Doro Doro Obake Ouji-sama Chapter 5

Doro Doro Obake Ouji-sama Chapter 5

This is still R18.

At least for the first bit. Scroll down to the green text if you wish to avoid.


「Is this, ok?」

 It feels hot in between my chest.


「Um, now, what should I…」

「……Move it, up and down」

 N~Up and down? Is he saying to move his upward facing thing so it points down?

 Eh, is it ok to forcibly move it?

 I have no idea at all.

「With your breasts, like you're rubbing against me,」

 …Un, it looks like it's different from what I thought before. It's good I didn't do it.

 Ah, I see. I'm moving my breasts up and down! Not his thing!

 I've understood it a little bit.

「Like, this?」

 Propping up my breasts with both my hands, I moved them up and down while he was sandwiched in between.

 Because it was a little wet for some reason, I was able to rub against it smoother than I imagined.

 Somehow I feel like it's become quite something.


 Somehow, Mikhail's voice is…

 And his breath too.

 Somehow, my heart is even pounding too.

 When we were 14, his height was already way above mine.

 We both already had our own engagement partners so some distance opened between us, but to him who had become a man I only met once in awhile in spite of that, my heart secretly fluttered at him.

 Now is different from that time.

 Now, I was going to be his wife.

 More than from those times, our bodies had matured much more into adults.

 I wouldn't be able to see his true appearance, but I could speak to him, and I could touch him.

 And now, I even got permission to touch him to this extent.

「Mikhail, does it feel good?」

「Aahh, really, not being able to see is tough」

Ah, so he's not looking.

「But if I was watching, it'd come out immediately」

 Come out, is probably talking about that.

 Mikhail will, from my breasts?

 Somehow, I feel an amazing sense of superiority.

 I wordlessly speeding up my movements, swaying back and forth increasingly.

「Oi, that's, really…dangerous」

「Let it out. With me」

「Youっ, urgh…」

「You can use me as you like, you know?」

「What are you saying……Ah, hah, it's comingっ」

 After that charming voice, from the tip of his erection, some sand flew out・・・Or it should have, but the white thing that covered my face was a viscous fluid.

 That's a relief. I thought sand would get into my eyes.

 I looked up at him who was still stiff

 I wonder what kind of face he's making right now.

 Is he regretting he did something like this with me?

「That face has amazing destructive force」

「Hah!? Destructive!? What is that, that's too rude!!」

 Be it whether it was dirty or because of my original face, either way telling a girl she has a face with a destructive force it not something you should do.

 Furthermore, the one who made me like this is Mikhail.

 When I glared at him with protest, for some reason I heard a small sigh.

「It's not in that meaning」


「Go wash up. The washroom is that way」

「…Thank you」

R18 has ended.

You may proceed safely now.

「Good. You're still here」

「It looks delicious~!!!」


 Jean-sama brought food when it became evening.

「There was no contact from the Duke's house, so I thought you likely had not returned, but…How is it, do you think things will go well?」


 He who was silently coerced in letting me stay, I wonder what he's thinking.

 He's not moving so I can't grasp him at all, but since he didn't deny I could only accept it as is.

「With his food, Angel will likely starve to death. Today I tried bringing cuisine rather than ingredients.」

「I don't eat that much, you know? But I'm very happy. Even though you're busy, I'm sorry for the inconvenience」

 When I accepted the delicious looking food and brought them to the dining table, the next King assisted me.

 No, Mikhail should be the one doing that.

「It should be ok like this」

「Thank you」

 After expressing my gratitude, with a satisfied face, Jean-sama made to leave.

 ……However, there was something I had to ask of him.

「U, Um!」


「May I ask you to pass a message to my Father?」

「……What is it?」

 No, it you look at me with such a serious face it'll be hard to say. His discerning gaze is ruthless.

「That is, I was hoping for, a cooking book, you see」



「Yes. It seems like Mikhail isn't that good at it, or so to say」

 It seems like he's not making much.

「You'll do it!?」

「Eh? Yes, I thought, I'd try a little」

 Probably, there was no way Jean-sama could come every day. But even so, he won't like it if other people come here, and if I went to the kitchens every time loitering about, I feel like it'll give birth to some strange new rumors.

