olivia didn’t answer Takeru and just waved her one hand. Lennard silently followed the back of Olivia.

To the confused Takeru, he rushed to Sakuya who have fallen on her back. Though she only passed out, she looks like she’s in a bad state.

After the practice ground have become silent, the students have muttered and have loudly echoed around.

“That guy…..He managed to drive away that Olivia of the Blazing Star…..”
“Yamato…..Could he possibly be part of the Yamato race?”
“No way. That shouldn’t be but the color of his eyes and hair….”

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