Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare

By Masaki Masamune

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Chapter 1

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Takeru spoke about the things that happened yesterday.

Kisaragi Takeru had nothing.

Only 16 years old, yet already tired of life.

His dreams for the future were not important to him right now.

Moreover, everyone important to him in his life was gone.

When he was still a little boy, his parents died in an accident, and then his grandfather that he loved so much died not too long ago. Because of his old age, he might have died peacefully. Even after his death, Takeru was still at a loss on what to do next.

However, Takeru still felt loneliness.


Takeru muttered in the room of 1st year, Class 3 after school.

Around him were students, chatting happily on what to do next after the school had ended. They were his classmates more or less.

Takeru sent a sidelong glance at them and went towards the exit of the classroom while holding a ball in one hand.

Male students who stayed near the entrance glanced at Takeru’s face, who looked extremely delicate.

Treating him as if he was some kind of cancer, they suddenly stepped aside.

Not a single person greeted him.

It was always the same.

He passed through the hallways just like that.  Then suddenly, KAKINN———— a clang noise was heard from the ground.

There was a voice which is in a panic.

“Watch out! Be careful! The ball!”

Gusha, gasha

The crashing sound of the broken window glasses was heard.

Takeru caught a glimpsed of the baseball going straight at him with high speed.

It was already right on  his face before he knew it.

With such force, that ball could even kill a person.

And Takeru caught it calmly.

Bare-handed. Moreover, easily.

The shattered glass fell in front of him.

However, not even one ever hit Takeru.


A gripping sound was heard from his grip.

“Oops… I gripped it too hard. Always be careful, that was what grandpa said.”

Takeru, who was gripping the ball threw it towards the shoe rack.

Leaving the crushed ball behind, different voices started to make noise at the back.

It was already dusk when Takeru reached his home.

Without even changing his uniform, he went to the storehouse in front of the garden.

Ever since his grandfather died, Takeru would often face the warehouse.

The food  inside was dusty,  anything there was barely edible.

There was a lacquered table in the center of the warehouse.

The Nihounto which should be on top of it, was not there anymore.


It was a little bit painful whenever he remembered him.

During the old days it was placed there, the Nihounto which Takeru’s grandfather valued so much.

For some reason, that katana didn’t have a scabbard.

However, it wasn’t just a katana.

It was his grandfather’s gift to Takeru on his final moments.




Suddenly, dazzling lights covered the inside of the warehouse.

The source of the light was Takeru’s chest. The dazzling light coming from his uniform blinded his eyes and casted out shadows.

Furthermore, the light kept getting stronger.

It was remarkably violent, its radiance was just like an explosion, after which the light disappeared.

When the mysteriously light vanished, the figure of Takeru wasn’t there anymore.

The existence of Kisaragi Takeru——had disappeared from this world.

What was left instead was the off-season petals of the cherry blossoms.

After the light had settled, Takeru remembered the sensation of being thrown into the air.

——This, just wha-, just what is this?

He felt that his internal organs were being lifted.

Before he even knew it, Takeru was falling down.

Looking down, he saw a girl.

“Watch out….!”


His eyes met with the girl’s.

As if the time itself stopped, he clearly saw the figure of the girl.

She was dressed in a black kimono, tied by a red obi.

For some reason, she was carrying a red scabbard.

With her long, beautiful black hair, her eyes opened wide.

The bridge of her nose was good.

Until now, he had never seen such a beautiful girl.

He fell right on top of her.



Takeru noticed that he was on top of the girl. It was a terrible landing.

He could feel her soft body, her temperature, and her heartbeat.

She was murmuring while being pushed down.

“W-why did a person fall. I only tried to make a katana….”

“Ouch, just what in the. I was just inside the warehouse…..”

He heard a girl’s voice, but more importantly, Takeru was captivated by his surroundings.

He had never seen this place before.

As if it was like an ancient shrine temple.

Such mysterious atmosphere. There were thick pillars that supported the ceiling. In proportion of this vast, gloomy, old room, only darkness could be seen.

Inside of such place, the girl and Takeru spoke to one another.

“I don’t understand the meaning of this.”

“I don’t understand what this means.”

This place and this phenomenon too, Takeru didn’t get it.

“It’s during this time that I must calm myself down. Unn. That’s what grandpa said.”

Takeru greatly breathed out to calm his confused mind.

“Wha-! Wai- you’re breathing on my ears……!”

His voice that sounded so sweet was audible to her ears. As if making her brain melt like  honey.

And then, her voice changed into a displeased one.

“I- I don’t who you are but, when are you going to stop clinging to me!”


His abdomen received a strong impact. Then a kick from the knee. The girl moved under in order to kick up high. Takeru’s body flew up. The degree of that girl’s strength was something he did not expect.


Takeru held his stomach, rolling while sent across the floor.

The dusts flies up, and it’s smell lingers to one’s nose.


“This, this is bad….! I put too much power to that….!”

“Ow, ow, ow………”

Takeru raised his body from the inside of the furnace while the girl stared at him in amazement.

“Just how strong are you…. if it was an ordinary person, their stomach would have already split in half and their internal organs would scattered everywhere in a ridiculous way…..”

To the surprised girl, Takeru muttered in a tired voice.

“And you too, and that superhuman strength of yours, what’s with that?”

The girl who threw that knee-kick, no, this person with incredible strength.

Actually, Takeru was once hit by a dump truck. Furthermore, the sensation he felt from that hit before was not inferior.

“Girl with the superhuman strength, pardon my rudeness. There’s a reason for this.”

Takeru sent doubtful gazes to the girl who raised her small chest from her body.

“……Still, this is sure strange.  Making the katana should’ve been, successful….”

Not knowing what the girl said, Takeru asked her while knitting his eyebrows.

“After all, what was that energy last night? Also, why is there a furnace in an empty place?”


After muttering by herself, the girl went and said the word “Ah…” after coming into conclusion.

