Kenkoku no Jungfrau

By Teshima Fuminori

Kenkoku no Jungfrau Volume 1 Chapter 2

Kenkoku no Jungfrau Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - The Spear of Calamity Drives the Capricorn[]

Part 1[]

“Okay~ please vacate the place for a moment!”

After saying that, Estelle extended her hands and pushed away the pedestrians while built up the location. Normally anyone would get annoyed if they were forcibly driven away but seeing the girl’s innocence, all they could do is revealing a bitter smile.

Estelle’s make-up was thin compared to a normal Clown. It was painted quiet elegantly excluding the star on her cheek. Therefore the edging on her well featured face seemed indecent. But the make-up was probably done with that in mind.

After taking a glance at the clown girl, Mana started to display the commodities on the tables that were put together impromptu in a cross-like position.

After she finished lining them up from one end to the other, Estelle whispered to her in a small voice.

(Is there anything like a knife among the goods?)

(Well there is but...)

(Put it up, I want to borrow it later.)

Though she tilted her head, Mana lined up a few knives engraved with <Omen> as she was told. Before long, they cleared up enough space for a proper performance, and Estelle then suddenly turned around.

Walking a little distance along this road, a big plaza could be seen. There were various bands playing rhythmical music and unnamed Clowns were also showing theirs performances. So the pedestrians heartlessly left, showing no interest.

Even so, Estelle gallantly started her performance.

Though it was a common act, it was increasing the number of balls inserted between her fingers.

“-Eh? There’s no fun increasing the number one by one? Okay, then watch me amass them in doubles!”

Even though no one complained, the girl said that while taking out the balls.

“First of all ‘two’---“

One ball materialized in each of her hands. Mana saw the balls concealed by Estelle’s palms from behind. But they were cleverly hidden from the eyes of the spectators.

-She will increase the numbers like that.

But, that method was okay until the fourth ball, but what will she do after that? Amassing them in doubles meant that she would bring the number up to ‘Eight’.

As Estelle brought up the number to four, she lightly clasped her hands. The balls placed between her fingers rolled between the next fingers, and moved their positions. An eggshell like hemisphere shaped object was now placed in the original position.

-Ah! Half of it is fake!

There are now eight balls between Estelle’s fingers like she said before, but half of them were fake empty containers shaped like bowls.

After witnessing that trick, Mana became astonished.

---Nobody noticed it?

Even though they were grandly shown a fake trick, the audience made comments like, “Well done”, “Bravo”.

Even Mana herself who was just shown the technique, could never have guessed how this trick was done before.

Even though there was a risk of being seen through if the angle varied even a little, the clown magnificently kept doing her performances without faltering even a bit.

As Estelle kept announcing with her confident voice, the number of guests who stopped their tracks also began to increase.

“Now then, watch me double this again– and increase them to sixteen!”

As expected, the audience also made a stir. The girl’s fingers were certainly long but it would take all her might just to place another ball between them. Just how was she planning to place them there?

–Even if its trickery, she shouldn’t have any more…

Was she going to increase the numbers from the dummies that already became empty?

Before they were aware of it, not only Mana but the other spectators also held their breath and kept on watching. Estelle, who received the glances took a deep breath.

And as planned before, she nimbly waved both her hands.


‘Boroboroboro’- With an empty yell, innumerable balls were scattered between the passage.

“Aaaaaah! So-someone catch them, Hmm?”

As Estelle went into a panic and started to collect the balls, she tripped on one of them and fell over in a flashy manner.

The audience rapidly got excited.

After she fell, a great number of balls started rolling from below her. This act was probably a calculated mistake. Nodding, Mana together with the audience started laughing in unison.

Seeing a scene like that, the passer-by’s who previously showed no interest started to gather.

Estelle, who was acting flustered, picked up the balls that fell down, but from the place she picked the balls up, new balls started to appear one after another.

After that, she was completely worn out.



Without any limits.

As if it was inexhaustible amount.

“ Wha-, there’s way too much!”

Mana shouted as expected.

The number of balls Estelle scattered was not in 10s or 20s. Did she really plan to increase the number to this extent? Everyone including the pedestrians started to gather the balls but it seemed almost impossible to gather them all.

-Just where was she hiding that many...

Probably most of the people gathered there were wondering about that question.

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