I'm The King

By 枪手1号

I'm The King Chapter 1

I'm The King Chapter 1

Chapter 0001: It’s Time To Wake Up

Chapter 0001: It’s Time To Wake Up

“Wake up, wake up!” A surprising, pleasant sound could be heard. Gao Yuan slowly opened his heavy eyelids. In front of his eyes was a vague, blurry figure. Above his eyes were layers upon layers of shadows. Exerting himself, he blinked a few times. Gao Yuan just realized that above his head were several heads. Every face carried an appearance of a nice surprise.

Am I still alive? How is this possible? Despite seeming sluggish, Gao Yuan just regained consciousness, but he clearly remembered being shot in the vitals repeatedly and that there were no survivors. Gao Yuan was proficient in wrestling and killing people. Regarding his body, Gao Yuan was sure that it had suffered injuries before.

Slowly turning his eyes, he scanned the entire room piece by piece. Everything in the room reflected light into his eyes: the spacious fretwork of the bed and it’s decorative designs, the thick curtain, and the window’s wooden carvings. The beautiful sunlight shined in through the cracks, stopping in front of the bed. Leaving Gao Yuan was a middle aged elder with an oval face, teary eyed face who seemed exceptionally mournful. A child about the age of ten leaned over the bedside. A little farther away was a young girl who was holding the edge of the curtain while incessantly trembling. She appeared to be noticeably nervous while leaning against the windows. An old man with salt and pepper hair appeared to be just preparing to leave, medical kit in hand, but leaning against the door was a middle aged woman about the age of forty.

the bed

“Who is he? How come I don’t recognize him? Where am I? Why haven’t I died?” Gao Yuan’s brain was paste as he tried with all his might, wanting to get a hold of what his current condition was, but he was empty handed.

“Big brother Gao woke up, big brother Gao woke up!” On the face of the ten year old child was the face of someone who was filled with pleasant surprise. Both hands slapping the edge of the bed, the child screamed from their lungs, “Big brother woke up! Big brother, the doctor said that you died. I just knew that you didn’t die!”

“Doctor Qiu, come back quickly! Gao Yuan woke up!” The middle aged person wiped tears off. Unbelievably, Gao Yuan opened his eyes to look. After a long while, he finally managed to respond. Immediately, his face uncovered a look of ecstasy. He could hear the sound of someone calling out something repeatedly.

An old man with gray hair and wrinkles all over his face was holding a medical kit in his hands. He dropped the kit onto the ground, only for it to bang. As he ran towards the bed, he carried a look of shock on his face. With wide eyes, he stared and looked at Gao Yuan. The old man kept incessantly murmuring, “How is it possible? how is it possible? You were, without a doubt, dead. How did you come back to life?”

“Doctor Qiu, you are Fu Feng city’s greatest doctor. How did you do it? Didn’t you say that Gao Yuan was already dead? He’s obviously still alive. You haven’t treated him yet,” shouted the middle aged person, lowering their tone to a more indifferent one.

“Yes, yes. Your excellency Lu, this old man will do his best definitely! This old man will definitely to do his best!” The man said while panicking.

“Not just with all your efforts, but for sure. Gao Yuan already died. You also must not want to say in Fu Feng city!” The middle aged person coldly said.

“Yes, yes!” The old man’s face became more and more big as he looked into Gao Yuan’s eyes.

“Not just with all your efforts, but for sure. If Gao Yuan dies again, you cannot stay in Fu Feng city!” The middle aged person coldly said.

“Yes, yes!” The old man’s face became more and more big as he looked into Gao Yuan’s eyes.

Who are they? Gao Yuan saw these couple of strange faces. His brain tossed and turned with all its might in order to recall their faces. However after a little while, he also didn’t want to go stand. His life was really simple. He practiced martial arts, he wrestled, and he earned money. After he found a place where he could relax to his heart’s content. Afterwards, he again repeated the process again until he was ahead. Turning his eyes around, he supposed that the more his eyes stared, the more his eyes got bigger and hazy as he looked around his environment. Finally, his head became a little crooked and he lost consciousness and passed out again.

After Gao Yuan lost consciousness, the whole room became frantic.

Doctor Qiu’s face became tenser as beads of sweat dripped down his face. Just before, he had said that Gao Yuan had already died. Carrying his medical kit, he prepared to leave. But Gao Yuan just immediately woke up, and this explained his misdiagnosis when he delayed treatment. If the average person didn’t mind, then the question would be: this room couldn’t have a person any more foolish in the city. Extending his hand to go grab Gao Yuan’s left hand, Doctor Qiu’s eyes nevertheless became glaring wide. When he felt Gao Yuan’s pulse before, it was obvious that Gao Yuan didn’t have a pulse, but now Gao Yuan’s pulse was pumping vigorously.