“That was used to make katanas long time ago. I, was trying to make a sword by using this scabbard as the base.”

“……..Huh? Sorry. I don’t understand what you mean.”

Making a sword by using the scabbard as it’s base.  Ah, but, he already had a hunch that this person would say something he would not understand.

“In other words, that kimono and that scabbard is for cosplay and there is an event set here?”

The girl’s eyes widen in surprise after she was asked.


“It’s wearing a costume to become a different character. “

The girl knitted her eyebrows in disappointment.

“In other words, a disguise right? Do I look like I have the time for such childish play? This clothes , even increasing the Ether by a little amount, are  Yamato’s barrier dress. And then, this is a place for rituals, a place that has the best compatibility for this scabbard. That’s why I am here.”

The girl said some mysterious things. He’s growing more suspicious as she went to speak more and more.

“I really don’t understand a thing. I really see you as a cosplayer.”

He realize that she’s looking angry and glared at him.

“Well then, um cosplayer, I wonder what are you doing. “

The girl slowly stood up, holding the red scabbard in one hand.

Slowly grinning and swaying she was getting closer. It seems that her black kimono moved slightly.

No, it’s not.

It’s the shaking of the surrounding atmosphere. Something like a strong pressure was surrounding the red scabbard. A buzzing sound can be heard. Everything around the girl started to distort. As if it was a heat haze.

He felt pain even though he had not touch anything. He felt the sensation of being choked.

All the stones around the girl, were blown away like dust.


The girl breathes.


She swung the red scabbard with a shout. Thence, a white-like shockwave was fired off.

It was like those from animes and mangas.

The scene was pretty much like a dream.

In reality, that kind power is impossible.

Similar to that of a white flame, the thick pillar that reaches the ceiling,


Was directly hit.

The stone pillar,crumbled easily in a ridiculous way.

No, excavating it might be the correct way to say it.

Hitting the middle part, it disappeared as a whole.

After a while, what was left was something like an avant-garde circle that stretches long from top to bottom. The pillar whose role is to connect the floor and the ceiling was not there anymore.


Takeru was fascinated by that power.

“Wow————what is that!”

That was just pure destruction.

In Takeru’s everyday life, he’s simply aware of the power that can’t be taken very lightly.

Up till now, he had never seen such an impossible thing.

After seeing such thing, Takeru’s heartbeat increased.

“Fufun. That’s right, that’s right.”

No, he was too late to recognize the current situation. Yet, he still spoke in a calm manner.

“I finally understood that what you said wasn’t a lie. Being shown by something like that.”

“It’s good that you understand.”

He was surprised by the girl’s mumbling. Moreover, Takeru answered back while recalling something from the past.

“Grandpa always used to say.”

“…..your grandfather?”

“Yes. He’s someone that I respect. He would always says thing in an exaggerated manner, although I dislike kenjutsu and shogi, I endured it. Anyway, he taught me lots of things. He’s the greatest grandfather.”

Takeru said it one go, while the girl stopped for a moment and muttered.


The girl opened her mouth and said “Whatever”.

“Hey, by the way, don’t you think we have one thing in common?”

Common thing.

There’s no way the words spoken in this situation won’t hold the meaning of “we are both human”.

“I don’t understand, was there that something happened to both of us?”

“Yes. You and I are here for a reason, do you understand?”

“There’s something that I want to say to confirm the current situation. With that said, it’s fine right?”

At least Takeru understands that this is not a dream.

That painful kick. And that stinking smell of dust. The cold sensation that he feels from the stone pavings. And the silence that is painful to the ears.

At this very moment, all his senses are telling him that “this is not a dream”.

“Yes. I also think that a discussion is needed.”

“I won’t be fooled by your lies.”

“You’re right. I would be in a bad situation if I lie. Now then let’s talk about it.”

“Right. What do you want to ask?”

Opening the furnace, she went silent for a while and pondered a bit.

“….please go ahead.”

“Then please, hear my question. This place, the place where we are right now, just where are we?”

“We’re in Ether Float.”

She answered the question naturally , he didn’t understand it.

“Huh? Where is that?”

Takeru asks back. A puzzled expression appeared on the girl’s face as if she didn’t believed what she heard.

“You don’t know Ether Float…..? The only city that flies.”

A flying city? There’s now way that’s possible. At least Takeru doesn’t know.

“–ah no, I felt that grandpa said something like that.”

“So you know nothing after all.”

“A flying octopus or a flying group of penguin or maybe a flying island.”

Takeru caught a glimpse of embarrassment from the girl.

“……your grandfather’s getting senile isn’t he?”

“Are you making fun of my grandpa!?”

The girl shrugged her shoulders when Takeru said that.

“Because there’s no way an octopus or penguin would fly.”

“……then maybe after all it is probably a flying island.”

“It exists. Well whatever. Is that only what you want to hear?”

“….I don’t know. I’ve never heard anything about it except from my old man. Though they do in animes and mangas.”

The girl squint her eyes in distrust to Takeru’s words.

“……This is how I lived so far. I can’t really imagine it.”

“Well I lived normally.”

In the world Takeru knows, no human would ever say the words Ether Float. Or at least Takeru haven’t heard of it.

The girl opened her mouth slightly and released a sigh.

“Then I should explain to you. Ether Float is a flying island for a certain academia.” 

“A certain Academia?”

The girl lifted her red scabbard a little bit how him to see.

“You’ve seen it earlier right? It is a school that teaches you techniques like that.”

Takeru remembers the destruction created by a swing of that sword.

“Few selected students from around the world gathers, compete with one another, and learn together. A school for people with special abilities.”

Don’t you really know? That was what her gaze wants to say, but Takeru pulled his mouth open.

“Heh seems interesting.”

He doesn’t know the theory behind it, but there’s a place where extraordinary powers can be wield.

When Takeru heard about it, he was extremely fascinated by it.

“…..then it’s my turn to ask. ———just where have you come from?”