「……Understood. I will make the necessary preparations」

「Eh? No, I couldn't,」

 Nonono, though he's a nice person he doesn't have a lot of free time.

 If he could bring what Father prepared the next time he came・・・Huh, it seems like it won't trouble him too much after all.


「Thank you」


「You plan to live here, don't you?」

 Jean-sama smiled gently, looking over here.

「Truly, I can't offer you enough words of apology or gratitude」

「No, I'm happy to be able to be together with Mikhail」

「I see」

 I just said it casually, but somehow it's embarassing.

「I'll leave him to you」


 This person's face has reselmbled Mikhail's from a long time ago.

 Mikhail as well, I wonder if he looks like this now?

 To be unable to see that, as expected I feel it's a little lonely.

「Then I'll head back. You too, don't bully Angel」


 I feel like he's already bullied me in a sense, but I shouldn't say that. I definitely can't.

 And it's probably commonplace that Mikhail pretends to ignore him. Jean-sama doesn't seem to particularly mindful of it.

「Angel too. Go out once in awhile. I'll be troubled if you get depressed and move out」

 Leaving those words behind lastly, Jean-sama left.

 Though his face was laughing, he was likely serious about that.

 There aren't many windows in this building. It was to the extent where there was a small one set in a high place, and it was dim even in the daytime.

 In here, alone for four years.

 Needles to say of interaction with other people, he doesn't have anyone to examine him when he gets sick.

 Mikhail who lived a life as if he were a prisoner, I wonder just how much pain he has been enduring.

「Alright, let's eat!」

「……Eat by yourself」

 Even though I forcefully dragged him by the arm to sit him at the table, he was still facing the other way.

「Even though we're finally together, being by myself would be boring!」

「If you eat with me, your food will taste bad」

 I wouldn't not pay it mind, but I really don't think so.

「Eating alone won't be as tasty!」

「I don't eat that much」

 What's with the way of speaking like I eat a whole lot.

 Even if you say that, I'm not fat. Right now, it's just he's too thin……Ah, I see. He doesn't have an appetite.

 If mud drips as he eats・・・ Just by his sight, his appetite will drop. In the first place, he isn't living a full life where he feels assertive about the intake of nutrition.

「Righty then! I'll feed you!」


「Keep your eyes closed, Mikhail!」


「Did you close them?」

「…Of course I didn't. What are you saying」

 That voice. He must be exasperated. Making fun of a person's brilliant idea. His cold manner suits his cold, sandy figure surprisingly well.

「I can eat by myself, and I'll eat what I want so leave me alone」

「No, but, it's flavor is definitely delicious! If you don't want to see it, then I'll help!」

「I said it's fine」

「Ok, say aーhh!」

 Putting a mouthful onto the spoon, I forcibly carried it to his mouth.


 Food was swallowed into the hole that opened in the sand.

 The sand granules moving again to close his mouth, when I looked closer his jaw was moving slightly and it looked as if he were chewing.

 How should I say this, it's artistically detailed.

 No, it's not art, but it's movement was fearfully smooth.

 Was it a question of my sensitivity as the one who saw it that way, or was it that the placed curse was precise in minute details, I didn't know. Either one, if I watched the movement of sand carefully, it could teach me the fine details of his expressions and gestures.

「Is it yummy?」


「Which one do you want next? If I feed you too sudden and forcefully, your stomach will spoil. U~n, how about this one?」

「Anything is fine, so I'll do it by myself」



 Even so, I felt this sandy shape that opened his mouth honestly was somehow cute.

「Eat a lot, ok? Aーhh」

「……Stop kidding around」

 As he raised an extremely disatisfied voice while he chewed, I was unexplicably happy.

Eeiii, you two cuties.

Anyways, wondering on how you guys are feeing about these colored warnings being inserted in between the text. I feel like I should at least warn if it’s going to be R18 in big bold letters, because it feels courteous. (Although with Shirayuki I have to caution for basically ALL the chapters lol) And then maybe state where it ends after all the snusnu is done (green text) instead of breaking the chapter into parts like I did with Outaishihi before.

Are they too obtrusive? Don’t care? You’re here for the smut smut anyways so it’s unneeded??

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