Hariyama-san, Center of the World Volume 1 Chapter 2

Hariyama-san, Center of the World Volume 1 Chapter 2

Hariyama-san, Center of the World 1
Magic Girl Number 893 (Genre "young witch")


Hariyama-san, Center of the World


nagadosujailbreak actrd‘Is it really this child?  This child has the most pure and powerful magic in the country’s history… and is a brutal criminal?’‘Throwing a child like this into “Hell”…’‘Nothing, she says…’‘This is probably another one of their experiments.  One to gauge her magical power.’“Princess”?“Training in the human world”?“Demons”?“Protect”?This‘She’s sending magic to a staff in someone else’s hand!?’collectshojishojifusumafusumanagadosuseizanagadosu‘I-I’ve seen this before.  I’ve seen this before!’‘This person – is a ‘hoodlum’!  They’re scary!  They’re bad people!’
fusumapunch permLyrical Hammerthunk‘I have to beat them!’‘So – I have to beat them!’Barri‘He’ll kill me.’‘No.’‘I don’t wanna die.’‘I really don’t wanna die.’‘Huh?’your parentsnot importantBewitchedwhoosh‘Even though magic can do anything.  Maybe they still don’t believe in me.’‘Is it really okay to take these clothes?‘I haven’t even done anything yet.  I’m just a freeloader.  Is it really…’‘I’ll use my magic to make her fall in love!’‘He saw through me again.’‘You’re wrong.‘I’m, I’m–‘I’m not really a princess and I didn’t come here for training.‘I’m not even a magical girl…’anymore‘Did he hear?  What we were talking about… all of it?’‘……?‘He didn’t… hear?’do you have a familyat school‘It’s all right, I’ll protect you!’‘I’ll protect you!  Ginjima-san, I’ll–’Barri
‘Why?  Why can’t I use healing magic?’‘Please.  Just this once.  Just this once is fine.‘M-Make me the protagonist of a story.  Make me a real magical girl–’‘Please, someone, anyone is fine–’‘It’s no good.’‘This is the end.’‘I have no right to take advantage of his kindness.  But–’‘Right now, I want to depend on his kindness.  I want to use him.’‘Visitors for me?’‘Why–’‘That’s right… where’s Tis?’thata couple who had already died had had a child.the magic user who created yourdto mock the current‘There’s no one who will save her anymore.  That means coming all the way here was worth it. …And I bought some nice clothes.’with my daughter?use your magic and get my magic wand.nagadosucut straight through every one of the guards’ magic staffs nagadosu

in a way that won’t kill youE.T.

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