Young Master Jun's 100 hundred techniques to spoil his wife Chapter 2

Young Master Jun's 100 hundred techniques to spoil his wife Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Honorable man


All this time, Feng Sujin was willing her body not to fall down. When Song Qiuyin left, her vision blackened a little, her body swayed, and she had to kneel down to restore a little strength.

She suddenly got aware of someone watching her, she turned her head to look ahead. That’s when she noticed a man not far from her. He held an umbrella over his head. His whole silhouette seemed to be a painting in the misty rain, revealing the charm of the ethereal world.

He walked in her direction step by step, every move showing his noble and elegant style. He had long legs, legs that seemed to step on her heart with every step he takes. The suit he wore screamed meticulousness and prominence.

Only when he stepped close to her, did she get a clear look of his face. But what she saw left her gapping in awe. His appearance was magnificent, his eyebrows are like ink paintings, his phoenix eyes are dark and as quiet as water. Although he looked refined he wore a whiff of a hard to explain gentelness. But above all, he held himself in an imposing manner. His whole body exhudes waves of coldness. Such an imposing momentum! The man had the capital to be proud and arrogant.

Feng Sujin looked up, She never knew Bei Quan city had such a person. The man stood in front of her, put an umbrella over her head and offered her a towel; “Wipe yourself!” His voice was like the clear spring of the mountains, as if it can nourish people’s hearts.

Feng Sujin looked at the towel for a moment, her heart suddenly had a surge of warmth. The marriage between Feng jia and Lan jia just got cancelled today. Everyody were kepping their distance, even her family didn’t care about her. Now that she is at her lowest, it was actually a stranger who showed concern for her. She knew that she was already embarrassed, and there was nothing to hold onto. So she took the towel and said, “Thank you.”

Then, the man put the black umbrella in the hands of Feng Sujin, “Girls must learn to be better for themselves. Finished with business, he entered the imperial palace under the protection of the bodyguards.

Feng Sujin clenched the handle of the umbrella, which still had a trace of temperature on it. It passed through her palm as if to not let her be disapointed with the world.

The bodyguards guarded the man into the Royal Palace court suite. Ye Xing followed Jun Mohan to the suite and handed him some documents: “Jun shao, these are the latest informations. Please take a look. They need your signature on them.” Jun Mohan turned around and looked over. Seeing as there was no problem, signed the documents.

In the meantime, Ye Xing kept looking at Jun Mohan. He hesitated and didn’t know what to say. Jun Mohan's eyes flashed a ray of light, he whispered: “Speak!”

Ye Xing hit a fierce: “Jun shao, why do you want to help Miss Feng?”

He was all too aware of it, Jun shao is very decisive when dealing with matters, Always with purpose, Never impulsif. However, today, Jun shao has helped miss Feng who was abandoned and didn’t have any value, towards this, he really can’t figure out why.

Jun Mohan's slender fingers tapped on the table, his magnificent eyes were deep and bottomless: "She is special." Jun Mohan did not explain the specific reasons, but, at the same time, he showed that Feng young lady has a different status in his heart. Whatever the reason, because of this sentence, and since they are subordinates, when we see miss Feng, we need to take care of her a little.


Feng Sujin played with the umbrella all the way back to Feng jia. When she arrived at the door, she heard the noise inside and then the sounds of crying.

“Don’t hit me, don’t hit me… big sister, big sister…”

“It's all because of your sister, little bastard… If it weren't for you, Feng jia wouldn't lose such a person."

“Not my sister, not my sister…”

“So infuriating, the marriage with Lan jia is gone now…”

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