I'm Back in the Other World?

By のしぶくろ

I'm Back in the Other World? Chapter 13

I'm Back in the Other World? Chapter 13

“I have returned.”

After walking around the grocery store and the stores that deal in travel gear, I ended up finding more spices and herbs than planned, and returned to the inn with a pleased expression.

“Welcome back. Was everything fine?”

The innkeeper poked his head out from the kitchen and welcomed me back.

“Yes. I managed to buy a lot!”

I lifted up my spoils to my face level and told him.

“That’s great. Are you going to take a bath? It’s free right now.”

At his words, I roughly recalled the plans for tonight.
Right now it’s roughly past 8. Is the Prince in his room? I need to bring him the ballpoint pen and notebook. After that, I’ll take a bath and then, ahh, I need to do the laundry as well.
Speaking of which, I’m going commando right now aren’t I. I have to hurry up and wash my underwear.
I should probably talk to the innkeeper about tomorrow’s breakfast as well.

“I’ll be returning to my room first and then dropping in the Prince’s room. I’d like to take up your offer about the bath after that. It won’t take long so I think that 20 minutes-, ahh, a quarter of a koku will do. Also, I’d like to wash my clothes, but would it be all right to do so at the bathing area?”

I think it should be all right, but it would be better to make sure just in case.

“A quarter of a koku, then. There’s no problems with doing your laundry. Do you need soap?”

“If you would be so kind to lend me some, that would be greatly appreciated. And about breakfast tomorrow, would it be all right if I prepared the knights’ portion? I’ve made a promise with the Prince, you see.”

And while I was at it, I asked about the matter of tomorrow’s breakfast as well.

“That’s fine but, will you be fine? I think it’ll be quite a large share.”

The innkeeper looked at me a little worriedly.

“Yes, even if I look like this, cooking is my strong point. I’ve always done the cooking at home, so it will be fine. Also, I’d like to use your ingredients, but of course I’ll pay.”

“Don’t worry about the ingredients. Your stay originally included breakfast after all. Just give me a call in the morning and there won’t be a problem. The guests today are all just knights after all. Before you take a bath, let me know because I’ll prepare you some soap.”

After saying that amiably, the innkeeper returned to the kitchen.
I just gave a “I’ll be relying on you.” before heading to my room.





After that, I returned to my room and placed the bag with my shopping in it on the table, and after bundling my dried clothing together so I could immediately grab it later, I picked up the ballpoint pen and notebook and went to the Prince’s room. I received the remaining 80 silver coins for the pen and notebook, and after teaching him just the basic key points, I went to have a bath.
After returning from the bath and hanging the washed clothing so it would dry easily, I jumped into bed and began thinking about what I would be doing from now on.

“Another world, huh… I wonder if Otousan, Okaasan and Oniisan are worried. Are they eating properly…? Shishou isn’t cross is he? Last time I was just late, but he was terribly cross after all…”

While thinking about such things, I laughed at myself a little for being unable to think of anything important.

“There’s no way to contact them after all. I wonder if they’ll apply for a police search tomorrow… I’m not going to be going to school after all… I’m going to lose my perfect attendance.”

While looking at the seiling, I thought about my old world.

“They’re, probably worried aren’t they…”

From their side, even finding my location is impossible.
Having said that though, I can’t contact them from my side either.
Even if I think about it, there’s nothing I can do at this point.
Having concluded this, I decided to consider the things I would do from now on.

“Tomorrow I’ll make breakfast for the knights. If I remember correctly, there are 16 people, so including the Prince and I, that’s 18 shares is it? That’s quite a lot of people, isn’t it. After that, we’ll head to the capital, and the plan is to arrive at dusk. The Prince said that he wanted to express his thanks, but once I get to the capital I’ll have to look for an inn after all. An inn with a bath would be nicer, wouldn’t it? If I ask one of the knights, they might be able to tell me about a good one. Registering as an adventurer would come the next day, huh. After registering, I need to do some shopping don’t I. I need new clothing and underwear after all, and if I’m going to work as an adventurer then I’ll be needing weapons as well, right? As you’d expect, I won’t get anywhere with only a bokutou after all. Aahh, and I’ll have to do something about my food too… It would probably be fine just to cook for myself, but cooking for myself when I’m living in an inn is… Even if I can cook for myself, I’ll need a kitchen after all. The bread is a problem too, isn’t it. Baking yeast can be made from apples, can’t it. As for the method… alright! I remember it. After all, I’ve made it myself before, so it should be all right. Would it work just to ask the people at the inn to borrow their kitchen? Or better yet, should I teach the inn staff how to cook so that I can eat it at any time? But if I do that, for a while I won’t be able to eat consistent food after all… For now I’ll talk to the others about it after I decide on an inn. It depends on how the knights react tomorrow, but if they think that my food is delicious, then they should understand.”

Delicious things are justice. Delicious things bring happiness to you. This is the same in all countries. I’m sure that it’s true for parallel worlds too.
Thinking about the future, I convinced myself that even if I was searching this world for a way home, I had no choice but to live.
Having felt this way, the drowsiness has finally come, so I’ve decided to just follow that idea and sleep.

Good night.

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