Ero Gacha

By Maro

Ero Gacha Chapter 22

Ero Gacha Chapter 22

Waking up early in the morning I ate breakfast and then went to school, I bought lunch at the school’s canteen and obtained 100 yen. Parting with that trump card yesterday was painful…..I want to possess a powerful weapon system.

Drawing the normal Gacha!

N Clothes of a small fry from an evil organization

N Clothes of a small fry from an evil organization

Set personal armour- summon amour- +1 defense underling of an evil organization wears ordinary clothes

The clothes are able to withstand a fatal attack once

Additional effect – become bloody, feigning death for 5 minutes.

N Advance learning

N Advance learning

Set photo- Skill- Learning comprehension increases

S Anal is a nice place

S Anal is a nice place

Set photo- Skill- develops an interest in Anal

Anal is always clean and will recover from any injury

N Dainsleif

N Dainsleif

Set weapon- Summon weapon- Powerful SSR rank- A demonic cursed sword from the Norse Mythology folklore

The demonic sword was dangerous and evil due to its fiendish act of not returning to its scabbard until it has taken away somebody’s life when drawn….

This sword was stolen from a ruined country’s church! Upon reflecting…. When you come to make a recovery, please return it, okay!

S Apprentice Hero

S Apprentice Hero

Exclusive to male- Job- To set attach it to the target person

Becomes skillful in handling weapons- the amount of experience obtained increases

Becomes easier to be involved in various things. Class change to hero at level 30

G Female clit piercing

G Female clit piercing

Exclusive to female- Set item- Ornament – becomes the contractors bitch

Whatt theee! 『Dainsleif』summoned itself…. and somehow a dark aura was coming off from the sword….


『I’m hungry 』『I want to drink 』『Hand over a delicious soul that will satisfy me』『I want to eat』

Dangerous voices echoed in my head, the voices vanished when it was thrown into the treasure box.

The legendary weapon system is a sham, in addition to this plagiarized object that was stolen, it was demonic cursed sword! I should at least write down the name of the church it was stolen from. However, should I go to that church’s servant to make a recovery? I don't want to go and then be suddenly killed. Then, when I reconsider it, I decide to return it myself! This weapon is among the things that can't be destroyed, even if I try destroying it with the treasure box. However it can be useful in a battle.*

『Apprentice hero』was used on myself because I wanted the increase in the amount of experience…. and to become more physically powerful. 『Advance learning』and 『Anal is a nice place』are the thing that I will use on Nana!

『Bitch's clit piercing』was put on hold.

Look, because I know I can die due to an SD card in a battle 『The clothes of small fry from an evil organization』was useful. However, should I wear these clothes from now since their nice clothes that can become a substitute for my life. Ah, on the T-Shirt, "Small Fry" was written in ink on the back of white background, at a glance it looked cool! Gradually, I moved forward with a dash to my home room classroom.


During lunch, Mai was summoned to the rooftop and the Nitwit barrier was erected. As for the rooftop key, I also had a duplicate of the master-key that all the teachers have. Of course I ordered Yukiko-sensei to make it. I also prepared a DVD camera and a digital camera. I wanted to try making a sex tape!

"Mai, when it's just the two of us from now on I want you to call me master, okay?"


"Starting『Conceited short hair』『Nyaa』"

Mai was stark naked with her cat ears and tail, underneath the sun on the rooftop, Mai in her black cat birthday suit was erotic and beautiful!

"Not again, noooo, my bottom stooppppp, please take it outtt"

Mai’s waist shakes *trembling* in her inner thigh while excited. Her white naked body was illuminated by the sun was also romantic for having sex outdoors.*

"Mai, hold both of your legs while lying down, and face upwards"

"Haaaa, hyaaiiii, aa, I’m already, embarrassed ohh, stoppp"

Mai held both of her legs with her hands while lying down, exposing her beautiful vagina towards the sky. Shaking while the black tail was vibrating, honey oozed out from her vagina. When the dvd camera was set up, I started filming!

"The truth is Mai’s asshole is sloppy, isn’t your vagina already wet"*

"No its not, don’t say that! An ♡ I’m being completely seen, you’re going to strike, Kyaa ♡"*

"Mai, what are you saying. I’m just helping you with the flower arrangement club activities. I will decorate it from now on"

Then, a『Bouquet』was taken out, and a rose was inserted into Mai’s vagina. Regarding the『Bouquet』, when gathered together the flowers resemble a rose, as for the first one, the red flower was placed into the front hole. The pink vagina on Mai’s white naked body was decorated with a red flower, for me it was a work of art!

"Noooo, don’t put something like a flower…..yaaaa, it hurtss, take it out oooo"

"Mai’s vagina is in-between a good flower vase and a meat pot! Don’t move, since I’m going to take photos and videos"

"Heeyyyy, don’t record it errr, stopppp!!!"

