Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare

By Masaki Masamune

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Prologue

Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare Volume 1 Prologue

Volume 1 – Prologue

Kisaragi Takeru was, without a question, “ordinary” and “flimsy”; but first, about this incident, he was simply falling.

His body only knew one thing — “This is not normal”.


“Kua… That was a nice nap,”

Kisaragi Takeru yawned and stretched his arms as usual.

Then, he felt a familiar sensation with a bump of his hand.

Still wondering, he was lying down on a futon only to turn his gaze to his side.

The middle of the small tatami room was limited in space, divided by a partitioning screen that reached one’s waist.

In fact, it was shaking violently — making it tip over.

“Huh? Was my room always like this?”

While still assessing the situation, a lovely voice was heard on the other side of the partitioning screen.

“Eh… Eh, what…”

With a loud thud, the partitioning screen fell over.

Behind the now-fallen partitioning screen, there was a girl.

Her age seemed to be that of a high school student, just like Takeru.

Above all, it was impossible to forget upon seeing it once, her transcendent beauty.

Straight and beautiful black-hair, her round, obsidian-colored eyes widened in surprise.

Her thin pink lips were slightly parted in surprise. From the nape of her neck, her skin continued to show. Her small chest could be seen swelling out, though it was covered by her black hair. Not only was her white stomach visible, even those smooth curves down below could be seen.

Her stomach was white, yet her hands and feet from earlier changed color just like cherry blossoms.

There wasn’t a single piece of cloth covering her.

No, she was holding something like a towel. However, its role of covering her skin had ended up in failure.

In other words, she was naked.

“Wa-wa…! Wa-wa..!”

While the girl was flailing in panic, her face was blushing.

“W-what are you doing! You idiot! Stupid Takeru! I told you not to look, did I not! Nnngggg! This is not something to look at!”

“Y-you too! Why are you naked, Sakuya!”

“W-why can’t you understand!”

“I do understand!”

“I was doing some tempering this morning, that’s why I came back to wipe off the accumulated sweat…!

“You should have taken a bath then!”

“This school building doesn’t have a bathhouse! The showers aren’t available at this time! Understand? Stupid!”

With a bright red face that was about to cry, Sakuya covered her body with her black hair and her hand.

“Apart from that, how long are you gonna stay like that?”

After being told, Sakuya looks down and was surprised.

Finally realising that her body was on display, “Fu-funyaa!!” she gave a lovely scream.

Sakuya reached out her hand for the fallen partitioning screen.


Her foot might have caught on something, which might have led to her legs cramping and her subsequent fall.

Sakuya fell straight towards Takeru.


Sakuya ended up clinging to Takeru. She started to scream at the partitioning screen.

With both hands, Sakuya took the pillow from her side and covered Takeru’s face with it.

Her lustrous black hair that moved to the will of gravity, hung over Takeru, and her hand which covered her chest some time ago was being used to maintain her posture.

In other words, nothing covered ‘that’ part.


Once again, Sakuya’s face turned bright red, just like an apple. Sakuya started to cry just like that.


She jumped back, tears started to appear in her eyes, which resembled inverted triangles.

“Y-you better remember this afterwards!”

“O-oh….. I’ll remember it?”

“Uuu! Uuuu!”

Sakuya groaned tearfully.

Currently the territory of the six tatami room was divided between Takeru and Sakuya.

The boundary of the screen defined the halves of the room.

From the other side of the boundary, Sakuya’s outstretched arm could be seen.

This time, in order to not fall carelessly again, the partitioning screen was put back to it’s original position where it was enough to block one’s vision.

“Absolutely, do not get up without asking! Because I would be seen if you get up! UNDERSTAND!?”

She stayed behind the screen, using it as a cover.

At the very least, she couldn’t be seen when Takeru lay down.


The sound of clothes being worn were heard.

The partitioning screen that served as the border was useless in terms of soundproofing.

This was awkward. In this small two metre distance , it was still enough to hear the cute rustling sound of clothes being changed.

After a short time, Sakuya’s appearance could be seen at the edge of the screen.

Dignity could be seen in her eyes. She was wearing a blazer similar to a Japanese uniform.

Sakuya held a red scabbard in one hand.

There was no katana in it, just a red scabbard.

“……Takeru. Please forget what happened earlier. Also, it was my fault that I fell. That’s why, let’s forgive each other and forget it.”

Sakuya, whilst holding the red scabbard in her hand, smiled. Just like an angel’s smile.

However, the tip of the red scabbard was pointing at Takeru’s head.

Sakuya was saying scary things whilst donning an angelic smile.

“I’m sure there’ll be no data remaining by destroying that brain.”

“De-destroy….!? Destroying a person’s brain means they’ll be dead you know? Don’t you understand that?”

“Still, there will be data.”

“So you say, please wait. I want you to listen to what I’ll say.”

Sakuya raised her chin, prompting him to go ahead.

“…Please tell me.”

“In that small room. For us suddenly living together was an accident. It wasn’t on purpose.”

“…Haa. Try saying it once again.”

It was a cold voice. Even if it was an illusion, the room went suddenly cold.

“Like I said, this small–” [Takeru]

“Whose breasts are small!?” [Sakuya]

“I told you!” [Takeru]

“Ouch! Ouch! I said small–ouch!” [Takeru]

“No, though I said it was small-” [Takeru]

“Hey, take a look!” [Sakuya]

“Why do you look so triumphant!? In the first place, why are you overreacting!?” [Takeru]

“Shut up! Shut up!” [Sakuya]

Now that Takeru had thought about it, why was she overreacting that much?

Maybe for some reason. There was something similar–.


He suddenly remembered. Takeru was on his way to school, then he saw a man that looked like a teacher. He was overreacting to the words ‘Violence’, ‘Strive’, and ‘Vulture’.

That could only mean the place is–

“That’s it. Certainly it’s small. But it’s not something to be worried about.” [Takeru]

Suddenly, the atmosphere became heavy.

“What was that, just now?” [Sakuya]

“… did I hear a voice?” [Takeru]

“I just heard a voice and saw it with my eyes.” [Sakuya]

Sakuya clenched her fist while trembling. While giving him a cold look, she said.

“And?” [Sakuya]

“That’s not what I meant. Hey, can you hear me? ” [Takeru]

“You’re the worst!” [Sakuya]

Sakuya held the vermilion colored scabbard, it started to emit pale pink light. The atmosphere surrounding the scabbard became distorted.

Gushing out from the sheath, the roar of a crazed, savage-looking beast pierced through the ears of Takeru.

And she was wielding the red scabbard.

Following the blade, the atmosphere trembled from the impact of the fired wave.

“Watch out!”

Takeru evaded it by rolling his body sideways.

It was a direct hit to the floor. A crushing sound similar to a dull slashing sound resounded.

The futon and the tatami under it was left with a scar.

The tool that Sakuya held shook and spread destruction.

The item a human receives that gives power which even theories can’t explain.

Such a weapon that even Japan, no, the whole world didn’t know about.

In other words, this is not Earth, this is what Takeru realized yesterday.

Ever since yesterday up till now, various things had transpired.


 Tempering is the process of making steel tougher and durable.

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