Being asked, Takeru shrugged his shoulders.

“Even if you say that, I have no idea at all.”

“…..are you telling the truth?”

She tightly gripped her red scabbard. She gave a sharp glance.

It was a serene atmosphere, then instantly changed into a dangerous one.

Pointing the red scabbard to Takeru, she issued a threat. She spoke in a stiff voice.

“No lies, that was————your promise.”

“I am not lying. I really don’t know. Before I even noticed it, I’m already on top of you. That’s it. I was originally in my home.”

The girl laughed at him like a fool.

“Haa. Home. Home huh, it can’t be that this is your home?

“Nope. I don’t know this place. There’s no way I don’t know the place of my home.”

“So where is your home?”

“Even if you say where. in C Prefecture————”

After Takeru said that, the girl in kimono shouted  in a sharp voice.

“C Prefecture…..!? I don’t care which state or prefecture, just tell me which country is it!”

“….haa. It is in Japan. In C Prefecture in Japan————”

“Don’t joke with me!”

Takeru’s words were interrupted by her strong voice. Her voice that trembles in anger. Whatever made this girl furious in anger, Takeru have no idea.

“I’m not joking with you.”

“Saying things like C Prefecture, it doesn’t exist anymore!”


What in the world is she talking about?

However, he doesn’t understand the rage in her eyes. She’s not pretending to be angry, nor that anger is meaningless, that was just pure anger.

“That hole last night wasn’t a lie. However, you did answer properly. That’s why I hate it.”

The atmosphere around the her begun to shook and starts to distort. Every hair from his body stood up.

“Just wait a minute! I am not lying to you. It’s true.”

“… you think you know me, are you making fun of me!?”

“I’m not! Also, I don’t know who you are!


“It’s not a lie.”


The girl glared to the eyes of Takeru.

“….true self?”

That’s what Takeru’s face says while she observes him. And then, she held her breath suddenly.

“——you, those pupils, are light brown aren’t they? You’re a Nipunya person, aren’t you?”

Suddenly, she brought her face near. Just as near as the kissing distance.

“Stay still for a while….”

“….what is it.”

Takeru could feel her small chest.

Her obsidian cloudless eyes were staring at him.

She did not removed her eyes from Takeru as if she’s trying to see something.

And then, her eyes grew big.

“N-no way….? It can’t be. Those black eyes, that face——”

“I told you that I wasn’t lying.”

“No. No… that’s not it, are you, really a person from Yamato?”

“I told you that I came from Japan. I’m a Japanese.”

“N-no it’s not. Black hair, black eyes…… I’m not mistaken?”

“What about it. All Japanese looks like this, even you look the same.”

The girl moved her small head to the side. She suddenly changed into the frail girl from before.

“Just what exactly is truth…..”


“…..I’ll believe you for now. The things you’ve said. Uun. I believe you.”


He doesn’t understand why she suddenly believes him. He didn’t understand what happened, perhaps there was a reason for her assessment.

However with this, he can finally talk to her.

First of all, learning each other’s name would be better that’s what Takeru have thought.

“I am Takeru. Kisaragi Takeru. And you?”

“My name’s Konoduka Sakuya——!”

After Sakuya have declared her name, she raised her guard and became vigilant.

The girl in kimono breathed out while frustrated, then she muttered.

“This is bad.”

“What is it now?”

“With heightened senses, now I understand the difference. I let down my guard…..let’s run away.”


The sudden change of her manner of speaking made Takeru to be dumbfounded.

‘Let’s run away.’

What does she mean by running away? He was just talking with her and now she’s talking something about running away.

First of all, he needed understand the current situation.

If it’s really the truth, then it is possible that this world is not the world he knows. The existence of that red scabbard, a city flying in the sky, an academy that teaches extraordinary powers, Takeru realized that this is not the Earth.

And then maybe this girl is a celebrity. He doesn’t know himself, but only to be surprised. If she’s really a celebrity, then the possibility of her getting targeted is high.

Because Takeru is in an unknown world, he doesn’t understand the reason.

“Here it comes!”

Together with her hurried voice, they looked to the entrance of the place of ritual.

They saw some several humans. Within the darkness, these normal looking humans have dashed at an impossible speed.

One had the face of a foreigner from Northern Europe. Wearing a modern blue uniform, he was carrying a big sword that does not match his clothes.

At once glance, he understood that their bodies are trained.

But their face are somehow, scary.

As if they were like a terrorist——

“This is bad. It’s the Neorika Guards.” 


Takeru and Sakuya took a long, hard to them while a man who seems to be their leader proceeded to spoke first.

“We have sensed of an incomplete sword, but what we’re seeing is an illegal intruder!”

Illegal intruder…… he said?

“Sakuya, you, were a criminal?”

Hearing what Takeru said, Sakuya turned her line of sight to him.

“Sorry! Please be silent for now, I’ll give you an explanation later!”

The man who seems to be a leader raised his sword and shouted.

“Throw away your weapon and stop resisting! We will attack if you resist!”

He will attack with his sword he says. ——ah, that’s it. That thing that Sakuya did a while ago.

“Takeru, we’re going to run!”


Sakuya gripped Takeru’s arm and kicked the stone floor. He felt pain in his arm because of her pulling it. Then the floor floated softly.

This girl while gripping one man, her kimono waved while jumping.

She was advancing three meters ahead with a kick in the stone floor. ———Awesome, this is not normal after all———is what Takeru thought while being pulled by Sakuya.

And then Sakuya move as she was like the wind, kicking the stone piece while running away, facing towards the shrine’s interior. The reason of heading towards the interior is because the entrance of the shrine is blocked. Probably because Sakuya is running too fast that the wall can be seen immediately. It was a dead end.

“We will definitely attack if you don’t stop.”

Takeru looking back, heard their angry voice at the back.

The man who looks like the leader can be slowly seen while brandishing his big sword.

Takeru saw him and became confused instead.

“Sakuya, they’re catching up to us.”

