Ero Gacha

By Maro

Ero Gacha Chapter 10

Ero Gacha Chapter 10


Yesterday, I went to slept as is after I got home and had dinner. Perhaps I had gotten tired from going through various things.

Now, the problem is the Chaos Gacha & Ero Gacha. Form the card used by the man yesterday it can be assumed that the magic system is based on fantasy. If, when preparing for an assault by a smartphone user, Chaos is one option, if Sakura-san is taken possession of there is the possibility of the Ero Gacha method. If I sink money into the Gacha, I can`t have an expensive date with Nana-san. This is bothersome….

But, the possibility of Sakura-san being a smartphone user is not zero. The old woman had only said that the effect of the smartphone works on other smartphone user. I was told among other things that it can be do, but a something (subject) is missing. Well, if it turns out that Sakura-san is a smartphone user then there is no chance of succeeding. Because fortunes are different……but perhaps I am reading too much into this.

And then, the level went up by 3 and became 12. It seems when another person`s smartphone is stolen their experience point is absorbed. Another problem is the experience point. As for my Ero-Gacha, the rare cards are easy to use because it has an erotic purpose. However, I wonder how about it when it’s a battle system Gacha? Even if a powerful card is obtained it would be difficult to use in real life. With only an ordinary orc being summoned  I was greatly panicked. In my case, though I have a low-level, I think that the level rises from continual use of cards.

Then, was it related to the battle?. 

  1. My battle field is a town area.
  2. Hoist the wristwatch and it spreads out with [Battle Start]
  3. It spreads out until the winner sets the SD card.
  4. In the event where a battle is won, within 24 hours a battle can`t be performed due to a non-competitive status.
  5. After the battle, there will be notice for the smartphone user.
  6. After winner the battle and the notice, the [search] card comes out with a probability of 1% in less than 10 Gacha items.*
  7. The [Search] card doesn`t come out in the Level Gacha.
  8. The [Search] card searches for smartphone users in random.
  9. If there is a mutual agreement the battle field can be released.

Yesterday, after the phone call had ended, a long email form that old woman had arrived in around five minutes. Because of that, I was able to rest in peace.

The [Search] card comes out with 1% probability, the probability of around 10% when drawing 10 times is seemly low. Because that man had been defeated, there was a maximum of 50 persons with the exception of me, hence 5 person are calculated to be able to obtain the search card. Searching for one person in random, I have a probability of 2% and the probability is around 10% if it’s drawn by one of 5 persons, thats quite high.*(TN: will be explained later why its 50)

The notification didn`t come to me, i think it’s because I fought before receiving the smartphone. There is also the probability that the smartphone users will decrease further. And then, there is the even the possibility of having search card that wasn’t used at that time…….beside I had gone to that damn old woman`s store twice, and if that’s the case, perhaps  there is guy who observes the store like that man, so I cannot go for a consultation from the old woman carelessly……*

Eating breakfast, I left the house. Yesterday I borrowed a 1,000 yen from Yuki-ane, so as for my holdings, there was a little of 2,000 yen. My own poverty was the first cause of annoyance….. buying lunch at a convenient store, when 17  pieces is collected in 100 yen, 10 pieces is reserved while 7 pieces are used. It’s a measure among poor students, because this is something grave, money is invested in despite not knowing if I will be attacked…however it is a modest insurance.*

First there is the Level Gacha. Then there is two chaos Gacha! Was there a fight between fellow chaos users….. All smartphones have an individual card.

First one of the chaos Gacha is drawn.

[G Monster Hunt]

[G Monster Hunt]

Set item- has a 2m range- 60 offensive ability against monsters

Ineffective to humans- revolver with 6 rounds of large calibre- reload is 1 minute

Suddenly a weapon appears! A gun! That is exclusively used on monsters…….I don’t know whether or not this offensive ability is high, as the range is too short……

The second chaos Gacha is drawn.

[R Nitwit Barrier]

[R Nitwit Barrier]

Exclusive to user- 2 hour magic  barrier- forms a 4 diameter barrier

Usable 2 times a week- it’s not possible to use the battle field

Hides figure and the sound is also isolated. Effective in avoiding people.

Umm-it hurts, this isn’t useful in battles. It seems quite easy to use generally.

The Ero Gacha is pull.

[R Panties Thief]

[R Panties Thief]

Set photo- Job- snatches a woman`s panties within a 2m

Keyword [Got you!](Getchu)

[Got you!]

The stolen panties are transported into a treasure box

The treasure box can accommodate up to 100 kilos (Another capacity for panties)

Obtaining a 1,000 panties!

When seeing things like that, the Ero Gacha is quite different! Is the panties thief a job!

When it was set right away, a black box with the size of a commuter pass container that was 2cm thick had appeared in my hand. A magical illustration was drawn on the surface. When trying to force a stone it had disappeared into the box. When the stone illustration on the surface is touched it came out on the other side of the box.

Now then, i should draw the Gacha!

[S A curse will come home to haunt you](Curses, like chickens, come home to roost)

[S A curse will come home to haunt you]

Set upside down on the floor surface-2 pitfall-  an addition effect is abnormal curse status

[N Wooden rod]

[N Wooden rod]

Set item- 1 offensive ability- beginner equipment

[N Rocket punch]

[N Rocket punch]

Set and attach to target- a special move with a right punch does a lot of damage!

The wrist that had flew off comes back! Caution is necessary to use this.

[S He that fights and runs away may live to fight another day]

[S He that fights and runs away may live to fight another day]

Set and attach to target- the speed of running away becomes faster for 1 hour!

[N Sword of Steel]

[N Sword of Steel]

Set item- 20 offensive ability- western style long sword

[N Slime]

[N Slime]

Summon magic- set by throwing into the air- summons slime- 10 HP

[N Battle radar]

[N Battle radar]

Set and attach to target- will be able to grasp the enemy’s location in the battle field

Can be used only once- effective till the end of the battle

As for the rocket punch I can use that for the trash bin, poi! The wooden rod and steel sword was placed in the treasure box. The slime is weak….with a 10 HP its a one hit kill with a steel sword. Once a personal weapon that can be used is obtained it’s too large.

Taking a bus, going to school, at the student council room first, because the Chairman should be there most mornings. When entering the student council room only the Chairman was arranging documents.

“Chi-su! Chairman”

“Oh Sei, what happened?”

“Ah, well, I want to take a picture. Is that alright?”

“Hmm? Okay but, don’t use it for something strange”

“It won`t be used like that, it’s because my older sister makes noise at home saying ‘Chairman Chairman’”

“Really, Yukina-san”

The Chairman allowed me to take the picture while being embarrassed. It was approved incidentally because I was asked to run an errand to the staff room.

On the way towards the staff room, I had emailed the picture that I had just taken to Sakura-san. An answer came immediately [print it out and I will be at the house at 7 o’clock]. After all I was not told to send the photo…….because Sakura-san is the type of person who doesn`t allow actions outside her order.

When the staff room door is opened, I enter inside opening with a greeting. The errand ends with handing over the documents to the student council advisor. Because Yamamura sensei is there, I confirmed the rosary of corruption, it wasn’t attach properly. Although its position causes one to worry it can’t be removed or taken off, it is good if I can attached it.*

However Yamamura sensei is the chorus club advisor, today isn’t a practice day, and I am still a new face to her as the homeroom teacher has not come in contact with me as yet. Because a form is seen working and tidying up in the music room, today is my chance.*

Well, Yamamura sensei, you will receive a lesson in immorality!

End of Chapter

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