Ero Gacha

By Maro

Ero Gacha Chapter 9

Ero Gacha Chapter 9

I opened the door of the old woman`s smartphone store with a fierce dash.

“Old woman! There is something I want to ask!”

“Hihihi, is it the secret of youth?”

The mouth of old woman excluding from the hood smiles with a broad grin.

“Its different! A card doesn’t seem to work”

“Youngster, I don’t understand, what’s the problem”

“The favorability of an unrelated person increases up to that of a best friend, Although I used the card which dotes on the contractor on a person called Sakura their attitude completely, did not change!”

I, had explained in detail about Sakura-san present state to the old woman

“Fuu, well, if my guesswork is good enough, then I will speak”

“Tell me!”

“It’s possible that the definition of dotting is different for that person”

“Huh? Old woman, how am I to understand with such an explanation!”

“In other words, your sister isn’t an unrelated person to that young girl. And then you had been doted on. However that isn’t the only thing”

“I don’t understand”

“Alright, Your sister is the protagonist to that young girl while all the other people in the surrounding are NPC. Don’t you understand youngster, your being recognized as a human. The fact that the other person recognizes you is being doting. Isn’t the eye like seeing trash prove this? The feelings that will well up are probably an indifferent one?”

Though I understood a part of it, to have such a thing where the card doesn’t work with just that?

“Youngster, though the power of magic is enormous, rules are necessary to use it. Even if I spoke in Arabic to you, the meaning wouldn`t be understood? Similarly the cards rule`s wasn’t understood by that young girl, or……”


“A person who holds absolute law, is our enemy ”*

Whether there is such a thing….but, isn’t there one more possibility.

“What about the owner of a smart phone?”

“ Don`t you have it, if you’re doing such a thing, the cellular phone can be taken, Hihihi”

“Huh, I will not have the smartphone stolen?”

“If youngster dies the contract will be released. One instance is where the other party uses a card to kill, the second is to surrender”

The damned old woman took out a wristwatch like thing from her handbag, and handed it over to me.

“Fighting is done in an exclusive field. When either of you dies the SD card from the cellular phone will fly out. This is the core of the cellular phone. When this is inserted into the cellular phone`s SD card slot, umm”*

“Damn old woman!”

“It’s because you didn’t ask, and I didn`t tell. Hihihi”

But wait a minute. For a smartphone to be taken a person must be killed. That card must be powerful, even if there is a exception like Sakura-san…… after all there is a possibility that I will fight and have the tables turned on myself, so isn’t the risk too high?

“…..I think that the demerits are too big for snatching away a smartphone…”

“The Gacha is an individual item, no cards can be drawn without it? The strength of power is already known therefore there will be a desire for new power. Law and chaos, normal and orthodox. And then, youngsters cellular phone is a joker”*

“So there a 4 kinds apart from mine. How many smartphone-owners are there? “

“”Kukuku, I guess the joker is an essential part in playing cards?”

Although it’s an answer, the deck of cards means that with my smartphone and 52 pieces with 4 kinds of 13 pieces there are 53 pieces in total.*

“It`s a good idea to compete against the law with the law”.*

If it’s the law of the cellular phone`s card it’s possible it may be effective on Sakura-san. But, I can’t do something like killing a smartphone owner in order to save the Chairman. But it’s different if I am attacked…..

“Youngster, the heart of humans has always been an frightening thing. Occasionally magic is rejected, sometimes it unseemly scrambles. That is a pleasant thing to see so it can’t be helped that’s its fun. Kukukuk”*

“Old woman, that’s a good hobby”

“Kukukuk, how is it for you, has it not come to become something very enjoyable?”

“Chu, anyways, someone that holds absolute law? ”

“A person who holds divinity from birth, and then the person`s divinity degenerates to a person with supernatural power”

If there is magic, then perhaps there are persons with supernatural powers and gods. This was understood but it’s insignificant for now.

“I am going home, thanks old woman”

“Hihihihi, then be careful on your way home”

Leaving the old woman`s store, on the way, a coffee is bought at a vending machine, and I then deceived to collect my thoughts by sitting on bench in a nearby park. Presently, I didn’t want to return home, because I wouldn’t have been able to calm down if Sakura-san was there.

First of all, the main thing is that the words of the old woman are just guesswork. Perhaps it’s the effect of another card, perhaps the invocation of the effect are just slow. Whether or not Sakura-san is a person with supernatural powers, her status did not change.

I`ll deliver the photo of the Chairman that Sakura-san had requested tomorrow. If it’s that person I guess she would have already obtained the president`s photo. Because the photo is obvious a loyalty test, I think its probably Sakura-san means of verification, I think when it comes to that she will hand it over to Yuki-ane.*

Although the problem is what will Sakura-san  do to the president….well, killing him, and then comforting the grieving Yuki-ane…..that`s the worst pattern. It’s great that Sakura-san did not think of something like kidnapping Yuki-ane. To protect the president, I must separate Sakura-san from Yuki-ane.*

After all, I have no choice but to rely on a card for the method to protect the president of my senior high school. But, is there such a card that can protect him for a lifetime….though I am certain that Sakura-san can have something done one way another easily….

If I don’t think about the owners of the smartphone, there are not necessary 53 people but it’s certain that there are 53 Smartphone’s. It’s impossible for me to do something like stealing and worst murder. But, I must have forgotten that there is still the possibility of it coming from the other side. N?