“I know that!”

With a deadly slash, the stone floor was cut open.

And the next moment, a red shockwave was seen approaching before their own eyes.

It will hit….!

Takeru put himself on guard.

At that time, Sakuya once again kicked the stone floor. She jumped towards a high angle while looking back.

Sakuya pulled Takeru while floating in mid-air, the direction of that leap can be seen.

On a stone wall.

Sakuya’s destination was nothing but a dead end. That was just the natural conclusion, but the went in to the crack on the white stone wall.

Beside, the pathway doesn’t look like can be seen.

“Hey you, that’s dangerous.”

“I’ll hit you!”

Sakuya put the red scabbard forward only to swing it.

He saw the white flames coming out from it.

The white flames distorted the atmosphere, the strong buzzing noise spread, and slammed into the white wall.

Thinking about what happen, it’s destruction looks absurd.

The stone wall was smashed open.

A big hole was opened.

A mysterious light can be seen from the enemy. A pale moonlight. It’s the outside.


Takeru grabbed Sakuya while looking back in the mid-air.

“This way, right!”

Just like earlier, Sakuya fired the white flame towards the place she just escaped.

GAGAN! The stone wall was hit directly, the stone wall slowly collapsed, covering the hole she made just now.

Sakuya sprang in the middle of the night, only to land in a grassland.

Takeru was still being pulled while she landed in the grassland.

Their surrounding was that of a dark, thick forest. The trees ranged from two to thirty meters up and from there, the stone wall of the Shrine Temple looked like a toppled building.

Facing forwards, they looked above.

Takeru looked up in the night sky.

“The moon…….looks big.”

And then Sakuya’s surprised voice can be heard.

“Takeru, you, still look composed in this kind of situation.”

“That is, I’ve never seen such beautiful night sky. Never forget to enjoy the beauty of nature at any given time———is what grandpa said to me.”

The night sky was interrupted by the shape of the trees. The stars were twinkling within this darkness, making one tremble from it’s beauty.

The moment his spirit is being captured by the night sky, it was interrupted when he heard the voice of the man earlier. Having passed that pile of rubbles, he was saying something he didn’t understand.

“Leaving that aside Sakuya. Are you sure about running away? Is it okay.”

As for Sakuya, she was kneeling down holding her knee. Her ankle was swelling red.

“It was twisted after that landing———Even though it’s doesn’t happen usually.”

Sakuya’s lips curled in frustration.

Takeru said without hesitation.

“If they’re defeated, you’ll win right?”

He understood the power of that strike earlier.

That attack released by that man, and the attack released by Sakuya, he felt the big difference from the after-effects of that destruction.

However, Sakuya refuses.

“…..Please stop. It will become an international problem. When facing against Neorika, Yamato can’t win.”

“Those guards, Neorika guards wasn’t it? Just what is Neorika?”

“That’s the name of their country”

“Then, just because you did something a spy would do, it won’t turn into a war between countries, right?.”

“I’m not a spy and that is not the problem here!!”

She’s not a spy, then who is the spy?

“Could it be that you have that power as the princess of Yamato?”

A malicious smile appeared on Takeru’s face, Sakuya eagerly answered back.

“That’s right.”


Takeru’s reaction was that of a dissatisfaction, while Sakuya slowly raised her index finger.

“Like I said, I am a princess.”

“No, no, no. That’s really strange. Why would a princess trespass another country.”

“That was the only the only place for the ritual! I have my own circumstances! I’ll explain it to you later!”

Sakuya fleetingly answered, then the wall from that place of ritual collapsing can be seen. Several shadows of people can be seen.

“You can ask me later. And right now, we are being chased……so endure it for a while.”

Takeru smacked his lips and lifted Sakuya with his own two hands.

He can smell her sweat. The moon illuminated her white chest.

“Eh, fue!? W-what is, what are you doing!”

Sakuya shouted in surprise while moving her hands and feet.

“I would be troubled if I don’t save the girl in need.”

“B-but suddenly doing this out of the blue, I would be surprised!”

“…….be silent for a while. And also, don’t act violently. Where should we run away?”

He whispered to her in a low voice. Sakuya pointed to the forest while saying “Right there”.

Takeru thought about the direction pointed out to him.

——Showing a little bit of power would be fine.

After thinking about it, Takeru strongly kicked in the grassland.

lucky scabbard :|


He accelerated in one dash. The tree which is far away is now close to their sight.

“E-e-eh!? What, what is this, this speed…..!”

Sakuya let out a voice of disbelief.

Not understanding what just happened, she asks in a amazed voice.

“Could you also be an owner of a sword!?”

Takeru suddenly felt of a pleasant feeling while running.

More, more, more, he wants to run faster. His body was screaming for it. No, if he doesn’t hold back his speed, then his heart would strongly be binded.

Takeru have always done it since long time ago.

Because his abilities far surpassed others.

Running one hundred and nine meters in five seconds would already be a world record however, doing that in one second can already be considered as a monster. Such existence can’t already be called as a human.

At least Takeru have lived in his world just fine.

Takeru’s abilities have far exceeded humans in a big frame.

In modern Japan, and in his usual school life, such power was unneeded.

Nothing could’ve made him go serious.

Even by little, he can see something white.

Therefore he doesn’t need to do it.

Because of the body Takeru’s carrying, it can’t be helped he thought. Something like regret doesn’t exist. Since there is nothing to regret. However, each time he would remember only bitter memories running through his mind.

“Takeru. We’ll change direction from here! Let’s go there! That place is still in development, that’s why there are only few guards!”

“Okay then.”

When he said that, he sprinted past through the wild forest just like a wind.

Jumping from tree to tree, he ran through the open grassland.

Shortly after a while——

They suddenly see the open view.

“Geh! It’s a cliff!”

He thrusts out his foot and controlled his running.

It’s truly been a long time since he unleashed his power, it seems that he ran faster than he thought.

