Lost Universe

By Hajime Kanzaka

Lost Universe Volume 1 Prologue

Lost Universe Volume 1 Prologue

Lost Universe

Chapter 0 – Prologue

“Sorry, could you repeat that?”

Kane got up from the bar stool and took a fighting posture.

“Looks like this guy didn’t hear me.”

“Okay, then say it again.”

A contrived smile appeared on the guys face while the other’s moved in unison.

There was a total of four people, all of which looking for trouble.

One of them was taller than Kane, the guy was facing him was 1.8 meters tall.

They were in a small bar on a frontier world, located near a spaceport.

Kane usually wasn’t the type who would pick fights with punks in a bar.

He was that kind of guy.

“You said, a baby-faced guy shouldn’t drink such a watered down drink in front of adults. It’s insulting!

a baby-faced guy shouldn’t drink such a watered down drink in front of adults. It’s insulting!

The guy who was the tallest said those exact words, he was currently looking down on Kane.

“And then, this guy had something to say?”

Kane looked over at another one of the guys——the fattest of the four.

“This guy…”

A little man with a loud shrill voice spoke up.

“He dresses so strange, kind of like a woman, he’s definitely not straight——”


Kane kicked one of the men in the face.

A cheer rang out across the bar.

“You punk!”

The older man was kicked to the ground, the remaining three started to panic.

“That guy wears some funky clothes.”

Kane smartly shook his coat, he was wondering if they had a problem with the way he dressed. They did, though it just hadn’t dawned on him yet.

“On another point. I don’t know what kind of planet this is, but I don’t agree with people infringing upon the rights of gays. Understand?”

Kane said rather bluntly.

He had been drinking, though he wasn’t as drunk as many of the bar’s patrons. Kane wasn’t that type of person.

“Do you guys think you can take me on?”


He was getting impatient with their pointless complaining, so Kane——

“You little punk!”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

While he was busy arguing, they were also stepping forward.

Everyone on both sides were acting irresponsible.

“Honourable guests——”

The bartender tried to settle both parties down, but just as he opened his mouth——

Kane kicked the big man in the chin.

He was sent to the ground.


The patrons in the bar were cheering louder now.

“You bastard!”

“How dare you!”

They knew they couldn’t win using their bare fists, so the remaining two pulled out knives from their hip pockets.

——Meanwhile, the bartender secretly pressed an alarm.

“Hehe, you really want to do this?”

A fearless smile appeared on Kane’s face.

“We don’t need your mercy. Let’s get him!”

“If this is what you want, then I’ll cut you into pieces.”

The men screamed as they charged him.  

However, Kane calmly moved out of the way.

With Kane’s cape standing where he once was, the man rushed into it.


“What do you mean “huh”?”


From above came a kick. And then another, and then another.


The man inside the cape remained motionless, having received many kicks.

“Why you…”

“I’ve had enough of your nonsense!”

Kane said as he spun around, with his cape now behind him.

“Since you brought a knife to a bar fight with the intent of killing, I won’t show mercy.”

fight killing mercy

He now faced the last man.

“——Well, so you’re the last one.”

“Bring it on!”

The man said as he moved to knife from one hand to another, Kane maintained his distance.


Kane sighed.

“So, that useless guy was your leader, I thought your technology was meant to be good.”

“Want to see it with your own eyes?”

The man suddenly stopped. He was aware of Kane’s superior strength.

“Well, at least let me pay for the dry cleaning for your cape.”

Kane then took half a step forward, but then suddenly stopped——

Both of them continued to stare at each other. The room was filled with murderous intent.

The bar’s patrons continued to cheer them on, both of them men didn’t know if they wanted to be swallowed up in the bar’s rather bleak atmosphere.

But then suddenly, the bar went quiet.

Nobody knew who would strike first.

Kane took a step forward, but it was too late before he noticed.

Tap tap tap.

“Don’t move! It’s the Police!”

The establishments doors were kicked wide open, and a number of Policemen rushed inside.

“……Oh, you’re finally here.”

Kane felt relieved.


“Office, it was that man.”

The bartender pointed directly at Kane.


Kane raised his voice.

The policemen rushed over to Kane and grabbed him.

“So, it was you!”

“Hey……I can explain.”

“Knock it off, now be quiet.”

“Stop! I’m innocent! You’ve got to believe me!”

Kane could only scream in vain, as he was dragged out of the bar by the police officers.

He was threw into a detention centre, he really stood out among the regulars.

The lighting was barely operational, there was a sticky substance all over the walls and bed. In the corner of the room was a toilet, but there was no toilet paper. He then checked the bedsheets, and they were covered in stains and the sheets were grey.