Everytime I pressed the camera’s shutter, Mai was pleading to me to stop while shedding tears. However, from Mai’s meat pot honey was overflowing, sparkling in the sunlight.

"Despite hating this, your body tells the truth, Mai is lewd! Should the second one be a white flower?"

"It's no good ♡ nooo, don’t stick flowers into Mai’s private place…..hiiii!"

"As expected the combination of red and white is stylish! Next, should I use blue or yellow?"

This time two pieces were placed inside of Mai’s meat pot at the same time. Because its slippery it seems to go in but how much can. Mai’s waist shivers *trembling*, her ass shaking in obvious displeasure, was too erotic!

"Fuuahiiiiii, my ass is good so turn if offfff, haauuu♡"*

"For the sake of flower arrangement development, I will endure! As expected, more flowers that are full-blown will look better"

12 flowers from the bouquet were inserted in Mai’s vagina while I took photos. Between the black cat`s crotch was made lively, it was art.*

"That`s right, If there’s Mai’s sexual fluids, the flowers will be long-lasting. Should I leave Mai like this on the rooftop?"

"Ahhh, nooo, Master-sama, an ♡ iihi, don’t leave me, and take it outtt, aa♡"

Mai did something very cute. As for my name that was placed on the submission clitoris earrings, this shouldn`t be the work of that nameplate. I took photos with the camera and also took many close up photos. Mai’s ‘Ah’ face can be blamed on her ass, it was the best meat pot. I issued a command to Mai by whispering.

"Mai, ann ♡ Master-sama, haa, please give me more flowers! Mai wants to become a flower! Water, kya ♡ that place is increasing aaaaaa l-look, please give more its nice!"

When Mai’s waist trembled, immediately afterwards her ass jumped up with her vagina twitched, leaking pee while her face was dyed in shame. In accordance with my compulsion to urinate outdoors, holy water spouted from between her crotch, soaking the flowers and Mai’s lower body. Mai came to grips with the holy water from her body while having a peace of mind.

"Haaaa! Haa….aaa♡ cummingg♡ cuming, cumming, I’mm cumming, I’m cummminnggggggg♡"

Furthermore, her waist trembled, as for her ass due to the tails stimulus it sank further, Mai climaxed bending herself backwards while sticking out her tongue.  My precious work dropped into the surrounding as a result of being pushed out from inside her vagina due to Mai’s climax, spoiling it in holy water.

"Bad black cat. I guess my meat stick is better than flowers!"

"Annn now, is no good…..ahh it hot and niceeee! Aaaaa, n….aa!"

In spite of the strong odour from the holy water, my penis was excited, it was driven inside of Mai’s slippery meat pot. Mai’s ankles were held onto and my meat stick was thrust forward violently in a big way, I fell down on Mai’s body like I was madly in love without even uttering a word. Mai herself shaked her waist to meet my penis movement.

"Fuhiiiyaaa!" Ah, aahinhoramee! Ahinpoohinpoo, aa ♡, ahinporamee!"*(don`t ask me)

"I don’t have enough time, your waist is shaking with that facial expression that appears to be greedy for just that thing, I guess Mai also wants a baby!"

"Hyahiinnn! Hiinhaa! Stoppp I`m cumminggg, ah I can’t holddd itt! W-waiitt stopp, stop it! S-stop already! If you continue it will get worse, stopp noott again…..I’m cumminggg!"

"OraOra! Your master is going to plant his seed with a creampie in this black cat and mate! Mai is going to become a mother, be thankful, Ora!"

"Take it outttt…..a babyyyy…..stoppp♡ nooo ann, to be become pregnanttttttt….."

Pressing down on the reluctant Mai’s, I’m intrigued by Mai’s crying and shouting, I spitted out my rich milk that I had amass vigorously. When my penis sank down deeply again, her meat pot that was showered in milk contracted. Large amounts of semen was caught in her womb, as for the semen that came out spilling from Mai’s vagina, it flows along her navel, trickling up to her breast.

"Dangerous, it came out as it overfilled Mai’s inside! Because there’s not free time to wash it out, perhaps I can try covering it with a tampon!'

Pulling out my meat stick, Mai’s vagina was covered with a tampon. It was inserted in her vagina before the semen could be pushed out.


"Don`t take out the tampon until after school, this is your punishment! Take this finisher!'

"N-nooo aaan!"

My pee splashes on Mai’s body. This was truly a meat urinal! Aiming at Mai’s breast, peeing on someone felt really great!

I cleaned up Mai who was dumbfounded using the purification magic, we then put on our uniforms. The two of us returned to class because the warning lunch bell echoed. I chuckled guessing nobody would think that large quantities of my semen was poured in Mai’s womb while sitting in a class. Permission was given to remove the tampon after school and Mai then ran towards the locker room with teary eyes. Because a shower was in the locker room. But it's alright because she was impregnated by the Orc’s tribe secret art.

Then, returning home I checked the video and photos!

End of Chapter 22


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