He stopped his running at the last moment when he’s near the edge of the cliff. His foot was sticking out mid-air.

“……heh, what is this?”

Below them were clouds.

Illuminated by the moonlight, clouds with purple-like color below can be considered floating.

“Amazing……. What is this? The heck, just how high is this place?

Takeru muttered while catching his breath.

“People who sees it for the first time would definitely think that. I also thought of that once.”


Sakuya said so with a beautiful voice just like a bell.

“Floating on the altitude above Fifteen Thousand meters, the world’s only flying city——————”

Somehow, Sakuya opened her mouth with a proud look.

—————Has the moon was always this beautiful?

It was like a story that was never been heard. Takeru became aware of it’s existence in reality.

“This place was created by several nations, a school where sword techniques are taught.”

After being halted once, Sakuya continued.

“Welcome, to the land of God beyond the human realm. This is the Angel Rudder that stretches to the sky to reach God. 

Ether Float welcomes you.”

In the arms of Takeru, one of Sakuya’s arm held nothing but extended to the night sky.

Extending towards the sky.

“——was the greeting to the academia’s freshmen students.”

The girl in kimono, within Takeru’s arms, said so.

Takeru looked at the sky without being interrupted.

——This place, is really different from the earth that I know of.

She stared at him just like earlier, Sakuya shyly spoke while stuttering.

“I-it’s fine now. Put me down.”

“Don’t overwork yourself. Your foot, it still hurts right?”

“Yes. As long as I don’t walk fast, it’s alright…… it’s the truth.”

When Takeru put Sakuya down the ground, she turns her ankle lightly to check.

“After reaching here, we can only cross that forest to return back.”


“Because my country’s territory is in that direction. It’s okay, the guard of the that route understands.”

“Guard of the that route….. You, so you being a princess was a lie, you were actually a thief.”

“Wha-! How could you say such thing!?”

“No, somehow, perhaps I should say your speech and attitude isn’t princess like.”

Perhaps more of a criminal.

“Well, if it’s the story of coming from an official lineage, then I’m not that kind of princess.”

Sakuya said in a lonely voice while Takeru nods while worrying about it a little bit.

“Fuun.Then, why’s that?”

“For example, what if the sole successor to the Imperial Family died in an accident, to make the Imperial Family absolutely exist, what would you do?”

“That is, they will have to find the nearest blood-relative isn’t it?”

“Un. Also, what will happen if that person dies?”

“Then they would search for another nearest blood-relative again.”

“Un. That’s right. I agree.”

For Sakuya to say something like that to that extent, Takeru saw her eyes fleeting.

“…..Ah, now I get it.”

“That was exactly what I’m saying right now. Yamato’s current state is now almost in the state of annihilation.”

“I see.”

“That’s why I, being the substitute of the substitute of the substitute of the substitute makes me feel want to faint again. And, I’ve taken this responsibility for a quite while now.”

Sakuya looked at Takeru. She motionlessly stared at his face, her gaze was like it was crawling to his whole body, then she asked as if to investigate.

“…..I knew it, you have no idea about that story earlier don’t you?”


“Right now, everyone in Ether Float knows about it.”

She said while scowling at Takeru.

“I don’t deny the absence of common sense in this world.”

Actually, there’s no way for him to know.

“You, you weren’t a normal for a while.”

His silence answered Sakuya’s question. Then, Sakuya brought her closer upon him.

“Your physical strength is high. Your feet is unbelievably fast.”

“…..I only ran slightly faster than a normal person.”

“Your power isn’t that strong. Also, I’m surprised by your sturdiness.”

“…..Well, I’m a little bit stronger than a normal person I guess. Probably sturdy, thanks to that hit I guess.”

“As if you were carrying a 《Sword》 with you. However, you don’t have one….. just who are you?”

“Just your usual Japanese guy.”

“First of all, a person from Yamato with your age is impossible. You said that back in the ritual place didn’t you? You came from C Prefecture in Japan——. About that, I wanna hear about it.”

Hear about it, it made Takeru answer while bewildered. His daily life in Japan, going to school everyday.

Sakuya while listening, muttered solemnly.

“I don’t know that kind of world.—— as if it’s a parallel world, no, a different world.”

“…..different world?”

“Even I can’t believe that. There’s no such kind of story happened here. But, however, when you put that story together, such a possibility can emerge. Because, the place you talk of, this world isn’t like that at all.”

Takeru have a hunch that this is an another world, Sakuya is in a state of being bewildered.

The place Sakuya talked about, nonetheless there were various differences.

It was not that easy to believe it, but that weapon Sakuya used earlier.

Also, the reason why Sakuya was in that place before might have a relation to this.

Sakuya said with a sullen face.

“What do you think when a scabbard loses it’s sword? That’s why a katana needs to be made.”


“I was thinking of making a compatible sword. Yet it’s a failure over and over again. And today, everything should have went perfect.

Using Ether, a 《False Sword》 is made as a replica of a 《Sword》. I had a feeling that it will be a success. Draining the Ether from my body, I put more, more, more of it thinking that it would be a success.”

Sakuya’s lovely face turned gloomy.

“However, it was also a failure. It wasn’t a 《False Sword》 that appeared, it was you.

Most likely, I have failed in summoning. 《Swords》 distorts the laws of this world. A logic of not yet known, brings forth a big phenomena. That’s why, accidents has  possibilities to happen, I don’t think I was wrong.”

“In other words, I don’t understand but, me waking up in this place was the result of summoning—–are you fine with that?”

“That judgment of yours is not wrong.”

The girl after that strongly clenched her fist. Her small shoulders trembled.

“——–I’m sorry!”

The girl bowed down. Her long black hair moved with a thud.

“What is it now?”

“Because, suddenly being taken to an unknown place. It’s should be difficult for you. It’s all my fault—“

Sakuya saying it in that way made Takeru unable to say anything.

“It’s nothing?”

