I'm Too Old

By Lightwars

I'm Too Old Chapter 3

I'm Too Old Chapter 3

Black coffin laid on the ground with many flowers nearby, beautiful but colorless. Dantalian, the 71st son of Lucifer who has 6 powerful wings. He gave a faint look without a trace of emotion. His eyes flashed a cold light then, he asked.

"As the Law of Demonic royal family, If any aristocrats die since they were young, they must sacrifice their bodies to Lucifer in order to increase his majesty's power. Are you prepared to follow the law? "

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound came from that dead coffin, many guests who came to Duke of Luxuria's daughter funeral were in chaos. A flawless beauty ran out of the crowds. She shouted "Don't take her away! My daughter is alive!"


Ashlyn nearly lost all of her energies. She heard the confusing voices outside. Many people screamed and spoke in the different languages. She hit the coffin's cover again, hopefully, someone would help her out.


The light shone directly into her eyes. When she could see the situation clearly, Ashlyn was shock enough to choke. A group of people stood in front of her with an amazing eye.

"Unbelievable! She woke up from dead!"

"Her skin looks so pale, my poor sister"

"If we still not give her some blood, she surely deads this time!"

These people stood above her, of course, their saliva spread exactly down on her face. She would like to cry.

Somebody please gave me Cleanser!

"I will"

A man who sent out a cold atmosphere said. His sharp and cold eyes flashing an unknown intent. He moved closer until she saw nothing but a pair of an icy dark blue eye. He bit his tongue a little bit.

She saw such an incredible thing, his perfectly white teeth; the upper canines sharpened like vampire fangs. His blood falling down into the corner of his mouth. He grabbed her chin gently to make her mouth open.

"Drink it or die, choose on your own" he whispered.

His sculpted and refined face came closer and closer, just like 1 centimeter far between both of them. His pure blood was given to her in a unique way, nothing happened more than that. At first, she felt disgusting because bacteria was now transferring!


She just focused on the details but missed the big picture.

It was the fact that she just drank fresh blood and the taste was better than she thought, sweet and delicious. She felt hunger from the bottom of her heart, her throat was so dry like in a dessert.

"Rosie's face looks much better. Thank you, Ollivan"

The voice of beautiful young lady made the man who was called Ollivan let her face free. Ashlyn looked deeply into his elegant eyes. She saw a three-year-old child looking back with a pair of shining blue eyes. This child had a waist-length red-brown hair curled into small waves. A clean look, looking very innocent.

Who was this cute girl?

The answer was immediately popped up into her head.

It's her!

"Do you finish talking?"

Dantalian's eyes darkened. "Rosarenia Luxuria, the daughter of Asmodeus Luxuria's still alive. For the sake of Lucifer, someone here has to pay the cost of wasting my times"

Dantalian stared into everyone's eyes and showed a sardonic smile. He randomly pointed at a poor servant who had no guilty yes, this one was the target he had already chosen.

"You, it's a great honor for you to serve Luxuria. To work for aristocrats and die for aristocrats"

In the blink of an eye, the warm blood splashed out over the floor. The servant's head was cut off from his body. No one knew how Dantalian had done, didn't have any chances to see what kind of the weapon was.

The price is so high.

Ashlyn was completely blank. The smile of this man made her scared as if he didn't take away people's life, but a lowly ant. Her nervous palms were leaking a cold sweat but you know what, her heart was racing like it's going to beat out of her chest. She didn't throw up or faint with fear. Her curiosity went far beyond common sense.

This was the feeling of excitement.

She just tried to be optimistic. It was wonderful to be able to breathe again, wasn't it? In a world that was wrought with turmoil, only the strong would be able to walk until the end. This was the fact that even the weakest creature of the trophic pyramid.

The servant deserved death, would have death served.

Now, she was reincarnated into a new world where magic was real, the demon was definitely real. Even herself might not be human anymore.

Ashlyn took a deep breath. Here, It was the taste of being alive.

Aphrodine Milencia Luxuria was chosen from a thousand of women to be an honored wife of Duke Asmodeus, the Chief of Luxuria. To talk about Luxuria family, everyone knew it very well.

Who else didn't know the ruler of their own land?

