Souykuu no Lapis Lazuli

By Asano Hajime

Souykuu no Lapis Lazuli Volume 1 prologue

Souykuu no Lapis Lazuli Volume 1 prologue

Yes. I’ve FINALLY finished something… Got a cold and was too tired to do anything else and so I decided to finish this up.

Now the disclaimers:

  1. I won’t claim to be super proficient in neither English nor Japanese. Spoke English most of my life but on records it’s still not my first language. As for Japanese, I only started learning last year. SOOooo, if you see something looks odd or you have a way to improve a sentence, let me know and I will see if its close to what the Japanese text means. (Y)
  2. I am slow. Period. I’m only doing this because I think it’ll be interesting. I won’t give you a dateline, nor big promises. All I can say is that one day, ONE DAY, this series will be done. As such, I won’t openly ask for donations, since that’ll be mean to the donors, but I do have adfly and non-adfly links. So if you are kind…please and thank you.
  3. Someone else actually translated this series up to chapter 3 of the first volume. You can go ahead and read his site if you’d like. I have to say, his English seems to be better so I try not to read it and make myself feel inferior. But here’s the link:
  4. Sorry for being long winded. Have fun ?

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