“Eh….. But, you won’t able to meet your family—–“

“I don’t have family anymore.”

Her face was of that uneasiness, she once again apologized.

“….Sorry. But, isn’t there something you nee—“

“I don’t have anything in my life.”

“Is that…. so.”

“Even back there, I don’t have any goals.————-it wasn’t fun either.”

As Takeru have thought about it, he noticed himself that he didn’t have any attachments. That made his heart, ache a little.

“If that’s the case.This might me be more enjoyable.”

“Don’t worry” said Takeru as he waves his hands.

“…..but, just because you don’t want to go back, doesn’t mean that’s good.”

“However, I think about the opposite though.”


“Those important people to me are already gone, I don’t have anything to do anymore, I did consider once killing myself.————–Reason for going back, I don’t have even one, can you think of a reason for me to go back?”

Sakuya’s eyebrow come closer and then she shook her head.

“…………..I don’t know.”

“Well that’s pretty much it.”

“….I did not consider that much, it’s fine. After all, I am the one at fault.”

To the words of the worried Sakuya, Takeru said together with a sigh.

“How troublesome.”


“No, it’s nothing. Enough with the story. It’s nothing to blame yourself about.”

Sakuya saying “But” and “However” made them lose to see the current situation. 

“Thank you. I will do anything I can do as possible.”

She said while laughing awkwardly.

It made him felt terribly uneasy. 

That’s why Takeru averted her eyes, though he really wanted to ask about those powers. 

“Which reminds me earlier, My feet were fast even though I don’t have that 《Sword》, is this 《Sword》 really that great?

Surely that Sakuya has fast feet too. And also her technique that broke down that wall. Even so, for a 《Sword》 to be that great, it seems that his judgment is too hasty. 

Assuming that this is a different world—-a human from the world of Takeru and the human from the world of Sakuya, will they be really the same?

Even though they might look like the same but there’s a possibility of them being completely different in physical abilities.

“Yeah. For a little bit, I’ll show you. Incidentally, they only teach general knowledge and would teach for a short time.”

Sakuya continues to speak.

“The 《Swords》 here are used as weapons. It’s the only way to get stronger.”

“Well that is, naturally you become strong since you have a weapon.”

“That’s not what I meant. Well, just look.”

Sakuya puts the scabbard to the ground.

She clasped her hands just like that and closed her eyes, she spoke as if she was praying. Then Sakuya’s kind atmosphere became intimidating.

“With this, I temporarily severed connection with the sword. Under such condition—“

Sakuya looked around the area.

She found a stone of about the size of a human head then went closer to it.

Standing before it, she exhaled.


Along with her shout, she strike the stone with her fist. The stone was hit.


With a soundless scream, Takeru saw her having few slight tears.

“A-as you see.”

Even a child would obviously know the result. In other words that is, the humans from Takeru and Sakuya’s worlds have the same physical abilities.

“So, when you use the 《Sword》?”

Sakuya picks up the scabbard and directly told Takeru.

“Watch closely.”

Standing before the stone head from earlier, she holds the scabbard with her clenched fist.

Having calmed herself, she’s not giving some kind of atmosphere. She was in a natural stance.

At that moment when Sakuya breathed out, Takeru felt the dreadful pressure which gave him the shivers.

The girl existing in front of him seems different. Breaking that wall from earlier, she strike it first with amazing power, which was completely different. If one would say, this is not a presence of a human. There’s no reason but one would feel.


The fist of Sakuya, which had incomparable speed than before, hit the stone.

Crack! The stone was, the stone made an unbelievable cracking sounds.

“It feels something like this.”

“….O-oh. That’s amazing.”

“Thanks to this scabbard. Wielding this gives increase of ability in power and in speed.”

“You told me about these 《Swords》 earlier didn’t you?”

“It’s a tool that lets one person transcend against another person. In regards to combat, Divine Spirit Techniques overthrew science. Pistols, machine guns, missiles, tanks, even fighter planes——all of these weapons, their existence were torn up by the sword.”

That would mean that the scientific capabilities of this world is more or less likely to be the same as of that world of Takeru, is what he thought.

“And with these swords, there were seven of them at the top.”


“They were the swords of all origins. These seven swords were so powerful that comparing them to the others were unnecessary. They were the 《Regunare》. Humanity can’t reproduce the original ones. They were excavated from the old ruins that shouldn’t have existed.

Said Sakuya as she looks his way.

“One of them is this. One of the supreme seven. it’s called Ryuutouusebenizakura (Crimson Cherry Dragon Sword).——————And then, those downgrade ones used by those guards earlier were the imitation swords called 《False Sword》. Because of them, one person will be able to become strong.”

“…..I see”

“I want to ask you something, you understand right?”

Takeru nods silently.

“A little while ago, you without a 《False Sword》, had put up a quite speed. In other words, that’s an evidence of you being abnormal. Being faster than another, that’s just impossible.”

Takeru felt embarrassed by her words.

Hearing those words gave him a repellent feeling. Once in the past, he honestly told a friend. He was feared as a result. He then became reluctant to tell the truth.

“I’m sure that you have some secrets.”

Sakuya’s eyes glared at him motionless. After a little bit of silence, Takeru asked.

“If I say nothing, is it ok?”

Sakuya folded her arms then closed her eyes with a growl—–then turned to Takeru.

“——That’s fine. It seems that you don’t want to say it.”

Takeru replied while still being surprised on an unexpected answer.

“Sorry. Women that likes to pry on others’ secret is not a good woman, grandpa said.”

“I’m not particularly glad that you keep praising your grandfather. And also, people who keep getting in my way are the ones I hate the most.”

Sakuya must have remembered something unpleasant that was said to her, she then knitted her brows.

“I agree with you on that.”

“For the time being, I’ll take responsibility for summoning you. Follow me.”

Sakuya took Takeru with her.

Matching his running speed to the injured Sakuya throughout the forest, he noticed a modern town.

While they were passing through the forest, he saw a very tall wall which was covering the town.

