Api di Bukit Menoreh

By S.H. Mintardja.

Api di Bukit Menoreh Chapter 4

Api di Bukit Menoreh Chapter 4

Api di Bukit Menoreh Book 01 – Chapter 04

Then he followed his brother’s footsteps through the door to the stables behind the house. However, when they had been on horseback, Agung Sedayu sighed again "Can this job be delayed?"

Untara shook his head "No, tommorow morning that wild tropps wild attack uncle Widura."

Agung sedayu looked at the dark night while his heart punding fast. now his clothes became wet from the rain that getting heavier.

"Pray" whispered his big brother "God with us."

Agung sedayu had small nod. His lips moved, he pray to Allah the merciful one.

Afterwards their horses march to the dark of night.

A moment later, they leave padukuhan Jati Anom to the east. Behind them merapi mountain which stood straight and upright. It cloaked in dark of the night and the desity beads of rain which fall from the sky.When there a flashes lighting and tunder on the sky, the road beneath their horse legs became visible, muddy and red, dyed by clay which has many years of gradually accumulated from the hillside.

[padukuhan : small village .in english it meaning Hamlet]

For a while they fell silent on the back of their horse. Only occasionally Agung Sedayu will always look towards his big brother, as if he scared to be left behind. But his big brother always lowering his head. Actualy he was thinking. What will happen on this journey and what will happen tomorrow if that wild troops will genuinely attack. Widura position is not to good and the number of his people too not to much, because sangkal putung locations no directly facing a battle. But the remant of Arya Pangasang troops who do not want to see their defeat from Adipati Jipang will try to bring chaos in everywhere. They will roam even encircle Pajang and then assault the region who far away behind the battle lines. They come at any time and then vanish like a ghost. The teak forest and even the rain forest will become their hideout.

[Adipati is noble title for king/head in vasal region, this title not related with bloodline and can not be inheritable. the teritory Adipati ocupied is called Kadipaten. Adipati in english is compare with Duke title. Above Adipati title is Adipati Agung/ Haryapatih compare with grand duke in english. the teritory is called Kadipaten Agung/ Keharyapatihan.]

So this afternoon, Untara recive the news about that troops which has been lost purpose of their fight. They wish to attack the east of Sangkal Putung. And it seems Widura do not expect it. However the full granaries in Sangkal Putung, will be good supplies for that wild troops. And indeed it is their purpose.

Untara thought interrupted when he heard his little brother whispering " kakang, you saw the shadow in front of us?"

Untara frowned "yes" he answered.

"People?" whisper Sedayu.


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