This demonic land was called "Euresia", ruled by Seven-Deadly-Sin families under Lucifer's control, Luxuria was one of them.

"Mommy, why you name me Rosarenia? Don't you think it's quite long?"

Ashyln...no...Rosarenia wondered.

She tried to rebuild her relationship with her new mommy, Aphrodine. Her mother wore a white dress. Her tone of answering the question was with a unique delicateness.

"It's quite hard to answer. Let me tell you the truth. When I was pregnant, your three brothers had a little fight to name you. So, your father decided to end it by writing their creative names into a piece of paper. Cutting them off into each syllable and then, drew lots one by one"

What a genius father!

Of course, she was sarcastic!

"If you don't like to be call with this name then, which name you would like to be call?"

"This name is nice already, it's just hard to pronounce. I think it's better to call me with a nickname such as Rosie, what do you think?"

"It sounds good, I will ask your father for permission"

Rosie, she finally got a nickname. She let out a heartfelt smile, rubbing her face with mommy's breasts like a clingy cat. She was someone that like to get hugged, without questions.

"Thank you, mom! I love you to the moon and back!"


Why did it necessary to ask the permission? What kind of relationship between this husband and wife actually?

Rosie kept this question in her mind. It seemed like she played a daughter's role smoothly. Her new body was so young and young enough to smile in one minute and cry after a second. No one would figure out that the real Rosie and the present Rosie were not the same people.

This three-year-old kid was growing up, it was only thought the outsiders can think if they saw her act or speak something weird than normal.

"I love you too, my dear daughter. I love you more than anything in this world. You are more precious than the rarest diamond and pearl. Thank you Lucifer for giving you back to me, I am so happy that you're still alive"

Aphrodine hugged her lovely daughter tightly. She repeated the words love over and over again. Once she was fear to death, she almost lost her child forever. This was the second chance from the Creator. She promised with her own life. She must save Rosie from everything that might harm her.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The disturbing made their sweet time end quickly. "I will find a time to meet you again, wait for me"

Rosie sighed. She liked the feeling when Aphrodine touching her body so much. This feeling made her be calm.

Aphrodine was definitely a good and beautiful mother. Her face did not have make-up, looking very pure and fragile at the same time. Didn't mention about her S curve through her body.

How would Rosie's body look like in the future? If Aphrodine had such a good gene, would she look as pretty as mommy?

Rosie would like to know whether her father's genes were more dominant than mother's or not. If she shared more father's genes then, she would like to see him first.

She drummed up the courage to ask a question. "Where is my father, mommy?"

Aphrodine hesitated for a moment, her long hair obstructed the view of her profile. Rosie couldn't see her expression.

"He is working at the Shangri-la Palace, you know that he is the Duke of Luxuria, right? He is working hard for our homeland. Don't be sad if he can't be with us all the times but I am sure, you will meet him when the time comes"

"I understand mom"

She chose to stop the conversation there. Something should not touch, she would leave it like that. Aphrodine kissed her forehead gently and left the bedroom.

Rosie's mind was moving at the speed of light. She had to think what she was going to do next. Her life now was in a square room, sleeping in the daylight and waking up again when the moon shone. She didn't know how many days had passed. There was an old maid, Vieira came to prepare a cup of blood and some mild food for her but just a couple hour a day. Besides that, the silence was the only friend she has.

It may be the curse from heaven. Since she raised Amber as a baby. She might forget to breastfeed once or twice but she had never left her own kid alone!


This body was just three years old even if the soul inside was not her, how would this young child be able to help herself?

Did her parents want to throw her away?

No, no matter what happened. Aphrodine's feeling was real. She was once mommy, she knew how it feel. There was no law but every mother loved her child the most. Something caused her mom to delay.

After that a few week, her beautiful mother came back with a pale face. She didn't come alone this time. A man whose eyes were deep and bottomless, his unique ethereal and evil charm. The pale golden moonlight outside the window had sprinkled onto his handsome face, giving him a noble atmosphere. Rosie suddenly forgot the way to breath. She just realized some people were born with an attractive appearance.

"Hello, my beloved daughter"

This man's lips raised a perfect curve, charming as if to suck in people's souls.

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