A huge gate—-Sakuya went to the opposite direction of it.

“Are? It’s not that place?”

“…..tonight, just secretly come with me. Besides, it would be hard for Takeru to enter there. Even if we enter by force, it will just be troublesome afterwards.”

Walking along the wall, Sakuya stopped at a certain point.

“Is something here?”

“This is a secret path. Before, the other students found this place by chance,”

Sakuya pushed the side of the wall where the ivies were stuck. Then right there, there was a hole where a person can fit right through it.

“Let’s go” said Sakuya as Takeru intrudes while following Sakuya.

Passing through the hole, a very wide and maintained road led to the inside. Inside, there were  multiple modern looking buildings. Each building was placed with little distance from one another.

It was the inside of university grounds. In such vast and random place, huge school buildings varied from one another.

Since the buildings were towering wide, it was impossible to take a look around the surroundings. However, his impression upon seeing this place—

“As if this is really a school.”

“That’s right. This place is the school where we learned how to use the 《Sword》.”

Sakuya advances rapidly.

“Is the facility of your country also here?”

“No. This place was created through the collaboration between seven countries. This place or should I say, the whole Ether Float.”

Sakuya kept on explaining.

Possessing the 《Regunare》, the seven countries made use of it’s power, sharing techniques with one another. It was a joint front to be better than other countries.

However, it seems that the first facility building that was to be made was disagreed upon. That’s why the research facilities were built in the air where no country owns it.

And then they were successful creating the imitation 《False Sword》 from the 《Regunare》. Because of the effect of it’s power sprouting from the young humans, Ether Float started to create the Academia.

And that place is now where Takeru is. Since it seems that there’s no country owning the sky city which makes it even more as the center of neutrality. 

Sakuya said it short by rounding up the explanation .

“This way.”

While following Sakuya, several buildings were conspicuously bigger than the others.

“Be quiet. It will be bad if we get caught.”

We took the elevator inside. It was an elevator.

Just like Takeru thought, it’s no different from his world. Excluding the existence of 《Swords》.The elevator has stopped with the light lit at the 17th floor of a light display that goes up to the 21st floor. Upon going off on the 17th floor, Takeru follows the briskly walking Sakuya.

The black haired girl stopped in front of one of the rooms.

Sakuya stood in front of the door and holds out her hand applied with power, there were Pii~Pii~ sounds made. There, the door opens.

Beyond that was a small, narrow room.

“Right here.”


The whole place looked like a storeroom.

A tatami room made with 6 tatami mats is clearly not looking good on a modern building.

“When you enter, take your shoes off okay?”

“This, is this a storeroom or something?”

Such tastelessness.

There were minimum of needed furniture. And then, there’s a Japanese-styled window.

“What? Are you complaining? From now on, I will have you to live here.”

“A-ah….I see. My room is at the back right?”

“……that’s the closet.”

“Like I thought, this 6 tatami room is nothing but a storeroom right?”

“Storeroom, storeroom, so annoying! This room! Within Ether Float, this room is the only territorial dominion of Yamato!”

Sakuya shouts while glaring.

“So, this whole building is the territory I guess?”

Sakuya seems to have gotten more angrier.

“Completely wrong! This room, only this room!”


Only this room she said? Does she mean this is the territory?

“The Night Duty room is currently not used. So you can borrow it!”

“Moreover, a lended area too”

“….guh. Shut up.”

“No wait. Only…..? Wait, earlier you said this is the only territory right?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, just where do you live then?”

Sakuya’s lips pouted in displeasure.

“Takeru, do you want me to drive you out?”


The meaning of the words she said.


“Here, with me, will live together.”


“J-just to let you know! You and me, living together here doesn’t mean a thing you got that? There’s just no other way. Really.”

“No, nonononono! That’s fine. I’ll pass.”

Sakuya was dissatisfied by the tone of his voice.


“A young maiden like you and a guy like me, living together, is not good. Just not good.”

“….Such things as young maiden, ah. must be your grandpa?”

“That’s right. With that said, I’ll find something to sleep on around the area.”

He left the room raising his one hand. His shoulder was then caught.

“Just wait a minute. If something happens, it will be my responsibility.”

“It’s alright. There’s no problem. I’ll make it somehow.”

“Even so! …I’m the one who summoned you, I just don’t want any more trouble.”

Sakuya said it in a low voice. He somehow understand her reasons. Herself causing trouble to someone she don’t know, gives an unpleasant feeling.

“That’s why I reluctantly let you stay here. You will reluctantly stay here. We’re completely equal here!”

She said to Takeru while bringing his face closer to hers.

Pressured by her strength, Takeru nods.

“….Yeah. Well then, there’s nothing I can do.”

Whether or not for it being truly inevitable, he didn’t understand.

『If someone fetches for something, one must wait. Ah, if it’s something with the refrigerator, you may do as you like.』

And so, Sakuya walks out of the room ahead.

Takeru was left alone in the room, feeling awkward.

The whole room isn’t that much plain but still, being alone on a room together with a girl. Plus it’s midnight right now.

There’s a fruity fragrance within the room, must be because it’s a girl’s room.

There was a futon that was laid out a little bit, he thought that is where Sakuya sleeps.

There might also be different clothes and underwears in the closet, that’s what he thought.

Now that he also thought about it, this might be his first time inside of a woman’s room.

Takeru is not a person with big interest towards girls, more like their presence is thin to him.

However, being in this kind of situation still makes him wary.

He tried to not become conscious about but still ended being conscious about it.

“….that girl, still not back yet?”

Takeru said so while Sakuya has only left for few minutes.

“Maybe she went to find something to drink. No that’s not the case. I’m not worried about her.”

Standing up, he sees the small refrigerator placed in the corner of the room.

It’s the shape of the refrigerator that Takeru knows. It seems that this thing have the same shape in any world.

He opens it and chilly air flows out.

There were some PET Bottles inside of it.