He wanted to ask them if this place hasn’t been cleaned in years, but was afraid of the answer, so he put it out of mind.  

Breakfast and lunch in this place was no better than dog food.

“Really……in this day and age, I can’t believe there are lice here.”

He scratched his head, not knowing if the itching sensation was real or not.

“……I wonder what the police here eat, why did they have to stick an ordinary person like me in this place?”

Kane’s complaining was suddenly interrupted as the door opened.

He could hear two different sets of footsteps approaching him.

“So this is where you are taking your leave, Kane. It really suits you.”

Standing at the railing outside was two people. One of them was the police officer who brought him in and the other man was wearing a coat.

He was slightly older than Kane, and had a handsome face with black hair. You could tell right away this wasn’t his kind of place.

“……What brings you to this place, Officer Rail?”

Kane humoured the man.

“Why do you think the Interstellar police have come here? I don’t have time for your games.”

He said bluntly.

Rail Claymore. A young officer in the Interstellar police.

Kane is what you would call a trouble contractor, and Rail delegates his orders. Although none of these dealings are illegal, they do bring you within an inch of death.

You wouldn’t call the two friends, but rather acquaintances.

“……Well it seems you just can’t stay away from the Interstellar Police.”

Rail said, smiling.

“It that a hint of sarcasm I detect in your voice?”

“And so what if it is?”

After listening to his words, Rail continued smiling.

“When I come down to a place like this to see a trouble contractor, it’s purely business.”

Rail turned his attention to the other police officer.

“Sorry, could you leave us for a moment.”

“Yes, sir.”

Hearing his words, the police officer saluted and left.

“……Wow, you must have some authority.”

“Yes, and you should learn to fear it.”

Rail leaned against the prison cells wall.

“I know the warden here.”

“Is that so……”

“Listen Kane, you’re in big trouble this time. You sent three people to the hospital, this is a serious offense.”

“It was self-defence!”

Kane shouted.

“They said you hit first.”

“That was so I could get the upper hand.”


“In the twentieth century on Earth, some publications have clearly stated that human beings have rights.”


Rail said impatiently.

“I didn’t come here to listen to your nonsense. Let’s get straight to the point, you want to get out of here, don’t you?

Kane stared at him with displeasure.

“What’s the matter, would you rather rot in here?”

“Of course I want out of here.”

“Don’t’ expect my help for nothing. In return for my generosity, I’ll need you to complete a job for me.”

“What about a reward?”

“Your freedom is the reward.”

Rail said, as he pulled a cigarette from his pocket and put it in between his fingers.

“I talked it over with the warden and he said that bar fights are a trivial matter, though I’ve got to keep an eye on you.”

“……I can’t do it.”

Kane hummed for a bit.

“I don’t even know what the job is, and I wouldn’t be in this mess if the police didn’t interrupt that fight. Which I would have won.”

“Hahaha. Well there’s a first time for everything.”

“I can’t do the job for nothing, I’ve got bills to pay.”

“Well, if you are found guilty you will have to pay even more. From my point of view, it’s a good deal.”

“Why you……”

Rail completely ignored Kane’s angry gaze.

“So, what will it be?”

Kane really had no alternative.

“It’s a relatively easy job.”

Rail smiled as he pulled out a photo from his breast pocket.

“……Just find this person.”

Mankind officially entered the Milky Way 400 years ago.

In the twenty first century, humanity began to study on how to convert spiritual power into physical energy.

Faced with the problem of overpopulation, humanity spread to every corner of the galaxy.

Planets such as Mars were terraformed with newly acquired technologies, turning it into a habitable planet.

As humanity expanded, Earth’s newly formed colonies sought independence one after another.

Thus, humanity entered the galaxy and the calendar was changed to the cosmic calendar.

……But even as humanity expanded into the galaxy, they could not throw away their old habits. Pollution, crime and so on, these problems would plague humanity forever.

This new universe resulted in the Interstellar Police and Trouble Contractors being created.  

Trouble Contractors generally deal with matters that are deemed too dangerous for the Interstellar Police to handle.

They have to rely on their own abilities and spacecraft.

Kane’s spacecraft the “Sword Breaker” was parked in the local port.

Sword Breaker

He generally rides a smaller shuttle that is instrumental in transferring supplies to the ship.

“Welcome back, Kane.”

A sweet voice greeted him as he arrived.

In the central control room stood a young girl.

She looked around 16 or 17 years old. With silver hair and an adorable look on her face, her clothes were the first thing you’d notice.

