Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan

By Tsukiyono Furudanuki,月夜乃 古狸

Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan prologue

Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan prologue

Epilogue no prologue

There was a roaring sound when something collided.

Something collides and deafening roar echoed.

It can only be described as person who wear armor and shadow, "Something" that has a certain mass and unusual presence, whose colors, shapes and sizes are unclear but for some reason had intersected many times.

Ga ~a~a!!

Apparently a figure of young man wearing armor with holding a sword and swinging it with one hand.


The sound of silence trembled with the shout of "something" and shaking thrilled the room.


Immediately after the armored guy 's great big shout,


A horrible, silent cry shook the place.

It was a place where there was nothing can be used to expressed with only white space that had nothing.

empty white space without existence, even no floors and walls and ceilings.

There was a man with a posture swinging his sword down.

If the body tilts like that, it falls on his back like that.

I am alive. The rough up and down chest tells it, The body is painted in the blood and the left arm has not kept intact as if it was pressed.

It was in a state I could not imagine that I was fighting as far as I could ever express merely being a full-bodied creature.

…… Damn…… it! …… I will…… never……ever …… do this…… again!

Breathing also stays out of constantly.

"It sounds like it's over ~ ~"

The voice of a woman who suddenly passed away echoes. But the man does not respond to that voice and does not see the person who said the voice.

Nani yo ~~, don’t ignore me”

The owner of the voice sharpen the lips with dissatisfaction.

There was a woman with beauty that could be said to be too rude if we compliment it as just beautiful.

 A woman who seems to be just a goddess in myth or tradition, The man move to glare *chirari* only at the eye line.

 "... .... say it ... ... after ...... seeing ...... this state... ...  kuso megami!"

...... apparently it seems really a goddess.

"Ara ~ it looks like you were in trouble ~ ~"

Megami | (rashiki josei) holds her hand to the man while talking slowly and delicately in a tone that irritates others.

Then the light grains fall down on the man's body, in the moment the injury healed and the breathing became calm, even the collapsed arms went back together with the armor they wore.

After a while, the man slowly raises his upper body.

"You do not have to do it with all this"

The man is asking while glaring at Megami | (rashiki josei)

"You do not have to glare like that~. Sō yo ~, With this, "Ruenabilio" really disappeared. At least tens of thousands of years will not revive. I think that the distortion of the world will gradually return little by little ~ "

"Then, I guess I can really return to the original world!"

Daijōbu yo ~~! I will make you back to your original world properly, moreover in the original time~ ~! I want you to trust me a little bit ~ ~, gusun (sniff)”

The Man glare just like “Don’t think you will free if you lie”, the Goddess respond immeadiately. With crying cautiously … …

Just a little from the man's line of sight disappears.

"As promised ~, if you do "ceremony of repatriation" at the summoned place, we will adjust it this way so be relieve ~ ~”

The goddess keeps on with the relaxed tone.

"……I see"

The man finally gets a big breath by saying so.

After a while, the man stands up.

Leaving a young man still as young as 20 years old. Is it about 180 centimeters in height with a body that was trained and tightened. The figure covered with armor was the goddess' s light and the body and armor wounds were gone but the trace of blood remained intact.

The goddess looks at its figure with compassionate expression and passionate words quietly and silently.

"Summoned unilaterally from a different world, beyond a hard trial, defeat Maou and Jashin "Ruenabilio", regained order and peace in this world. In the name of one pillar of God "Valienis" Thanks and blessings to you"

The man were a little surprised as he raise his brow.

"...... Ma~a, I want this to be clear, Try not to waste my efforts. There are a lot of things I want to say but for the time being, this enough”

"Although I can not excessively interfere with human activities, but let's watch as much as possible"

The goddess responds and holds her hand in front of the man. Particles of light gathered and the space before the eyes widened wide.

"Sa~a, this god area will close soon, it would be nice to go back and show everyone a safe appearance."

The man dives under the open space as prompted.

while cursing (If you can talk like that, do it from the beginning) like that in the inner heart.

The way through was a place like a dim shrine.

I can see several people. It seems that he is holding a thing like a weapon to have heard here.

I guess this would have happened as the man went on as it was, I will release my mind as if my tension is resolved.

"Yuuya-sama ~~~~ !!!!!"

A small girl jumps into the man 's chest.

"Do you have any injuries ?! This is full of blood! Heal it quickly !!"

the man, Yuuya seeing a girl who is in the middle panic,

" daijōbu, I am already healed"

While stroking the girl 's head and smiling while looking over the other person on the spot.

Tall and tanned skin women | (bijo), A tough guy with a firmly large body, a girl wearing a white robe | (bishōjo), a tall man with a face that look nervous.

That everyone, is gazing at Yuuya while expressing a face that smiling and a crying at the same time.

"Did it over?"

"Aa, it's all over"

Yuuya replies to the short question of a big man.

"Co-could this have saved the world?"

While nodding in the words that the robe's girl's expectations and anxieties broke up,

"Ee, if Valienis's words are certain, it will be ... afterwards ... it is the work of the princess and the kings."

He responds with a light taste like a mischief.

" Sa~a!, Come out early and respond to everyone!”

A Tanned woman urges and a tall guy also nods to agree.

When Yuuya goes out of the shrine, there are many soldiers gathering to surround the shrine.

Everyone has a color of fatigue on their face, there are a lot of people who are wet with blood, and those who are injured.

There are boys soldiers who can only be seen as children, old soldiers who had grandchildren, and women. Equipment also falls apart, some soldiers wearing regular armor like armor of some country, others who only look like bandits or thieves, even those who have weapons in simple clothes.

Even if you can only see it from Yuuya, that number will far exceed 10,000. Will it reach tens of thousands as a whole?

The eyes of all the soldiers around them are poured into Yuuya. Everyone was staring at uniformly mixed expression of expectation and anxiety.

No one utters words. There was a strange tranquility there.

Yuuya tries to say something while being overwhelmed halfway by that gaze, but words do not come up.

I was summoned to this world and I ran out of it for the last three years. Various events during that time have passed away, my heart is packed up and the words never ride on my voice.

So Yuuya gave up to word, but just grasped the fist and pushed the right hand high.

After a momentary silence, cheers exploded.


TN : I want to learn japanese language but not yet had enough money to do so, then I chose learn with self-taught with translating novel with machine translator, do point it out if there is a mistake or comedy with word (for example it written in hiragana as *** but in kanji *** and so there is double meaning like that) for I can't read Kanji yet.

Footnotes (Thanks to Raxiel) :
- "Nani yo ~" = "What's with that ~"
- "Ara ~" = "Oh my ~"
- "Kuso megami" = "Shitty goddess"
- "Megami" = "Goddess"
- "Sō yo ~" = "That's right! ~"
- (Rashiki Josei) = (Self-explanatory)
- "Daijōbu yo~" = "It's OK ~" or "It's alright ~"
- gusun = Sniffing onomatopoeia. In this context though, she just used it as a pretend sniffing. can replaced with 'hic'.
- "...... Ma~a," = "...... Well," or "...... Listen,"
- "Sa~a" = "Well then, "
- "Daijōbu" = "I'm OK"
- (bijo) = (A beauty) or (A beautiful woman)
- (bishōjo) = (A beautiful girl)
- "Aa," = "Yeah,"
- " Sa~a!," = "Well then, "
- "Ee," = "Uhhm,"
-"Jashin" = "Evil God"

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