“This one doesn’t look like the others…..”

The moment he grabbed it with his hands, he saw something that was unusual to him.

It was a folded cloth with pinkish color.

“The hell is this?”

He unfolds it with his hand.

It was pinkish with a lovely shape.

Somehow there’s some ribbons attached to it.

“Mu. This, I’m sure that I saw this somewhere.”

There were laces at the edge. Has triangle as it’s shape. Spreading it with his hand, it became a little bit big.

“It’s texture is smooth.”

And then, it was inside the refrigerator. Just what the hell is this?

A cloth. It’s pinkish. Laces. Triangle. And size that is big as a hand. Refrigerator.


The refrigerator is the one blocking the other information, removing it would lead to.

No matter how you look at it, it’s an underwear.

——-gachari. It was the sound of the door opening.

“I’m home. I have returned.”

At the entrance, Sakuya froze when she saw Takeru.

Takeru was staring hard on a triangle cloth in front of the refrigerator.

“….What do you think you’re doing? W-what are you holding? No way…”

“Right back at you, why are you putting something like this in the refrigerator?”

Sakuya saw the hand of Takeru with a hopeless expression.

Her shoulders were trembling and her face was dyed red.

“Ah! Nyuaaaa…. I-I forgot….! It’s wrong! It’s not me! I forgot it! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

Sakuya’s lips were trembling, tears were slightly coming out of her eyes.

“D-d-d-don’t look, don’t look! DON’T LOOK IDIOT!”

Sakuya pulls out her hands, aiming for Takeru.

Takeru pulls out his body avoiding her hand, BA! The pinkish cloth was stolen from his hand.

“I-It can’t be helped! E-earlier, it was hot…..!”

I want that ice-cold pantsu… :D

She said while hiding her underwear behind her back.

In other words, she was cooling it against the heat?

“I mean, just what do you think you’re doing! What were you looking!?”

Sakuya’s hair stood as she growled at him.

Takeru trying to put an end to it said some unnecessary words.

“But Sakuya, you said so when you went out of the room earlier didn’t you?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“You can do whatever you want with the fridge.”

“W-whatever you want!? And what does my underwear have to do with it…!?”

“Wrong! That’s not what I meant! You are misunderstanding something here!”

“N-no….! You’re the worst. Filthy…! I can’t believe that you’re such a lascivious man!”

Sakuya held her body back, looking at Takeru like he was some kind of filth.

“It wasn’t on purpose!”

“You mean you really didn’t do it on purpose!?”

“That’s not it. That’s not what I mea—-“

“A-anyway! From the middle of this room, you’re not allowed to go in got that! Trespassing is prohibited! Like I thought, it was right to bring that along here!”

Sakuya says so while going outside of the room.

Brought out from nowhere, Sakuya carried a partition screen inside the room.

It was a partition screen that can be folded sideways. However it’s height only reaches the waist. Sakuya spreads it and put it in the center of the room.

“Right here! Is the borderline of the territory between you and me. I’ll lend that side to you Takeru!”

Sakuya says while her hand were atop of the partitioning screen.

“Absolutely, ab~solutely no peeking on this side okay!”

With her small back, she faced the closet. It opened. Dozaza, the contents inside crumbled down. It seems that she doesn’t keep things in order.


Sakuya was muttering something while grumbling as she pulls out a set of futon.

“Use this one.”

“A-ah. Sorry.”

After receiving it, Sakuya immediately turned away and shrink down behind the partitioning screen.

“….It’s nothing, really.”

“Thank you.”

“Y-you don’t have to t-thank me….. I just don’t want to feel guilty, that’s all.”

“But, you helped me.”

Takeru lays down on the futon he received earlier.

Lights went out in a flash. It was already time for Sakuya to sleep.

Thinking about it for a little while in the darkness, Sakuya called out to Takeru.

“Hey Takeru. Still awake?”


“…If there’s a way to return to your own world, would you like to know?”


“About earlier, I’m sorry. I will ask someone knowledgeable late—“

“Well, it’s nothing big really.”

“Se-seriously? You really don’t want to go back?”

“It doesn’t matter really. I don’t have any particular reason to go back anyway.”

“….Is that so. That’s really it huh.”

That was their conversation that day. After that, he can hear Sakuya’s cute sleeping voice.

—-More even so, it was still a strange decision.

Muttering in mind, Takeru recalls what happened today.

First of all, he imagines when he met Sakuya.

Imagining that pressure when that moment Sakuya brandished her red scabbard.

With such overwhelming power, it plowed out that pillar.

Simply because of the existence of the 《Sword》.

Weapons that boosts up the power of humans.

Something like whispers were competing inside his head.

Such barbaric thoughts is unbecoming of a modern day Japanese.

If that’s the case, even if Takeru doesn’t suppress his power it would be fine.

If that’s the case, it may also become the wall that blocks Takeru.

If that’s the case, it may show Takeru a world he didn’t know.

『Live life to the fullest!』 though the words of Sakuya echoes in his head.

Before he knew it, he was already gripping his fist hard.

Since when did he felt this feeling?

The throbbing pulsation that can’t be suppressed.

Takeru was thinking about these kind of things, he never knew that he already fell asleep.


 Nihounto is a Japanese sword.

 学園 (gakuen) means school but in the furigana, it is written as Academia.

 I’m sure she’s trying to say Nipon here which means Japan.

 Neorika is supposed to be America here.

 架け橋 written as Angel Rudder but read as kakehashi.

 Written in kanji 神域封剣 which means “Sealed Shrine Sword” but read in katakana as Regunare(レグナーレ)

 At the end of this sentence, it has mono/モノ which indicates the subject as “thing”. It has the furigana OOPArts/オーパーツ or Out the Place Artifacts. google it for more info.

 It’s written in 龍刀薄紅桜 but has the furigana りゅうとううすべにざくら. F***ING CHERRIES MAN~! if someone can help come up with a better english name, please do so.

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