Adarushan no Hanayome

By Amekawa Kei

Adarushan no Hanayome Prologue 2

Adarushan no Hanayome Prologue 2

Prologue part 2

Hello, I've got around to finishing the rest of the prologue. I've been ill recently so I've been sleeping for than anything else (read sleeping 12 hours a day and working/eating the other 12).

As usual the warnings about dodgy English and translation is upheld. It should help you get the gist though :) 


Whilst pulling the reins to bring the horse to a stop, Alexid was grasping the current state of affairs. Already his current place was no longer the front line. The nearby imperial soldiers had died in battle, or otherwise been routed.

“Retreat. To be in this place and to go further has no benefit.”

Nearby, similarly an older man was managing his horse. “As you wish,” he responded. “However, the imperial army has been routed. In that case can't we pursue and annihilate them?”

“And then advance until Castlade? Absurd.” At Alexid's response his companion let out something like a laugh. All along they were not being serious. No matter how much time passes Alexid's mentor attempts this kind of thing.

“Let's establish the retreat of the soldiers driven out as well”

“I'll go too.”

“No, I, Samuel, alone will for about ten minutes will observe. Please return to the headquarters your highness. About this time Flad will be impatient waiting for you, so you go on.”

“Why not?”

In the end, Alexid too followed Samuel's speech, after the familiar battle with him. He held the position of the whole army's commander, it was predetermined from the start that he would return to headquarters. Besides, there was no difference to leave it to him. From before Alexid was born the case is that Samuel was a veteran general skillfully galloping across the battlefield, without difficulty he can to that extent easily take command.

So he to the furthest bounds tried see off Alexid to the headquarters, while the horse's direction was made to change, unintentionally, underfoot a corpse was seen by the eyes. A defeated enemy he killed a while ago was there. That man was, in his hands grasping something tightly. With the desire to see it, he discovered poor inept embroidery .

Alexid had a little knowledge of it, it was in line with Castorian Knight's manners and customs. They say on the occasion when they go towards the battlefield, in an oath of loyalty, respect and affection, a lady bestows a personal effect. They carry in their hands to the battlefront proof of a lady's affection. They appear to have a very fine honour.

Without knowing why he grasped the peach coloured embroidery and covered the dead knight's face with it and quietly looked.

Alexid took one breath , and let the horse gallop towards his position on the field. There is a great number casualties, and now also still more a great number of dead he has to respond to, from now on he has to take measures for them as well. This was one part of his job he must do now.

Imperial Calendar Year 503,

The Kingdom of Adarshan defeated the Castorian Empire in battle on the Empire's western front, on the plain of Betera. This shocked the whole continent. In the past 300 years Castoria had boasted invincibility, then they suffered defeat from a small country in the north. At the same time, Adarshan, a scorned remote country of nomadic tribes, had raised up. In one bound that incident made them well known in the continent.

The whole continent was in movement, the Castorian Empire as well, sounding out the Kingdom of Adarshan. Despite being the victorious nation Adarshan was extremely courteous in attitude as regards others and a treaty of alliance was signed.

For this thing to truly continue indefinitely, the majority of people did not disturb the very composed way of looking at things. Notwithstanding there was bound to be some strain, but peace in the nation's subjects' lives was beneficial. People with open arms accepted this brief peace.

One section, save the exception of a small part. (probably as in an official history book...)

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