Epoch of Twilight

By Don't Play People For A Fool

Epoch of Twilight Chapter 334

Epoch of Twilight Chapter 334

"Is that the energy body (energy crystal)?"

Luo Yuan could tell as he read the introduction stated that was extracted from a heart.

In fact, the crystal Luo Yuan saw was totally different from the one he used to have The color and transparency was completely different. That one was taken from a flood-dragon from the green level, it was yellowish red in color and not transparent which looked like those stones we could see everywhere. While the one he saw online was slightly more yellowish and semi-transparent. No one would think it was the same thing even if they put it together.

However, one was from a level six's mutated creature and another one was from level eight'mutated creature. Other than the difference from the outlook but the power was also very different. It would be very strange if it still looked the same.

He opened the page of the crystal and found more details about the introduction and test report. Luo Yuan did not try to avoid Chen Xinjie as the seller was the official rehabilitation base and the recipients were all real name. He would not be able to escape if the rehabilitation base wants to investigate. Hence, it was good to just read it openly.

However, Luo Yuan frowned as he looked at it as the crystal was very dangerous compared to the level six-energy body he had. The rehabilitation base had done a series of the experiment on it before selling on the website. It was a strong electrolyte which was water soluble and it was also a very strong oxidant. They even conducted a live experiment but it failed due to gene breakdown.

The curious point was the experiment has been terminated since then. The upper management seemed to have given up on the studies and tried to sell it via the platform.

Luo Yuan could not understand and he had limited information to make any speculation.

In fact, the reason they gave up on the experiment was that of the specialty of the level eight mutated creature. It was beyond the human imagination and every single of them was a disaster to the human nation. The normal weapons were completely useless to them. One-forth of the nuclear bombs were reserved for fighting those creatures.Fortunately, because of the nuclear bombs, the rest of the super mutated creature did not dare to come close to the rehabilitation base.

The life of that kind of creature has been evolved, their carcasses would be mysterious even after they died. It would not be rotten and still possess some scary power even after it died. Normal people would need to wear a protective suit before drawing closer to it.

All the living things died wherever its blood spilled on it. The flesh has a strong power to invade genes as the skin will rot even if it was contacted with a tiny blood stain. It was the scariest poison ever and that was the reason it carcass did not rot as the microorganism could not fight its power.

The power of genetic invasion could not be affected by high temperature and it was not edible. Thus, other than using it for the experiments, it was burnt with high temperature.

The discovery of the energy crystal was an accident. Although it looked unique, they could not do anything as long as the issue of genetic invasion still existed. It was not prioritized by the labs as there were many more experiments with numerous breakthrough they had.

Besides that, they were actually using the crystal body as a lure to attract super evolved humans for the purpose of the human experiment.


Luo Yuan frowned and pondered.

However, he decided to buy it first as it was difficult to find. He definitely knew the danger of genetic invasion. That mutated human was the result of evolution failure due to genetic invasion. That was considered good as they still survive, but the scariest thing was a genetic breakdown and they became a puddle of flesh and blood.

However, only the high-quality genes could invade the low-grade genes. There would be no difference for the same level of genes. Although he could not use it now, perhaps he could use it in the future when he upgraded again.

"Oh right, how much I have in my account?" Luo Yuan asked Chen Xinjie. He did not know how much he had when he wanted to purchase.

"A-level achievement can be traded for 10,000, you will get 20,000 as you have two badges. You can actually see it from your account." Chen Xinjie said as she tried to show him the way to check the balance."

Luo Yuan scanned the list and realized it was a huge amount and he could actually buy almost all the items below the fifth item. Even the five snowy white short spears which ranked at fifth was only 28,000.

While the energy crystal was only 1,500, he had more than enough to pay.

Luo Yuan finally completed the purchase. He felt relieved and asked, "When will the good delivered to me?"

"It will take about a day or two. Usually one day."

"That's great! I want to check more about it. Anyway, I know the schedule already, you can go back to work if you're busy. I'll let you know when I want to check on the house." Luo Yuan said to Chen Xinjie. He did not mind she saw what he just bought, but he felt uncomfortable when someone was watching him at the back.

"Alright, I really have something to do. My office is just next door, see you!" Chen Xinjie smiled and said. She then left the office with a nice fragrance left in the room.

Luo Yuan smiled and then continued to explore. There were so many things on the website, such as an eyeball which can trigger hallucinations, tree juice which can make the skin strong and a hood which can make one invisible.

However, he just wanted to check in order to fill his curiosity. Those things had not much use to him now and he did not keen on the weapons. Of course, it was not completely right as he was quite interested in the materials. However, based on Luo Yuan's assumption, those materials which used to make the weapons were not valuable.

Unfortunately, the level eight materials which he wanted was not on sale and the ready made weapon was too expensive. Thus, he could only pick one from the dark green level. He continued to search on the following page and finally, he found something!

It was a spiral shape of a horn which was about 150 cm and thickest part was as wide as a bowl. It was about 65 kg and ranked at level seven. The entire spiral horn was in gold color, it looked amazing!

Even he only saw it from the image, he could feel the power of the horn which was the mysterious energy to destroy something. No one could go close to it and those who touch it would feel the pain of being poked by needles. Their flesh would rot as if they insisted on holding it for long period of time.

That was the reason its price was a lot lower than the other weapons from level seven which was less than one-third of the normal price.

However, those weapons which could not be used by other evolved humans were usable by Luo Yuan. The Zhanmadao has been trained to the point where he could use it expertly and even the complimentary powers were well mastered by him.

He quickly bought it and then continued to explore. He finally clicked on the last page of the website. He switched off the computer as he did not see anything attractive. There must be many more things he has missed as he was just glancing through the website without reading carefully. Anyway, he was not in a hurry to get all the things.

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