“Is there a card that looks for owner for other smartphone owners!”

Damn old woman! Because I didn’t ask, so she didn’t have to tell, dammit~!

“Well this is 80 points? Boy”


When turning around, a man around 30 years old wearing a pitch black clothes carries a large sword while walking towards me. The bottom of t-shirt wore was bloody, blood was also sticking on the large sword. He is obviously a suspicious person.

“I am certain I saw you coming out from that store? Boy?”

“That`s right! This is not a case where I can be admiring. I am in a pinch….”

“Well, let’s have an enjoyable battle!”

When the man had raised his watch, the scenery had changed instantly.

“My battle field! Welcome to the arena! You`re the second person to be invited, let’s have fun!”

There was a 10 m wall surrounding the 30 m circular arena, and the stone paving was paved beautiful.

“But there isn’t a reason to fight….”

There isn`t even a card….I only have “Constant Paper” and “Gilgamesh” that I forgot to throw away…. there isn’t any money either. Dangerous!

“Constant Paper”“Gilgamesh”

“Haa? There is a guy with strong power in addition to myself. Isn’t natural that I should remove the danger, boy?”

“Is that all?”

“That’s enough, don`t you agree?”


The man starts to brandish his sword. While avoiding the swings of the largish sword calmly by moving from right to left, the [Gilgamesh] is summoned! Though it’s fake, it doesn’t matter! A long sword of about 1 m in length with delicate ornament had appeared. *


“Eh- you posses a good weapon, boy”

Although, it’s a one sided defensive fight, because he is only brandishing his sword in large swings, it’s easy to avoid…..

“Let’s do something to heat things up a bit?”

The man then takes out a card, 5 objects were then thrown in the air. Being out in the open I retreated cautiously.*

A zombie, skeleton, and 3 orc`s had appeared to surround me. Wow- the zombie`s rotten corpse was way too gross, the skeleton appearance is scary but it’s still better. Although the orc has a role to play in fantasy, the MC in a novel gains victory in their battles with large things like that!*

“After this is the critical moment!”

Is the summon system finish? Well, something can be done to zombie and the skeleton by using the Purification magic, it’s the orc`s that are dangerous. If I don`t kill this man who boldly smiles, I can’t return home alive. I must prepare myself for the worst as there is no choice but to kill…….*

Purification magic

“I will mince you into pieces! Boy, it is I, want to see it, need to see it, need to see it, need to see it, need to see it, need to see it, need to see it!!”*

Chu, this guy is broken. A lust murder! The old woman gave the smartphone to such a guy!*

“I have murdered many people already Oooooooo!”

I attacked the zombie and skeleton with the purification magic. The undead had vanished becoming dust with one hit. N? The Orcs for some reason can’t move. This is a chance!

purification magic. 

“Orc`s move! Why Aaaaaaa! Dammit”

Though the man started to attack I had easily repelled it. The man retreats and uses a card. A fireball appears, moving towards me. It’s a fireball! Pardoning the fireball… is dodged by jumping to the side.*

Dangerous, if I don`t kill him quickly, I will die. Having said that as for my card there is only [Constant Paper]…..

[Constant Paper]…..

[Youngster, the card itself is powerful it just depends on how it`s used? Furthermore, it’s only 100 yen]

Suddenly, the old woman`s word had passed through my head, it was so. Even so it’s 100 yen.*

When I sprinted from the ground the [Constant Paper] paper is attached to myself, dashing towards the man!*

“Die! Die! Die! “

Again, the man had repeatedly shouted like a broken record. It’s you that will die! When the man`s large sword is brandished to make a slash at me. But!*

“It’s you who will die! Janken! Poi!”



The [Constant Paper] card makes the other party always take out paper. But, I don’t have to take out scissors. Dropping the sword, the man had taken out a vigorous paper. At the man playing janken who was full of opening was assaulted with the sword I held. If the man saw from the side I am sure it will be funny.*

[Constant Paper]

My [Gilgamesh] had pierced the heart of the man who was full of gaps. The unpleasant feeling of cutting meat, the Gilgamesh that had pierced up to the root had broken. After all it was a fake object…..the man then had fallen down like crumbling blocks. *


Although its 100% self defense it was an unpleasant thing, really….the SD card jumped out from the man’s body rolling to my foot. The battle field isn’t showing any sign of closing, do I have to use this thing. When the SD card is inserted in the smart phone, I had returned to park in an instant. I was relieved because that man’s corpse wasn`t there. *

On the screen of the smart phone.

[Card of Chaos was added. The “Gacha level of chaos” was added on app]

It was a Chaos smartphone…, let’s just live life. N, this time it’s a call from that old woman. *


“Hihihihi, you have been taught from this ? Be careful on your way home. Kukukuku, the fight was a very fun”

“ ……You saw….”

“The existence of that man had vanished, the winner obtaining power, the loser parts with their existence. Isn’t this also common practice in this world? And with that”

“ What?”

“ I forgot to talk about that, the case of fighting over a cellular phone, there is posting of all the owners of cellular phones. The cellular phone must be fought for! Youngster seems to have come to enjoy it. Hihihih, Puchi”*

“ Wait, Damn Stop! That damn old woman aaaaaaaaaa!”

My shout had echoed in the empty park. That old woman had done it!

End of chapter 9

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