She had a complex pattern on her cloak and chains, as well as a variety of decorations. If you saw her, should would look like a witch from a fantasy story.

“Let’s cast off.”

Kane spoke in a rude voice as he sat down on the control seat.

“Rail from the Interstellar Police has sent us a message. However, I don’t have a good feeling about this one.”

“We’ve just got to look for someone.”

“……Obviously it’s got something to do with organized crime.”


Kane fell silent.

She made a silly sound towards Kane.

“We’ve already been sent the relevant information about the mission.”


Kane unconsciously asked Canal.

“Look, here.”

Kane put his finger on the screen, he was pointing at the last line of text——



Kane was speechless.

“I’ve had it printed out too.”

“That, that bastard……the Dugole Connection……”

“……What’s wrong, didn’t you ask beforehand?”

“No, I didn’t ask! That guy, he wants us to bring back the son of a wealthy merchant. What nonsense!”

“……Strange, why didn’t you?”

“Well, I……”

Canal stared at him with contempt, Kane flew into a panic and tried to defend himself.

“Even though this child ran away from home, this is a job for the police……not people like us.”

Canal sighed.

“……No matter, we’ve already accepted it……the only thing we can do is complete the mission, and then raise the commission fee.”


Kane couldn’t find the words.

Although he didn’t want to say it, the truth would eventually be revealed.

“Is there anything else?”

“There is no……commission fee……”


Canal couldn’t believe what he said.

The room went quiet for a moment, Kane closed his eyes, waited to be berated.


“It’s not my fault…….”

“Come here!”

Canal then found out that Kane was involved in a fight, and that he was to blame for their current situation.

“Why the hell did you start a fight?”

“……No, it didn’t happen like that.”

Kane was like a spoiled child defending himself, Canal then pointed at him.

“Is there nothing you won’t do to justify your actions? You said you’d stop that kind of behaviour!”


“No ifs, no buts!”

She didn’t give him the time to think, she continued her assault:

“You can’t worm your way out of this one. You messed up big time, and now you owe me!”

“Okay, I understand.”

Kane reluctantly agreed.

“Good, and you better not forget about this favour.”

A wave of nausea came over Kane.

“Actually, I want to buy something.”

“……You want to buy something?”

“Yup. The Heckler agency is selling new equipment: an intensive particle cannon, it’s weapon design and performance are great. We could install them all over the ship, I think four should be enough. Here’s the catalogue.”

(A weapons catalogue, this will be the end of me!)


Kane was speechless, he just looked at the price.

“I know, it’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“I can’t believe you……we haven’t even received any money, how are we meant to afford one expensive cannon never mind four……”

“Wont’ you buy it for me?”

Canal’s cheeks were swollen.

“Come on, buy it! Pretty please, I’m begging you, aren’t you my friend? If you don’t buy it I’ll be forced to shut off life support!”

(……I ought to spill some coffee on her motherboard……)

While Kane cursed inside himself, he nodded to her.

“I know, I know! After we complete this mission, just head toward the nearest planet where we can buy it!”

“Thank you, thank you. I think we can regard this deal, sealed.”

Canal smiled, then.

“Alright! Destination——the solar system!”

“I know it’s where humanity came from, but……it’s on the frontier.”

When humanity established themselves in the Galaxy, humanity’s original solar system suffered serious damage.

Before faster than light travel was invented, humanity lived in this crowded solar system. Valuable resources had long since been depleted, and natural hazards and public dissent only increased. Under these conditions, Earth needed a transfer hub between itself and her colonies, it failed in this regard.

Without the resources from its outer colonies, and their independence, Earth became a backwater system and not much people paid any attention to it.

Out of all the planets in the solar system, only two of have human life: Earth and Mars, though there are several space colonies.  

“No abnormalities detected system wide, our destination is Galactic region 1-3-A, the solar system.”

“Okay. Departure formalities are complete, Sword Breaker has been given clearance to leave dock 11.”

At the same time the control rooms communications sounded off, the hull lock on the ship was detached, the docking bay doors then slowly opened.

Outside, a pale-coloured planet could be seen to the left, and countless stars stretching into nothingness——

Their spaceship “Sword Breaker”, a total length of 210 meters slowly crawled out of the space dock. “This is Sword Breaker calling the control room, departure from the dock has been completed. Thank you for your assistance.”

“Understood. Have a safe voyage.”

The dock control operator said to Kane.

“Sword Breaker——”

Kane ran his fingers across the control interface, as his voice echoed across the room.

A faint vibration came from the engines.


Just then——

Sword Breaker set out, into the universe.

End of Chapter 0

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