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unExpected Chapter 1

unExpected Chapter 1

Drinking tea in the morning had been a routine of a beautiful woman called Azura.

She also read her favorite newspaper, ‘The Newest‘, the most updated newspaper there.

And the first headline she saw was something related to “Akardon Academy”.

Anyone who didn’t know Akardon Academy was someone who definitely behind the trend the most in the history section. How come? The academy was always graduating students who were talented and highly qualified. It’s no wonder that the academy just opened registration for new students once per 5 years.

It’s a pretty long time, right?

Maybe most of people would get excited reading the news. But it was different for Azura, her heart was not even moved to read the article even just for one word.

And the second news she saw was the hottest topic that had been talked about currently. The topic had not been absent from the media outlet, whether it was the newspaper, television, radio, etc. Recently murder had been taken place often, and the weird thing was security forces seemed not wanting to take the investigation longer.

It was so unfair, right?

Had it been their own family who was one of the murder victims, I wonder if their action will still be the same? Looking down on things that were trivial to them yet so important to other people?

“Che… the world is still the same.” Said Azura lazily.

After there was no other interesting news for her to read, she folded the newspaper and got back to enjoying her tea.

At times Azura closed her eyes and enjoyed the fresh morning air.

Will her life be always like this?

Kringg… kringgg…

The sound of phone ringing was heard. Azura ran to the source of the voice, trying not to skip the call that might be important. Azura looked at the phone screen, there was no caller name displayed on it.

After looking at the screen for a couple seconds, she decided to pick the call.

“Hello?” Said the voice.

“Ummm yes?”

“AZURAAAA!!!” Azura kept the phone away from her ears, or else, she couldn’t imagine what would happen to her eardrums.

“I’m sorry? Who is this?” Azura frowned, she felt familiar with the screeching voice. “Ah… Caren?”

There was a giggle, “I thought you forgot.” Azura laughed, given that she had never make any contact with her childhood friend for a couple months.

Caren Trinsy—her childhood friend. The only one she had. It was her.

Since she was a child, Azura had been an orphan, she was taken care with Caren’s parents. That made her having a close relationship with Caren, until Azura had to attend her dream school, which made both of them pretty distant.

Azura thought her life would be fine there, but who would ever imagine that the ‘incident‘ which was still remained as a scar for her took place there. A heavy trauma hit her. She became a gloomy, cold, loner, and indifferent girl ever since.

It was until Caren’s mother—Claudia Eldelf, made her realize that there was still people on her side. Even though it was hard, as the time went on, Azura started to forget the ‘incident‘ even if not a whole of it yet. She realized that she had to walk on and not staying in one point.

After the incident, Claudia generously preparing a home for Azura. It was not because she did not want to live with Azura, it was Azura who denied to live with them.

Azura did not want to be a burden for Claudia and her family. The other reason was she had not ready to build trust with other people yet even though it was Claudia.

Azura and Caren were talking in the phone for a pretty long time, more precisely it was Caren who kept on babbling non stop. Telling about her experience ever since Azura left the home. While Azura just saying ‘oh’ and nodded even though Caren could not see her.

It was until their talks reached the topic of Akardon Academy, yep, the infamous academy.

“Have you seen the news about Akardon Academy?” From the tone of her voice, Caren seemed so excited with the topic.

Azura who could guess where the topic was going told her directly. “I won’t register. And it’s my final decision.”

“My mom said she wants to talk to you.” Said Caren regardless of Azura’s words.

“Azura, I’m really sorry but I have registered you to the Academy.” Azura’s eyes got widen, how come someone whom she had been considered a mother did that kind of big decision without asking to her.

“I have thought about it carefully, it is the time for you to close the old book and open a brand new page of your life.”

There was a silence between them. There had never been something like this before. Usually when Azura made contact with Claudia, she would feel very happy and forgot her sorrow temporarily. Leaving the cold figure who had been a part of herself.

But now? Being silent was the best choice for Azura. Even if she argued, her name had still already been registered, she would feel uncomfortable if she did it anyway.

Then, would she accept it?

Of course not. It was hard for her to close the old book and open a brand new page of her life.

Maybe if it was only talks, everyone could do it. But if they were in the same position as Azura, maybe the best way was to keep on hiding their true selves.

“Please, this is the last time you follow my will. Do the test and attend the academy. From then on, it’s up to you. I know you will do a wise decision, considering everything that had been done in the past.” Azura was sure that Claudia was crying, the voice of sobbing that she tried hard to hide can be heard from over the phone.

“I will send you the test through message at night, remember this, you are sun, what for do you have to keep on hiding behind dark clouds? Remember my words. Please do a wise decision, dear.”

Toot… toot… toot…

The call was ended, as well as their conversation.

Azura threw the phone to the sofa and then moved back and forth while pressing her temples in frustation. She tried to think hard, what was the next act that she will do. Do the test or not?

It was a very heavy decision to her. In one side she did not want to disappoint Claudia, on the other side, the trauma made her scared to socialize with other people.

At times she massaged her temples, too many things that she thought about made her head a little dizzy.

“Argh, it’s so frustating.” Azura messed her hair up.

Can she just live her life peacefully like other people?

The fear of her long term memory hit her again. The sorrow that she had forgotten long ago approached her again.

Azura knew this time will come. The time when she had to accept the fact and forget her past. But, it was so hard. Very hard to her.

Azura looked down, holding her head with both of her hand. Her head was almost broke into pieces.

Slowly her long term memory came back and being played within her head like a movie that she watched for the second time.


A rooftoop door opened, a man with the same age as Azura showed up.

“How is it?” The man smiled to her.

There was no answer, just a screeching voice of wounded heart, the sorrow of betrayment done by her own best friend.

Arlo Fredikson, that was the name of the guy who had betrayed Azura, who had made her trust broke down into pieces.

“Hey. I’m asking you a question.” Voice of steps that approached was heard.

“Don’t you have any mouth? Or are you afraid looking at me?” Arlo raised her chin and looked at her swollen eyes as she was crying. Azura’s body was shaken hard looking at someone who was behind all of this standing in front of her.

“Come on Azura, I didn’t realize that you’re this weak. The Queen only had this much of an energy?” The creepy laughter echoed along with his grin.

Arlo pulled Azura’s hair hard, making her groaned in pain.

“Le-let me go.” Azura hold her hair to decrease the pain caused by Arlo’s grip that was too strong.

“This is your payment, Kimberly Azura, someone who is so perfect, who has stealen something that should’ve been mine, and even everything that should’ve been mine.”

And since that time, Azura realized that all this time her whole life, her whole happiness, was just a mere scenario.

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