By Akiko

unExpected prologue

unExpected prologue

Here’s the prologue for the new novel. It’s short and sweet, well maybe not so sweet. >.>

Well, then enjoy!~

Tl: shiroichou
Edited: DarkNari


Her power was gone.

All of the power that had been the only reason for her to survive was gone. It had been devoured by selfishness, jealousy, and spite.

The helpless girl laid on the ground, in front of all of her friends who had lost their consciousness.

Anger had devoured her consciousness whole. It had made her lose control of herself and all of her actions.


She was the one who had made her friends lose their consciousness.


It was so painful. When people you trusted backstabbed you. It made all of the trust you had break into pieces without any of it left.

The sound of sobbing echoed in that place.

The clouds started to shed their tears, reflecting the pain of that girl.

Her heart shouted, expressing its brokenness.

'For what did happiness approach me then?’

‘For what did I smile beautifully?’

‘For what did they accompany me?’

If everything was just a mere lie.

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