“Doctor Qiu, how was it? How was it?” The middle aged person asked repeatedly. The middle aged person was already showing an excited expression all across their face.

“Your excellency, rest assured, Gao Yuan’s pulse showed that he simply fainted due to excessive blood loss. Gao Yuan didn’t lose his life, despite worries. Absolutely inconceivable! Inconceivable!”

“Good! Good!” The middle aged man spouted out in one breath, “My old friend left behind his only child. If he had died, so would I. How would I be able to face my old friend?”

“Your excellency, please be at ease. Gao Yuan’s body is healthy and he survived a dangerous situation, so no need to worry,” Doctor Qiu said without delay. “This old man will write the prescription immediately.”

Hearing Doctor Qiu’s affirmative answer, the room practically sighed in relief together simultaneously.

“Zhang Yi!” The middle aged man loudly called.

“Your excellency!” Outside the door, a youth that looked like a servant walked in and bowed down in front of the middle aged man.

”You stay here and watch Gao Yuan! And be a little careful!”

“Yes, I understand!”

Inside the room, light footsteps could be heard. Coming in from the door was a woman. She stood in front of the middle aged man and bowed for a blessing.

“Your excellency Lu, because Gao Yuan almost lost his life this time, I ask your excellency for your approval to allow this one to take care of Gao Yuan’s matters to the best of her ability!” The woman with the hemp garment and lilac chastetree hairpin had a face that carried the hardships of life. One could not see her real age just by looking at her, but looking carefully between her brows and eyes, one could tell that she was a person of peerless talent when she was young.

A look of disgust flashed across the middle age man’s face. Glaring at the woman, “Ye Shi, this time Gao Yuan didn’t have any incidents, if he did, I would have not forgive you.”

The woman being docile said, “Your excellency, Gao Yuan has heavy injuries. Allow this one to take care of Gao Yuan. This one is still a little careful in asking for your approval.”

Turning his head to take a quick glance at Gao Yuan, who was still unconscious, the middle aged man heavily spat out, “Fine. This is the first time Gao Yuan will be in your care. Then, I permit you to take care of him. Ye Shi, I advise you to depart from Fu Feng city. Staying here will only bring you trouble.”

“I have not done anything wrong! I will not leave!” The woman lifted up her head. Her eyes were filled with a stubborn unwillingness.

Seeing the woman, the middle aged man suddenly sighed, “Whether or not you leave, after this event, I will absolutely not permit Gao Yuan and you two to ever see each other again. In Fu Feng city, no one dares to protect you two. According to me, the farther you two leave, the better it will be.”

“Many thanks your excellency. Whether in the regions of Fu Feng city or Da Yan or any other state, I will not leave!”

Speaking of skills, Doctor Qiu wrapped Gao Yuan’s injuries and wrote out a perscription on the bed. Giving Zhang Yi to grab the medicine, Doctor Qiu grabbed his medical kit and prepared to leave only to stop in front of a woman. Hesitating for a moment, he said, “Mrs. Ye, His excellency’s face is cold, but his heart is warm. He told you to go because it is what is best for you. You are a widowed mother with fatherless children. It’s foolish to stay in Fu Feng city. Who can protect you? This is the first time you have become like this, including Gao Yuan. It’s unnecessary to say this to other people that you aren’t leaving. In the end, one day you will get the worst of it and suffer.”

The woman lowered her head, not saying a word. Seeing the woman’s appearance, Doctor Qiu, shaking his head, left.

“Mom!” standing at the edge of the bed was a young girl softly walking toward her mother’s side. Although her clothes was covered with patches, she was especially neat. Her appearance was flowery, despite her young age. You could see that she was going to grow up to be a beauty. But somewhat appeared to be malnourished as her stature was frail. Even a gust of wind could blow her away. Her face expressed some fear, “Mom, what are we going to do? Are we going to have to leave far away from here!”

“Jing’er, We cannot leave Fu Fung city.” The woman looked up with a face of determination, “We cannot leave here.”

“But mom! I’m scared!” A young girl held her mother’s arm closely as her frail body shivered in the cold.

“Don’t be afraid! You have your mother!” The woman reached out and embraced a young girl and boy in her arms. Her miserable face was matchless in her persistence. “Jing’er, I believe we will be able overcome our difficulties. By the end, the hard times will be over and the good times will start to just begin.

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